Qi Wu followed with a smile, "Shao Cang Shuo Zong has shown great performance. You should warn those who have certain ideas that some people cannot covet."

Shu Wu left the corner of his mouth. "I have already warned, but some people don’t bump into the south wall and don’t look back. I don’t care about what I say. I will reply to the message. Someone is going to have a romantic encounter with the amazing fairy on this full moon night tonight. I heard that your Hu Xiaoyou seems to have a little dislike for the title of amazing fairy."
"I don’t like being called a psychic. I have to accept this title." Qi Wu looked out of the window. "I forgot there was a trade fair tonight if you didn’t tell me."
Shu Wu said, "I heard that Cang Shuo Zong took out a lot of pills. If you hadn’t made such a big noise here, I would have bought some pills at the fair now."
"If you don’t go, someone will send it to you." Qi Wu raised his hand to cover his mouth and coughed up a piece of blood. "I finally got over the gas. It’s okay. You hurry over. Hu Xiaoyou, my longed-for brother, has a bad temper. You said that if he angered him, he wouldn’t get any good results."
Although I really hope that those people can learn enough lessons, Shu Wu still got up. "I told Er Sheng to stay outside and ask him to do anything."
Qi Wu raised his eyebrows. "Does anyone say that you are a grandmother?"
Shu Wu turned his eyes back. "I’m not as good as your aunt, and I almost took my life."
After Shu Wu left, Qi Wu sighed faintly, "I am doing my best to seek its own government."
After leaving the hospital, Shu Wu rushed to the place where the fair was located as quickly as possible. Due to an unexpected situation, the guard force was significantly strengthened this time. Even he had to be inspected before entering the entrance.
Without accident, I heard many people talking about what good things appeared in Cangshuo’s booth. This time, it was not only Dan medicine but also a magic weapon. During the day and noon, I was said that Mu Tianxuan, a nine-weapon master, gave me the identity of a seven-weapon master. Before the door became red, a seven-weapon master was madly sought after. I can imagine how much sensation a seven-weapon master caused.
No matter what the magic weapon is, if Mu Tianxuan refines it, Hu Yingxue will be robbed. On the first day of Danbi, the Dan Ding once again attracted attention. Originally, Dan teachers were still waiting to see. Shu Wucai left for a short distance and met several Dan teachers who took the initiative to strike up a conversation and said that it was rare to trade Dan medicine or directly trade Lingshi.
It’s usually someone else who looks for Dan Shi. For Shu Wu, it’s the first time he met Dan Shi and took the initiative to talk to someone else about the deal. It’s all because of the scattered forces that he did this. Before he found Hu Yingxue and them, he hooked up with those Dan Shi as he walked.
Shu Wu-lai was still thinking that he was lucky. He just hooked up and recruited two four Dan teachers. When he saw the man lying on the ground, he felt that he was covered with dark clouds. His parents didn’t give him the wrong name, but he was a typical parasite. What a dude likes to do most is to bully men and women.
However, Ji Shengwu has a problem that he is not very good but makes others very happy. He is too lazy to go out. What he sees on one side, Gong Qisen Shu Wu knows how this one can appear here. He is sure that Gong Qisen must have failed to clarify Hu Yingxue’s identity with Ji Shengwu. Otherwise, Ji Shengwu would not be lying on the ground like this, but he just looks serious and is actually a cassock scrapped.
In any case, Ji Shengwu and some of the world leaders walked quickly in front of Gong Qisen’s mouth. "How did Ji Xiaogong in my family offend you?"
Hu Yingxue glanced at Ji Shenge, who was smoking plumes of black smoke. "Nothing. He just came and invited him to spend the night with him. The way made me feel a little uncomfortable."
When I saw Shu Wu talking to Hu Yingxue, the tone was quite polite. Ji Shenge immediately knew that he had been calculated by Gong Qisen and recovered his ability to act. He jumped up, and when his feet fell to the ground, his body became dark and he changed his shirt. He walked beside Shu Wu and bowed down at Hu Yingxue. "Please forgive me for being offended just now."
