She is not interested in being hated by a puzzling woman because of a man and is still an old woman!

If I think about Du Ruo, I feel a lot relieved when I stare at my friends. This clears my throat and says, "I have separated out some poison ingredients in the afternoon. Although it is difficult to find other flavors, I can also plant some medicine in my medicine garden and need your help."
"What medicine?"
"Heartbreak Seven Stars!"
"Seven-star heartbroken grass …" Duane read these words lightly and felt as if he had heard of them everywhere.
"This herb is extremely difficult to find. It is said by Master that there is one place in the whole continent of Zhongzhou." Du Ruo paused to see each other, but he didn’t want to ask. Then he sank, "It’s in the Death Canyon in the Hanshui Mountains of the Broken Tooth Mountains!"
Say Du Ruo hands clenched into fists, eyes glued to Duane’s face, and a heart instantly hung to his throat.
She knew that the Grand Canyon was extremely dangerous and the environment was harsh, and the Arctic ice sheet was not extravagant, so that even the practitioners of immortality rarely went there. But at this moment, it was already a "three-day extinction" by other methods. The most dangerous of all the poisons was the seven-star heartbroken grass, and there were also such grass roots to solve it. She had to let Duane take risks.
Duane looked at her quietly for a moment and then smiled faintly. "Okay, I’ll pick it, but you have to tell me what the seven-star Herba Lysimachiae looks like."
Du Ruo just breathed a sigh of relief, and the original heart fell back to its original place at the moment. She was already numb because she held it too hard, and her hands turned away from the guest room. "Come with me."
Duane put Pan Hui hands and took off his white robe to cover her body. This just stretched out his hand and cut the broken hair on the forehead of the pool and whispered, "Have a good sleep! Master elder brother will save you! "
Then he left the room and walked to the back hall.
Du Ruo has turned out an old handwritten note at this time. Looking at his friend coming in dressed in black, the original white robe worn outside has disappeared and he can’t help but leng leng.
It wasn’t until the other person asked "Is there a atlas" that she hurriedly pointed to a handwritten note and drew a herb saying, "This is the seven-star heartbroken grass that Master remembered."
Duane took the letter and saw the picture of seven cymes of Chinese herbal medicine flowers. The terminal flowers were yellowish, and the corolla was funnel-shaped with reddish spots. Each flower had opposite leaves, ovate-lanceolate, tapering at the top and nearly rounded at the base.
What is strange is that these seven flowers are distributed in different positions, different heights, different left and right sides of the flower branches, which seems to show the appearance of the Big Dipper in the picture.
"Master originally planned to transplant this herb into the herb garden, but later found that once it leaves the Grand Canyon, it will wither in one day and there is no way to protect you one day!" Du Ruo looked heavy.
Chapter 65 Seven stars heartbroken (2)
Duane laughed. "Of course I have to get back in one day, or I’ll develop an antidote for you when I have extra time?"
Du Ruo dazed didn’t think he was going to push himself to this level.
The valley of death is so long and full of miasma. It is difficult to save his life. He has to look for herbs and calculate the round trip one day. It’s a life-threatening thing!
"Did your master say where this herb usually grows?"
The cool sound came from nearby to Du Ruo, and he recovered from his surprise and said, "Generally, it grows near dark and humid bushes. I remember Master said that the more miasma there is, the more this herb you can find!"
Duane nodded and said, "Well, I’ll start at once. Xiaohui will please give it to you."
"Don’t worry, I will do my best to keep her waiting until you come back!" Du Ruo solemnly said, "But you haven’t got any medicine this month!"
"I have something to do before, but now it seems to be an act of god." Duane chuckled.
Du Ruo frowned and wanted to say something, only to find that the other party never seemed to need others to wake him up. He always lived according to his own mind, and nothing others said would affect him.
Finally, she told the sentence, "The seven-star heartbroken grass is poisonous. When picking flowers with thorns, be careful not to be pricked or else …"
Although Duane once said that Pan Hui would live and die together, she knows this man’s words are always mixed, which makes people confused about his temperament. The authenticity of all the sentences "I will accompany her whether I am dead or alive" remains to be discussed.
However, if you are really stabbed by the seven-star heartbroken grass and let the toxicity enter the blood, then you really don’t want to be accompanied by double suicide.
She is just an ordinary person, but there is no way to enter the miasma Grand Canyon to treat him. If Du Ang is really poisoned, she can die. So Pan Hui must die in the "three-day extinction" and then turn to the world.
Think of these Du Ruo and fidgety.
She has always regarded herself as a healer. She has traveled across the country for years to save lives. Today, it is the first time to send someone to the Jedi, and it is because of her ability.
If I had known this, if she had listened to Master and practiced together, she might not have such regrets today.
"I ordered God not to accept it." Although Duane’s laughter is still comforting his friends, it makes people feel that this person is very frivolous.
Du Ruo’s words came to his mouth and he forcefully took them back and lamented that he was really blind to worry about such a scourge and should be able to live for one thousand years.
The sound of "gone" is full of consistent unrestrained unruly.
When he turned around, Du Ruo finally saw the blood on his abdomen and couldn’t help but reach out and grabbed his sleeve and exclaimed, "You haven’t stopped bleeding?"