In this way, Lu Xiusi has thought of a way to punish them, that is, to make sure that he is not disabled, and then he doesn’t even know what happened!

It didn’t take long for Lu Xiusi to hold a press conference himself, but he didn’t sit in a wheelchair anymore, which surprised everyone, because Lu Xiusi was in a wheelchair there, which caused a lot of discussion
Lu Xiusi was dressed in a black suit on the stage, and the momentum came out. Wherever he was, he was attracted by everyone’s eyes, and he was also natural and graceful and looked at by everyone
Lu Xiusi clapped his hands on the stage and said, "I believe everyone has seen it. I used to be a disabled person, but I have been cured for some special reasons and I didn’t tell you."
☆, Chapter 32 But I will love dearly.
Taiwanese people are excited, especially those young girls. You know, before Lu Xiusi was so angry, he was in a wheelchair, and everyone thought that his legs hindered his handsome. Now he is finally fine, so he is fascinated by them.
Those girls were all fascinated by her, and Lu Xiusi was physically attractive, but now she is more charming and people are more interested in him.
Lu Xiusi coughed to show that he was going to talk. He went on, "I’m here now to say that I have nothing to do. Please don’t worry about me. I’m sorry to make you worry."
As soon as Lu Xiusi’s press conference was over, the reporter gave this video to the internet. After a while, the click rate was 100%. Because Lu Xiusi is a god, it really attracts people’s attention all the time!
And Lu Qingzhou was also reading this report. He looked at this report strangely and didn’t know what. He was very angry. He didn’t expect that the only reason why Lu Xiusi could stand was broken by Lu Xiusi.
Liu Qingzhou smashed everything he could touch. He said angrily, "What? What, he’s not disabled? What? "
Of course, no one answered Lu Qingzhou’s words, because his question was destined to have an unfavorable answer, but how could Lu Qingzhou know that there was more than this that made him unhappy!
On this day, Lu Xiusi said to Lu Qingzhou, "Qingzhou will not come to work after you. I don’t think it is necessary for you to come here because of your ambition."
Liu Qingzhou wondered, "What? I don’t remember doing anything wrong, do I? Would you please say yes? I don’t know what’s wrong with me? "
Lu Xiusi put the evidence of Liu Qingzhou’s evil Shen Nuo in front of Liu Qingzhou. "I don’t know if these are enough to pull you from this position?" I don’t think I’ll say more! "
Liu Qingzhou looked at him and left his name on the evidence. He didn’t expect that he would have such a day. He was unwilling to say, "Why should I leave? You can’t drive me away. I want to reason with my grandfather."
At this moment, Master Lu was in a wheelchair, pushed by Shen Nuo, and he slowly came towards Lu Xiusi and them. Lu Fu angrily said, "I didn’t expect you to be so presumptuous."
Liu Qingzhou wronged, "Grandpa, why do you always speak for my uncle? I’m also very good. Why can’t I take the position of president just because I’m not your son?" So I am not qualified to sit in that position? "
This made Liu Fu very angry. He said to Liu Qingzhou, "Am I not good to you? I have spoiled you since I was a child. I will help you get whatever you want, but what do you give me in return? "
Liu Fu seems to be a little angry. He caressed his chest and seemed to be angry. When Shen Nuo saw it, he patted his vest and said, "Dad, are you okay?"
Lu Fu said to Shen Nuo, "I’m fine. I’m just angry. I didn’t expect to raise such an unfilial grandson!"
Liu Qingzhou saw Liu Fu angry and knew that he was angry with him, but he felt that he was not wrong.
Lu Fu looked at Liu Qingzhou and said, "Why can’t you sit in that position? Now I’ll tell you that your uncle’s front legs are caused by your father and you are unable to sit in that position. Do you think it’s still possible?"
Lu Qingzhou didn’t expect Lu Xiusi’s leg to be caused by his father, but his horse reacted, "But what does it have to do with my father to sit in the position of president?"
Father Lu said angrily, "Of course, because your father wants to take away my Lujia property. If you become president, won’t it be as you wish?"
Lu Qingzhou never imagined that the reason why she couldn’t take the position of president turned out to be because of her father. Should she blame her father?
Liu Qingzhou said to Liu Fu, "Grandpa, I know that I will think about it. I agree to quit, but I won’t be so decadent. I will make a career myself and wait and see!" At the same time, I also understand that it is reliable to rely on my own efforts. "
Lu Fu was glad that Lu Qingzhou could figure it out, but he still insisted on his own point of view to prevent things from happening again. He said to Lu Qingzhou, "Grandpa, I’m glad you can figure it out, but since you said so, start your own business!"
Liu Qingzhou said to Liu Fu, "Grandpa, I left my job. I know I’ve done too much trouble, but you can rest assured that it won’t happen after I’ve made it clear that my reasons and my father’s reasons forbid me to sit in that position."
