She still holds Jiang Hao’s mobile phone in her hand and compares the numbers displayed in those short messages with the landline numbers.

Joe’s heart only sneered at the gas. Is it glorious to be a mistress in this world these days?
In the community garden, Jiang Hao is learning roller skating with a group of children. Have you brought all the equipment? Just watch around.
It’s easier to teach one person than to teach a group of people. He’s really Alexander. Roller skating is vulnerable. Children are too young and beginners to wrestle and collide. That’s even harder. Children’s grandparents are watching him. I dare not teach anymore.
After staying for a while, he took Xi Bao and left. "Xi Bao, we still have to go to grandparents’ house. It’s bigger and more spacious. Dad will teach you there, okay?"
Xi Bao had no choice. Jiang Hao picked him up neatly and left. "Dear children, grandparents, we have to go back to my parents and see you another day."
The treasure in the ladder is still swinging. Jiang Hao is carrying his shoulder. He slides around in the same place like walking. "Dad, don’t let go. If you let go, I will fall."
Jiang Hao deliberately put one hand and provoked Xi Bao to scream, laugh and scream.
Before the people came in and laughed, the father and son had a good time.
"Xi Bao took off his roller skates and went to his grandparents’ house to have a rest before wearing them." Jiang Hao took off his shoes and turned his head to look inside and saw that he was sitting on the sofa with his back to them without looking at them.
"Wife, we’re back. Wife"
Qiao Xinwei is depressed to put his mobile phone up and took the mop and left to wash her hands. She doesn’t want to expose her emotions in front of the children, but she can’t treat Jiang Hao as nothing happened.
Jiang Hao touched his head and said, "Xi Bao can go to your own room to write business, and then you can play at your grandparents’ house when you finish it."
"Good" Xi Bao ran forward to the stairs and turned back. He stood at attention and saluted with dignity and said "Yes"
Jiang Hao couldn’t help laughing. "Go, go, be serious."
Qiao Xinwei was washing the mop in the hand washing. Jiang Hao came in and hugged her from behind. "What’s wrong with you, wife?"
"Ask yourself"
Jiang Hao a face of koo "wha’s wrong? "
"You left your cell phone at home. There’s a text message. I’m sorry I saw something I shouldn’t have seen."
"What are you talking about? What are you not supposed to see? I am you." Jiang Hao didn’t make a joke when he saw that her expression was wrong. He went to see his mobile phone suspiciously.
He was also surprised to see the information. The little girl’s intention was obvious, and he could feel it. What’s worse, Qiao Xinwei thought it might be a mistake to help others for the first time.
Click on WeChat, and he refused his friend’s application without hesitation. He was too lazy to reply to the text message and dialed directly.
"Gao, how do you know my number?"
"Don’t thank me, don’t ask for dinner."
"I’m not familiar with you if you can’t be familiar with WeChat."
Section 25
Chapter sixty-four Not worthy to be Mrs. Jiang
Chapter sixty-four Not worthy to be Mrs. Jiang
Although Qiao Xinwei washed the mop in her hands, she pricked up her ears and listened carefully. With Jiang Hao’s answer and the text message from the other party, she could probably tell what the other party was saying to Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao’s tone is normal. He doesn’t deliberately get angry or have any familiarity. It’s a normal tone of voice.
"Ok, just hang up." Say that finish, Jiang Hao directly dragged the other party’s number into the blacklist without hesitation.
Joe heart only wring the mop and continue to mop the floor. Jiang Hao followed her and stepped on small steps. "You? ?”
"My soles are clean. Look, you didn’t step on them."
Joe gave him a blank look and continued to mop the floor without wanting to see him.
Jiang Hao smiled and said, "Wife, are you jealous? Hehehe, that just means you love me. I know."
"Who’s jealous?"
"I knew you were going to say this, okay? Don’t be angry. I made it clear to her that she wouldn’t send harassing text messages again."
It’s better to say that she is even more angry. "She called our home phone, Jiang Hao. How did she know our home landline number? When did you meet?"
Jiang Hao grabbed the mop from her hand and forced her to sit on the sofa. He solemnly explained, "Her name is Gao Yirui B, a college student. A few years ago, she took part in military training. I was an instructor. Didn’t I go to the procuratorate recently? It turned out that she was my sister in the office next door. She came to the procuratorate to find Gao Zhu, and I met her when I was with Gao Zhu. Now she is studying for a postgraduate thesis at B University. It’s a bit difficult for her to find a way. I just asked her a lot at that time. I happened to know her tutor, so I helped her make a speech