"oh? Your father is Chen Tiangao? " Li Yueyang thought a little in his mind. Although his father is a vice mayor, he is not free to run amok.

However, his face soon ended in pride. "I’ll sell your father’s face if it’s good."
Yu Chen smell speech sweating face finally restored a smile, thinking to keep the Chen Jiali to go, Liu Yu love how to die as bad as possible!
At this moment, Li Yueyang threw out two words to let Yu Chen just put a hanging stone in his heart and jumped up. He almost didn’t let him scold out with anger. Uncle Li Yueyang, what’s wrong with you?
"Yang less …" Yu Chen eyes slightly lifted up suddenly a bad feeling in my heart.
Li Yueyang said, "Yu Chen, I didn’t intend to get into trouble with Belle, but I couldn’t help it if she came out."
He knows that Liu Jiali won’t let himself do this to Liu Yu. This beauty is his bed tonight.
Chen Yu’s ci is poor, but he quits after knowing difficulties.
But the resentment against Liu Yu has successfully risen to a new height!
"All right, fool, don’t worry."
Looking at these clowns, I was tired of picking Liang Liuyu. Then I stretched out my hand and pulled Chen Jiali back to protect myself. From now on, no matter how difficult she faced, she could be protected by him.
Chen Jiali’s tears flashed, but by Liu Yu’s words, her heart was much more magical and relieved. Finally, the tears on her face were gently wiped away by the boy.
"Who are you? Stay away from my daughter! "
Not far away, Chen Hao yelled, and he had been watching for a long time. I wish Yang Shao would hug his daughter to bed earlier so that he could continue to make Li’s strength climb one step further.
He doesn’t have much affection for his daughter. Just over the years, there have been many mistresses outside, and several of them have been born out of wedlock. After all, Chen Jiali is nothing to him. After all, it is a chess game.
Liu Yu is simply glanced at Chen Hao eyes moved without any fluctuation.
"What if I say no?"
Liu Yu went out without turning his face and said
If this Lao Wang wants his daughter, why can’t she come out of the crowd?
Aren’t you afraid of offending Li Yueyang?
So Chen Jiali is also incredible to see that his father has been refusing to come in … Is he really more important than his career? The more she thinks about it, the more she understands a lot. This man is her biological father, but how many times does he come home all year round?
Now that she understands everything, she finally accepts her own value and her eyes become dimmer.
"Arrogant eyes are respected!" Chen Hao trembled with anger.
On the contrary, Li Yueyang was like a proud spring breeze, and then the corners of his mouth moved slightly to order the security guard to "fight!"
I’ll beat Liu Yu up before I go on.
However, in the face of a bunch of tall security people, Liu Yu stepped out in a cool step instead of retreating.
"Hum ~ ~ ~"
As soon as Jin Dao fighters came out of power and prestige, they set off a burst of air billow. This is the imposing manner from the heart. Bu Jingyun’s artistic conception has become more and more self-restrained since he stepped into budo. If he wants to move, he will be like a ray of thunder
"What is the situation of lying in the trough!"
A strong breeze broke out in Liu Yu Center, and the whole person became like a god. At that time, many people were scared to stare out their eyes, and then the strong breeze became stronger and stronger, which made them open their eyes.
"Is this your confidence?" Zhong Yingying’s heart swelled with waves, believing that this man was Liu Yu.
He never forced it, but he didn’t pretend to be unaware of it. At that time, Liu Yu’s classroom teacher Ruoqiu was tit-for-tat and finally won the scene in an amazing way
And since then, this teenager has not slept in class.
And the whole person no longer has a rare smile when facing Chen Jiali … So these reminds her of a terrible reality-Liu Yu has been reunited with the genius two years ago.
Did she … miss it?
Chapter 27 can you be like?
But for her, I guess more people look at the surface and now they are swearing.
Shi Yan has such a superior person?
"Bang bang!"
Followed by a few depressing sounds, the security guards all turned their faces and showed a painful color when they were waiting for everyone during the meeting.
The field suddenly became quiet.
No one can see clearly how these people were killed by K.
However, Li Yueyang’s pride has turned to ashes, and his eyes are horrified and he looks at Liu Yu in front of him.
Liu Yu’s strength is not so great now, but it’s easy to break through the speed of energy against these people. For him, these people are blindfolded and adults and teenagers can be put down.
"You what do you want? My dad is the deputy mayor, you can’t hurt me! "
Li Yueyang unintelligent Liu Yu is a monster.
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for installing a jaw-dropping force reward 3 force points."
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for installing a domineering force reward of 2 force values."
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host system for its increasing appreciation for you. It is really amazing that you have learned the skill of dressing up as a pig and eating a tiger. I have given you an IQ plus an integral table to encourage you. Please continue to work hard."
Make a steady profit of 500. Act strong!
Liu Yu secretly gloated in his heart. He didn’t want to shoot in front of him, but wanted to climb this prelude to a higher point and then kick it badly, so it was the highest to get the loading force value.
It is said that hong merchants have doorways … He pretends to be technical, after all, he knows it well. Pretend to be dangerous!
"Yang is less, right?"
Liu Yu’s eyes fell on Li Yueyang, who saw that the juvenile school was usually imposing and powerful, but such a great figure was stunned by himself and he was also Japanese.
"You think so!" Li Yueyang didn’t dare to look Liu Yu in the eye. I was afraid that he would be scared out of shit.
"I don’t want to see me roll away after what?"
"I don’t want you to be crazy about my girlfriend again. Won’t I be polite to talk to you?"
Liu Yu warned twice in a row whether it was his business or not, and it would not be so simple if he provoked his head again.
"I am white" Yang Shao severely lowered his head, but he was not allowed to lose. After today, he asked his father to please move the master to trample on Liu Yu.
He will definitely get it back today! Get it back ten times and a hundred times!
Then Li Yueyang was ashamed to stay, and he left with people depressed.

He has a trick and a sword through his heart!

One move to continue the same move, but the power is poor, let people know that he has made a move, but he has to avoid it by means of defense.
"It’s horrible!"
Xia Qi gasped in a gasp. These three old deathlessly are really the last cards of Sanxiao Jianzong, and they are definitely comparable to the three gods.
"Ah …!"
Just at this time, the love sword once again came out of the sword and stabbed through Xue Yuan’s heart. Although it was a little too wide to pierce the abdomen, it also made Xue Yuan seriously injured and screamed.
"retreat! You retreat immediately! "
Qin Yi saw the situation here, and his sullen mouth was even more violent than drinking.
"Master elder brother you also retreat! I’m afraid these three immortals are even more horrible than the ordinary deification period. If you unite, you are no match! Now retreat and wait until the three old men are dead, and when they come back, they will kill Sanxiao Jianzong! "
Guo Tong several people are also white to stay here at this time. Nothing can be a death. Don’t hesitate to walk away at once and wake up to Qin Yi at the same time.
"Kill me three swordsman still want to escape and leave it for me!"
Swords are proud to yell at him for murder, such as the sea, black and bright swords hanging around, turning into a sword, the sea, the sword, the sense of being cold and crushing everything, and Xia Qi and his party will be shrouded in it.
"No matter them! We don’t have much time to kill the strong in the deification period, and then we will return to the strong in the deification period of Sanxiao Jianzong and will naturally tidy up them. "
Sword grave eyes cold cold mouth drink a proud sword.
"Let me kill a strong man in the deification period before I fall!"
Jian ao’s momentum is crazy and violent, and he looks closer to Qin Yi than he does.
The sword grave and the love sword are also close to the past three people, and Qin Yi’s escape route is stuck from three directions, forming a powerful momentum of Qin Yi’s confrontation.
Qin Yi’s pressure has been greatly increased before he makes moves!
"Even if you are a strong person in the deification period and dare to infringe on my three swords, you will die!"
Sword grave cold mouth he pointed to Qin Yi with a sword in his hand.
A growling sword proudly shoots first, and a painting hangs over the world, painting black swords and flashing swords, killing people in the sea.
"You three retreat quickly!"
The sword cut out of the sword grave blocked Qin Yi from slapping the sword evil, and then several people drank the sword evil.
Their purpose is to save the lives of several sword evil people, otherwise if several sword evil people die, Jianzong will perish without the former!
After all, it is impossible for the strong to stay in Sanxiao Jianzong all the time when they are coming from the open sea. If Sanxiao Jianzong wants to leave, it must be an extinction field.
"I will kill the three of them today, and no one can stop them!"
Qin Yi suddenly and violently growled that he was also the top among the top strong, and now he is even stronger when he stepped into the stage of deification. Even in the face of sword grave, several people are not afraid to speak freely.
"Kill the sword and kill the blood!"
Three people were pinned down by the sword grave, and three people took the opportunity to retreat. Qin Yi’s eyes were wide open, and he was angry and violently drunk. A blood sword appeared in his hand, like blood condensed into a crashing chop!
This sword cuts the bleeding light and dazzles the tiny sword mans!
"The sword sea dies!"
Swords are proud to drink a black sword, and the black light flashes, and a sea of swords appears. All these scattered swords and mangles will be ground to pieces.
The sword mans vanish, but the proud sword doesn’t notice Qin Yi’s eyes, but there is no depression but a hint of excitement!
"Blood kill!"
Sure enough, for a moment, Qin Yi binged drinking these faint blood fog that was diffused when the firm but gentle disappeared, and condensed into a blood mountain like light in this instant, attacking the old back of the wind.
"Look out!"
Sword grave several people frightened didn’t expect Qin Yi means so strange wake up the wind always want to rescue but already can’t come!
Blood mans since the wind old middle of the back through directly together with the yuan baby shattered instantly already dead can’t die!
"F * * king! You are looking for death! "
"If you are dead today!"
"Kill him!"
Thousands of years ago, they were famous people in the field of cultivating immortals. But now that someone killed them in front of them, the people they wanted to protect suddenly made the three people angry
Heaven and earth tremble with three hands!
They are already the last time. At this time, they are determined to pull Qin Yi, the strong man in this last life, and they will be buried with him.
And sword evil and sword old at this time has been far from the battlefield!
They know that their own strength has been involved in such a battle, especially after the destruction of part of the Three Swords and the reduction of their power.
Qin Yi eyes at this time, however, moving sword evil several people swept.
"Since the moment when the sword clan was founded, there has never been a clan that can kill the sword clan and get well! Sanxiao Jianzong is no exception! "
Qin Yi’s eyes are light and cold, but his expression is light and his mouth is cold.
"Want to destroy three clouds sword with you just a god period of the strong? It’ s simply an idiotic dream! "
Sword grave cold drink with a proud sword and love sword killed over three people, one of them can fight alone, and the strong at the moment will join forces with power to be strong and shocking.
"I said to destroy the sword of the three clouds, then it must be destroyed! Burning Shou Yuan for 500 years! "
Qin Yi’s eyes reveal Sen cool colour. At this moment, his body has a white flame burning. With the flame burning, Qin Yi’s body is visible to the naked eye, but his body momentum is rushing to the clouds!
Burning Shou Yuan for 500 years for a moment!
Sword grave three eyes stare big can’t believe it!
They are people who are coming to the end of their lives. They yearn for life more than anything else. At this time, they see Qin Yi burning for 500 years without hesitation. This makes all three people feel pain and panic.
"I’ve been burning for 500 years, and now Shou Yuan’s strength is comparable to that of the seventh floor of the deification period, and you can match the first and second floors of the deification period at most. Together, it’s just comparable to the fourth and fifth floors of the deification period. Now what do you take to stop the old lady?"
Qin Yi’s middle-aged face appeared to wrinkles, and many of them looked old, strong and weak. At this time, his momentum was stronger than Sen’s cold, and he stared at the distant sword evil and old sword.

