As time goes by, it’s dusk. At this moment, the sunset shines through the window and hides in bed like a sleeping beauty.

It hurts very much. This is the first feeling that Hancock felt when he woke up. When he looked at sleeping with Jos by the bed with one hand, his mind unconsciously echoed with the previous scenes. The picture was so embarrassing that Hancock felt hot and his cheeks could not help but rise two blushes.
Falling asleep with his head bowed, Jose’s purple hedgehog’s bangs in front of his head covered half his cheeks like he lost his mind.
Hancook gawked at Joss sleeping, slender and white, and his hands could not help but touch Joss cheek with bangs. "This is my man."
It seems that I feel someone touching my cheek. Jose’s eyes slowly open. Almost he opens his eyes, and Hancock’s jade hand has already been withdrawn.
Looking at the waking Hancock Jos’s eyes, there was a flash of struggle and then a face of tenderness. "You … wake up, I’ll find you something to eat."
Wait, Hancock looks up. Jose, "My body is not hungry."
As soon as "Gollum" was finished, there was a Gollum sound in Hankuk’s belly.
Seeing Hancock embarrassed, Jose said with a gentle face, "Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon."
"Well," Hancock replied.
What Jose said was true. He went out and came back with food in a short time. It seems that he went to the navy canteen to pack these.
Ten minutes later, after dinner, Hancook looked at Jose and said, "Where are my sisters?"
"I’ve let them go back to Amazon Lily first. If you want to go back, I’ll take you back tomorrow," Jose said with a gentle face.
"No," Hancook said shyly. "My body will stay here for a while."
"That’s up to you," replied Jose.
At this moment, Jos was a little embarrassed and said, "If you still feel pain, just stay in bed for a while!"
"No," said Hancock, and he was ready to get up.
"Ah," suddenly Hancook called out and quickly looked at Jose again. "My clothes …"
Looking at Hancock’s reaction, Joss quickly took out a set of domino clothes from the closet and handed it to her. "I have washed your clothes for you. Now it is estimated that you should wear this one before you do it!" It should be appropriate. "
It seems that I think of something horrible, like Hancook suddenly shaking and saying, "Did you help me take a bath before?"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Gather the seven seas
Strange as it is, Jose replied, "Yes!"
You … Hancook trembled. "You saw it! My body carries that dirty thing. "
Jose asked with a strange face, "do you have anything on your back?" Why didn’t I see it? "
"How is it possible …"
"See for yourself if there is anything behind you," said Jose with a smile on his face.
"How is it possible …" In front of the mirror, Hancook looked at his back with an incredible face and saw that his back was nothing but a piece of white skin.
"Did you help my body get rid of that thing?" Hancock asked with a face of surprise.
Then Jose whispered in his ear, "Now that I am my wife, of course I won’t let you be wronged again."
"She didn’t know what happiness was", but when Hancook heard Jose’s words and felt the temperature coming from the other person, he felt that it was happiness.
"Well, let’s get dressed first!" Jose some can’t stand to let go of Hancock said
"Hmm" came out of her mouth in a mosquito-like voice. If it wasn’t for Jose’s good hearing, she couldn’t hear her talking.
Just then a voice suddenly sounded from the outside, "Brother Jose, help!"
"What’s the matter, little moxa?" Listening to Enel’s words, Jose hurriedly walked into the hall for a moment. He couldn’t help but stay and see that Enel was covered in blood and looked at him with a sad face.
"What’s the matter with you?" asked Jose, puzzled.
Enel sound some frustrated "is not the eagle eye that a bastard, he is a Uber".
At this time, the eagle eye appeared at the door and said, "It’s rude to speak ill of people behind their backs."
Enel said maliciously, "I will take revenge sooner or later. If I didn’t have much combat experience, I would have blown you away."
"If we know our shortcomings, we should practice with Hawkeye these days." Jos said that a white light had gone to Enel hood. Soon after the white light, we saw that Enel was covered in injuries. At this time, his original wound had disappeared except for rags.
Brother, did you make dinner? Enel looked at him. "I’m so hungry that I can’t find the north."
"I’m hungry, too." Hawkeye booed.
"I didn’t make it today. You can eat it in the cafeteria or make it yourself." Jose looked at the two foodies and said that he didn’t eat it himself.
"Who is Jose! Outside! " Just then Hancock walked out of the door and said
Yi Hawkeye looked at the sudden appearance of a person "Now Wang Qiwuhai has a wave of elegance * Hankuk"
"No … I didn’t expect you to be my sister-in-law," Enel stammered. "It was all fake when I was outside!"
Hancook looked at him and said, "You must be Enel! After I know you, you are also my brother. "
Watching the eagle-eyed Jose wake up, "Hancook, this is the eagle-eyed * Mifog, the king of the seven seas like you."
Hum, listen to Jos’s words. Hancook stretched out his index finger and said, "I didn’t expect that such a rude man like Ai Jia has the same title. If you hadn’t hurt Jos, my body would never forgive you."
Looking at the angry Hancock Hawkeye, I was puzzled. "But is she looking at the ceiling in this position?" Are you sure this is a government view, not a look up? "
Looking at a shy-looking beauty, Jose stretched out his right hand like a gentleman and said, "Let’s go out for a walk after you just finished eating!"
Hancook blushed and put his hand in Jose’s palm, and then the eagle eyes drifted away.
Two people "…"
Hawkeye looked at Enel. "Are you going to cook?"
"Can you do sheet metal?"
The two men looked at each other for a while, then turned and walked out of the villa and left for the navy canteen.
Blue blue! Brubru
When I hurried for a week, I walked on Marjorie Road. Jos picked up the ring and kept talking.
"I am the Warring States and you said things last night, remember? No, I’ll say it again. "
Jose looked unhappy. "Are you here to insult my memory? Isn’t uncle Ma Wei in the Warring States period? Don’t worry! I will never let you down. "
"Smelly little incredibly hang up on me" far from the Admiralty Warring States period, watching the words bug low scold a way.
As soon as the picture changes, Mary Joss is decorating a luxurious meeting room, and several navies are sitting there talking.
It can be seen from their medals that one of them is a general and the rest of the navy are also vice admiral-level generals
Sitting opposite the navy are two famous pirates, Hawkeye Mifogg, and Boya Hancook, the pirate queen with a bounty of up to Wanbaili.
"It’s really better to go back to my lab when the waves are here!" Speaking is that Jose was originally a wave of Carlos Rain Cold, and he was very upset because he was arrested. At this time, he had already become a vice admiral with the contribution of various drugs developed.
At this moment, Lieutenant General Crane, a naval think tank, took a look at Yu Han and said, "Although knowing you is precious, the reputation of the navy can pull you over. After all, Lieutenant General Crane has just gone out."
Just then, a woman came out of the loudspeaker in Marjorie Square.
"Pay attention to the notice from the naval headquarters that King Mary Gioia’s seven seas Don Quixote * Duo Franco’s adult, Bassolo Liao * Bear’s adult, Moonlight * moglia’s adult, Haixia * Jinbe’s adult and Motor * Billis’ adult have arrived."
"Pay attention to the notice from the naval headquarters that King Mary Gioia’s seven seas Don Quixote * Duo Franco’s adult, Bassolo Liao * Bear’s adult, Moonlight * moglia’s adult, Haixia * Jinbe’s adult and Motor * Billis’ adult have arrived."
….. It was repeated three times before and after the broadcast.
As the broadcast landed at the port, the warships left, and the five figures were almost at the same time, and the depressing atmosphere appeared and the five people surged out.
The coercion of the five people tied for the port to meet them, and the navy soldiers swallowed their saliva in succession.

This is indeed a very good young man. He speaks without any command tone, but he reveals a kind of prestige. I’m afraid it’s the star of hope here. If he has an organic conversation, he really wants to befriend this little guy.

