The sea of fire blocking the footsteps should not be restricted for reasonable reasons. In addition, people whose strength exceeds the limit, such as Ning Qian, can save people in a critical moment. Now no one needs them to save Ning Qian, who is worried and has nowhere to vent her depression, and Liu Yan delivers it at this time.

Is Liu Yan still looking for a chance to escape? Now there is no one to say’ I’m staring at her’. Ningqian’s eyes haven’t been away from Liu Yan’s body. Even if she digested the insect and sent it to the mother after self-destruction, she couldn’t show off in an ostentatious manner in front of Ningqian. It’s really lovely to pick up a paragraph.
Liu Yan stopped standing there, but finally she separated some of her attention. After Liu Chan died, ten thousand skeleton cave masters were left to listen to standing there. Although the commanding person didn’t help share the attack of the alliance army, he could arrange his troops properly and let them and the alliance army enter the seesaw mode instead.
Although it’s a seesaw mode, it’s still obvious that the alliance army is dominant over there, but the corners of his mouth are smiling. It seems that he doesn’t care about winning or losing. Seeing him like this, his hands have no idea at all
Seeing that a group of people have to be added, someone finally can’t help but come out. "It’s bad for us to be so deadlocked."
"What’s the panic?" Lin Lin turned a emerald banzhi set on the thumb of his right hand. "Those guys who can’t push their feet any more will die with you. I can guarantee that you won’t die if I don’t die."
I heard that the word should be added before I die, and the people behind me look different, no matter what they care about. The meaning of the word’ should’ should be not to do anything and let them get rid of it, but they are a little uncertain about the standard.
These people can’t be said to be full of confidants, but they are definitely loyal to him, pulling them out of the shackles of worms or magic people. They are dead set on him. Of course, the reason is not so simple, mostly because they don’t choose anything else.
No matter whether Liu Chan or Magic Man Lin has never given a letter, Liu Chan will not say that everyone has been killed by him. The Magic Man chose him with the former owner of the cave. He remembers this not because he is grateful, but because he wakes up at any time. The Magic Man is untrustworthy. Besides being untrustworthy, there are too many shortcomings of the Half Magic Man.
Magic people will check out the darkest side of the host they choose and limit the amplification. It can be said that no matter what the original shame is, they will become extremely ashamed when they become half-magic people. Even if they don’t betray their part or play some small moves naturally, they will add a lot of trouble.
In addition, if a half-magic person is repaired, there will be no further progress. This has two sides. The strength will not be improved, and he will not be a good hand. But in this way, his hand will definitely be the best cannon fodder. He can choose to give up and send it to be cannon fodder, but he doesn’t feel bad at all. He still chooses to cooperate with the magic person and cooperate with them to make a number of people look askance.
Does anyone remember Hu Haiwei’s special case? That’s not a special case. It’s a smoke bomb that Hu Haiwei built and rose. The real reason is that he is no longer a half-magic man.
Lin Li’s talent in alchemy is not good, but he is excellent in thinking about the semi-magic man and the worm. With the help of the black-flame monk Hellfire, he mastered the method of getting rid of the worm, and by some means, he suppressed the magic man and wiped out the magic man’s consciousness. After that, he completely integrated the other side, and once the semi-magic man regained his own control, and his strength also increased.
However, there is one problem: the original half-magic people have been reborn since then, and they are not immortal, non-magic, non-demon and non-Buddha. This makes them full of ghosts and dead bodies. Because they feel similar to zombies outside the six realms, they are given a new identity-corpse magic.
Not in the reincarnation of the six realms, apart from saying that the sage himself has abandoned heaven and the forest, which is born on the occasion, heaven abandons different magic identities. After all, heaven gives the ending a little room for change, but the corpse magic is a big black who can go all the way to the end without following the forest. There is absolutely no way out.
Besides, will Linli be so kind to help them? If you want to continue to improve your strength, you have to rely on Lindan pills. Without those pills, although your strength can still be improved, I don’t know which time you accidentally draw a bifurcation. Unless you don’t want to improve your strength, it’s not bad to repair the retrogression. Maybe there is also a danger of blasting the body to balance the pros and cons. Plus, you don’t want to be disposed of because you don’t conform to the crowd. Naturally, you are loyal to Lindan and you can’t be loyal anymore.
In order not to attract the attention of Liu Chan, there are many people who have tampered with the monty here, but the magic man there is a little rude, with good potential and a little cultivation value, and he has made them into resin demons. Of course, it won’t all be by him. He controls the resin magic Dan medicine in his hand.
Half-magic people and resin magic smell give people the same feeling. The magic people there have never realized that there are not only a lot of resin magic made by this point, but also interested in making resin magic into half-magic people. Those half-magic people can make cannon fodder in addition to obediently listening to orders.
It can be said that the corpse demon is a real army of zombies, and he is the shield for paralyzing Liushi sisters and magic people, but it is really painful to feel distressed before. After all, those zombies are better than half-magic people, and although zombies are easy to cultivate, it is not easy to make so many.