Almost he noticed this law, and at the same time he also noticed a life breath that was only a few meters away from him!

For a moment, his eyes have instantly moved from the law to the master of this life breath!
"Well … it’s her …"
See another female GuQing in the cave with him frowned slightly!
This woman was none other than Xiao Yun, the girl in red who had just been in a coma for less than half an hour!
At the moment, the state of the girl in red is not much better than that of him. Not only is the red dress damaged, but the jade muscles are occasionally exposed. You can also see a series of wounds. The petite and lovely face is full of blood loss and pallor. The body is weak and chaotic. Obviously, it is not slightly injured. The delicate and elegant hair is messy, and the shoulders are strong! From this point of view, they should have been trapped in this cave for some time.
Although the girl in red was seriously injured, she was asleep, but after all, she was a master of Dan Dao’s double blood practice realm, and she was very sensitive to the outside world. Gu Qing’s eyes made her notice immediately and suddenly woke up from her sleep
When she saw clearly that she had woken up and sat up, Gu Qing suddenly got a fright and quickly stepped back and looked at Gu Qing with a face of alert.
Gu Qing frowned and looked back at her eyes calmly. "You have already left. Why … where are you now?"
At this time, the girl in red has recovered from her sleep and looked at Gu Qing carefully. It seems that she is associated with Gu Qing’s serious injury at this moment. She has relaxed a lot and is too lazy to pay attention to him. "Hum!" I sat in my place again.
Seeing that she doesn’t talk, Gu Qing doesn’t cut her throat, and she immerses herself into the artifact directly. She found the six-fold master of Dan Dao, "Tian Xiang", and took out the ring to find out if there is any panacea for the injury!
This "Tian Xiang" is a master of the six-fold alchemy. This realm belongs to the first-class masters in the whole world of cultivating immortals. Except for the top masters who practice the seven-fold alchemy, the whole world of cultivating immortals is almost free for them to gallop and collect such a master’s body.
After searching for a moment, Gu Qing found more than a dozen drugs for treating injuries, such as Huoxue Dan, Quxie Dan, Shengshengzaohua Dan, Liuhua Ganlin Dew, Tianchi Water Purification, etc. According to his current injury, Gu Qing soon took out some of them to recuperate from his physical injury.
He’s a triple practitioner of Dan Dao, and he’s trained to be Zhen Yuan. Although his attack is powerful, he can be compared with the five practitioners of Dan Dao, but his defense is very poor! After being hit by the aftermath of the "blood-sea refining and killing", his back suffered more severe trauma than before, and later he exerted the "instant killing of stars" with great physical load on him! The superposition of two injuries has made his body on the verge of collapse. Even with these pills and fairy dew treatments, it will definitely be better for a while.
Gu Qing didn’t dare to go too far when he was in more serious danger. After waking up, he kept treating and recuperating his body all the time!
After recovering, I endured the whole body that tore my heart and cracked my lungs. I started boxing in the cave to regulate my body for a few days without any slack.
He was busy recuperating his physical injuries, so naturally he didn’t have time to talk to the girl in red in the same cave. They naturally ignored each other for three or four days and didn’t say a word.
However, this situation did not last long.
Gu Qing can hold back for four days without saying a word and concentrate on healing, but the girl in red has some sit still.
On the fifth day, when Gu Qing endured the pain and finished a set of fists, he planned to continue to swallow Dan medicine and rely on the efficacy of Dan medicine to regulate the body. He kept a certain distance from him. The girl in red finally could not help but say, "Hey, do you have any water there?" I want to wash my face! "
If Gu Qing didn’t know that he had swallowed a Dan medicine, he planned to sit down and concentrate on refining this Dan medicine, nourishing the internal organs of the flesh and regulating the serious injury of the internal organs.
"Hey you this man what’s the matter? I am at least your savior. Is this your attitude towards the savior? "
"Well, you saved me?"
"Hum, if it weren’t for the fact that I also cultivated the Blood Sea Sutra" Blood-gathering Turtle Breathing "and sensed your breath, I’m afraid you would have been swallowed by some corpse-eating beasts wandering nearby a few days ago, and there would be no life to sit here."
After Guqing fell into a state of turtle’s breath, he felt nothing about the external affairs, but he also knew that a wild animal would put himself in such a dangerous situation if he used this technique all over the forest. It was because he was too seriously injured at that time that he could not make more choices.
Thinking of this, his mental consciousness has been immersed in the artifact!
When casting a comfortable living environment for Gu Xiaolin, he deliberately moved a mountain peak in a jungle. There are mountains, rivers, flowers and grass in that mountain peak, and some clear water is natural.
Gu Qing said that Yun Zhenyuan captured some clear water from a small river and directly took them from the artifact river to the cave!
Although the girl in red is a practitioner, she is a woman after all.
I don’t know how long I haven’t washed these clear waters, but her face immediately showed a little smile. Without her indifference, she quickly took out a water container to put these clear waters in, and then washed her face without saying anything.
Generally speaking, the personal vestments for cultivating immortals will bring their own array methods of cleaning, removing dust and cleaning, and the sky gate can attract heaven and earth into the body. Under normal circumstances, the master of Dandao will not be contaminated with dust, but now the girl in red has not only a trace of the image of cultivating immortals, but also some clear water, which shows that her situation was really difficult that day.
After watching for a moment, Gu Qing directly cleared the ring of Tian Xiang, the six-fold master of Dan Dao, and then took out some clothes that belonged to the girl in red and put them in daily life.
The "Phoenix Bracelet for Tears of Blood" department is very huge, and the rear part of the promotion artifact has risen by a hundred times, even if a large number of cities are installed in a mountain range! There has always been a lot of wealth, so these should belong to the "sundries" of the girl in red, and he has never cleaned them up. At this moment, the Ministry has sent a field!
"and then all these thing belong to you."
After loading, Guqing directly threw this Gankun ring in the past.
Gankun’s ring is the worst and the weapon level is also the highest. Only a big faction like Xuanyang Tianzong has a true brother can make the idle faction look at a clan door and get it. There are only a handful of Gankun rings. After the girl in red props were seized by Gu Qing, it was a low-grade bag, but her bag with poor defense performance was obviously destroyed in the previous battle!
The girl in red took the spirit of the Gankun ring that Gu Qing threw over, and immediately put the contents of the Gankun ring in her eyes!
However, when she saw that some of her daughter’s private hidden and profane clothes were piled up together by Guqing at the moment, her eyes suddenly filled with anger. "You bastard, rogue, rogue, bandit, robber … you actually … you actually put my things …"
In particular, Lenovo’s private things were actually seen by a stranger and moved. The original delicate and lovely face was even more burning and angry. "When the young lady comes back, I will definitely let the young lady kill you, you slut, you savage. I will let you know that I have offended the young lady!"