Maybe Lu Qingzhou really understood it. He went on, "But the scene is no longer important. I didn’t expect my father to do this to my uncle. I think we have gone too far."
Lu Xiusi didn’t expect Lu Qingzhou to turn over a new leaf so soon. He said to Lu Qingzhou, "If you encounter problems on the road to entrepreneurship, you should come to my uncle and help you."
Lu Qingzhou shook his head and said, "No, no, I want to work hard to run my career myself. I have to start from scratch. I am too inexperienced. I still lack experience!"
In this way, Lu Qingzhou’s face was not unwilling to pack things. After leaving the company, he seemed to really want to start his own business. He also told his directors not to be right with Lu Xiusi again.
The directors asked Liu Qingzhou doubtfully, "General Manager, do you really want to quit and not fight for the position of president? Are you sure you don’t want to be president? But your father also told us. "
Liu Qingzhou said angrily, "Now that my dad is not here, you have to listen to me, but you will have to work hard with your uncle before you can eat, and there may be places for you to help me after I start my own business."
The directors said loyally, "general manager, you can rest assured that we will always help you. No matter what you do, we will be by your side, but do you really want to start your own business?"
Lu Qingzhou looked at them carefully and said, "Well, now I’m telling you seriously that what I said is true. I really want to start a business. I’ll be my own boss after my hard work makes sense."
The directors said, "Well, that’s all right. Anyway, we can’t compete with Lu Xiusi. When the general manager does something big, we are willing to support you and help you. We will support you at any time."
Lu Qingzhou is grateful. "Thank you. I will remember you. I’m leaving. When I make achievements, I will come back. You can see then. I can do something myself."
After Lu Qingzhou finished speaking, he left the company. He also went to Lu Xiusi’s office to say goodbye to him. He said to Lu Xiusi, "I know that I am not as good as you because you have been working hard and I have been leisurely being a brother."
Section 23
Lu Xiusi looked at it so that Lu Qingzhou could finally be sure that Lu Qingzhou was really back from the brink. He said gently to Lu Qingzhou, "Qingzhou, I am waiting for you to make a career. Maybe we can get together then!"
Lu Qingzhou also smiled and said to Lu Xiusi, "Yes, I am afraid that my small company will climb up to your big company, so I will curry favor with you!"
This is also the most harmonious time they have ever gotten along with each other, because it was difficult for the two sides to get along so well before.
In this way, everyone’s eyes are on Lu Qingzhou’s career journey, and the future road is full of thorns. No one knows what difficulties there are, and no one can understand them until they have experienced them themselves.
Although Lu Qingzhou has changed for the better, who knows what will happen in the future? Now there are so many young people who have failed to find a way or no conditions. Who knows!
Although Lu Qingzhou knows how difficult it is to start his own business, isn’t his family company originally created by himself? Since others can do it, he believes that he can do it, and he will not give up on himself in the future
Lu Xiusi saw that Lu Qingzhou was full of energy now and knew that he had to insist, but he had to go by himself when he chose his own way. No one could help him, and maybe he could give him some advice when necessary.
Lu Xiusi didn’t come back until Shen Nuo took care of the children at home in the evening. Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo and said, "Why don’t you have dinner yet? Didn’t you say you shouldn’t wait for me if I come back too late?"
Shen Nuo put the baby in the baby car and said to Lu Xiusi, "I’m not waiting for you to come back and eat together." It’s strange to eat alone and it’s more delicious for two people. "
Lu Xiusi shook his head and said that he couldn’t understand what Shen Nuo was saying. Shen Nuo sat at the dining table and handed the chopsticks to Lu Xiusi. "Well, actually, I was waiting for you to come back when I was pinching it. It’s still hot!"
Lu Xiusi was touched by Shen Nuo’s heart. He whispered to Shen Nuo, "If I don’t come back late, you can eat first. You can’t be hungry!" I will be distressed. "
Shen Nuo listened to Lu Xiusi’s words and his face turned red. "Alas, people just want to wait for you to eat together! Otherwise, it’s too lonely to eat alone, so I just want to wait for you to eat together. "
Lu Xiusi didn’t say anything more. Everything was moved without words, otherwise it would seem a little fake. A meal ended in silence.
After dinner, Shen Nuo pushed Liu Yichen back to her room. It didn’t take long for Shen Nuo to return to her room with Lu Xiusi. As soon as she was lying down, Lu Xiusi took her into her arms.
Shen Nuo He had to do something when he suddenly heard Lu Xiusi snoring. She didn’t expect Lu Xiusi to go to bed so early today. It seems that she must be very busy in the company!
I feel distressed when I look at this exhausted Shen Nuo, but I can’t do anything. It gives me a headache to think about this Shen Nuo. It seems that I am not doing it very well!
When Shen Nuo woke up the next day, the position where Lu Xiusi lay beside him was already cold, saying that Lu Xiusi had been away for a long time, which made Shen Nuo think that Lu Xiusi went to bed and got up early. I wonder if he had breakfast?