"Not all women like bad men after Ji Gong, but pay more attention to them." If it weren’t for seeing that Ji Sheng E’s fundus emotions and expressions don’t match, Hu Yingxue would never have lost a thunderbolt to him. The man around her would definitely let the other side know what is unforgettable pain.
Gong Qisen apologized before he took the initiative to leave when he saw Ji Shenge, but the monk could not run away from the temple. Even if he could always hide from Ji Shenge, he could not avoid being retaliated. He was the eldest grandson of the top ten families in the mixed world. His status was much more noble than that of the elder behind Gong Qisen.
Gong Qisen also secretly regretted looking for Jisheng E. He was too impatient. He hoped to achieve his goal as soon as possible. According to his plan, Hu Yingxue, the eldest grandson of Jishi’s family, would not be spared. Who would have thought that being chopped by thunder operators for a season of Jisheng E was not as furious as he expected, but he took the initiative to apologize after getting up.
Gong Qisen was not stupid. Ji Shengwu’s attitude made him wonder if he had made a mistake in rushing to come here. He was very careful to make sure that he had been doing more and more mistakes, so he decided to go home. He took everything with him and made a decision. When the horse found a remote corner and crushed it, he received a gift stone from his grandfather.
When Gong Qisen was shrouded in light, there was a flash of light in his mind. The infamous Ji Shao seemed to have a secret, but the idea flashed in his mind, and the horse was crushed by him. He didn’t think about what secrets Ji Shao was hiding now, but his mind was full of thoughts, such as picking the Gong family out of that group of people.
Just after Gong Qisen made the light disappear, three people were thrown out of that position by a black vortex, and then disappeared. A female practitioner took a look here and immediately shouted, "There are three people lying here covered in blood!"
Chapter 139 Lock the soul
The second fair was blasted out of the pit, and when I heard that someone was covered in blood, the venue of the fair immediately exploded, and I turned around and walked to the entrance, daring to check or watch.
Just after the place where people were found was surrounded, someone shouted, "Isn’t this the Qingyun Gate Du and Zhenjun?"
Hu Yingxue, who happened to be near there, didn’t want to join in the fun. When he heard this, he immediately dialed the crowd as quickly as possible and rushed over to the ground. Three people were really blood, and they were all blood from head to toe, but it didn’t seem to be their blood because they didn’t seem to have any wounds.
See people Hu Yingxue three or two steps up in the past. Without looking at her face, she can be sure that the leftmost one is her teacher Qingyang Zhenjun, and the rightmost one is Qingyun Gate Du and Shibo, whose face is full of blood and her lips are blue and white. Qing Wu will know at a glance that the situation is very bad.
Squatting beside Qingyang, Hu Yingxue held his wrist and sent a wisp of knowledge to the inn. As soon as he reached a little bit, that wisp of knowledge was played out by Qingyang’s chaotic real yuan. He raised his hand and looked at Mu Tianxuan and said, "People here are too miscellaneous to go back to the inn."
Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan came out tonight to enjoy the two people’s world. Not only did they not let people follow them, but they also walked around in a remote corner. There were two good people. Hu Yingxue was responsible for moving Qingyang Mu Tianxuan, and Ann Chen and Du He followed them to squeeze in. Ji Shengwu left and just changed into a white robe. He took Du He over.
A bodyguard hurried to "it’s all blood, let me do it."
Jisheng E went to the side to flash "No, anyway, it has already been touched with Shu Wu’s adult before you go back first"
No matter how profound the image of Ji Shengwu Wan-ku is, he is also the archduke of Ji’s family. He made a speech and followed him. The guards could listen to Shu Wu and looked at him without refuting his words. He asked the guards to help disperse the crowd around him. He took out a small boat.
Although there are regulations in the Fair and Lotte City that can’t make flying instruments, there are always some people who have a special interest in seeing Tengqi as a Shuwu boat patrolling nearby. The guards all paid a courtesy to the half-line, and no one stopped the boat before, and flew back to Cangshuozong as quickly as possible to stay in that inn.