Does Atletico Madrid need a unknown pawn to regret it?

Isn’t this China person too arrogant? I don’t know a little bit!
Even when Hertha was led by Chang Sheng to perform well in the second division, everyone didn’t think Atletico Madrid had anything to regret.
Atletico Madrid is a giant team. How can people think highly of a country team coach?
Destined, it is not a world person.
It is normal and reasonable for Atletico Madrid not to win constantly, so that people can’t find anything wrong at all.
And winning still dare to think about revenge?
What a narrow mind! No man measures! Still not a man?
You are honored to be rejected by Atletico Madrid. Do you know that there are many people in this world who are not even qualified to be rejected by Atletico Madrid?
With this, you can assert that you have no future!
Want Atletico Madrid to regret it?
Dream on!
Because people generally have that idea.
These people were dumbfounded when they saw Chang Sheng take off his shirt inside.
People always win. Revenge really worked!
Atletico Madrid is a giant. How could they possibly give Changsheng a chance to get revenge?
But Changsheng really did it!
When Atletico Madrid needs to be upgraded most, he should lend a helping hand even if he has a little compassion and sympathy-this is also the general recognition that Madrid football circle is so big, and you have to mix one more friend and one more road here, so there is no need to make trouble and make too many enemies for yourself.
Besides, it’s reasonable for you to release water. You can be picky about procedures, motives and specific operations, and no one will bother you.
It’s easy for you to let Atletico Madrid go. Maybe people will remember you.
I didn’t expect Changsheng to kick Atletico Madrid back after he had landed safely.
They shouldn’t have done this, but they did.
The kick of winning revenge was so decisive and powerful that Atletico Madrid was kicked back into the rushing river, struggling to choke several mouthfuls of water and waving his arms in vain, but no one helped them, but the only one who could save them kicked them back. Isn’t it clear what that means?
Hertha will watch Atletico Madrid die!
I’m afraid Atletico Madrid never imagined that two years ago, when their personnel officials refused and discriminated against and ridiculed this young man from China, they would one day be revenged by this China.
It’s really narrow-minded to get revenge if someone refuses, but who is qualified to despise him if it’s his strength? Shouldn’t you fight back when you are looked down upon?
Atletico Madrid fans are even more depressed, and they don’t even hiss to attack them. It’s always better that they put their heads in their hands and face pain. I can’t believe what they saw.
Some people even think that if the club had not rejected this young man, then maybe Atletico Madrid would have been successfully upgraded today!
Atletico Madrid fans were silent, and Atletico Madrid players also looked depressed.
They naturally learned from the media about the feud between the club and the China people.
I didn’t expect the other side to be so vengeful and really succeeded in his revenge.
They have a "this is fucking life" idea.
Perhaps their failure to upgrade was doomed two years ago when the China man walked out of Calderon Stadium with resentment …
Some people were not surprised by the result.
Francisco Flores was in the box. When luis garcia scored the third goal, he jumped up from his seat, shook his fist and roared. An old face turned red with excitement.
While that supporter of Atletico Madrid who had been swaggering around him were silent.
Let him vent his emotions there.
Later, when Flores saw Chang Sheng writing behind his shirt, he couldn’t help laughing and forgot to celebrate.
He just looked up and laughed, laughing heartily.
What did he think of? He would have chosen Changsheng as the head coach of Team C.
Just because he heard a winning joke at a dinner party, he wanted to make Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid regret it.
He suddenly took an interest in this arrogant young man in China.
I interviewed him with a funny attitude, but I was moved by him and decided to give him a chance.
Gave him the first chance and gave him the second chance-let him be appointed as the head coach of the Hertha first team to lead the team to avoid relegation.
If he didn’t get interested in a joke at the beginning, but casually handed it over to a human resources officer to handle such an ordinary application, would he regret it today?
Fortunately, fortunately …
Laughing and laughing, the old man’s eyes suddenly got wet.
Because two months ago, the winning words echoed in his ears, "I will definitely lead you to like Hertha League champion status and promote to the first division. Mr. President, I mean it."
You did it and did it so beautifully!
You said that you are so young because you are talented. I believe you will go further on this road and see more unique scenery.
Bon voyage, young man
The morale of Atletico Madrid fell to the bottom after winning the title of Avengers.
Their coach, Marcos Alonso, just stood on the sidelines like a glance at Medusa, and he hasn’t moved since he lost the ball.
The players lost their backbone and hope, and they didn’t know how to deal with the coming game.
Salvatore, the former top scorer in La Liga, saw this scene and was a little lost.
When he first chose to join Atletico Madrid, he never thought that Atletico Madrid would upgrade by law. He could not only earn a high salary, but also help Atletico Madrid upgrade, which was both fame and fortune, and did not delay him from participating in the top league at all.
Good wishful thinking, but I didn’t expect to meet a malicious role. Hertha, their head coach, always wins.
His abacus was in vain

Chang Sheng was also surprised that if he and Avril Lavigne had any songs, they would all sing and listen to them themselves, even if they were talking and singing. Chang Sheng was the first person in the world to hear Avril Lavigne’s songs.

It is this song that he has not heard before.
No …
Changsheng listened carefully. When Avril Lavigne continued to sing, he found that the melody was a little familiar, not really unheard of.
Maybe it’s a little more Yi Bai-Chang Sheng was familiar with this melody in his previous life, but he heard it for the first time in this life.
"… can’t can’t it is no secret! Hey! Hey! You! You! I want to be your girlfriend! "
He saw Avril jump and turn around, facing himself while playing the guitar and skipping and singing a long hair, which was scattered in the middle, scattered and continued to fall, like golden fireworks blooming in the night.
The players stopped cheering because they understood what Avril was singing.
Look at Avril Lavigne turning around and singing and dancing at Changsheng. Everyone knows what this means …
If this is Avril Lavigne’s new song … Did she just have a brainwave or did she plan it?
But whatever it is, it’s something everyone loves to see.
Someone whistled and booed.
"You are so good that I want you to be me! You are so wonderful that I miss you all the time! You are so addictive, don’t you know? What can I do? Make you feel good. Don’t pretend. I think you know I’m the most precious … "
A long time ago, I never wrote lyrics, so it naturally floated from my heart. She remembered that she and Changsheng were together, from helping each other fight in that bar to spending Christmas alone in a chat booth in her hometown town.
From the time when she sneaked into Changsheng’s place for a few months because of her bad luck, to the crazy night when she and Changsheng were in Los Angeles …
The two of them have too many unusual memories.
Avril Lavigne doesn’t jump or shake her head. Even when she came to Changsheng, no one knows.
She doesn’t play the guitar either. Without accompaniment, she looks close at hand and sings the song she just composed.
"hey! Hey! You ah you … I want to be your girlfriend, I can understand you, I know you, you look at me … "
I was suddenly a little embarrassed to hear Avril sing like this in public, so when Avril sang like this, he turned his head instead.
Avril Lavigne didn’t repeat what she sang just now, but continued to sing "although when you look away, I know you are thinking of me …"
The players laughed when they heard this sentence.
Chang Sheng was enraged. He turned and stared at Avril Lavigne savagely.
Avril Lavigne is fearless and brave enough to keep singing in her eyes. "I know you’ve been thinking about what I’ve come here over and over again and tell me what I want to hear …"
The players have left themselves, and they have gathered in front of two people and surrounded them.
Changsheng looks at this appearance and says, mom! Who said that there are people in China who like to watch the fun? !
The players watched the two men heckle.
In the booing, Avril Lavigne stared at Changsheng as usual and continued to sing "Hey! Hey! You, you and I want to be your girlfriend! "
And winning is a bit embarrassing.
He notice Avril’s eyes.
There is a little provocation in stubbornness.
You and I dare not do it?
Chang Sheng suddenly buried his head to hold Avril Lavigne’s face and kissed him hard in front of all the players, club officials and staff!
The onlookers were surprised and silent first, and then burst into great cheers!
Some people clap their hands, some whistle and some shout, "Well done, boss! Well done! "
Avril Lavigne didn’t struggle at all. She loosened her guitar with both hands and then reached out and stopped her winning neck.
Merry Christmas, uncle. This is a song I wrote for you!
Chapter sixty-five New Year Iraq
When Lazio players came to this Christmas dinner, they were embarrassed because they felt too shabby to tell anyone.
But when they left, they were all flushed and excited.
They had an interesting Christmas din.
Which team can invite international superstars to sing one song after another at a dinner party?
Which team can see the emotional drama of the team coach at the dinner party?
Which team can see international superstars show their love to our head coach on the spot?
Lazio does!
You can’t even see such a wonderful scene. Only we can do it! Ha!
All Lazio players suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with holding a Christmas dinner in the cafeteria of the team training base.
We spent three hours relaxing together.
Then go home.

Everyone flew all the way out of Sichuan. Song Changgeng invited everyone to play in his Ziyun Palace. The old nun wanted to get closer to him, such as Ruan Jiu, and so on. The imperial secretary created more opportunities for him and Gan Biwu. The husband and wife took part in the fun and actually wanted to help Song Changgeng. Now he is so impolite to fight against Emei. They are afraid that Song Changgeng can’t cope.

