Say that finish cattle don’t going to urge cattle want to fly to water curtain cave.

The child who had just arrived at the mouth of water curtain cave frowned and asked the Ma Wenyuan, "What are you doing to seal up the five elements around here?"
Ma Wenyuan’s face showed an irate look, but the horse disappeared. He quickly waved and removed the five elements around the cave, and suddenly the five elements were re-circulated.
"Fairy doesn’t know that these days, refining Sanqing Dandan is scattered and elegant, causing several demons around to sneak into water curtain cave repeatedly to steal the immortal villain … the villain has to be careful!" The Ma Wenyuan carefully explained to the child.
The boy’s face changed and he quickly asked, "Is Sanqing Dan lost?"
Ma Wenyuan quickly shook his head and said, "No, no, I was careful to beat off several waves of thieves, and none of them were lost!"
The little boy was relieved to reach out and clap Ma Wenyuan’s broad shoulder and say, "Very well, Master Mashan, you have done a good job. I will report your credit to Laojun when I get back!"
"So thank you for your kind words!" Ma Wenyuan immediately showed a grateful sample and bowed to the child and said
The distant star Xuan couldn’t help but curl his mouth when he saw it. It turned out that this Ma Wenyuan turned out to be such a snob. He was not only afraid to steal his armor, but also afraid to steal his elixir. It’s really a villain, and I stole you completely and made you cry. There is no place to cry.
Thought of here, the mysterious star suddenly flew up from the soil and attached to a dust, and suddenly stuck to the child with the help of the strong wind.
At this time, the red mans in Ma Wenyuan’s eyes suddenly burst out, and his hands were placed with two huge palm shadows. Suddenly, the dust attached to the mysterious star was smashed in the past.
There was a loud bang, and the flames were everywhere. A huge fire dragon and a black oyster bead showed their shapes and fled to the distance.
The little boy was taken aback and said, "Sure enough, there is a thief, Master Mashan. You didn’t tell a lie!"
Ma Wenyuan’s face once again showed a trace of anger and said to the child, "The fairy is making fun of it and dare not hide anything from the fairy!" Said the hands stood up again "pa" a hit in a fallen leaf.
The fallen leaves screamed, and a light and shadow flew out from the fallen leaves and fled to the distance.
Star Xuan body quietly hid in the child’s body at this time and felt glad that he was busy enough, otherwise he really couldn’t hide from Ma Wenyuan’s eyes.
I was thinking about it, but I felt a shock. It turned out that the child was coming from the back of the cow and walking towards the cave.
Ma Wenyuan followed the child carefully until he was greeted in the hall.
"Where is the elixir? I am precious, but I don’t have time to have tea and chat with you here! " The child looked at the cave with a pair of eyes and said to Ma Wenyuan.
"Fairy, wait a minute and the little horse will take it with you!" After that, Ma Wenyuan moved a stone bench for the child and then rushed to the cave next to it.
Next to the yellow light, four golden monkeys flashed out. In the future, it was Ma Wenyuan’s sworn brothers Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and his younger brother Ma Wuchang.
The four men stopped in front of Ma Wenyuan and looked at Ma Wenyuan with red eyes and shouted, "Brother, why should we be so patient? We have worked so hard to forge the elixir and give it to them!"
That Ma Wenyuan glared at his eyes and roared, "Do you want to start a fight if you don’t give them the bastards? Can Huaguoshan withstand another blow?"
Then Zhao Xinghao said to Ma Wenyuan with tears in his eyes, "If the boss is still here, they will definitely not bully us to this extent!"
After hearing this, Ma Wenyuan was even more angry. He waved his hand and slapped Zhao Xinghao in the face and cried, "Don’t do it again. If it weren’t for him, how could Huaguoshan end up like this? If it weren’t for him, I would stand here and bully you. Am I happy to see everyone like this?"
The words made Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wuchang cry bitterly. The Ma Wuchang slammed into the mountain and was banned. The whole cave shook when he heard a big bang and golden light shining.
"Boss Wang has no backbone, but when they die, it’s nothing to make up for and finally throw us to the enemy!" The mountain is as tall as a mountain, and the big man is crying like a child at this time.
Xing Xuan’s divine knowledge crept out of the children’s clothes. It seems that this person’s repairing ability is worse than Ma Wenyuan’s.
See Ma Wenyuan has gone out from the cave, and all the people present are not as good as their own repair capability. Xing Xuan suddenly felt relieved and twisted and suddenly turned into a breeze again, drifting out of this cave hall and flying towards other caves.
There are many caves in water curtain cave, and each cave has advanced skills. Monkey soldiers behind him guard Xing Xuan and dare not release their gods to search for treasures. One cave is slowly searching for treasures.
Is also the star xuan luck to choose to enter the cave turned out to be placed armor to the cave.
When I entered this cave, I suddenly felt the dazzling golden light. When I saw a tall altar, there were two things on the left. It was the set of armor that released the golden light. On the right, it was a divinatory furnace. At this time, the furnace cover of the divinatory furnace was not sealed, and there was a gap exposed. Next to it, there were more than a dozen vases of suet jade, each of which was wrapped in fairy spirit, ups and downs, and each of them suspended an elixir in two or two colors.
Xing Xuan couldn’t help crying in his heart, "Ma Wenyuan, Ma Wenyuan, I told you to look down on me. I’ll do it again today. I’ll just steal your elixir, stove and armor. I’ll see what you tell that cub?"