Being able to "mix" from the general judicial machine to the position of captain, of course, he has rich social experience. Just now, Longyou said that others said that this can tell if Longyou in a large steel mill can control it and make the palm of his hand more sincere. Now it can be seen that this guy is really something great.
There are still several scars on the fake Yang’s face when he lies down. I don’t ask if he was not treated very kindly. It turns out that this little temper is not small and he is always terrier. Naturally, he won’t be treated so politely. Who can be polite to him was immediately given to these two young Mawei, who was honest at once?
"That’s him." Longyou stared at the fake Yang. The captain asked two sentences at random and felt that there was no problem. He smiled and said to Longyou, "Xiaolong, you saved me things. I have to take a good’ flower’ incident to find out the truth, but now it’s different. Everyone helped me catch us and we can close the case soon when we go back. We really want to thank you."
Next to the judicial machine have also’ dew’ out of the joy’ color’ for these punishment division, but long-term pressure to solve the case, especially the big case, once it hits their heads, there is pressure everywhere, but the case is not ordered by the municipal party Committee to be solved as soon as possible without looking at how old your official is, so they’d better be able to solve the case as soon as they come.
But everyone knows in their hearts that none of them are sun monkeys. Although those who see the detective in the play say very deeply that any criminal will leave clues, they are waiting for these detectives to find out that the criminals waiting for the criminal police to catch the actual situation are also high-intelligence criminals. They are not the kind of fools who have committed crimes after strict reasoning, not to mention the detective or the detective king.
It’s not uncommon for a small case to be unresolved. If it’s really a small case, it’s even a big one. I think the truth can be surfaced as soon as possible with one order. Actually, it takes a lot of’ fine’ effort and hard work to make the case gradually emerge. In a word, it’s also difficult for a judicial officer to be human.
And this case will be solved so quickly, and it’s all thanks to the fact that all the judicial machines can’t help but look at Longyou and feel a little embarrassed.
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Chapter 312 had an accident
After all, the captain is very busy, although he is very interested in Longyou, but after all, there are many procedures behind the case, so he said goodbye to Longyou after a short sentence.
Seeing here, Longyou was calm again, and he didn’t feel relaxed because of the departure of the judicial machine. There was always a string in his heart, Li Yan, who wanted to give the ruined old man Li Shuren a chance, but this decision always made Longyou subconsciously doubt. Would it really be so simple to tell Uncle Yan?
"Longyou, what is this?" Vice Guo came along next to him. He knew something about love. You can know that Longyou hid some truth from the answer between Longyou and the captain.
Vice President Guo is very suspicious and confused. Every enterprise hates ghosts. Since it is an enterprise, it is not only bad for the enterprise to take off and contribute to the service, but also to sell the enterprise. This is a "traitor" and you can’t show mercy to the "traitor".
He was afraid that old Li would shake things out for him, so he was relieved of Longyou’s practice.
Longyou wry smile this time didn’t catch Guo, deputy plait, not sure whether he has a former Guo or a deputy factory director. Longyou has a sense to explain things.
"What was his idea? How could he do it?" Guo, vice not surprised way
He hesitated in Longyou’s heart and finally showed mercy. I didn’t think it was Li Yan’s idea.
If it is said that Longyou advocates Guo Fu, it is understandable, but now I know that it is Li Yan who intercedes, and his heart is suddenly on fire. He doesn’t care about Longyou, but Li Yan is sitting on the factory director’s hook to prepare the pillar. How can he be so irresponsible?
"Dragon big chairman, you said this is wrong. We should be rewarded and punished. If you have credit, I can reward you. If you are in trouble, I can find a way to help you, but no matter how difficult it is now, you can’t make fun of the company’s principle of’ sex’. Li Yan, what kind of abuse is this? I’ll find him! "
Longyou hurriedly stopped Guo, deputy director of Shi Guo. Longyou felt very Japanese, and so did his thoughts, but now that he has promised Li Yan, he can’t go back on his word.
He can say to Guo Fu, "Let’s do this in advance. I will make a decision when Uncle Yan comes back. I don’t think there is anything wrong with his idea."
"Are you? Am I wrong? Steel mills should wipe their asses! " This let Guo, deputy director of the face’ color’ suddenly changed very dissatisfied watching Longyou.
"Of course not," Longyou hurriedly explained. "I mean, I have learned a lot about Uncle Yan."
Longyou’s heart never wavered and began to rise. This is endless!
"oh! Really? I don’t know if I should say something, but I, Lao Guo, have such a straight temper that I don’t want to hide anything from you and I don’t want to hide it from you. I have great opinions on your handling of opinions! " Vice Guo angrily said, "An enterprise needs talents for everything. It needs people who are willing to’ spend’ their strength. But we would rather have waste and lazy people who don’t work, but we can’t raise’ traitors’. When we meet such people, we must not be polite to the chairman!"
Longyou crustily skin of head said, "The handling must be handled, but I think uncle Yan should understand and we also need to take care of the old employees’ ideas."
"So I said that he did something wrong first. Don’t forget that he is not the largest shareholder of the steel mill. You, the chairman of Longda, are!" Guo, deputy director of the factory, said angrily, "We are all your deputies. We can have different opinions on your practice, but we can’t make decisions. At ordinary times, your father is your uncle, but you can’t be a steel mill or an elder!"
Guo’s vice words are not unreasonable, but it is difficult for him to be guilty of being honest with Wang Jing, which is tantamount to being "treacherous". Every time he thinks about it, he will comfort himself. This is the necessary payment to get the position of factory director.
And Longyou was shocked by Guo Fu’s remarks. He looked at a face of anger. Guo Fu couldn’t help but nodded. Guo Fu said that there was nothing wrong with himself. He hesitated. "I will tell Yan Shu that Guo Zhu should not be too’ excited’ …" He just stopped here because he saw several people running towards him.
It seems that there is a hunch that Longyou is not surprised. Is there something happening?
Longyou knows that these people are all three-car quality engineers, and they are all important data workers. They are all steel mill managers. It is understandable that ordinary workers are in such a hurry, but it is a bit confusing for Longyou that they actually happened.
"Something happened to Long Shao!" A quality engineer rushed to the front of Longyou panting way
Longyou’s heart sank and hurriedly said, "Tell me what happened." Guo’s anger subsided with a shock in his heart. Many eyes looked at the quality engineers in surprise and said, "What happened again?" "Today, we checked the machine data with the technical department." The first quality engineer’s face was pale. "We found that there was something wrong with the data. The data has been tampered with." "What?" Longyou and Guo Fu’s face’ color’ can’t help but change greatly. "What data will take us to see!"
Will you listen to the introduction of the quality engineer? Longyou quickly came to the technical center of the steel plant. When he saw Longyou, he rushed here, and the technicians inside were all in charge.
"Dragon, you are here!" The technical director greeted Longyou and brought him to his head. With the mouse clicking continuously, Longyou’s face became whiter and whiter, and the data was changed by one millimeter less than the original data!
Although the difference is one millimeter, it will cause a major accident. If something goes wrong, we must trace the source and find ourselves here.
The national orientation of steel works is very important. The main reason is that if there is a problem with the national economy and people’s livelihood, it must be a big problem!
Longyou felt as if something exploded in his mind, and he suddenly thought of something.
"Is this the goods that the 313 Institute wants?" Longyou nervous asked
"I just want to report to Long Shao that it is the batch." The technical master also knows the seriousness of this matter, so he immediately gave Longyou an accurate answer.
"Where is the spot?" Deputy Guo, of course, understands the seriousness of the matter, but it is related to the military industry. No matter how small the country is, everything is a big deal. If something goes wrong, it will be a loss for the enterprise. If it is heavier, it will be a loss for the whole country. Who can afford it?
This is pushing the steel mill into the fire pit! Vice Guo suddenly turned white. He seemed to see a black hand coming towards himself, and he probably turned white. This black hand came from the side but resisted because he was also a black hand. Guo’s deputy brain’ door’ suddenly left a big sweat on the soybean.
"The goods have been sent for inspection, but it has been a long time, and I don’t know if it has been loaded with trucks." The technical director doesn’t specialize in this, so he doesn’t know.
Longyou heart is not a shock was immediately took out the phone to the clinical laboratory.
"It’s Long Shao. You can rest assured that the 313 Institute wants steel. All the departments have passed the inspection. I’ll do it. Don’t worry!" From the words came a loud and confident voice, "If you let the cargo out of here, it will be steady if you don’t brag with you!"
Longyou couldn’t help swearing, "Go to you!" Then he hung up the phone and dialed the words of the loading and unloading center of the steel mill.
"Hey, it seems that I didn’t make any mistakes. Why would a dragon treat me so badly?" Senior inspection section chief is not "dew" out of the startled "color" listening to the beep hang-up tone in the mobile phone I don’t know what happened.
"Is the dragon less? You said that the batch of steel has been loaded and has already started! " When I heard the decisive answer from the other party, I felt that the whole person had realized that there was another way, that is, hanging the access room directly. If there is no factory’ door’, there is still room for redemption.
Otherwise, even if the car is intercepted, it will be a generation of law for the institute.
Thinking of this, Longyou immediately said to the other party, "Don’t tell the institute now that they are ready to accept the goods and wait for the inspection notice. I will tell you later!" Longyou hung up again without waiting for the other party to react.
"Hey, what’s the matter? It’s customary to inform the institute of the good goods. Is there any quality problem?" Loading and unloading center master a face of startled hesitated to react.
Everyone in the technical department’s’ door’ field of the iron and steel plant is hung up with Longyou’s words, and when every bad news comes, it can’t help but sink.

Looking at Zhang Ting from the back, the two brothers looked at each other and saw the white eyes from each other’s eyes.