Their mind Song Chang-geng certainly knew that it was time to joke. Zixuanfeng suddenly took out a disc-shaped magic weapon flashing yellow light and rushed into our large array to protect Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea, but it seemed strange that something was wrong with the man walking outside in it. "
Song Chang-geng’s eyebrows picked and pondered for a moment, saying, "I’ll go to Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea with the concentric card of Yin and Yang now to see if you are responsible for receiving everyone well. If there is anything, I’ll call you." After that, I gave you a gift and said something sorry, and then I took out a magic weapon, the concentric card of Yin and Yang, and he disappeared in an instant.
He bought this Yin-Yang concentric card from the Yinchan Reef in the East China Sea. This baby has no attack and defense ability, but it can be delivered. It is necessary to set the Yin card in one place and bring the Yang card. You can come back to the Yin card there, and the Yin school has twelve Yang cards, three of which coincide with the number of heaven and earth.
When Song Chang-geng arrived here, he realized that Shen Tu-hong had been imprisoned, and somehow got sleepy and was killing his brother here. Seeing him so easily, Song Chang-geng captured him and asked why. At that time, the scene was that Emei sent Miao Yi to carry a magic spell to see it, and it was finally revealed by Song Chang-geng.
The existing people peeped at Song Changgeng and didn’t pay attention to it before. After the treatment, he suddenly realized that he had made a mistake. How can he handle it so rashly and simply? Just peeping at Emei Mountain may be that I don’t know how to know my brother’s killing spell to observe Song Chang-geng’s return to Ziyun Palace with a heart of Yin and Yang.
After telling the story, Hugh and others couldn’t help frowning and killing the eldest brother of Emei Sect. It is estimated that it is difficult to solve this problem, but Song Changgeng didn’t take it to heart. He greeted everyone for a banquet and played in Ziyun Palace. After a few days, the seven people in Lingjiao Palace left first. Song Changgeng gave Gan Biwu a yin card and a yang card and asked her to set up a losing point in Lingjiao Palace.
Yang card is given to her, and then B Hugh’s husband and wife leave with their brothers. wu-tang clan’s old nun and her seven brothers also leave together. Song Chang Gung gave them a thousand-mile sound mirror.
This thousand-mile sound mirror is ten magic weapons that Song Chang-geng got from Yinchan Reef in the East China Sea. First, it can send sound and images at a visual distance. A mother mirror can make several mirrors as convenient as visual words. It is natural for Zi Xuanfeng and Princess Changping to have one. Now it is given to Yi Xiu, Ruan Jiu and half of them to increase feelings and connections.
After seeing everyone off, Song Chang Gung pondered over it. He also knew that he had killed Miao Yi’s real brother, and the other party would not give up. He wanted to go to Kongtong Mountain again. After the second yuan God decided, he confessed all kinds of things, and then he entered the top floor of Ziyun Palace to meditate and let Princess Changping lead his younger brother to guard.
And his second Yuan God came to Kongtong Mountain with my little girls Jade Butterfly, Li Yingqiong, Yu Yingnan, Qin Ziling and Qin Han Calyx. He wanted to come here, so there was no strong hand. The second Yuan God could naturally cope.
The 40th volume A clean break Chapter three hundred and ninety-nine Zhuling Gorge
The second Yuan God’s strength is that Yuan Ying’s early body is fiery, and all kinds of spells and changes can be cast at will. Besides the core, there is a lotus flower in the body, and there are nine magic weapons in the lotus nest. The center of the lotus flower is a masculine gender, and its gender is peaceful and impartial.
In ten thousand years, Wenyu has its own vitality and vitality, and Yang and Qi keep it in it at any time, so as to calm the mind, clean the mind, resist the demons and prevent yourself from being possessed. It is a must-have treasure for cultivation, but it is the bane of all evil spirits and filth, and this treasure alone can solve most demons, teach yin and evil spells and suppress magic weapons.
In addition, there are three pieces of precious Xuan Yin refined soul, three pieces of samadhi true Yan sword, three pieces of self-refined magic weapon, a thousand-mile sound mirror and a dry Kun bag, which are mainly a concentric brand of Yin and Yang and various kinds of thunder balls, paper symbols, array flags and so on.
On this treasure hunt, Song Changgeng also brought Taiyi Golden Phosphorus Boat and Green Phlegm Bottle, a special five-line mixed route. With such strong strength, he was confident that he could easily take Daxiong Treasure House and brought several girls. First, he flew all the way on Taiyi Golden Phosphorus Boat and went straight to Kongtong Mountain.
Song Chang Gung asked Princess Akihito of the Knowledge Institute to help him find the map here a long time ago, and the map was already delivered to him. This time, the treasure of Daxiong came directly to the Zhuling Gorge in the West Kongtong Mountain.
Kongtong Mountain is located more than 20 miles west of Pingliang Prefecture, Gansu Province, with a bird’s-eye view of Xi ‘an in the east, Lanzhou in the south, Baoji County in the north, and Yinchuan County in the north. The fortress in the west of the ancient Silk Road covers an area of about 200 miles, and the main peak is more than 2,000 meters above sea level. It has a very high appreciation of the wonderful natural landscape and ancient and exquisite humanistic landscape.
Kongtong Mountain, a branch of Liupanshan Mountain, is a natural animal and plant kingdom. Its peaks are majestic and dangerous cliffs stand like uncanny workmanship. The vast smoke cages in Linhai are like misty fairyland. The water and sky of Gaoxia Pinghu are full of the charm of Lijiang River, which is both magnificent in the north and beautiful and dignified in the south. There are 72 stone houses and caves in 42 buildings in Jiugong and 12 courtyards on the platform, which are rich in magnificent and magnificent.
Since ancient times, there has been a beautiful mountain with the reputation of "the first mountain in the west", "the wonder of the west town" and "the beautiful scenery of the Kongtong Mountain". It is also in the northern cultural source. In ancient times, there were many practitioners practicing here, the most famous of which was Xuanyuan Huangdi’s teacher Guangcheng, and there were more people crossing the river like crucian carp.
Since ancient times, Kongtong Mountain has attracted many talented people. Because its natural landscape is both beautiful in the north and beautiful in the south, it is known as a bright pearl on the Loess Plateau in Longdong, and because the Taoist ancestor Xuanyuan Huangdi, who was cultivated by the immortals, once personally asked Guangcheng to be the first mountain in Taoism.
It should be a fairy cloud to come to such a famous mountain. However, after the gods are sealed, there will be few blessed places here. Because of the massive felling of plants in Zhongjiandu in the Qin, Han and Tang Dynasties, the number of orthodox monks practicing here will decrease. After the number of evil monks increases, few people are willing to practice here for a long time, making it an heterodox paradise.
Song Changgeng also knew that Ling Hun’s husband and wife and others would come to him to consider that the other party was not necessarily willing to fight with himself, so he didn’t care about the other party when he went to the west Kongtong enclave, because there were several difficult guys living here to prevent being alarmed by the other party’s mentoring and provoking unnecessary troubles. Song Changgeng used his unique method to protect several people from landing before Pingliang House/
After receiving Taiyi Golden Phosphorus Boat, Song Changgeng took some silver from Gankun bag and gave it to several people. He also took out five pieces of phantom jade charms for them to wear. With this jade charm, others saw that they were ordinary human beings. Although they could not hide from Gao Shi in Yuan infant period, they decided not to see through it for ordinary practitioners and mortals in Jin Dan period.
Five people packed an ordinary family and went west for several miles, found a big town, took a rest in the town for a while, hired a cart and went to Pingliang House without being noticed. They had been traveling like mortals until the next day when they arrived in Pingliang City, spent a day playing in Pingliang City and bought a lot of things, and then the next day they asked the driver to take them to Kongtong Mountain.
First, I made an excuse with the driver that I came to visit the mountain and hit the driver at the foot of Kongtong Mountain. I found a mountaineer to guide me to hide the Treasure Pearl Lingxia, but I went there. The forbidden area of Wuya Cave, the home of two old monsters, is still far away from Wulong Rock, but it is three or four miles near. I heard the guide mountaineer say that although the Pearl Lingxia is a famous gorge, it is actually a cliff with a width of about two or three feet.
Only after several people arrived did it appear that there were several fountains of different sizes on the cliff, and the water fell into the stream, and the water vapor could not tell how deep the stream was. From a distance facing the cliff, I saw the blue cockroaches, the clouds, the beads, the curtains, the jade dragons, the dancing spirits and the rain floating, because there were often springs and waterfalls flying, misty rain, the whole body was covered with moss, fresh fat vegetation and lush vegetation, and the scenery was very beautiful at first glance.
On the surface, it’s nothing. At the beginning, Song Changgeng asked Princess Zhaoren to send an official to look for the place names he remembered from the [Yuanhuizhu], but he didn’t say what the maps drawn here were all ordinary, and there was nothing special on the surface. Song Changgeng looked closely and found something wrong now.
The whole Zhuling Gorge is not only ugly and barren, but also thick and stony like teeth-covered rocks, which are rugged and difficult to walk, except for the short and good place on the cliff. The situation is not commensurate with the lush fountain root on the cliff, so he pretended not to care and went to visit other places under the guidance of the guide
I went back to the villagers’ home in the evening and gave them the silver Song Chang Gung. They said that they would go back to the city and it was not far from coming out. Li Yingqiong asked, "Brother, are we really going back to the city?" Does it look special here? How do they all know that there is a treasure to appear here? I heard that if there is a treasure, there will be a treasure light when it is born, but I didn’t see anything. "
Song Changgeng laughed. "Of course not. I haven’t told you in detail. Just now, I saw that Zhuling Gorge was really a bit special. It should be that we are looking for a place. How do they all know that it is actually very simple? It is calculated according to words or some clues. It is always told by others that chickens don’t pee."
Yu Yingnan’s face turned reddish. "Brother speaks rudely. What’s with what? Now that brother knows, what shall we do this time? Brother is so careful, isn’t it difficult to provoke people here? "
Song Chang-geng smiled awkwardly. "I’m a lip-synching. This time we’re going to sneak in and don’t make a big noise. If I expect it to be good, this is the treasure. Few people know that everyone is speculating that there is a treasure in Kongtong Mountain, and it’s in the west. It’s estimated that they don’t know that we have the first hand."
While walking, several people said that without the drag of mortals, they soon arrived at the place. Several people, finding out that they all cast spells and flew invisibly to the top of the opposite cliff. It was a bit strange at first sight. It turned out that the cliff was opposite to a long and narrow mountain, winding high from the east of Wulong Mountain, and the mountains were all rocky and the vegetation was sparse. This desolate and cold scene was not much different.
When we get to the cliff, it is about ten feet long and twenty or thirty feet wide. The mountain covered with moss drops from high to a slope, and the weight drops by more than ten feet. Because the mountain is colder than the cliff, the rocky and miscellaneous scenery in Takaso is not known in advance, or someone would never have thought that the cliff at the end of the ridge contains wonders. It is very secret.
In particular, there were several flying waterfalls and pearl springs on the cliff when I came here. This time, I explored again, but I didn’t see any spouting from the fountains and waterfalls. It seemed that it was an accident, but it was not always the same to hear the villagers say that they could see Song Changgeng every day. Just thinking about it, I realized that the villagers came during the day and they came from the mountains at night.
The fountain here can only be accepted when it is sprayed during the day and rested at night. The more you look at it, the more you feel that the local situation is secluded. The wonderful shape survey is natural. If you don’t calculate it in advance, you will easily miss it and never walk to this area. This treasure is obviously carefully arranged except for the severe prohibition.
Watching Song Chang Gung’s heart move suddenly, he felt a brainwave, walked to the junction of Lingya, scrutinized the stone colors on both sides, and then pulled up some moss, and immediately realized that it was good for him.
He was about to speak when several people quickly hid and looked up to see a bright light flying to Wulongyan. Song Changgeng knew that it was a few overlord hands here. It seems that the other side is not easy to patrol such a big mountain, and it is not easy for them to go through it.
After they passed, Song Changgeng said softly, "This should be the place we are looking for. I want to study it carefully. It is forbidden for you to pay attention to convergence and help lookout one."
Say that finish just want to go to see Qin Ziling pulled him a Song Chang Gung one leng to listen to Qin Ziling way "I have my mother refined purple Luo Yun Yi can cast a spell to change the terrain here, what we are doing in Yi can’t be known by outsiders, even if there is a patrol just now, we can’t hide it now."
The 40th volume A clean break Chapter four hundred Fire house test
Song Chang Gung nodded, Qin Ziling smiled and cast a magic weapon. When Qin Han Calyx saw this mother’s refined baby, she muttered, "How could my mother have left without us at that time? It’s really memorable to stay there. What if those Emei people attacked her crazily?" We’re not even here. We don’t even have a helper. "
After listening to her words, Song Changgeng smiled and gently encouraged, "Don’t worry, I don’t think anything will happen. The Emei Sect attacked me because I had a holiday with them. The Blissful Reality was also there to hear you say that Yi Zhou’s family would make friends with you. If something really happened, Yi Zhou wouldn’t stand by and watch the three immortals. Even the Emei Sect dared not touch again."
Qin Han Calyx felt at ease after listening to this, but Song Chang-geng was also at a loss. He didn’t know what would happen after Emei sent the government. He was destroyed because Shen Tuhong killed his four disciples. He made a deadly enemy with Emei, but he didn’t regret it. If people killed their four disciples and let them go, he would not be far from extinction. Without principle and face, he would not be able to be public.
At this time, all the immortals in Emei Mountain deliberately ignored all kinds of unpleasant time. On the afternoon of the third day, Miao Yi called Zhuge Jing and ordered me to tell his men and women to go to Nanyuan Fairy House for orders at the end of the night, and then go to Xiyuan Fairy House to pass through the fire house or thirteen places. It is difficult to test all kinds of humanitarian power, so they will be given the door-to-door method of mountain walking.
Zhuge Jing, I was ordered to inform you that in the middle of the night, at the end of Hai and the beginning of Hai, my brothers were also very cautious and afraid because of the mountain test. Men were led by Zhuge Jing, Yue Wen, and women were led by Qi Lingyun and Zhou Qingyun, and they stood in the platform of Nanyuan Xianfu in different classes and waited for you.
When we arrive in Haishi, a real person will first ask Xuanzhen to ascend to Xuanzhen’s throne, saying, "Don’t be too modest, younger brother. You should teach me that this is a teacher’s destiny. It’s a matter of etiquette that others can’t win this."
Miao Yi, a real person, apologized to all the students present, and asked them to help themselves at any time. Then the middle end of the school was promoted to Xuan Zhen, and the rest of the students were seated in the first order. Yi Yi’s family was blissful, a real person, a Qingcheng school staff, Songshan Erlao and a Qingcheng school staff were all here.