Thought of here, Xing Xuan didn’t neglect to put the dozen suet jade bottles into the mustard bracelet with a wave of his sleeve, and then waved his sleeve again to collect the divination furnace, the phoenix wing purple gold crown, the lock gold armor and the lotus root silk step cloud shoe respectively.
Just put these things into the mustard bracelet, I heard a wave outside. It was Ma Wenyuan who led Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wu to come here to get the elixir for the child.
Star Xuan ha ha smiled and immediately cast the mysterious spell of Yuan Ying’s fit. In the cave, the golden light flashed, and the star Xuan suddenly disappeared in situ, which instantly merged with nine head worm, who was thousands of miles away.
When Ma Wenyuan saw the golden light, a huge shock in his heart flashed, he went to the cave and looked up. He saw that the altar, such as the divination furnace, the elixir and the suit of armor of the old king had disappeared.
"God, how could this happen?" Ma Wenyuan looked straight at the altar and couldn’t help being silly.
Zhao Xinghao still kept a trace of reason at this time and hurried to the altar.
Haven’t close to the altar and see the altar suddenly shot a golden light "pa".
A hit on Zhao Xinghao smashed that Zhao Xinghao into a fall and fell from the altar.
"The ban has not been destroyed in the slightest!" Behind Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wu long cried at the same time.
"He’s back. It’s him!" Ma Wenyuan face a white and bloodless complexion mouth murmured
"Eldest brother, what are you talking about?" Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wu shouted at the same time, and then all four of them looked ecstatic and shouted, "Big Brother, you mean the boss Wang, he’s back?"
Four people have changed because of the excitement, and they can’t help shivering violently.
"Don’t come back. What are you doing back? What are we going to do, and let us suffer a catastrophe? " Ma Wenyuan suddenly cried hysterically, and the sound shocked the whole water curtain cave buzzing, scaring Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan, Chang Yucheng and Ma Wuchang to pounce on Ma Wenyuan and tightly cover his mouth.
"Eldest brother, what are you doing? It’s a good thing that the eldest brother is back. Maybe he can get us out of our present predicament. What are you yelling about?" Li Tiangan hugged Ma Wenyuan’s waist and said that there was a wave of Chang Yucheng’s hand behind him to arrange an isolation array in this cave to isolate the people from the outside world.
"Good thing? What good thing? When did he come back to command and cause trouble for us?" Ma Wenyuan was still very excited and shouted
"Big Brother’s words are poor. Although it is unbearable, it is our king who once gave us spells and broke into heaven to eliminate our karma in the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma pool, which made us achieve this immortality and get back the soul source before the mirror of reincarnation in the nether world. It can be said that it is the credit of the boss and the king that we can live to this day. Although the king later abandoned us and devoted ourselves to the western paradise, we still can’t forget his gracious brother!" That Chang Yucheng hasn’t been talking. At this time, I heard Ma Wenyuan shut up and stopped talking.
"I don’t know what you mean by your coming back this time?" A long time that Ma Wuchang hesitated to ask all the way
Zhao Xinghao, Li Tiangan and Chang Yucheng all frowned after hearing, and looked at Ma Wenyuan hopefully, hoping that he could give himself a definite answer.
That Ma Wenyuan shook his head and said, "I don’t know. I’m afraid he doesn’t know that he is the Great Sage of Monkey!"
"What?" Zhao Ma Li Chang was suddenly surprised and shouted at the same time, "Do you say that his memory has not been restored?"
"Maybe it’s one of his two places at once!" Ma Wenyuan face is heavy for Zhao Ma Li Chang said
Four people are surprised at that time all just speechless.
Peter said that Long Xingxuan and nine head worm were in one place at once, and Yuan Ying immediately put it outside and flew to Zirui’s hiding place.
Just arrived at that hill, the petals were flying like rain, and Zi Rui flashed in front of Xing Xuan.
"Zirui, let’s go!" Star Xuan to say little immediately urged purple pistil way
Violet quickly put the jade jade Qiongzhou sacrifice in the middle of the boat and reached the mouth of the boat to recite a spell. Her hands were tangled with handprints, and the jade jade Qiongzhou was slowly started and then suddenly flew out of Huaguoshan.
In a moment, the two men took out hundreds of thousands of kilometers of star Xuan and couldn’t help laughing at the bow and cried, "Then Ma Wenyuan must be crying now!"
Violet quickly asked why Xing Xuan immediately told Violet in detail about the theft of armor, elixir and divination furnace by thieves Meng Tiangui.
Purple Rui laughed and said, "Who deserves that Ma Wenyuan is so cruel to us? This time, he will feel better. The forces behind the boy riding a green cow will definitely not underestimate how he can cope!"
Xing Xuan laughed and pointed to a dark mountain in front and said, "Zirui, let’s stop in front and eat his elixir!"
Violet ha ha smiled and immediately changed her fingerprints. Yuyu Qiongzhou was golden and stopped in a valley at the foot of the black mountain in the blink of an eye.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Gua Furnace
Xing Xuan flies from Yuyuqiong Boat to Zirui, and the treasure falls lightly beside Xing Xuan.
Xing Xuan took out the stolen suet jade bottle and poured out an elixir from the inside.
As soon as the elixir flew out of the suet jade bottle, it immediately filled the whole valley. Xing Xuan was overjoyed and said, "We arrived at Zirui. I didn’t expect the elixir refined from Huaguoshan to be so powerful!"