At the same time, the two brothers looked at them with fascination. They just came back after sending Zhang Ting out. Hao Ren looked over here.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Hao Ren found that he had just returned and let these two guys stare at him like wolves’ eyes.
Zhan Xi touched the back of his head and looked at Hao Ren and asked, "What did Brother Hao Ren say just now? Why can’t I understand that?"
"Yes, I don’t understand what it means that Sister Xiaoting may also help us a little?" War Hao also looked at Hao Ren with a puzzled face.
"You two are not surprised. I guess your little sister means that if you receive insufficient food during the disaster relief, she can ask her to give us some food to help."
Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao glanced at each other and both brothers’ eyes were moved.
Both of them know that their little sister’s food here is not easy to move, but it’s going to Honggujun’s side
But they lost their little sister, and they just thought about it and didn’t want to move.
"Well, if you are grateful to your little sister, you should behave well in this matter, and don’t lose face for us, otherwise you will be really sorry for your little sister’s support." Hao Ren patted their brothers on the shoulder and charged them.
When Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao heard it, their faces showed a picture of confidence that they must succeed.
Two days later, recommended by Hao Ren, Lin Chen and Li Shi, Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao finally got a relief job with Lin Chen.
Of course, the fact that these two brothers got such an errand naturally made many people watch the fun.
At this time, when I was in Erwangyefu and heard the news that my informant came back, he immediately broke a fine teacup in the hall.
"How come you still haven’t found that Ziyi real person?" Vent one’s anger in one’s heart and respect the people kneeling on the ground.
"Not yet. We have searched all corners of the palace, but we still can’t find a trace of Ziyi."
War statue after hearing these face became more gloomy.
"Damn it, where did that damn old man catch Ziyi?"
At this time, the Zen mind is seven.
If Ziyi did not find him, his heart would never be quiet for a moment.
If the old man knows that Ziyi is a real person, he specially sought to poison the old man, then his life will really be saved.
"The king will give you another chance. No matter what you do, you must find Ziyi, or you will not come back to see the king alive."
People on their knees walked out of the hall shivering.
At this time, Zhan Zun was left alone in the quiet hall.
The hall is quiet and terrible when you come. This terrible expression on his face makes this hall look gloomy.
"I can’t believe that the old six and the old seven are so busy and there are ways to get a job to do. Hehe, it seems that the two younger brothers Wang are not thinking about the chair in Xiao."
There are two things here in Wangfu, and Hao Ren and others don’t know about it at this time.
Now the whole family of Hong Wangfu is giving Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao such a good opportunity to celebrate.
If there are Lin Chen and his wife, as well as Li Shifu, in addition to Hong Wangfu, in the great palace hall.
"After Prime Minister Lin, these two children please take care of me a lot. Zhang Tingxian is here to replace wine with tea."
Although Lin Chen and Li Shi are not very welcome to come here today, tin and Zhan Hao are two guys who are doing things outside after World War I, and they have to rely on these two to help Zhang Ting put aside what he doesn’t like in his heart and put business ahead.
Lin Chen glanced at Zhang Ting’s dazed eyes, which had already drunk the teacups, and flashed a bit surprised at the same time.
He looked back at the day behind him and always felt that the sun was rising from the west today.
Otherwise, Mrs. Hong Shaofu, who is not welcome to herself at ordinary times, actually took the initiative to propose a toast to herself today.
After Zhang Ting finished drinking, he saw that he was motionless and didn’t even take his glass. Suddenly, Zhang Ting tightened his brow. "Why isn’t Prime Minister Lin going to consider a request from Zhang Ting?"
Lin Chen went back to Shenmakou. "No, Lin felt a little flattered. At ordinary times, Mrs. Hong Shao is a respectful distance from Lin. Today, Mrs. Hong Shao actually took the initiative to propose a toast to Lin. Lin was so surprised."
Hearing him say that, Zhang Ting’s face crossed an embarrassed expression.
Actually, I don’t want anything from others. I guess I will still treat them with that smelly face.
Who told people to come here every time in the name of trying to take Beier away from her?
I’d be surprised if I would welcome him.
"Prime Minister Lin is overrated. Every time Prime Minister Yu Lin comes to Zhang Ting, he is very welcome." Zhang Ting preached to him with a look of open eyes and nonsense.
Anyway, I can’t offend this guy at this time.
Just coax this guy for the time being.
Wait until Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao get things done here and then change back to their former attitude.
Hao Ren, sitting next to Zhang Ting, listened to his wife’s picture, saying that death can survive. This attitude could not help but bend his mouth.
Chapter 19 Be obedient!
Lin Chen shook his head and smiled in his mind. This little lady Hong treated him like a fool, didn’t she?
"Good Lin also did it." Well, since people think they are stupid, they should be stupid once. Anyway, even if people don’t say that they will help take care of the two emperors.
Zhang Ting saw that he finally finished drinking the wine in the cup and finally showed a satisfied smile at the corner of his mouth.
It’s Li Shi’s turn
"Master Li, I, Zhang Ting, also drink tea instead of wine. I hope Master Li can take care of the tin brothers in World War I in the face of Hong Wangfu." Then Zhang Ting also drank the tea in the cup again.
Li Shi took one look at the happy tea, and Zhang Ting looked at Hao Ren who had finished it.
Finally, I touched my nose and drank the glass of wine before me honestly.
He dare not offend the little lady Hong now.
Who call somebody else now is the most important person in his son’s heart?
He’s sure that if he doesn’t bring this little lady Hong back, there will always be a day when his son will ignore him as his real father.
Li Shi couldn’t help thinking of something that happened the other day.
Once he accidentally didn’t know which sentence offended the lady Hong Shao in front of him.
When he returned to the frenzy, his son suddenly came with him for a month and a half without saying anything.
Later, it was his dad who asked in a low spirit that he realized that his son was angry with his father for not respecting his son Aunt Zhang Ting.
After this incident, Li Shi never dared to disrespect Zhang Ting again.
I’m afraid my son will give him the cold shoulder for a while again one day.
At this time, Zhang Ting didn’t know that Li Shi had thought of so many things in his heart.
If she knew, she would have a smirk.
Zhang Ting looked at Li Shi’s face and smiled more and more satisfied.
"You two do a good job. If you don’t understand anything, ask Prime Minister Lin or Li Guogong. They will all help you hear it." After respecting two important figures, Zhang Ting, he just looked at Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao.
Zhan Xi and Zhan Hao looked at Zhang Ting seriously and promised that "Sister Xiaoting, don’t worry, we won’t let you down".

The Gentle Water God even said nicely, "Just now, bring up the rear fought against Liang Daxia. If Liang Daxia hadn’t strangled the’ Sword King’, there would be no place for us to talk."

After this battle, both of them couldn’t help appreciate each other.
Liang Dou way "the battle is still unknown! Let’s go home late … "Liang Dou smiled and added," I’m afraid there will be a life-and-death war. "
The golden sunset soon fell, and the dusk was deeper than the fog. The evening breeze brushed Xiao Qiushui but noticed that Liang Douqing was wearing a sweaty heavy coat on his back.
-Although Liang Dou, the cliff warrior, confronted Qu Hanshan, the "sword king", in the battle of the other party, they have been confronting each other for a long time and have never made a second hand.
They held Danxia to the death, but they immediately withdrew.
Because the dusk is thick and messy, the mountains are getting darker and even the fog is showing.
Dusk passed.
Muchui Weiluqu
They made a fire hall; Give birth to another fire yard
People are preparing for war in the temple, in the courtyard and everywhere around them, so as to prevent them from knowing that they have surrounded them at this moment.
There are strong enemies in the dusk outside the other temple.
The enemy was repelled in the Battle of Haishan Gate, but five people were injured on their side.
The butterfly sword, Shaolin Honghua, was slightly injured respectively, and his sword, which was killed by the Pearl River and broken by Wu Cai in Jieyang, was seriously injured.
Killing the boy was because he fought too hard to repel the killing force. Kang went out to fish, but he was accidentally injured by the assassination of Kang. In a desperate play, he cut one of the "Five Swords in the Sky" but lost control. Fortunately, when the degenerate cliff was soft, he threw a belt and tied it, but he still hit a sharp rock. However, Wu Cai lost his mind while playing, and put an end to his arm. Fortunately, he kicked out the "Knife Devil" with one foot, otherwise he would have a left arm.
These three people are not seriously injured. Killing the boy is naturally brave, and the injury can still be broken. The sword has hurt several places, but it hurts Wu Cai to the bone, but hurting his left hand has little effect.
They started a blazing fire at the end of the day, sat around the fire, chatted and sang a song "Around the Furnace" by Lang Ke, a Jianghu hero …
Liang Dou looked at the sky and said, "Li Bang attacked once and will attack again. When he saw us, Danxia might not dare to advance at the beginning, but they would storm again after the surrounding layout was finalized."
Lowe’s nine sudden blow lamented to coarse nu way "fuck his grandmother they don’t just blunt come over together to spell it out, but to …"
The good man Hu Fu waved his hand and said, "Otherwise, they wouldn’t be crowded or they would have rushed to eat us."
Liang Dou laughed. "We have come here by mistake and joined hands with the red people around Zhu Tianwang."
Li Hei "Jie Jie" laughed "They are busy enough"
Gentle Water God sneered, "But we didn’t get a good deal. We originally surrounded and killed our’ Fire King’ but therefore joined hands with’ Sword King’."
Liang Dou laughed. "But we also fought side by side."
Luo Hainiu "Hehe" laughed "Let’s have a good time together!"
Yuanyang Jiansou primly said, "It seems that Li Bang is crossing Danxia to surround the other temple exhibitions at the moment."
Liang Dou also said seriously, "So we should strictly defend ourselves;" I turned to the Gentle Water God and said, "I have something to ask."
After the Battle of Danxia, Liang Dou, the warrior of the Gentle Water God, was appreciate each other, and he couldn’t help but be polite. The Gentle Water God said, "Liang Xia said that it is not harmful."
Liang Doudao said, "This time, Brother Tai and others were trapped in Danxia, and the Sword King killed the Four Sticks of the Yangtze River." It is equal to Gao Yaodi’s knowledge that Li Chenzhou, the Great King of Zhu, has a grudge. It is obvious that two tigers are fighting for each other. I don’t know that he has never seen the Great King except the Sword King and the Fire King. Today, it seems that he should not be so inferior to the Great King of Zhu in his fame.

"Sister is not good" Li Cheng smiled angrily on the cylinder.