"Master Xiao Hui has become a’ Yu Niang’!"

No matter five years or ten years, no matter how hard it is, she must become a "Yu Niang". Only in this way can she have the same status and strength as the master Xuan. If the master elder brother doesn’t come back and he doesn’t come back, then she will pick him up.
"Well," Duane answered her oath without hesitation, just like before, and never poured cold water on her once.
"The master elder brother must protect himself before Xiaohui succeeds!"
Otherwise, what’s the point of what she has done? In the past, she tried hard to practice but tried her best to catch up with his footsteps. Even though the distance was so great that she couldn’t see hope, she never stopped.
But now the man she was chasing suddenly fell from the clouds, but she was still fine, and she would definitely pull him back to his former glory.
She doesn’t know how she lost a suit in the past ten years and was born. It doesn’t matter to her that he is still alive. What matters is that she can see him again. What matters is that she hasn’t lost the meaning of trying to grow up.
"Good" Duane nodded Pan Hui some slippery and went to Joe to continue to walk steadily forward.
No matter what, as long as she is still alive, he can do whatever he wants to find out the culprit and avenge himself.
Pan Hui tightened her arms and leaned on Duane’s shoulder to laugh contentedly.
The streets are long gone, and the children who are chasing and frolicking are all taken home by adults to watch the old age. There are red lanterns hanging in front of each house and swaying gently in the night wind.
Pan Hui looked at the fireworks tubes that had not been cleaned off on the bluestone pavement and remembered the fireworks feast tonight. She unconsciously looked up at the night.
Without fireworks, the sky became a deep blue and black, because there was no moon and stars shining in the night, which filled the whole night.
"Big brother, big brother, look at the beautiful sky." Pan Hui patted Duane on the shoulder and motioned for him to stop and enjoy the beautiful night with her.
Chapter 123 Cover a chapter (2)
Duane stopped and looked up at the stars, and his eyes became deep.
It is said that a star in the sky corresponds to a life in the human world. If a meteor falls, it represents the death and rebirth of a life. If a star suddenly disappears, it is that someone’s soul dies in the seven realms and returns to chaos.
He used to look up at night to find his star, but this hobby ended ten years ago.
What if you find out? Those who fail to rank among the immortals will eventually die out. There is no difference between what they see and what they don’t see. Destiny is never decided by a star hanging in the night, but by themselves.
He has long since stopped pinning his hopes on those illusory things.
Pan Hui yawned with his mouth covered and rubbed his eyes with a light hum.
"sleepy?" Duane couldn’t help looking back at her when she heard her voice. When she saw that she was already sleepy, she forced her eyelids to look at the distant night.
"Go back when you are sleepy!" Duane low said
Pan Hui continued to rub his eyes and nodded "OK".
"Where are you going?" In fact, they are almost at the end of the street, and there is a fork in the road in front of them.
Pan Hui looked intently and squinted again and went back to Duane’s shoulder and whispered "left"
Duane was made stiff by her movement, and soon she heard her ear breathing evenly. Pan Hui’s breath sprayed on the back of his neck made him feel a little itchy, but he was afraid to move and fell off his back. He could shake his head and chuckle and continue to carry her forward.
After about half a column of incense, Pan Hui looked up and pointed to a house in front and said, "It’s right there."
Douang immediately stopped and carefully put the person from her back and turned to see that she was still sleepy. The smile on her mouth could not help but deepen, and the fundus gradually softened.
"Go home! I’m watching you here, "he whispered.
Pan Hui nodded her head over him in a daze and walked out of the house. She suddenly remembered something and looked back at the person behind her. She found that the person was still watching her in the same place, and a white robe was blown away in the cold wind.
Pan Hui’s eyes lit up and she woke up instantly. She turned and ran back to Duane and reached for her right hand. "Tick!"
Du Angwei stared at the little fist and the stubborn little finger that stretched out in front of him, then looked at him nervously. Pan Hui smiled and hooked her right little finger, saying, "Good tick."
Pan Hui face instantaneous overflow smile.
This is the way she and he agreed. If you tick it, you must never deny it to both sides.
In order to change back to his identity, she is willing to leave him for a while and continue to practice boring, but she needs his promise that she will never lose her easily again.
"Seal!" Pan Hui picked up Duane’s thumb and printed himself on his finger and said, "All right! You can’t go back on your word after you stamp it! Don’t throw Xiaohui after the big brother! "
A cool smile overflowed from Duane’s lips and teeth, and then the smile grew bigger and bigger. The street echoed with his hearty smile, and a star in the night seemed to be infected by his mood and shone a little.
"Don’t laugh, don’t laugh!" Pan Hui saw that he laughed when he didn’t answer. He couldn’t help stamping his feet and jumping up with his other hand to cover his mouth.
The smile faded away, but there were stars overflowing from Pan Hui’s fingers. Duane held her waist, and she covered her smile with her rare pleasure, which came out from her dark eyes.
Pan Hui was fascinated by his eyes, and her heart couldn’t help beating a few times. She immediately took back her left hand and a pair of eyes and glanced around.
Duane did not follow her words and said, "If you seal it, you won’t lose Xiaohui again."
Pan Huiba slightly raised the expression of winning the trick. She looked at the two people still hooking their right eyes and turning their hands back and pouting. "No! It was the same before, and the big brother finally left. "
"So what do you want?" Duane looked at her with spoil, and she importuned herself.
Pan Hui smiled cunningly, and his right hand slowly stuck to the position of Duane’s heart. The palm of his hand was his beating heart, which made her feel clearly that this person was alive beside her, no longer seeing that elusive figure in every dream.
Duane didn’t look at her tenderly and gave her life safely.
There is hot air from his heart slowly dizzy with a little sting. Duane looks at Pan Hui and still does nothing.
He believes that the woman in front of him will never hurt him, and if she really wants to hurt him, she will certainly accept it willingly.
For a long time, the stabbing pain disappeared, and a trace of coolness in Du Angjue’s heart slowly penetrated directly into his heart. Just when he was asked in the future, his skirt was pulled by Pan Hui and a shiny butterfly mark appeared on his skin.
Pan Hui looked at this with a smile like a flower. She nodded with satisfaction and covered her right hand again. "All right! You can’t go back on our word if you stamp here. "
It’s her leisure to go to the sutra depository one day! When talking, I found that a small technique can leave a brand shape and figure on others by itself, and then I decided to ask that person to fix it, so I could disappear the brand.
The original is just a trick made by a senior to tease others. Today, she is allowed to send a show.
Pan Hui’s eyes narrowed and smiled. "If the former master elder brother was so much taller than Xiaohui, he would not be able to print it. Now the master elder brother is not as good as Xiaohui, so you can’t get rid of this butterfly."
She smiled with a little pride and was used to being naughty when she was young.
Touched by Pan Hui’s cool fingers in his heart, Duane stared at her chattering mouth and his eyes suddenly became deep.
He put his right hand on Pan Hui’s back and held his left hand tightly, pulling people into his arms.
Pan Hui looked at herself and suddenly fell into her chest, feeling that there were a pair of clenched right hands left in each other, and then others couldn’t help but look up in amazement and see the big brother’s face suddenly enlarged in front of her eyes, and a soft touch fell on her lips, and then she felt her head "bang" and left a piece of white.
Chapter 124 Cover a chapter (3)
Duane gently rubbed her lips and bit by bit tempted her to slide her lips into her mouth.
Pan Hui felt dizzy and dizzy, and what happened? She felt that her nose was full of his smell and even her lips were stained with his breath, which made her heart ache slightly.
His right hand has been buckled behind her head, and his left hand tightly holds her in his arms. Pan Hui closes his eyes with dizziness, and he takes them up. They feel that they are slightly feverish from head to toe, and their bodies are too soft to stand. They can cling to his shoulders and rely on him tightly.
For a long time, Pan Hui gasped and blushed slightly, and the white jade skin on the neck also showed a pink rose color. She still clung to Duane’s coat and her eyes were full of blurred look.
