Xiong Yuxiao replied, "I’m not familiar with Hu Shimei. Of course, I’m familiar with you first."

Conghua changed hands and handed Hu Yingxue the jade box. "Do you think it’s worthwhile?"
Hu Yingxue took a glance and turned out to be a young jujube plant in Jiuli Yan. Although Xiong Yu said that she wanted this thing to exchange a Jiuqu Lingshen Dan, she couldn’t be so greedy. After reading it, she said to Cong Hua, "I agree to exchange it, but this thing can be exchanged for three Jiuqu Lingshen Dan."
Cong Hua turned and glanced at Xiong Yu. "Why don’t you hurry up?"
Xiong Yuma said, "I said just exchange one."
Hu Yingxue put away her jade box and took out a jade bottle containing three Jiuqu Lingshen Dan and threw it at Xiong Yu. "I won’t take advantage of this. I said that I can exchange three naturally."
A deal has been completed here, and other teams have been eliminated in the intermediate area one after another. When they came in, there were nearly 200 teams here, leaving 20 teams to lead the Baron Magic Sect with a little joy in each corner of their eyes, which was very good.
Some brothers of the Baron Demon Sect fall into some people’s eyes and automatically interpret it as a layer of meaning. They instigated those idiots of the Baron Demon Sect to rob Mu Tianxuan. It seems that the three men not only succeeded in robbing, but also went into the hidden array, thus drawing a conclusion that Cong Hua brought the line of people a good look, but they were all embroidered pillows.
I was about to make a few sarcastic remarks, only to find that Nianqi jumped up to Cong Hua and said, "We, the Baron Demon Sect, have been mixed up with you since we got here."
When talking at the age of seven, those people of the Baron Devil Sect put their backs straight, and they were very good and obedient. Although a bunch of people of the Baron Devil Sect were not notorious, they were not virtuous. When they saw their appearance, many people almost popped out of their eyes.
What does that mean when you come here? Everyone knows that the group painting the advanced array area is a routine group. How many people did not ask for the old chess? Four groups of people came over, one of whom was an acquaintance, a child’s brother, and a stream.
Go to the crowd and look at Hu Yingxue at Xixi and say with smile, "Before I came, Zhong Tong asked me to take people with you."
With that, a handsome man came to Laixi’s side. "Brother Wan asked me to wait for you."
Then there was a man dressed in black who showed an evil spirit with an eyebrow eye. "Win Sue specially greeted me, and he specially said that I naturally want to be with you."
"Amitabha" took two quick steps with a huge Buddha bead. "It’s rare for Brother Kangning to ask me something. Of course, I tried my best to do it."
These four teams, together with Lan Ze, Yi Fang, Nianqi and Xiong Yu, and Hu Yingxue, are the nine teams who want to go with each other. At this time, people in the secret land are very surprised because at most, three or four teams temporarily form a small group.
Conghua is to the net, even if he was a little unhappy with the Baron demon clan, he accepted the other party very happily. Seeing that their side has already held a good group, others are also busy holding a group, and soon more than 20 teams will be divided into a small group.
Knowing that the stone mountain opposite was approved by Weichi Hanyu Conghua, he raised his hand and pointed to the other side. "Let’s choose that side."
The other three small groups had no problem with this, and they each chose a direction, so they quickly roared away, as if a vicious dog was followed by Cong Hua, who had already said what to say. Hu Yingxue knew that there were four eyes in the advanced array area, just one for a small group.
Everyone else has left. Naturally, the remaining people didn’t give Wei Chihan Yu to the stone mountain before the horse started to move. If you want to pass, you can climb over the mountain. This area can’t make flying instruments or fly more than 200 feet. In fact, it’s not too high, but it will definitely take a lot of time to walk step by step. Now it’s okay to get in the way. There is an extra passage in the mountain that won’t turn over the mountain.
When they approached the stone mountain, there was still a little shock wave left in front of them. Although there was a little bit, it still made some people feel a lot of pressure. Cong Hua raised his hand and there was an enchantment to cover the group.
Without pressure, it’s natural to take a good look at a fractured rock mountain with two sides split off. The whole dark golden stone was split out by the sword shadow, and the incision was smooth as a mirror. As you can imagine, if there is the sun in the back-light secret realm, the incision will be full of brilliance, and maybe there will be something dazzling.
A sword repaired his own sword and poked his foot like a stone leaving a shallow mark on the surface. Seeing his eyes walking behind Cong Hua, Wei Chihanyu couldn’t help sighing in his heart, "Another Uber."