"Uncle, can you sing?"
"Sister is not good either!" Li Chengzhu couldn’t wait to slap in the past and be ignored. Is it crazy to hear these conversations?
"That uncle you …"
I don’t know what tricks the little girl has. Li Chengzhu looked at the pink and lovely face and couldn’t bear to blame again. He hurriedly reached out and grabbed the delicate face and pulled the little girl’s mouth so that she couldn’t spit out a word any more. Only then did he proudly say, "Sister, where are you going at night? My brother-in-law and I are going to have a rest." As he spoke, he gnashed his teeth and looked at the twisted and deformed little face. It felt really cool.
After the pinch, before the little girl reacted again, she quickly got up and made a color for the two ladies and went over to the room.
Small sized photograph and Gu Linglong looked at the pinched Xiao Mei widow, and she was a little reluctant to know more about her husband’s idea. But at the moment, it is not time to be soft-hearted. It is the right way to get rid of this goblin as soon as possible. For her husband’s eyes, she hinted that the two ladies looked at each other and obeyed him.
The little girl sat behind Li Chengzhu and shouted, "Uncle, I’m looking at Xiao Yan Ran. Come out early and don’t exceed half a wick."
Li Chengzhu feet a turn head to ruthlessly glared at his sister-in-law, who said he was mentally ill? Isn’t this Satoshi? I cursed myself for premature ejaculation by the previous sentence.
This night, the original bed was extremely dissolute and ancient and exquisite, and the phoenix bed was added. The sound was evacuated from the sky. You can hear it far away. Li Chengzhu also specially added a sound insulation barrier to the small film room. The performance of the small film was also good. From implicit to unrestrained, the two ladies felt that their voices were not clear at the smoke, so they had to sit on the bed and meditate, and the aura was restored.
Li Chengzhu walked out of the room, beaming triumphantly. She was staring at her sister with bloodshot eyes, face-to-face and angry expression. She pouted her mouth and looked at him bitterly. That night, her sister was tortured badly. It made people uneasy. She didn’t listen to the rest until dawn. Did this make a mature woman stand it? No matter how small she is, she is a mature woman. Her aunt has never experienced this kind of injustice, but her stubborn personality has kept her going.
"Yi elder sister you also? Rest? " Li Chengzhu asked in surprise. He couldn’t conceal his look. A night of dancing made him dissolute. He deliberately showed the teeth marks bitten by Xiaoying on his chest.
"Well, it’s okay, the little smile is also very good." Xiao Mei replied weakly with blinking eyes, but she couldn’t help but glance at the red place on her brother-in-law’s chest.
"Then trouble my sister to look after the exquisite and small sized photograph for a while. It is estimated that I will come out after a while. I have to go out." Li Chengzhu proudly showed his man’s glory and then ran out last night. The old father-in-law said that he would send a hero post to Guangfa. Today, I have to discuss it with him. After all, picking up the patriarch is his own hero post and writing a domineering post.
On the second day, I repeated the scene of the night before. After a day’s rest and maintenance, Xiaoying and Gu Linglong’s voice came back again as if they were competing. Even if they knew it was a play, Li Chengzhu listened to the dragon’s head and rippled with joy
When I went to observe the results in the morning, I saw my sister sitting quietly and feeling her brother-in-law coming. My sister smiled with her eyes open.
Li Chengzhu was puzzled. Yesterday, he heard his eyes red. How did he get sick today?
My aunt smiled mischievously. "Uncle, don’t you know that there is a spell called sound barrier in this world?"
It’s not stupid to rely on this girl. Li Chengzhu can pie pie, and so can her sister.
The enemy is too tenacious to change the strategy. Li Chengzhu specially charged Xiaoying and Gu Linglong to gather the sound into a line and directly break through the sound insulation barrier of the sister cloth into her ears
On whether the two ladies, Xiaoying or Gu Linglong, are taller than Sister-in-law and break through the natural problem of her boundary.
On the morning of the third day, when Li Chengzhu looked again, my sister was really tired with red eyes.
My aunt’s perseverance and tenacious vitality are beyond Li Chengzhu’s imagination. After more than ten days of torture, she actually survived. As a result, Gu Linglong and Xiaoying are reluctant to open their mouths easily because of their back pain every day. Even if they are co-repairing, they can’t stand it. What’s more, Boss Li is now strengthening his endurance and collision ability?
Li Chengzhu has never seen such a thick-skinned woman in one word for her sister-in-law, but she can rely on her super cute appearance to gain sympathy and pity from others. It would be strange if other women did this kind of thing without being regarded as being mean.
Li Chengzhu bowed the two ladies and the old father-in-law had already planned, and my mother-in-law didn’t object, so she lived in Xiaoying boldly, pestering Li Chengzhu to tell stories and sing children’s songs every day
Li Chengzhu comes to the net for these requirements of my sister. Anyway, I want to sing it to Xiao Yan ran. Let’s take it as a cheap sister.
However, the two people’s names have never changed. One bite of "uncle" and the other bite of "sister" shouted Xiaoying and Gu Linglong, and their goose bumps fell all over the floor. It’s true that what these two people with mental problems think has nothing to do with other people’s feelings.
And now Li Chengzhu is always pestering him whether he goes out or stays in the house. Who makes him so attractive? For my sister, Boss Li is a bit harsh. She pursed her pink mouth, upturned her little head, and her eyes were red with grievances. Who would not have the heart to blame my sister for being more and more arrogant when she saw such a lovely little girl? Xiaoying has no objection to it. After all, she has had unusual feelings since she was a child, but Gu Linglong is full of jealousy. She has never given a good face to this little girl who has come out to disturb her happy life.
At the same time, the test of the elders’ association has also been carried out one after another. Although the heroic post has been issued, it is a fact that Li Chengzhu is the patriarch, and his strength is more than enough to be a patriarch. However, Cheng Liuhong refused to give up and let her eat the sap again and again.
The patriarch is borne by him, but the test must also be carried out. Liu Hong has made up his mind to make a fool of Li Chengzhu and deal with the men’s elders. He will think extensively and show a farce against the various weaknesses of Boss Li.
Boss Li stayed up and strode in the courtyard, whistling and flirting when he saw a beautiful female brother. Anyway, now he is not the patriarch, and he will definitely take the lead in setting an example. This childish behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Li Chengzhu took advantage of the fact that he was light and had more eye addiction and mouth addiction.
Head-on, I walked past a female brother with a twisted snake waist and amorous feelings. Boss Li opened his mouth and stared at it with his eyes wide open. At the same time, he eloquently commented, "Well, the chest is quite big, but it’s a little hard to beat the waist. It’s definitely not a virgin to walk with a foreign character. I’m so coquettish by this look. Does Acacia actually have such a stunner?"
Hehuan’s younger brother is good at practicing Mei Shu, and it is an essential thing to practice Mei Shu together. All the younger brothers have successful eyes and amorous feelings. This is also the reason why Li Chengzhu was fascinated by her at the sight of Xiaoying. At the beginning, Li Da’s boss was so weak that he couldn’t withstand Xiaoying’s eye-catching. Li Chengzhu was still happy until he was trapped.
This woman looks coquettish and straight than Xiaoying, but Qin Suge doesn’t have such dissolute eyes. As the saying goes, there will never be another family’s cake in Li Chengzhu. How can you not be tempted to see such a stunner? Boss Li Er also looked up and praised it.
The coquettish female brother’s feet around him stumbled. Boss Li’s load quickly stepped forward to hold his hand, and at the same time, a delicate fragrance floated into his nose.
"Miss, are you all right?" Li Chengzhu has a gentleman’s smile on his face, but he doesn’t want to eat tofu
The female brother’s face turned red and hurriedly pulled out. Li Chengzhu shook hands and winked at her little hand. Autumn spinach was wholesaled like a wholesale shop owner. "It’s okay. Thank you for your help."
"It’s good if nothing happens to a woman like Miss." Li Chengzhu fearlessly looked at the female brother’s towering mountain peaks and cultivated immortals. It’s really ridiculous to have a mistake in such a thing, but Li Chengzhu’s words are just nothing to find words.
Feeling the naked eyes, the female brother stood up and stood up, which made her breasts bigger and longer. Jiao said, "I just came back from paying homage to my husband, and I was in a trance and my head was a little dizzy."
Li Chengzhu’s nostrils are blowing hard, and such a stunner is actually a widow.
Before Li Chengzhu could speak again, the female brother reached out and rubbed his forehead, and then fell into the arms of Boss Li with a soft step.
"Miss, are you all right?" Li Chengzhu stretched out his hand to hold one side of her tiger body, and then put his big hand through her arm as if inadvertently and put it on her chest. He slowly rubbed his mouth and asked with a sneer.
"A little dizzy" female brother looks as if he is very tired. If Li Chengzhu didn’t see a purple jade hanging on the corner, she might really be fooled by her. This woman’s acting is too realistic.
The female brother threw a glad eye and handed it to Li Chengzhu. It was just a show. I didn’t expect the warm hand to sweep her peak through the reiki, so she couldn’t help but tremble.
"Can you trouble Xianyou to take me back to my residence, which is not far from here?" The female brother followed the old words step by step.
I want to seduce a man to go home. Should I go to bed to discuss heaven when I get home? Li Chengzhu was amused. Who set this up? So retarded!
"I really want to send my young lady home. As the saying goes, helping others is happiness, but …"
"Oh, it’s so hot." The female brother simply threw his hands into the arms of this big fish, and the jade hand held him in the tiger’s heart. I have done this. If you don’t get emotional, you are really not a man. But what is behind this? Why is it soft like a human leg?
Li Chengzhu corners of the mouth still sneer at the same time, the big hand is unequivocally kneading the female mountain peak in her arms. For such a coquettish woman, Li Chengzhu is holding the mentality of eating as much tofu as possible.
When the younger brother was puzzled, he suddenly leaned out a little head with his tiger shoulder in his arms and asked tenderly, "Why are you pinching my leg?"
Just as her face was full of pride, she was ready to finish. The younger brother looked up and spoke to her. The young face had a petite and beautiful brow that could not be said to be angry, as if blaming her for touching something she loved.