Speaking of Lin Li, I have to thank Heaven for not only showing his Lin sisters and monty’s identity, but also giving him some convenience. For example, Liu Chan falls asleep for a few days every month, which is good for him. In those days, he played a big game of chess by staying in the foundation of Qianwan Cave.
This chess game can not only get rid of Monty and Liu’s sisters, but also make Lin Licheng the first one to successfully control a demon. Of course, there is a result that he is a dead end anyway because of the accident of Monty. The worst result may be that he will not be empty.
Linli himself didn’t know if he thought it was possible to stop acting. His mentality felt particularly good. The pressure on those hands around him was almost bursting. He was the boss, but he didn’t have much pressure. When he thought about it, he should be about the same when he was ordered to send it to the Alliance Army to fight against the half-magic people in batches.
There are a lot of people here who don’t feel bad about sending half-magic people to the alliance army when leeks are cut. On the other side, monty is beaten by half-magic people. Over there, half-magic people are not cannon fodder and worm soldiers. They are not afraid of death, but they can also make magical attacks in addition to their bodies.
I have to say that Lin Li was cruel enough for Liu Chan to send him to Monty. He really didn’t send him less. Together, there were 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan, except for the last batch of leftovers that were swallowed by Monty before they were tampered with.
Look at Monty’s money accumulated over the years. These days, Hu Yingxue has lost a lot of their hands. When they got away from Zhenshentai and consumed a lot of former criminals, they almost cleaned up the worm king and worm. Although there are still many left, the quality is not as good as that of the magic man just converted. The number advantage over there is not reflected.
What makes Monty even more depressed is that his hands are not top. He is the boss or messed up. Except for the final split, all the other avatars are affected by Hellfire. Trying to devour the other party’s avatars is not only consuming his strength, but also implicating the surrounding hands from time to time. There are not many worms left. The king and how many worms will be swallowed up because of missing or supplementing his soul, and most of them will be lost.
The only doppelganger who stays awake is the weakest of all doppelgangers, not to mention that he can’t command other doppelgangers, and he has to be guarded against other doppelgangers swallowing him. If the hand worm soldier is Yiqi Dan, then this doppelganger is Bu Yuan Dan, and when they are put together, they know that choosing a good one is even worse. Monty never feels stupid.
The half-magic people here have no command and intelligence, and because they used to be worm soldiers, they are somewhat lacking in IQ, and they are naturally anxious. Therefore, what half-magic people have to do in this state can drive them to be attracted by people with hellfire.
But those half-magic people still remember that people around them can’t stare at the opposite monty. Although the attack means of spiritual intelligence are limited, they are bit by bit intercepted, and the army of insect soldiers is losing ground. As a result, Monty’s busy members can fight and follow the army of insect soldiers back and forth again and again, and even retreat to the attack range of combined array.
Monty and most of his army of insect soldiers have entered the attack range of the array. They have been watching the array for a long time. The busy people laughed at the worm king and the worm will seem to have no time to take the army of insect soldiers to attack the array for a while. Cangshuo and other Mahayana practitioners did not make moves. The practitioners did not care about the rotation system except the body repair. When they saw that the army of insect soldiers appeared in the attack range, they immediately made moves.
So monty there is between Scylla and Charybdis, and the half-magic man here and there is absolutely pressing. Monty wants to leave the attack area with the army of worm soldiers, but the half-magic man there is not only unable to let the momentum push Monty and others into the attack area completely.
Different from the combined array here, Monty’s side won’t touch the people in the array at this time, but the half-magic people will fight face to face with them. If they are close to Monty’s side, there will always be half-magic people who will get some punches. If they are closer, they won’t get some punches. Whether they run over by themselves or are dragged over by the worm soldiers, the number of half-magic people there is also dropping sharply like the army of worm soldiers.
Being attacked, he has to consume a little more from time to time. Monty soon found that he is running out of experts. After killing each other, most of his avatars have died. Although there are still a few avatars left to share, those who have died are not bad because of Hellfire. The only one who is not injured and is not affected by Hellfire is better than the worm.
It’s not stupid to show that the tide is gone. Everyone knows that it’s time to consider the posterior approach. Monty doesn’t lack this kind of experience. Before playing Monty’s name, he didn’t experience this kind of thing less. The simple way is to abandon his current body and choose a body to possess. This is the best way, but it doesn’t work here
Attached to the worm soldiers will definitely not work, no matter how weak they are, they will all be attached to those half-magic people, not to mention that the doppelganger is not powerful. Can you rob the magic people and those half-magic people’s inferno is enough to deter monty?
There is no other choice except the worm soldiers and the half-magic people. Monty is really not generally irritable, but the irritability belongs to the irritability. He can still separate some energy to think about the retreat. He hesitated repeatedly. He had to make a decision to divide the remaining worm soldiers into two roads and continue to fight with the half-magic people all the way. Crazy attack combination.