It seems that my heart no longer hurts.
It seems that this man is really different from his memory. In my memory, the master elder brother always pampers her gently and smiles indifferently when he talks about her as a spoiled brat.
But just now …

"Who can see me?" She sighed.

"Sister Xia Xue, even those women in the city can’t compare with you. How can you not see that person unless you are blind?" Ma Liang said truthfully.
"Then you married me." Xia Xue joked, but suddenly he found that the joke had gone too far. He held his face red and scolded himself for what happened today. This is teacher Mengmeng. She never said that before.
She is also very fond of Teacher Ma, otherwise she wouldn’t let Mengmeng be so close.
"Well, if you don’t mind my dreaming," Ma Liang laughed and knew that she was joking, but her heart was still stunned.
"In fact, I thought before that now people know each other but don’t know each other. I’m afraid that Mengmeng doesn’t like to have a bad life. After all, she is not a child of two or three years old." She sighed.
"Sister Xia Xue, when the mangy dog comes, don’t rush to say that the food is available. I invited the village chief and uncle Xiao’s family to wait for him to personally admit that it is this kind of food. Let’s take out the leftovers."
This is just in case mangy dogs are most famous for their heels.
Xia Xue frowned. Uncle Xiao and Uncle Zhang are both generational figures in the village. Even mangy dogs have to listen. If they admit it in front of their faces, there is no problem. How can these two people be reluctant to come forward on weekdays?
Mengmeng cooked the meal, and the three of them ate Ma Liang and praised her for a few words. She blushed and brought Ma Liang a lot of dishes, but it was not beautiful because several mangy dogs came.
"Yo, eating is really a family. I really didn’t see it, or I got it when I read it." The mangy dog gave a thumbs-up sign.
Take a bath by the river
"You can eat at random, but you can’t talk nonsense." Ma Liang said that he was not as weak as before and became active and strong.
"Let’s have a good time." The mangy dog touched his nose
"If you can’t deliver the food, take the money honestly and get out and let you guys enjoy it." He has already risked his eyes and coveted Xia Xue in the village, but there are still few people coming.
Fortunately, their brains generally thought about it before they came up with this idea.
Just then, the village chief, Uncle Zhang and Uncle Xiao, came, smoking a big pipe and strolling to the door.
"Uncle Xiao, Uncle Zhang, the village head, you just came to witness for me." The mangy dog took the initiative to pull up three people instead of paying for the food.
Ma Liang hurried up and said hello to them one by one. The three men accepted his boar and nodded politely, but the eyes were still a little floating. After all, they were recognized as prestigious figures in the village and had to have a style.
"After listening to your story, the three of us will do justice." Uncle Zhang smoked a cigarette one by one all the year round, wearing a black hat and feeling a little stooped.
And uncle Xiao’s spirit is better and his face is red, as if the moles on his mouth are lighter, and he is also smoking a mouthful, and he is followed by a dog, which has been black for many years.
Zhang Datong, the village chief, was carrying a hoe, so he probably went to work directly when he was busy.
"Of course, it’s fair these days. I’m a reasonable man, Xia Xue. Her chickens have eaten a lot of my crops. I’ll ask her to pay for it. I’m sure I won’t do it. I won’t even ask her to lose money."
"I can buy seeds and you want 500 yuan." Xia Xue could not explain, but she ran a lot of places to buy them and spent a lot of money.
"I’m a real person. It’s enough for the villagers to pay me ten catties. They also promised that they would give me 500 yuan if they couldn’t give me ten catties. They also said that they would wait for me for a few days and I agreed."
"Is this the case with Pony?" Uncle Zhang asked.
"Is this the case, he said yes" Ma Liang nodded and then made an expression of eyes to Mengmeng. Mengmeng took out the food in the corner, which was obviously not ten catties.
"Ha ha, there are ten catties here, even if you spill water, there are no ten catties to give money." The mangy dog laughed and several people beside him were happy, which was so cool.
"Let’s weigh it first." Uncle Xiao is a vegetable grower, but he didn’t weigh ten pounds at first sight, but he said something nice because of his collection.
"Is this the dish?" asked the village chief.
"It’s this dish. I didn’t expect them to get something. It wouldn’t be my field. If it were me, I’d chop you up."
The mangy dog deliberately said that in fact, his place didn’t add up so much.
"Mengmeng, bring the leftovers" Ma Liang said a sentence when several people were smiling.
Ning Mengmeng went to get the rest, and several people couldn’t laugh. This is definitely more than ten pounds.
The mangy dog couldn’t smile and stared at Ma Liang.
"Well, that’s it, shameless dog. You don’t have to be hard on them with so many pounds." Uncle Xiao looked at the mangy dog.
A mangy dog is as uncomfortable as eating a fly.
"It’s so forget it." Uncle Zhang also said.
"Well, your name is Ma." The mangy dog threw a bad word and walked away. A few dog legs quickly followed.
"Mengmeng went to give the watermelon to a few grandfathers." Ma Liang laughed.
"Good" Mengmeng heart went.
Xia Xue looked at Ma Liang in the back. He handled things properly. It’s good to have such a man to help.
Then three people exchanged pleasantries for a while. One man left them slowly with a big watermelon. Say it straight. If the mangy dog comes for this, just tell them directly.
But the mangy dog man won’t let it go. He ate this today and will find a place to get it back another day.
"Thank you, Teacher Ma," Xia Xue said sincerely.
"Don’t worry, it’s not easy for you. Come to me if you have anything. I will definitely help." Ma Liang laughed.
"Mom, I’m going to play at Teacher Ma’s house today." Ning Mengmeng asked next to her.
"Go if you want," Xia Xue said lovingly touching her daughter’s head.
"If it’s nothing, I’ll go first. You have to farm this dish first. Maybe the mangy dog will come for it." Ma Liang found himself thinking too much.
The mangy dog didn’t take it at this time. Maybe he will come back in two days and say that he wants to take it, and then he will find fault again when the food is gone.
"Teacher, I want to take a bath in the river." Ning Mengmeng naturally likes water.
"The teacher will take you." Ma Liang took her hand.
Looking at the back of the two people walking away, Xia Xue felt a little bit like crying in his heart. Even if the former man was still there, he would go out all day to brag and play around. You can find that he was pregnant with Mengmeng, and he has become better, but it is even more unpleasant for her to be a daughter.
Sighed, she went back to the house. The thought of looking at Ma Liang in her eyes was like ripples in a calm lake.
When Ma Liang returned home, she found that Su Yuyao got up. In a daze, she stretched and forgot what she was wearing, which made Ma Liang stunned.
Most of the snow-white breasts are exposed, and she is about to break the thin nightgown when she moves, and those beautiful legs are so symmetrical and slender that people can’t get enough of them.
Thin, thin, weak and weak, the waist is thin, but the hips are upturned and round, and the shoulders are delicate. Two thin ones are beautiful with a clear collarbone.
This Su Yu Yao is a woman’s pole regardless of her figure.
"Teacher Su" saw that Ma Liang’s soul had been hooked away, and Ning Mengmeng was in a hurry.
Su Yu Yao also found himself now dressed up with a red face and quickly closed the door and changed his clothes before coming out.
No matter how you dress, she has a fresh and refined but fashionable temperament, which is very eye-catching in this village.
"What do you usually do on holidays in Mengmeng?" Su Yuyao asked.
"What about the working teacher in your city?" Ning Mengmeng simply asked.
"I don’t know others, but the teacher will go shopping, watch movies, eat delicious food and sometimes buy nice clothes and shoes."
She misses that kind of life a little, that’s her own, but when she looks down, Ning Mengmeng’s eyes are full of vacant, and she doesn’t know what she said.
"By the way, today the teacher took me to take a bath in the river."
"Bathing in the river" Su Yuyao’s heart moved. She liked to go to the swimming pool before, but every time she stared at it with several pairs of eyes, which made her uncomfortable, so she went less. It seems that there are few people in this village to play.
"Yes, I know a place where few people go."
"Teacher Su, breakfast is ready and you eat it while it’s hot." Ma Liang cooked a lean porridge with leftovers yesterday. Today, I’m going to stew the pork leg and ask Sister Xianglan to come and eat together.
I have to go here to catch Ma Liang in Tianxiang. I got 400 yuan to buy clothes, and I also need a set of dreams. The most important thing is that I have to buy some good seeds myself, so I won’t worry about having no money.