Tianhe medicine is like a dark horse that has entered the pharmaceutical industry from the small town of Y City.

Read here, Du Yu pondered it carefully, picked up the stone table and entered the press conference. "Let’s go and have a look. After the press conference, I should also enter the new world, so let myself have a day off."
This month, Du Yu finally practiced the ice palm into a palm with the help of the ice cone magic, and it was much more powerful than the duke of mount deer Zhonglonger’s ice palm. This is because the ice cone magic and the ice palm are highly compatible. Although they belong to different bodies, they can be mutually confirmed when they are put into use.
As Du Yu learned the ice pick magic, there was another kind of energy in his mind. Du Yu called it spiritual force, spiritual force, condensed cold, and then Li Dantian force stimulated it. The cooperation of the two forces made Du Yu not only quickly master this palm technique, but also make it several times more powerful.
The next day, Pu Xian Street Xintongshang Square.
Du Xue has set the press conference of Tianhe Medicine, and the seventh floor of Banxin Tongshang Plaza shopping mall in Du Yu has a very suitable venue. All the preparatory work has been done smoothly in Du Xue.
When Du Yu arrived at the Xintongshang Plaza building, although the press conference had not yet been held, many reporters had been invited to come. In addition, it was a shopping mall and people were coming and going.
Among them, Du Yu knew a Xinglin medicine boss, and Du Xue, the former leader of the pharmaceutical industry in Wang Xinglin Y City, invited him to attend the press conference.
"Du Yu? ! You also came to attend the press conference of Tianhe Medicine? "
Wang Xinglin also found Du Yu in the crowd. Although his appearance has not changed since Du Yu won the Dragon Motome Prize, he exudes a distinctive temperament. In Wang Xinglin’s eyes, Du Yu has a feeling of standing out from the crowd.
"Yes! I’ve been too busy recently to relax. "
"Then let’s go and have a look. What kind of helm has this Tianhe Medicine changed? I heard that it is a beautiful woman."
In Wang Xinglin’s eyes, Du Yu once learned about the pharmaceutical industry here. Now Du Yu’s financial resources and personality will not come here because he came to attend the press conference of Tianhe Medicine, and the sudden rise of Tianhe Medicine made Wang Xinglin feel a great sense of crisis. The so-called Tianhe Medicine will definitely affect Xinglin’s pharmaceutical business.
There happens to be one kind of medicine produced by InXinglin medicine that belongs to the same class as Tianhe spray.
"All right, then go and have a look with Boss Wang."
There are many people in Y City in the crowd, but Du Yu knows Wang Xinglin, and one person simply follows Wang Xinglin to the mall and sits on the press conference ladder on the seventh floor.
On the seventh floor, there were already many people waiting for Du Yu to enter the venue, and they saw Du Xue at a glance. Similarly, Du Xue also found Du Yuwang and nodded to Du Yu.
"Du Yu, that’s the boss of Tianhe Medicine. It was a beautiful woman." Just entering the venue, there was an exhibition stand with Du Xue’s photo printed on it. Wang Xinglin recognized Du Xue at a glance. "Hey, she has seen it for us! And nodded to me! Being a leader in medicine in Y City respects her predecessors, which she has done well. "
Du Xue’s response to Du Yu fell into Wang Xinglin’s eyes, but it became his attention. When Du Yu heard Wang Xinglin’s words, he smiled gently and didn’t feel relieved or explain. Since he misunderstood, let him misunderstand. If he came to Du Yu, he wouldn’t want to be a public figure.
"Welcome to the press conference of Tianhe Medicine today. I am Du Xue, general manager of Tianhe Medicine."
Visitors from all walks of life took their seats one after another, and the press conference was held as scheduled. Du Xue presided over the whole press conference and answered all questions calmly and smoothly.
"Excuse me, Mr. Du, we know that Tianhe Medicine was on the verge of bankruptcy, but now it has come out and produced such a magical medicine as Tianhe Spray. Can you explain this?"
"The former Tianhe Medicine was eliminated by the market due to backward technology and was on the verge of bankruptcy. It is indeed a lesson worth remembering for us. After I took over the new Tianhe Medicine, I kept in mind the principle of continuous research and development and continuous progress. Tianhe Spray is only the first product launched by our company. In the future, we will launch more production societies to create greater value."
"Is it true that Du Zong heard that the formula of Tianhe spray was developed by several top scientists for decades, and these scientists are all Tianhe Medicine?"
"Hey hey! Tianhe medicine does have a group of outstanding scientific researchers, but they are not the producers of Tianhe spray. And when it comes to Tianhe spray formula, Tianhe medicine has signed a phase contract with some departments, and two years later, it will hand over the Tianhe spray formula to the state, keeping only the first manufacturer’s hope, and colleagues who are concerned should not worry about the formula problem. "
Du Xue dialect detonated the whole press conference. Two years later, the news that the formula of Tianhe spray was released was different from the blockbuster Tianhe Medicine, which was different from Tianhe spray formula in exchange for two years’ development.
This decision is made in the form of Du Xue’s United States. Tianhe has just been established to make plans in the face of severe situation, and this plan has also been approved by Du Yu.
Everyone can see that Tianhe spray has great limited value, which is why there are not a few people who spy on others, and there are many ruthless people among them. It is extremely important for Du Yu to let Tianhe spend the most growing period and choose a partner.
Du Yusheng, a Chinese in peacetime, has a sense of belonging and pride in his heart. When he faced this problem, he chose to make the Tianhe spray formula public in exchange for developing and strengthening himself in two years.
In two years, it will be enough for Du Yu to develop Tianhe Medicine into a behemoth, while in two years, Du Yu will experience 24 times of the world, and by then, Du Yu’s strength will probably reach a terrible level.
Du Xue announced the news, which not only paved the way for Tianhe’s development in the past two years, but also deterred some people with crooked minds and weak human strength. When Du Yu strived for two years of development and growth,
Du Xue presided over the successful completion of the press conference, which also laid the foundation for Tianhe Medicine to become the overlord of Y City Medicine.
Wang Xinglin muttered in his heart that his heart was mixed from the press conference. If Tianhe Medicine threatened Xinglin Medicine before the press conference, Tianhe Medicine will definitely replace Xinglin Medicine as the leader of Y City after the press conference.
"How does manager Wang look unhappy?" Du Yu see Wang Xinglin worried asked in my heart.
"Du Yu, you …" Wang Xinglin saw Du Yu’s flashes and thought of a way.
Before, he wanted to pull Du Yu into Xinglin Medicine, but Du Yu refused. Now Tianhe Medicine suddenly appeared, which made Wang Xinglin have to put the shareholding on the table again.
Du Yu’s family is absolutely expensive. He needs to find a few more friends to let them invest in the financial resources to crush and crowd out Tianhe Technology. In addition, he must find a way to study the formula of Tianhe spray or get it directly. Since Tianhe can sign a contract, he can also sign Xinglin Medicine.
"Du Yu y city pharmaceutical industry will definitely be a great future. Do you have any idea to take a stake in our Xinglin medicine?"
"Take a stake in Xinglin Medicine? !”
Du Yu is a little in distress situation. He has just established Tianhe Medicine, and Xinglin Medicine has become a competitor. I didn’t expect his competitor to want to pull him into the stock market. This joke is a bit big. Of course, Du Yu decisively refused.
"Mr.wong, you’ve got the wrong person. I’m not in the mood to play medicine recently. Please find someone else. I won’t accompany you if I have something to do. See you later."
Chapter 16 New World (Asking for Recommended Tickets)
At 11: 50 noon on January 1st, there are ten minutes left before the new VR world.
Du Yu lay quietly in the big bed, already ready. He waited for the arrival of the new world in several different places. This time, Du Xue was with Du Yu.
"Boss, can you take me in this world?"
After Du Xue was repaired by VR system, he knew the host identity of VR system Du Yushen.
Now Du Yu wants to enter the new world. Because of his sincere scientist status to Du Yu, Du Xue hopes to enter the world with Du Yu.
No matter what kind of world Du Yu will face, Du Xue, a biochemical person, has the ability to record and learn the knowledge of that world and then feed it back to the real world and Du Yushen.
It is of great help to the real world black technology infiltration plan to enhance the strength of Du Yu.
The advantages of bringing Du Xue outweigh the disadvantages.
"Take you? ! Du Xue VR world is a very dangerous place. Are you going with me? "
Du Yu obviously didn’t realize the value of bringing Du Xue into the world.
"The danger of biochemical people is not considered for me. If my main chip does not damage the boss, I can limit my resurrection."
Moreover, I am a scientist with the ability to learn and study literature knowledge, which can help your boss to better tap the potential value of the world.
"Mining potential value? ! You mean recording and studying other things in the world? "
Du Yu Du Xuexing realized the importance of this problem.
That’s right. If the boss wants to improve his strength as soon as possible, it’s a good choice to take me. I can help you bring out a lot of things from the world that you can’t take away, such as knowledge.
"good! Then you can go with me, but for safety reasons, I will usually put you in the VR object and call you out when I need you. "
Du Yu, with a wave of his hand, will bring Du Xue’s income to VR, although it takes Du Xue a lot.
However, the biochemical Du Xue is too fragile, that is, an ordinary person can destroy her and repair her. The VR coin in Du Xue is as high as 5VR coins at a time.
So Du Yu is quite interested in her Ann.
Ding! Jump to twelve noon
From the VR virtual world system, there is a feeling that Guanghua Du Yu’s consciousness becomes blurred and falls into a coma. Even if Du Yu’s strength continues to rise, it can’t resist this feeling.
"Du Yu handed this 97 tunnel material document to Minister ministry of materials and equipment Fan and needed his signature."
The speech was made by a young man dressed in gray and white. When he saw him put a document full of dense words on the desk in front of Du Yu, he turned around and left the office.
Du Yu looked at the documents in front of him, got up and observed around him. The staff in the office were very similar to the real world.
This means that the world that Du Yu is about to face is a modern world, so what kind of world is it? What will VR arrange for him?
Du Yu heart andao "I know about this world now, let’s trigger the main line first to determine what the world is."
Du Yu picked up the desk file and quickly found Minister ministry of materials and equipment’s office and went straight over.
"It’s good news for me that the world should be a normal mode, not a perverted mode, from the role assigned to me by VR."
When! When!
"Come in!"