A dark shadow fell across the stone mountain, and a voice with some grievances sounded in Hu Yingxue’s mind, "Master, have you forgotten me?"
This shadow disappeared after entering the mirror magic field. After listening to it, Hu Yingxue said to it, "Are you blaming me for not looking for you?"
I shook my body and continued, "I went to pack things and put them in my stomach. I have nothing to collect. Maybe it will be very good for my master."
It’s not always credible to be followed by people. Hu Yingxue gave a voice, "Now there are too many people, then bring it to me."
Then Hu Ying Xueyang said, "This is my puppet beast. If you don’t abandon it, let’s walk with it."
Xiong Yu’s eyes show different colors. "Isn’t this area impossible to make flying magic weapons and Ling Fei?"
Lan Ze turned back and replied, "The puppet beast is not a magic weapon for flying, nor is it a constrained life."
Laixi looked at Sheng for a long time. "This is the first time I have seen a puppet beast."
Lan Ze looked envious. "I heard from an elder before that I didn’t know where Hu Daoyou got the baby. It really envies me."
Hu Yingxue heard the words and laughed. "It can be said that it is coincidental and very lucky that most people in my family practice puppet art. Although I followed Master to practice kendo, I also practiced some at the request of the bodhi old zu. When I met this guy in the front array, I found out that I had learned it."
Lan Zema leaned over to Hu Yingxue. "Are you sure your family is practicing puppet art?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "This is not a secret in the dry world, and my two brothers have also made a good ranking in this secret skill in Huimeng Wubi. You can confirm it after asking a little."
As soon as I heard Hu Yingxue’s secret skill, Lan Ze knew that his little mind could dispel the laughter. "Hu Daoyou don’t blame me for hearing about the puppet art, so I thought it would be too radical to hear that someone was taking a break."
Hu Yingxue saw joy from Lan Ze’s eyes without a greedy smile and replied, "If Landaoyou likes machine puppets, I can send Daoyou later, but there is a simple manipulation formula that can be released as a means of transportation at ordinary times or help stop an enemy in times of crisis."
Lan Ze’s eyes shine brightly. "Can you really give me one?"
Mu Tianxuan laughed at the side. "Yingxue said that she would send you, of course, but it can’t be too good. It’s good that Yingxue’s family saved her life."
"I want to come, that is, it is usually enough to play tricks." Of course, Lan Ze wants to be good, but he knows better that it is good to be too greedy and people are willing to give him one, but he can’t think about people’s life-saving baby.
Looking at the others, I can’t imagine Hu Yingxue’s general machine puppet, but I still envy Lan Ze. It’s a pity that he is not familiar with Hu Yingxue, and the other party seems to be very precious. The mobile phone puppet can also be a blue jersey in Xiao Mu.
Hu Yingxue, a group of people who have risen instead of walking, arrived at the earliest although they left at the latest. They want to enter the array. There is not much difference between this array and what they have seen before, that is, they have magnified a lot of the highest places and blocked a cave entrance with five or six feet.
I took a group of people to the ground in front of the array, and Hu Yingxue was the last one to deviate from it. At the same time, I received it from the Gankun Ring. There is no way. Although I will be a good helper in the battle, it is too big to be as big as a monster beast. Maybe it will help him in the coming rush.
Noting that Lan Ze and Iraq were a little nervous, Hu Yingxue asked with a smile, "Is the advanced array very sad?"
The Iraqi side replied, "Look at my luck. I have been here three times, and I went in twice, and I was sent out in less than a moment. The first time I ate poisonous weeds, I ate seven trees, and I was judged to have failed. The second time I entered, it was all water and aura. I didn’t react. I was attacked by anything, so I was judged to have failed and then I was sent out."
Lan Ze tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Don’t be the first case that Iraq said. I ate poisonous weeds with him for almost three months before I recovered."
As it turns out, God just likes to be with people, and neither Iraq nor Lanze wants to meet the test questions of eating poisonous weeds, only to find that they have to accept the first challenge, that is, eating poisonous weeds or upgrading the lowest level of poison placed in front of them, which can make the Yuan infant practitioners suffer from poison.
Hu Yingxue is very glad that those poisonous weeds are not reiki condensed like those monster beasts in front. Siebel is really planted after the goods are delivered. Although those poisonous weeds are taken out casually, they are all toxic and violent, but they should be able to be cured. Poisonous is also a good medicine, just like those poisonous weeds on the desktop. After the proper method is completed, the body’s anti-toxicity and physical strength and hardness will increase significantly.