Say that finish cattle don’t going to urge cattle want to fly to water curtain cave.

The child who had just arrived at the mouth of water curtain cave frowned and asked the Ma Wenyuan, "What are you doing to seal up the five elements around here?"
Ma Wenyuan’s face showed an irate look, but the horse disappeared. He quickly waved and removed the five elements around the cave, and suddenly the five elements were re-circulated.
"Fairy doesn’t know that these days, refining Sanqing Dandan is scattered and elegant, causing several demons around to sneak into water curtain cave repeatedly to steal the immortal villain … the villain has to be careful!" The Ma Wenyuan carefully explained to the child.
The boy’s face changed and he quickly asked, "Is Sanqing Dan lost?"
Ma Wenyuan quickly shook his head and said, "No, no, I was careful to beat off several waves of thieves, and none of them were lost!"
The little boy was relieved to reach out and clap Ma Wenyuan’s broad shoulder and say, "Very well, Master Mashan, you have done a good job. I will report your credit to Laojun when I get back!"
"So thank you for your kind words!" Ma Wenyuan immediately showed a grateful sample and bowed to the child and said
The distant star Xuan couldn’t help but curl his mouth when he saw it. It turned out that this Ma Wenyuan turned out to be such a snob. He was not only afraid to steal his armor, but also afraid to steal his elixir. It’s really a villain, and I stole you completely and made you cry. There is no place to cry.
Thought of here, the mysterious star suddenly flew up from the soil and attached to a dust, and suddenly stuck to the child with the help of the strong wind.
At this time, the red mans in Ma Wenyuan’s eyes suddenly burst out, and his hands were placed with two huge palm shadows. Suddenly, the dust attached to the mysterious star was smashed in the past.
There was a loud bang, and the flames were everywhere. A huge fire dragon and a black oyster bead showed their shapes and fled to the distance.
The little boy was taken aback and said, "Sure enough, there is a thief, Master Mashan. You didn’t tell a lie!"
Ma Wenyuan’s face once again showed a trace of anger and said to the child, "The fairy is making fun of it and dare not hide anything from the fairy!" Said the hands stood up again "pa" a hit in a fallen leaf.
The fallen leaves screamed, and a light and shadow flew out from the fallen leaves and fled to the distance.
Star Xuan body quietly hid in the child’s body at this time and felt glad that he was busy enough, otherwise he really couldn’t hide from Ma Wenyuan’s eyes.
I was thinking about it, but I felt a shock. It turned out that the child was coming from the back of the cow and walking towards the cave.
Ma Wenyuan followed the child carefully until he was greeted in the hall.
"Where is the elixir? I am precious, but I don’t have time to have tea and chat with you here! " The child looked at the cave with a pair of eyes and said to Ma Wenyuan.
"Fairy, wait a minute and the little horse will take it with you!" After that, Ma Wenyuan moved a stone bench for the child and then rushed to the cave next to it.
Next to the yellow light, four golden monkeys flashed out. In the future, it was Ma Wenyuan’s sworn brothers Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and his younger brother Ma Wuchang.
The four men stopped in front of Ma Wenyuan and looked at Ma Wenyuan with red eyes and shouted, "Brother, why should we be so patient? We have worked so hard to forge the elixir and give it to them!"
That Ma Wenyuan glared at his eyes and roared, "Do you want to start a fight if you don’t give them the bastards? Can Huaguoshan withstand another blow?"
Then Zhao Xinghao said to Ma Wenyuan with tears in his eyes, "If the boss is still here, they will definitely not bully us to this extent!"
After hearing this, Ma Wenyuan was even more angry. He waved his hand and slapped Zhao Xinghao in the face and cried, "Don’t do it again. If it weren’t for him, how could Huaguoshan end up like this? If it weren’t for him, I would stand here and bully you. Am I happy to see everyone like this?"
The words made Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wuchang cry bitterly. The Ma Wuchang slammed into the mountain and was banned. The whole cave shook when he heard a big bang and golden light shining.
"Boss Wang has no backbone, but when they die, it’s nothing to make up for and finally throw us to the enemy!" The mountain is as tall as a mountain, and the big man is crying like a child at this time.
Xing Xuan’s divine knowledge crept out of the children’s clothes. It seems that this person’s repairing ability is worse than Ma Wenyuan’s.
See Ma Wenyuan has gone out from the cave, and all the people present are not as good as their own repair capability. Xing Xuan suddenly felt relieved and twisted and suddenly turned into a breeze again, drifting out of this cave hall and flying towards other caves.
There are many caves in water curtain cave, and each cave has advanced skills. Monkey soldiers behind him guard Xing Xuan and dare not release their gods to search for treasures. One cave is slowly searching for treasures.
Is also the star xuan luck to choose to enter the cave turned out to be placed armor to the cave.
When I entered this cave, I suddenly felt the dazzling golden light. When I saw a tall altar, there were two things on the left. It was the set of armor that released the golden light. On the right, it was a divinatory furnace. At this time, the furnace cover of the divinatory furnace was not sealed, and there was a gap exposed. Next to it, there were more than a dozen vases of suet jade, each of which was wrapped in fairy spirit, ups and downs, and each of them suspended an elixir in two or two colors.
Xing Xuan couldn’t help crying in his heart, "Ma Wenyuan, Ma Wenyuan, I told you to look down on me. I’ll do it again today. I’ll just steal your elixir, stove and armor. I’ll see what you tell that cub?"
Thought of here, Xing Xuan didn’t neglect to put the dozen suet jade bottles into the mustard bracelet with a wave of his sleeve, and then waved his sleeve again to collect the divination furnace, the phoenix wing purple gold crown, the lock gold armor and the lotus root silk step cloud shoe respectively.
Just put these things into the mustard bracelet, I heard a wave outside. It was Ma Wenyuan who led Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wu to come here to get the elixir for the child.
Star Xuan ha ha smiled and immediately cast the mysterious spell of Yuan Ying’s fit. In the cave, the golden light flashed, and the star Xuan suddenly disappeared in situ, which instantly merged with nine head worm, who was thousands of miles away.
When Ma Wenyuan saw the golden light, a huge shock in his heart flashed, he went to the cave and looked up. He saw that the altar, such as the divination furnace, the elixir and the suit of armor of the old king had disappeared.
"God, how could this happen?" Ma Wenyuan looked straight at the altar and couldn’t help being silly.
Zhao Xinghao still kept a trace of reason at this time and hurried to the altar.
Haven’t close to the altar and see the altar suddenly shot a golden light "pa".
A hit on Zhao Xinghao smashed that Zhao Xinghao into a fall and fell from the altar.
"The ban has not been destroyed in the slightest!" Behind Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wu long cried at the same time.
"He’s back. It’s him!" Ma Wenyuan face a white and bloodless complexion mouth murmured
"Eldest brother, what are you talking about?" Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wu shouted at the same time, and then all four of them looked ecstatic and shouted, "Big Brother, you mean the boss Wang, he’s back?"
Four people have changed because of the excitement, and they can’t help shivering violently.
"Don’t come back. What are you doing back? What are we going to do, and let us suffer a catastrophe? " Ma Wenyuan suddenly cried hysterically, and the sound shocked the whole water curtain cave buzzing, scaring Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wuchang to pounce on Ma Wenyuan and tightly cover his mouth.
"Eldest brother, what are you doing? It’s a good thing that the eldest brother is back. Maybe he can get us out of our present predicament. What are you yelling about?" Li Tiangan hugged Ma Wenyuan’s waist and said that there was a wave of Chang Yucheng’s hand behind him to arrange an isolation array in this cave to isolate the people from the outside world.
"Good thing? What good thing? When did he come back to command and cause trouble for us?" Ma Wenyuan was still very excited and shouted
"Big Brother’s words are poor. Although it is unbearable, it is our king who once gave us spells and broke into heaven to eliminate our karma in the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma pool, which made us achieve this immortality and get back the soul source before the mirror of reincarnation in the nether world. It can be said that it is the credit of the boss and the king that we can live to this day. Although the king later abandoned us and devoted ourselves to the western paradise, we still can’t forget his gracious brother!" That Chang Yucheng hasn’t been talking. At this time, I heard Ma Wenyuan shut up and stopped talking.
"I don’t know what you mean by your coming back this time?" A long time that Ma Wuchang hesitated to ask all the way
Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan and Chang Yucheng all frowned after hearing, and looked at Ma Wenyuan hopefully, hoping that he could give himself a definite answer.
That Ma Wenyuan shook his head and said, "I don’t know. I’m afraid he doesn’t know that he is the Great Sage of Monkey!"
"What?" Zhao Ma Li Chang was suddenly surprised and shouted at the same time, "Do you say that his memory has not been restored?"
"Maybe it’s one of his two places at once!" Ma Wenyuan face is heavy for Zhao Ma Li Chang said
Four people are surprised at that time all just speechless.
Peter said that Long Xingxuan and nine head worm were in one place at once, and Yuan Ying immediately put it outside and flew to Zirui’s hiding place.
Just arrived at that hill, the petals were flying like rain, and Zi Rui flashed in front of Xing Xuan.
"Zirui, let’s go!" Star Xuan to say little immediately urged purple pistil way
Violet quickly put the jade jade Qiongzhou sacrifice in the middle of the boat and reached the mouth of the boat to recite a spell. Her hands were tangled with handprints, and the jade jade Qiongzhou was slowly started and then suddenly flew out of Huaguoshan.
In a moment, the two men took out hundreds of thousands of kilometers of star Xuan and couldn’t help laughing at the bow and cried, "Then Ma Wenyuan must be crying now!"
Violet quickly asked why Xing Xuan immediately told Violet in detail about the theft of armor, elixir and divination furnace by thieves Meng Tiangui.
Purple Rui laughed and said, "Who deserves that Ma Wenyuan is so cruel to us? This time, he will feel better. The forces behind the boy riding a green cow will definitely not underestimate how he can cope!"
Xing Xuan laughed and pointed to a dark mountain in front and said, "Zirui, let’s stop in front and eat his elixir!"
Violet ha ha smiled and immediately changed her fingerprints. Yuyu Qiongzhou was golden and stopped in a valley at the foot of the black mountain in the blink of an eye.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Gua Furnace
Xing Xuan flies from Yuyuqiong Boat to Zirui, and the treasure falls lightly beside Xing Xuan.
Xing Xuan took out the stolen suet jade bottle and poured out an elixir from the inside.
As soon as the elixir flew out of the suet jade bottle, it immediately filled the whole valley. Xing Xuan was overjoyed and said, "We arrived at Zirui. I didn’t expect the elixir refined from Huaguoshan to be so powerful!"