Compared with yourself a month ago.

There has been a great progress.
Now adjust Liu Yuan, his odds should be good.
But now see Liu Yuan this frank sample Lalor suddenly a little unconfident.
But it’s out, and Lalor can’t take it back.
Thinking of this, Lalor said with a horizontal heart, "Since you have promised the ninth seat of Liu Yuan, then … let’s make it three days later."
Liu Yuan nodded and passed Lalor.
Looking at Liu Yuan’s distant back, Lalor suddenly had a bad feeling.
He won’t … lose to Liu Yuan again, will he?
Can think of yourself this time the science of uniting the results Lalor or pressure in the heart.
It’s impossible that he has grown so big these days.
How can you lose to a freshman who just entered the school?
Unless Liu Yuan also rose to the gold level this month.
But he clearly remembers Liu Yuan’s toad pet beast.
The grade is still silver and there is still a certain distance from the gold grade.
And pet animals want to reach the gold level in addition to their own spiritual strength to meet the requirements.
You must also master domain skills and master domain skills.
There is no reason to speak of.
Some pet animals can understand the core of their field in a few days.
Some pet animals may not have the core of their own field for a generation.
Lalor thinks that Liu Yuan’s toad is gifted even if you take it again.
Raise the level to gold in a month, and then realize that the field technology has broken through to the gold level
This is somewhat a fantasy, isn’t it?
Lalor took a deep breath at the thought.
How can he belittle himself before the challenge has even begun?
At least he used to be the ninth seat!
Chapter 325th Three Gold Level Field Technology Integration
Dahuangta Arena
A month ago, many people gathered here because of the battle between Lu Yuan and Lalor.
A month later, today, with Lalor once again challenging Lu Yuan.
There are also many people gathered here.
And with the end of the hunting season in November
Many sophomores and juniors gained a lot in that hunting season.
Therefore, there have been two ten-seat challenges in this month.
But as a result, except for Lu Yuan’s victory over Lalor in one month.
No one left has defeated the opponent.
This also makes many freshmen and sophomores white
Ten seats is always ten seats. It is not easy to defeat their roots.
These are ten people standing at the top of the students.
Is stepping on a genius Uber for several days.
If you don’t have something to say, it’s just self-humiliation to challenge rashly.
However, Lalor’s challenge to Lu Yuan is not the scope of self-humiliation
For outsiders, Lalor’s strength and Lu Yuan are equal.
When Lu Yuan defeated Lalor,


Soon after
Hunyuan Daluo Jinxian Honghuang
It will not be as scarce as before.
At that time, it was the real world.
The main frequency of the mixed-yuan road in the wild is due to the struggle between heaven and earth, and even saints can’t hide their awns.
Even when it is difficult for saints to dominate the universe.
However, it is precisely because of this that the great avatar’s energy department has put extra power in the chaotic fiend struggle to deal with the innate fierce beast.
This also makes the innate fierce beasts in the wilderness more and more powerful, and the magic door is becoming more and more arrogant. The Terran innate alliance is gradually difficult to control the situation and is being beaten by both sides.
Even the third generation brother of Xuanmen had to be suppressed by the second generation brother of Magic Gate.
It’s not that the three generations of Xuanmen’s younger brothers don’t give force, but that the magic door doesn’t obey the rules and sends out the older generation of experts to bully the younger generation of Xuanmen. It would be a ghost if it can be beaten.
Such a congenital fierce beast chaos completely broke out.
The flood has entered a situation where the magic rises and the road disappears.
As that flood situation became more and more dangerous.
The heavens are moving!
Heaven Emperor Haotian Ziwei Emperor Ziwei Gouchen Emperor Zichen’s Antarctic Emperor Razer
A statue of the Emperor of Heaven and three emperors went to the vast land to suppress the congenital fierce beast magic door chaos for four half-step mixed-yuan realms together
Heaven is light, so it lives high, so it is closest to heaven.
The flood and the disaster are vast, and the heaven can remain calm as always and has not been affected by the turmoil.
It is also because of this that heaven can spare most of its strength to quell chaos in the vast land.
On the contrary, it is the underworld.
The underworld is located in the deepest part of the vast land, and its surface is bottomless and nine secluded places
No one knows how many secrets Jiu You has buried, but one thing is certain: there is definitely a chaotic fiend wreck in it.
Even if it is as powerful as the universe, it is impossible to completely transform the chaotic fiend.
Therefore, those fiend remains that have not been transformed by the flood source have no value and sink into the market as waste treatment.
What is still valuable is that it has sunk into nine secluded places, and the power of the years has gradually strengthened refining and refining.
Come here is a very best laid plans.
But with the chaos fiend’s true spirit breaking the seal, it became a huge pit.
Almost at the same time, dozens of chaotic fiends rushed out from the nine deep and remote places to storm the underworld.
If it weren’t for been fuelling The six great divisions in the wheel of karma plate to suppress these chaotic fiends, even the underworld would change hands today.
Is it The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s suppression of these chaotic fiends or some reluctance? It’s not that these chaotic fiends are too strong or that The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s is too weak, but that The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s plate is under too much pressure.
The The six great divisions in the wheel of karma disk of the reincarnation treasure of the universe is not running at all times to maintain the reincarnation of the universe
Is there more reincarnation in the big day?
And the reincarnation of living things needs strength.
The more creatures, the greater the need for strength.
On weekdays, it is already a big burden for The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pan to see the whole cycle of life and death, even if he is a chaotic treasure.
In particular, with the outbreak of congenital fierce beasts and chaos, there are more creatures falling in the flood, and the pressure on The six great divisions in the wheel of karma disk is getting bigger and bigger, so we have to pay more efforts to maintain the normal operation of reincarnation
In this case, he still has to suppress dozens of powerful chaotic fiends, and even with the help of Houdi, it is gradually becoming inadequate.
Since then, the earth has turned into an afterlife, and the ghost emperor of feng du and the bodhi old zu of Styx have to join hands to mobilize the power of the underworld to help the afterlife suppress the chaotic fiend
However, just as their chaotic fiend was deadlocked, a large number of strange fierce beasts suddenly poured out of the nine places and launched an impact on the underworld.
They are more powerful than others, and have no fixed shape, like a soul, and their shape can be changed at will, and they are good at attacking the Yuan gods.
Ordinary means can’t hurt them.
Moreover, among them, Taiyi Jin Xian has the largest number of fierce beasts, but there are also many fierce beasts with the level of Luo Jinxian being quasi-holy.
Fortunately, after the Lich War, Xuan Ming Zuwu went to the underworld with her lucky witch people and defected to Been.

Zhang Yihu pie pie said, "It’s hard to say. After all, people are a country. It’s not easy for us to make you think hard about it."

