If Liu Yichen is not here, he can still speak for Su Lan.

But he is an investor in pb project and has Su’s shares. Now someone is corrupt, so he naturally has to give him a hand over to treat.
Sue looked at Su Kang in fear at night.
She knew that one day she would break with Su Kang. Was it his cold eyes or her heart?
Does Su Lan have a daughter in his heart?
"Yes, Mr. Su, you have to give us an explanation."
The shareholders in the meeting room are clamoring for Su Kang to give an explanation.
Su Kang glanced at Su Lan and sighed, "It’s all because of my poor discipline that my daughter made such a scandal."
The line of sight of shareholders turned to Su Lan Su Lan, who bowed his head.
One of the elderly shareholders frowned. "Although Chairman Su is a shareholder and doesn’t participate in the company’s affairs, do you have to give us an explanation now?"
"Yes and yes …"
They all echoed.
Su Kang voted for Lu Yichen. He is also his son-in-law Su Lan and his aunt. He won’t do this, will he?
"This matter should be handled by General Manager Lu. He is an investor in pb project and he has absolute profit to handle this matter."
"Ok, let’s listen to General Manager Lu"
The shareholders are also willing to listen to Su Kang. After all, he is the president of the Lushi Group, but the leader of the enterprise is not equal to bringing business to the Su family.
Liu Yichen cleared his throat, got up and took Sue’s shoulder and said, "I appointed Sue’s agent for the pb project, and she is now the person in charge of this project. Let her handle this matter."
Sue looked at him in shock. I didn’t expect him to let her decide such an important matter.
"I believe that I support you no matter what decision you make." Liu Yichen whispered in Sue’s ear and patted her on the shoulder.
All shareholders’ eyes are on Su Evening.
Sue was a little nervous at night, pinched her skirts and looked at Su Lan across the street and said to everyone, "In fact, my sister Su Lan had a criminal record of corruption before this."
Sue’s late love story just fell and everyone was shocked to see Su Kang. I didn’t expect him to be so longitudinal with his daughter.
Glared at Su Kang mercilessly Sue night after contact with Liu Yichen warning eyes hurriedly bowed his head.
He knows that he can’t keep Su Lan today, but he doesn’t know what Su Qing really wants to do.
If you send Su Lan to the police station, you will have to go to prison for several years because of so much corruption.
Su Lan has been scared and shaking like a sieve, and his forehead is covered with cold sweat.
If dad is the only one who knows these things, she is not afraid at all, and dad will certainly protect her.
But now it’s all Su’s shareholders. Don’t let people gossip. Dad is sure he won’t be on her side this time.
Sue cleared her throat and waited until the meeting room was quiet before continuing to say, "Everyone knows that Su Lan is Su’s daughter and Su’s shareholder, but she obviously does not put Su’s interests first. My suggestion is that Su Lan can no longer hold shares in Su’s class forever, but she can’t make decisions about Su’s affairs after shareholders."
Sue’s late love words are forceful, and everyone agrees to nod, which is really reasonable.
Su Kang’s face is ugly. Su Qing means to remove Su Lan from Su’s family. She is a share and can never inherit the company.
I’m afraid that’s why she came to Su’s.
Su Kang’s heart is green with regret. Why did he agree to Sue’s being the lead of pb project?
It’s too late to say anything now
Su Lan looked at Sue in disbelief and suddenly got up like a madman, pointing to Sue in the evening. "Sue in the evening, what qualifications do you have to do this? I am my father’s daughter. You are just a bastard …"
"Enough" Su Kang interrupted Su Lan’s words to prevent her from saying that it was difficult to obey. When she came, she angered Liu Yichen’s bad luck. Or did Su turn to Lu Haolong and tell him to "take Miss out"
"It’s the chairman."
Lu Haolong got up and wanted to pull Su Lan.
Su Lan shook his hand and said, "Take your dirty hands and don’t touch me."
Lu Haolong’s face changed, but he still pulled her away according to the chairman’s wishes.
Su Lan will not be obedient at this moment. She rushed to Sue like crazy.
Liu Yichen is busy to protect Su Lian from hurting her.
Su Lan pounced on Liu Yichen and cursed, "You bitch company is our home. I can take as much money as I want with you, you bastard …"
A slap in the face rang in the meeting room.
The field is quiet.
Liu Yichen took out a tissue from his pocket and wiped his fingers and frowned in disgust.
Throw the paper towel into the trash can and look at Su Kang. "If Mr. Su can’t educate his daughter, I’ll help you teach it again, and it’s not just a slap in the face."
Su Kang was so angry that she couldn’t wait to seal Su Lan’s mouth with tape. Can she say these words in front of so many people?
If Sue is a bastard, what is he?
"Drag her to me" Su Kang Shirley ordered to Lu Haolong.
Su Lan was also stunned by Liu Yichen and looked at him blankly.
How could he hit her?
Lu Haolong held Su Lan’s arm before her expression and screwed her out of the office.
After all this, Su Kang was ashamed to plead for Su Lan again.
Embarrassed look at the shareholders, "If you don’t have any opinions, just do as Mrs. Lu says."
Mrs. Lu?
Sue night feeling behind Liu Yichen eyes to Su Kang.
This is the first time he has called her that. Is it to draw a line with her or is it cold?