Mu Tianxuan has sent a message that Cangshuozong and the elders of Qingyun Gate all saw Hu Yingxue in the lobby of the inn. They immediately gathered around when they entered the door. Dan Shi Zhao Hang was allowed to look at the bodies of Qingyang, An Chen and Du He in turn and looked up at Hu Yingxue. "You should have checked it?"
Hu Yingxue nodded. "I think they should be poisoned."
Zhao Hang took back the hand that lay on Du and wrist "it was really poisoned"
Zhao Hang’s tone is very certain that Hu Yingxue took a step forward. "Do you know what poison is among them?"
Zhao Hang nodded his head and turned to look at the elders such as Jane Mo Li. "Your age should know the dispute over the blood hole in the blood cliff."
"Because the son and the newborn grandson daughter-in-law were poisoned by the main daughter of the blood bone cave, Liang Ying and his predecessors destroyed the blood bone cave." Jane was frowning. "Is Qingyang’s poisoning the name of the lock soul poison refined by the main daughter of the blood bone cave? Didn’t the blood bone hole be destroyed by Liang Ying’s predecessors? "
Zhao Hang sighed, "Sui Yiqiu, who founded the Blood Bone Cave with one hand, is a wizard of Dan Dao. Unfortunately, he devoted himself to researching drugs and making drugs. Because of researching drugs and making drugs, he didn’t have any energy to raise his only daughter. In the end, his daughter’s unruly nature caused him to be killed, but Sui Yiqiu was not killed by Liang Yingshu’s predecessors, but he committed suicide to apologize to his predecessors.
Because Sui Yiqiu killed himself, Liang Yingshu spared his daughter at that time. That woman was a hot person who was afraid of death. She didn’t have any father’s revenge. She went to other places to remain anonymous. She didn’t repent when she left. She took away Sui Yiqiu’s refined poison formula in a secluded place. At the beginning, the eldest daughter of a local Xiuzhen family was killed by that Xiuzhen family in the same way.
After the woman’s death, she left the poison and formula in her hand where she was looking for her lover, Chen Bin. She would return the eldest daughter of the Xiuzhen family because her lover was the other fiance. When she heard that the woman was killed, Chen Bin fled overnight for ten years and then appeared again, she locked her soul in his family and his fiancee’s family.
If there is no antidote, you have to obey the orders of the poisoner. Chen Binxian let two family members kill each other all night. A few days ago, people left the scene with living people, but there was not a drop of blood. If a young child had not hidden and found the body, no one would have thought of the real cause of death of those people.
I happened to pass by and adopted the lucky young child, which was my big apprentice and Chen Bin’s half-brother and half-brother. I never thought that he was Chen Bin’s deliberate purpose to keep the two industries from falling into other people’s hands and raise a baiwenhang farm, which was my victim’s ruin. "
Speaking of which, Zhao Hang took a deep breath. "I was the one who raised the baiwenhang in those days, but it was Chen Bin. I killed Chen Bin. Now it seems that he is out of the shell."
Threaten the poisoned person with his life. When he listens to orders and locks the soul poison, he has to use some special methods. Every poisoner’s methods are different, and the symptoms after poisoning will be different. Qingyang’s poisoning symptoms are exactly the same as those of my family, which is enough to say that Chen Bin is not dead. "
After hearing Zhao Hang words JianMo from immediately nasty "Qingyang their situation? Is there any saving? "
"If I couldn’t save me, I wouldn’t have said so much in one breath just now." Zhao Hang turned his hand and took out a jade bottle. "Qing Soul Dan can temporarily control the soul-locking poison. We should find the three-flower blood-soul grass and the bloody Datura flower before Qing Soul Dan does, and they can get rid of their luck. Maybe they can get some unexpected benefits. If they are unlucky, they will become people, ghosts and nirvana Dan as I did before. That is not a problem."
Zhao Hanggang finished coming with Shu Wu and said, "I have a bloody Datura species. I don’t know how long Qing Soul Dan can last and whether it can wait until flowers come out."
Hu Yingxue looked at Ji Shengwu a few times and took out two jade bottles and handed them to him. "These two bottles are filled with marrow-repairing pills and soul-nourishing pills, which should solve your problem now. I think they can exchange your blood-colored Datura seeds?"