Even Zhang Yihu, who has always been arrogant, has been somewhat pessimistic. What’s worse?
Zhang Yi slammed the handle of the chair and growled, "Immediately send a telegram to Cai E to order the troops stationed on the Sino-Vietnamese border to launch shelling on Vietnam, and order the 10th Division to move in the direction of Vietnam immediately, and always give the French some color to see!"
Since arriving in London, this Lubei has been secretly tripping for many times. If it weren’t for this small fact that William II cut his face in front of everyone, William II wouldn’t hate his head!
Zhang Xiaohuai was surprised and said, "It’s unwise for the President to play against France at this time. Come on, we’ll fall behind …"
Zhang Yi waved his hand and said, "We are shocking the mountain and telling them that China is not good at bullying the French, isn’t it trying to make a secret trip? Then let’s give them some color to see if Lubei dares to be so arrogant!"
Zhang Xiaohuai hesitated and said, "What if the French take the opportunity to unite with other countries to attack us?"
Zhang Yi Yinyin smiled. "Hey, hey, if they don’t know the time, then we will sacrifice the plane as a killer. I don’t believe that the plane can lure them to remain calm and United!"
Zhang Yihu nodded and replied, "At this time, we must not be soft. The softer we are, the more they will push their luck. Not only for the French, I suggest that Brother Huai Jin should move to wake up tomorrow!"
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Good tiger will do as you mean! Yunnong, send the newspaper! "
Zhang Xiaohuai nodded and went away.
This is destined to be a sleepless night. Apart from the unsatisfactory negotiation table, the resurgence of smoke has also cast a shadow over the hearts of leaders of various countries!
The Chinese revolutionary army shot again!
Chapter one thousand two hundred and twenty-nine The Treaty of London
The next day adjourned as usual.
However, since it is the recess, it is still not so calm. The Chinese Revolutionary Army has a new military fire in Tokyo Bay on the Sino-Vietnamese border, and the situation in the region is tense.
Got the newspaper Lubei Ito Bowen cried some dumbfounded during the negotiation period, and the Chinese Revolutionary Army dared to start work!
Lubei Ito Bowen, together with the leaders of other countries, came to China’s legation in Britain to meet Zhang Yi.
Lu Bei’s anger will take a big drink a way "Zhang Yi, what’s going on? Why did the Chinese Revolutionary Army fire on the Vietnamese border? At least a hundred shells landed in Vietnam. You must give me a definite explanation! "
Aside from Ito Bowen, he also shouted, "Aren’t you afraid of the international community’s censure for the sudden outbreak of war in Tokyo Bay by the Chinese Revolutionary Army during the armistice period between China and Japan?"
Aside Zhang Xiaohuai smiled and replied, "Your Chinese Revolutionary Military Newspaper has been sent to us. The first Chinese Revolutionary Army shelled the Sino-Vietnamese border because we learned that there was a bandit on the Sino-Vietnamese border. This smuggling of opium poisoned the health of the people of the Republic of China. It was a misunderstanding to capture the bandits before launching the shelling. Hey hey, don’t you French troops often hit the territory of the Republic of China? Second, the Chinese Revolutionary Army launched a war again in Tokyo Bay. This is purely a discussion. Now Tokyo Bay is occupied by the Chinese Revolutionary Army. There is an armed force here, the Chinese Revolutionary Army. We launched a war? That also needs an opponent. That’s just a normal exercise of the Chinese Revolutionary Army! I want to ask Prime Minister Ito Bowen if he aimed at Japanese villages in this exercise. Were there any casualties during the exercise? Do we also need your approval to conduct military exercises in our occupied areas? "
Zhang Xiaohuai’s words will come to blame people for being confused.
Everyone looked at Lubei Ito Bowen. Two people turned red and went to war? The Chinese revolutionary army has no intention of going to war, which is a misunderstanding and normal training. What can you do?
In particular, Ito Bowen has no words now. It is true that the actions of the Chinese Revolutionary Army are all aimed at the wilderness or the shelling near the village. How can it be called a war when the troops are not dispatched?
It is not uncommon for both sides of the Sino-Vietnamese border to shoot shells by mistake, and the Chinese Revolutionary Army has already said that this is to suppress bandits!
But is that the way it is? No one in the field recognizes this. Obviously, Zhang Yi, this is a demonstration. Aren’t you outnumbered? The old cannon is not a decoration!
Aside Belfo ha ha smiled. "Misunderstanding seems to be just a misunderstanding this time. Let’s stop obsessing about it and have a good rest and wait for the day to negotiate."
They all shook their heads in succession. William II was a little surprised to see that Zhang Yi didn’t answer. Others also left.
The next day, the negotiations started again. This time, it was very obvious that Lu Bei’s voice was lowered. Can the nonsense be low? Now France and Vietnam have less than two divisions. If they really fight, they are afraid that the French army in Vietnam will be cleaned up by the Chinese Revolutionary Army in half a month. Lu Bei doesn’t recognize that his two divisions can stop the bloody battle and kill the Chinese Revolutionary Army!
In William II, it’s just watching Zhang Yi cut a dash, and all I want to do is to let off steam. Since I’m angry, I won’t help Japan to talk. Americans are vacillating in other countries, and the British want to work hard but dare not show too much. After all, this is the home of Britain, and the influence of other countries is not enough.
In this case, Ito Bowen naturally felt that the pressure was increasing and it was difficult to resist. Finally, the British hinted that they had agreed to the compensation request of the Republic of China.
The final amount of compensation was determined to compensate the 45 million pounds of war losses of the Republic of China, which was delivered to the Republic of China half a month after signing the contract, and all prisoners of war were handed over to the Japanese one month after signing the contract.
The key compensation problem has been solved, and his problem is naturally solved.
By the fifth day of the negotiation, all the terms were confirmed.
Britain-led countries agreed to sign the London Security Treaty, such as
1. The Japanese surrendered the colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula and recognized that the Korean Peninsula belonged to the rule of the Republic of China. China recognized the Korean royal family and North Korea maintained a certain number of troops to safeguard the security of the Korean Peninsula.
Second, Japan admitted defeat and gave up all the benefits of Taiwan Province’s Ryukyu Islands and returned them to the rule of the Republic of China;
Third, Japan compensated China for the war losses of 45 million pounds after the signing of the treaty, and the compensation was paid by the British HSBC, France and France, and the Chinese Revolutionary Army captured 20,000 prisoners and delivered to Japan one month after signing the contract;
4. Japan reserves the right to recognize the dominant countries in the Java Islands;
5. The Chinese Revolutionary Army withdrew from Tokyo Bay in two months;
6. Open the national commercial market on the day to allow businessmen from all countries to enter the Japanese market on an equal footing, and open free trading ports in five cities including Osaka and Yokohama on the day;
7. Countries recognize that the sole legal government of the Republic of China, China, inherits all the territory of the Qing government, and the debts signed by the Qing government are not linked to the Republic of China;
At the request of the Republic of China, all countries in the world should abandon the concessions of coastal and riverside cities in China and ban all unequal treaties signed by the Qing government;
Thousands of words of the London Treaty have been signed, which means that countries have finally recognized China’s status as a world power. In the future, changes have taken place in the corner of the world. The Republic of China can be justified to participate in the status of a great power. It has never been played out, not given by others. This is the iron law of the world
After ten years of hard work, Zhang Yi pushed the Republic of China to the throne of a world power through a series of wars!
The leaders’ eyes are full of envy, jealousy, dissatisfaction, happiness and so on, but all these are not enough to change the status of the Republic of China as a world power, and the Republic of China will usher in a new era!
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirty From France

He came to the outside of the hall and saw that there was no room outside Li Zhichang Hall facing a screen, and there was a copybook. Li Zhichang held out his finger and did nothing.