She still holds Jiang Hao’s mobile phone in her hand and compares the numbers displayed in those short messages with the landline numbers.

Joe’s heart only sneered at the gas. Is it glorious to be a mistress in this world these days?
In the community garden, Jiang Hao is learning roller skating with a group of children. Have you brought all the equipment? Just watch around.
It’s easier to teach one person than to teach a group of people. He’s really Alexander. Roller skating is vulnerable. Children are too young and beginners to wrestle and collide. That’s even harder. Children’s grandparents are watching him. I dare not teach anymore.
After staying for a while, he took Xi Bao and left. "Xi Bao, we still have to go to grandparents’ house. It’s bigger and more spacious. Dad will teach you there, okay?"
Xi Bao had no choice. Jiang Hao picked him up neatly and left. "Dear children, grandparents, we have to go back to my parents and see you another day."
The treasure in the ladder is still swinging. Jiang Hao is carrying his shoulder. He slides around in the same place like walking. "Dad, don’t let go. If you let go, I will fall."
Jiang Hao deliberately put one hand and provoked Xi Bao to scream, laugh and scream.
Before the people came in and laughed, the father and son had a good time.
"Xi Bao took off his roller skates and went to his grandparents’ house to have a rest before wearing them." Jiang Hao took off his shoes and turned his head to look inside and saw that he was sitting on the sofa with his back to them without looking at them.
"Wife, we’re back. Wife"
Qiao Xinwei is depressed to put his mobile phone up and took the mop and left to wash her hands. She doesn’t want to expose her emotions in front of the children, but she can’t treat Jiang Hao as nothing happened.
Jiang Hao touched his head and said, "Xi Bao can go to your own room to write business, and then you can play at your grandparents’ house when you finish it."
"Good" Xi Bao ran forward to the stairs and turned back. He stood at attention and saluted with dignity and said "Yes"
Jiang Hao couldn’t help laughing. "Go, go, be serious."
Qiao Xinwei was washing the mop in the hand washing. Jiang Hao came in and hugged her from behind. "What’s wrong with you, wife?"
"Ask yourself"
Jiang Hao a face of koo "wha’s wrong? "
"You left your cell phone at home. There’s a text message. I’m sorry I saw something I shouldn’t have seen."
"What are you talking about? What are you not supposed to see? I am you." Jiang Hao didn’t make a joke when he saw that her expression was wrong. He went to see his mobile phone suspiciously.
He was also surprised to see the information. The little girl’s intention was obvious, and he could feel it. What’s worse, Qiao Xinwei thought it might be a mistake to help others for the first time.
Click on WeChat, and he refused his friend’s application without hesitation. He was too lazy to reply to the text message and dialed directly.
"Gao, how do you know my number?"
"Don’t thank me, don’t ask for dinner."
"I’m not familiar with you if you can’t be familiar with WeChat."
Section 25
Chapter sixty-four Not worthy to be Mrs. Jiang
Chapter sixty-four Not worthy to be Mrs. Jiang
Although Qiao Xinwei washed the mop in her hands, she pricked up her ears and listened carefully. With Jiang Hao’s answer and the text message from the other party, she could probably tell what the other party was saying to Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao’s tone is normal. He doesn’t deliberately get angry or have any familiarity. It’s a normal tone of voice.
"Ok, just hang up." Say that finish, Jiang Hao directly dragged the other party’s number into the blacklist without hesitation.
Joe heart only wring the mop and continue to mop the floor. Jiang Hao followed her and stepped on small steps. "You? ?”
"My soles are clean. Look, you didn’t step on them."
Joe gave him a blank look and continued to mop the floor without wanting to see him.
Jiang Hao smiled and said, "Wife, are you jealous? Hehehe, that just means you love me. I know."
"Who’s jealous?"
"I knew you were going to say this, okay? Don’t be angry. I made it clear to her that she wouldn’t send harassing text messages again."
It’s better to say that she is even more angry. "She called our home phone, Jiang Hao. How did she know our home landline number? When did you meet?"
Jiang Hao grabbed the mop from her hand and forced her to sit on the sofa. He solemnly explained, "Her name is Gao Yirui B, a college student. A few years ago, she took part in military training. I was an instructor. Didn’t I go to the procuratorate recently? It turned out that she was my sister in the office next door. She came to the procuratorate to find Gao Zhu, and I met her when I was with Gao Zhu. Now she is studying for a postgraduate thesis at B University. It’s a bit difficult for her to find a way. I just asked her a lot at that time. I happened to know her tutor, so I helped her make a speech