Muhai twisted and smiled. "Are you talking to me?"

"Muhai Hugh rampant here is the south yard, not the west yard, and you can’t run wild. Let the elders go quickly," Miao Ruolan said coldly.
"Hehe, what if I don’t know enough?" Mu Hai said
"Then no one can save you!" Miao Ruolan grind said.
"Ha ha, tell me what I said. Interesting! Interesting!"
Muhai shook his head slightly. "I just want to where did you go when I took her Yuan Ying? Why don’t you come to help? "
"You …" Miao Ruolan chest ups and downs intense resentment stare MuHai.
"Be smart and let her go," Miao Ruolan threatened.
"Ha ha, it seems that if I let her go, you will let me go." Mu Hai shook his head slightly. "Miao Kulan, others are afraid of you, but I am not afraid of you. Since the first time you met me, you were doomed to die."
"Dean, just let him kill me. I’m living like this. I wish I were dead. Just avenge me," said the fierce-faced woman.
"You hear me? I’m not trying to kill her. She begged me to kill her."
Say that finish MuHai right hand quickly and
"Click …"
A melon cracked and a fierce-faced woman’s head instantly exploded and red and white objects were sprayed all over the floor.
"This …"
Wait for a while, the group of women in red, looked at the curtain and showed confidence.
"It’s horrible to kill people who don’t take any time to drag their feet."
"Yeah, he totally ignores the rules."
"It’s a pity that the secret service academy doesn’t kill people, and no one has violated it."
"Then you’re wrong. I heard that Master Mu Wu violated it."
"His name is Mu Hai. No, he is Master Mu, right?"
A group of women in red can’t help talking from a distance.
Look at MuHai eyes from disdain to awe at the moment.
"You …"
Miao Ruolan looked at the fierce-faced woman and couldn’t help showing anger.
"Muhai won’t kill you today, so I won’t be Miao Ruolan."
Miao Ruolan gnashed her teeth and looked more angry.
Then she held a pair of pipa to her chest and began to play.
Her hair is dancing wildly, and her momentum is amazing
At her side, four women flew backwards and fled far away.
"Ding ding …"
Pipa rises straight to Muhai.
Each syllable, like a sword, forms a broken sound and goes straight to the sea.
Miao Ruolan plays faster and faster, forming several syllables and rushing to Muhai.
The handfuls of swords flew from all directions to Muhai with a more frightening momentum.
If this hits, I am afraid that Muhai will be inserted into a hedgehog, which is terrible.
Muhai’s eyes are more cautious in situ.
He looked at these swords without moving his eyes …
Chapter 349 War 【 6 】
"Whew …"
A sword came quickly from behind Muhai.
"Shout …"
The sword is so fast that it doesn’t even respond to Mu Haidu, so it runs through his body and wears it on the ground like a buzzing sound.
"So weak?"
Miao Ruolan saw this scene with disdain in his eyes.
Suddenly her eyebrows jumped and her face showed a frightened color.
"Escape …"