At this time, it was Li Zhichang hall, where the dynasty was still Cai Jing’s post, and Cai Jing was later called the Six Thieves, but now Li Zhichang’s name is not bad, and the law is not contemptuous. Li Zhichang now appreciates the’ Jiefu post’, but it can also be seen that Cai Jingfa is quite extraordinary. The world says that Cai Jingfa is "strict and informal, but nothing more than rules, just as Guan Jian’s adult discusses it in the temple; Walking like a noble man is full of enthusiasm and brilliance; There are few Chinese characters in this world. "This also coincides with Li Zhichang’s temperament. Ordinary people in Li Zhi have always been open-minded and not indulgent. It is no wonder that there are some appreciate each other for Cai Jingfa.
This post is gentle and charming in nature, but elegant in style, which is quite good for Li Zhichang’s spleen and stomach; However, the difference in the weight of each word stroke is natural; Putting pen to paper echoes the complicated changes and unified artistic conception; The branch’s word-for-word layout without careful arrangement has reached a’ vivid’ situation.
Others can observe the beauty of this copybook, but Li Zhichang can regard this copybook as a powerful swordsmanship. Li Zhichang saw the rise of fingers and wrote along the copybook.
You Tan’s martial arts has entered the door. Looking at Li Zhichang’s strokes seems to be very famous. Later, Li Zhichang’s strokes are getting longer and longer, but his gestures are getting slower and slower. Later, the vertical and horizontal closure seems to be a wonderful sword.
The more you look at the beach, the more fascinated you become. It turns out that every word written by Li Zhichang is a trick of swordsmanship. Every word is a change. If there is a long change, there will be more short changes, but there will be less complicated changes. It will not make people feel humble, shrinking, dignified, inchworm-like, and dangerous. Like a sly rabbit, it is vigorous and vigorous, and its elegance is like the wind, like snow, dancing, and squatting like a tiger.
You Tan is also a martial arts family. He knows that Li Zhichang is a powerful martial arts, so although he is very reluctant to look away, it is a big taboo to steal other martial arts. He knows that Li Zhichang may not care about this, but he can’t push his luck, so he forced his back and stopped looking.
At this time, Li Zhichang sounded, "Now that I’m here, you can have a good look at this road, and it depends on how much you can learn. At least you have learned from me for a few days. If you go out again, you will be beaten to death so easily."
You Tan knows that this is Li Zhichang taking care of him, so he will no longer wriggle back and have a good look at Li Zhichang’s move. You Tan has never seen Li Zhichang exert his martial arts. Although he learned from his uncle that this new eldest brother must be considered a rare expert in Wulin, after all, he has never seen Li Zhichang really powerful.
Li Zhichang rehearsed this swordsmanship over and over again for two hours, and learned it for half a year. It’s easy to remember this swordsmanship.
Finally, Li Zhichang stopped and said, "It’s none of my business if you look at it and remember it. I invented this swordsmanship temporarily, so I don’t know much about it. You can choose any name you want."
You Tan said, "This husband post was made by Cai Xueshi. Let’s call it Cai Gongjian."
Li Zhichang said, "Whatever you want."
After Youtan returned to Juxianzhuang, Youji was very happy. I didn’t expect that Li Zhichang would make Youtan’s injury better overnight. Most of them did so, and Hua Tuo and Bian Que were nothing more than that.
Youtan’s father, Youju, was delayed for half a year in Hebei, and he got the news that his child was seriously injured. He also rushed back from Hebei overnight to see Youtan’s peace, and he was so happy that he had to come to visit him to thank him.
However, Li Zhichang’s residence gate has already posted a seal’ the return date of the master’s long journey is uncertain’. Everyone in Juxianzhuang sighs. You Ju has always been good at making friends with strange people, and it is even more regrettable to lose his arm with such a master.
Li Zhichang, the black rose, borrowed for more than half a year, and was lazy and lazy to return it. He also put it off again and again, but he also knew that Tiantan Tongmu never killed women. Lingjiu Palace was also mostly taken by bad karma female Zhong Ling, who was taken by Tongmu. It is estimated that there would be no pain. Before he thought of it, sex was to go with the flow and travel thousands of miles to Tianshan, and his mind would fade.
At this time, due to the four wicked things, Li Zhichang remembered that it was Duan Zhengchun who went to Xinyang Xiaojing Lake to have a private meeting in Ruan Xingzhu. Duan Zhengchun’s private meeting lover would definitely not take Mu Wanqing as his daughter, but Qin Hongmian estimated that he would quietly follow the natural Mu Wanqing and would not stay in Dali.
Li Zhichang followed this line to guess that in nine cases out of ten, he could meet the woman Mu Wanqing met in Li Zhichang’s life, but Mu Wanqing was the most pure and honest to other people, and he couldn’t hide Wang Yuyan’s familiarity with martial arts. Although Wang Yuyan was beautiful and knowledgeable, Li Zhichang didn’t feel as kind to her as Mu Wanqing.
Taoism is too forgetful to cling to love, so Li Zhichang will not be afraid to have true feelings for anyone. Only love is the most touching. If there is no’ true feelings’ to set it off, how can it show’ feelings’ moving?
Li Zhichang rode a black rose and arrived near Xinyang in a few days. He knew the name Xiaojing Lake, but he didn’t know anything about it. However, Xinyang City has a branch of the Beggars’ Sect. He needs to find a beggar middleman. It is easy to find a place.
It’s getting late at the moment. He found an inn and ordered a bowl of plain noodles. He didn’t want another guest to come in the hall. This guest was a girl of sixteen or seventeen. She was dressed in purple and had bright eyes and always had sly eyebrows.
Most of his tables in this hall are obviously not at the time when the inn is busy. The girl in purple doesn’t sit anywhere but sits in front of Li Zhichang.
She said, "eldest brother, do you mind if I chat with you alone and sit with you?"
Li Zhichang light way "mind".
It seems that the girl in purple didn’t expect Li Zhi to answer so often. The bartender next to her envied Li Zhichang’s flying affair. I didn’t know that Li Zhichang had ignored this beautiful girl.
The bartender rushed to court and said, "If you don’t go to the balcony, we’ll call you some more songs to keep you busy."
The purple girl was furious. "You can sit wherever you want a talkative girl. Come here quickly. The girl is starving after a day’s work." Then she lost a gold table.
The bartender came to persuade her not to finish eating, and when she saw the gold, she gave up the idea of advice. She rushed back to report the food with the gold.
In a short time, the table was filled with delicious delicacies. Li Zhichang’s plain noodles were very poor. The girl in purple clothes seemed to be interested in Li Zhichang and asked him if he wanted to eat Li Zhichang together and smiled and refused.
The girl in purple said, "If you don’t eat, I’ll give it to beggars?"
She took a dish to the beggar outside the door. At this time, the bartender praised Ziyi for her love. She felt that Li Zhichang was too puzzled, and she felt that it would be great if he and Li Zhichang exchanged identities.
Soon A Zi came back. Those beggars usually eat leftovers. How can they be treated like this?
Chapter 42 Crazy Man
The girl in purple clothes kept an eye on the beggar outside while eating the food. When she tasted every dish once, there was still no movement as she expected.
The girl in purple frowns. Something bad seems to have happened. She thinks that she has regressed her kung fu.
Before you know it, Li Zhichang has finished eating the plain purple clothes. The girl has no heart. Li Zhichang comes out. Her eyes have been paying attention to what the beggar outside seems to observe.
Li Zhichang looked at the purple girl and said, "Xingfen is not a terrible poison, but at your age, it’s extraordinary to be able to downplay poison." The purple girl wondered why it was she who made Xingfen that the beggars were not poisoned. She naturally didn’t know that the Taoist priest sitting in front of her was perhaps a little more powerful than her master Ding Chunqiu in his theory of poison.
Li Zhichang’s voice is not loud, but the girl in purple clothes is like a thunder exploding in her ear. As soon as her look changes, the corners of her mouth are raised. "What did the Taoist elder brother say? My daughter can’t understand white." Then her left hand held her forehead hair and showed glittering and translucent white hands.
Suddenly, dozens of blue shadows shot at Li Zhichang. After flashing, I saw Li Zhichang’s chopsticks covered with dense blue poisonous needles. The phosphorescence sparkled and I couldn’t tell the evil spirit. Li Zhichang just used chopsticks to use the nine swords of Dugu’ broken arrow’ power. It’s not bad. It’s dozens of poisonous needles or hundreds of poisonous needles. He can pick them up as well.
The girl in purple never thought that someone would pick her up in this way, and her face froze with a smile. Li Zhichang didn’t seem to be annoyed by the girl’s sneak attack, but said with a lesson, "How can you be so vicious at a young age?"
Then Li Zhichang changed his tune and said, "It’s not surprising that you grew up in the Stars School. Without this temperament, you wouldn’t live much today."
The girl in purple said, "I don’t know what you’re talking about."
Li Zhichang chuckled, "This kind of scattered form and green phosphorus needle kung fu are all unique secrets of the Stars School. Still say it’s not?" Form scattered, green phosphorus needle is really the magic wooden door in Qinghai, but Li Zhichang knows that the girl opposite is Mu Wanqing’s half-sister, A Zi. Guess it is Ding Chunqiu who destroyed the magic wooden door and got these poisons.
The girl in purple trembled, "Well, what are you going to do with me?" She looked resigned and was thinking about how to get rid of Li Zhichang.
Li Zhichang smiled and said, "Not so good."
The girl in purple winked at Li Zhichang, and her eyes trembled like stars. She said, "Brother Taoist, you are very good. Remember, my name is A Zi."
Li Zhichang noncommittally sat at the table and watched A Zi go out. He knew she would come back.
As expected, A Zi just walked out of the door and whooshed back, patting his chest and cursing because there was a crazy A Zi outside. Naturally, he was not afraid of madness, but this madness was not ordinary madness. Seeing the street outside the door, a crazy man was covered in blood, holding two hatchets in his hand and dancing straight around to make it move and attack Ning. It was quite a famous style.
So crazy, the whole Xinyang City may not be able to find a second person to come here. Li Zhichang knows that it is called’ intertwined ten axes’ and specializes in enemy dishes. If A Zi hadn’t been alert and retired quickly, he would have been cut off. Then he would have learned from her family, Bo Duan Yanqing, such as practicing martial arts with crutches.
At the entrance of the Mad Han Inn, two swinging hatchets cut pedestrians horizontally and vertically, which is far away. Who dares to go close? At this time, it was the time when the inn business improved. The big fellow worried the shopkeeper to death at the door, but how dare they go to the door to drive away the crazy man?
Li Zhichang knew that the big fellow who was wasting his energy like this would be seriously injured. He got up and walked to the door. The big fellow saw a goal and shouted, "Don’t hurt my master’s grandfather and your horse for three hundred rounds."
He was delirious, but when his martial arts was still an axe, his statutes were strict and he didn’t make a mess. This move was very ingenious and clever, but how could Li Zhichang and other figures be hit by him? Li Zhichang made a move, such as holding down his shoulder, and the big man shook his body and wanted to struggle. Li Zhichang laughed. "He said that the other side’s strength was not small, but his five claws secretly increased his strength, so that he couldn’t move the pedestrians around him. Look at Li Zhichang’s white face, and Taoist priests could easily control this crazy man’s heart. Does this man have a hollow heart and regret that he should
It’s these onlookers who don’t think so. After the big fellow is arrested, his hands and feet can’t move. Hold the hatchet tightly and let go slowly.
With a thud, sparks flew everywhere, and the bluestone street was smashed with several notches of different shades. Obviously, the axe was heavy. Only then did they know that this big fellow really had to watch these idle people in the streets. Only then did they applaud and recognize that the axe was made of pure steel and was extremely heavy.
Bring this Han to the table. Li Zhichang pointed out that the big fellow God sealed the cave and Yang and force entered the big fellow body, which made him sane. He would definitely look at Li Zhichang and say, "Are you a good man or a bad man?"
A Zi laughed. "We are all bad people. Now you are in a den of thieves."
The big fellow struggled to get up and shouted, "I’ll fight with you."
Li Zhichang said, "Brother Gu, I’m not a bad guy, being original, Li Zhichang. You may have heard of it from your Duan Wang Ye."
The ancient name of the big fellow was calm and said, "Are you the one that the monarch has been looking for? How do you know me? "
Li Zhichang knew that the monarch in his mouth should be Mu Wanqing and then said, "Will there be a second person besides Gu Ducheng, the South Palace of Dali Town?"
Guducheng is even more surprised that his "intertwined axe" is a unique skill in the family, and it has never been exposed to outsiders. This man is also like learning that there are more important things now. He suddenly got up on the road. "Please go to Xiaojing Lake and leave the master and ask him to think quickly to avoid me and stop the big villain first." He said that he wanted to go to the door to pick up the axe.