"Who can see me?" She sighed.

"Sister Xia Xue, even those women in the city can’t compare with you. How can you not see that person unless you are blind?" Ma Liang said truthfully.
"Then you married me." Xia Xue joked, but suddenly he found that the joke had gone too far. He held his face red and scolded himself for what happened today. This is teacher Mengmeng. She never said that before.
She is also very fond of Teacher Ma, otherwise she wouldn’t let Mengmeng be so close.
"Well, if you don’t mind my dreaming," Ma Liang laughed and knew that she was joking, but her heart was still stunned.
"In fact, I thought before that now people know each other but don’t know each other. I’m afraid that Mengmeng doesn’t like to have a bad life. After all, she is not a child of two or three years old." She sighed.
"Sister Xia Xue, when the mangy dog comes, don’t rush to say that the food is available. I invited the village chief and uncle Xiao’s family to wait for him to personally admit that it is this kind of food. Let’s take out the leftovers."
This is just in case mangy dogs are most famous for their heels.
Xia Xue frowned. Uncle Xiao and Uncle Zhang are both generational figures in the village. Even mangy dogs have to listen. If they admit it in front of their faces, there is no problem. How can these two people be reluctant to come forward on weekdays?
Mengmeng cooked the meal, and the three of them ate Ma Liang and praised her for a few words. She blushed and brought Ma Liang a lot of dishes, but it was not beautiful because several mangy dogs came.
"Yo, eating is really a family. I really didn’t see it, or I got it when I read it." The mangy dog gave a thumbs-up sign.
Take a bath by the river
"You can eat at random, but you can’t talk nonsense." Ma Liang said that he was not as weak as before and became active and strong.
"Let’s have a good time." The mangy dog touched his nose
"If you can’t deliver the food, take the money honestly and get out and let you guys enjoy it." He has already risked his eyes and coveted Xia Xue in the village, but there are still few people coming.
Fortunately, their brains generally thought about it before they came up with this idea.
Just then, the village chief, Uncle Zhang and Uncle Xiao, came, smoking a big pipe and strolling to the door.
"Uncle Xiao, Uncle Zhang, the village head, you just came to witness for me." The mangy dog took the initiative to pull up three people instead of paying for the food.
Ma Liang hurried up and said hello to them one by one. The three men accepted his boar and nodded politely, but the eyes were still a little floating. After all, they were recognized as prestigious figures in the village and had to have a style.
"After listening to your story, the three of us will do justice." Uncle Zhang smoked a cigarette one by one all the year round, wearing a black hat and feeling a little stooped.
And uncle Xiao’s spirit is better and his face is red, as if the moles on his mouth are lighter, and he is also smoking a mouthful, and he is followed by a dog, which has been black for many years.
Zhang Datong, the village chief, was carrying a hoe, so he probably went to work directly when he was busy.
"Of course, it’s fair these days. I’m a reasonable man, Xia Xue. Her chickens have eaten a lot of my crops. I’ll ask her to pay for it. I’m sure I won’t do it. I won’t even ask her to lose money."
"I can buy seeds and you want 500 yuan." Xia Xue could not explain, but she ran a lot of places to buy them and spent a lot of money.
"I’m a real person. It’s enough for the villagers to pay me ten catties. They also promised that they would give me 500 yuan if they couldn’t give me ten catties. They also said that they would wait for me for a few days and I agreed."
"Is this the case with Pony?" Uncle Zhang asked.
"Is this the case, he said yes" Ma Liang nodded and then made an expression of eyes to Mengmeng. Mengmeng took out the food in the corner, which was obviously not ten catties.
"Ha ha, there are ten catties here, even if you spill water, there are no ten catties to give money." The mangy dog laughed and several people beside him were happy, which was so cool.
"Let’s weigh it first." Uncle Xiao is a vegetable grower, but he didn’t weigh ten pounds at first sight, but he said something nice because of his collection.
"Is this the dish?" asked the village chief.
"It’s this dish. I didn’t expect them to get something. It wouldn’t be my field. If it were me, I’d chop you up."
The mangy dog deliberately said that in fact, his place didn’t add up so much.
"Mengmeng, bring the leftovers" Ma Liang said a sentence when several people were smiling.
Ning Mengmeng went to get the rest, and several people couldn’t laugh. This is definitely more than ten pounds.
The mangy dog couldn’t smile and stared at Ma Liang.
"Well, that’s it, shameless dog. You don’t have to be hard on them with so many pounds." Uncle Xiao looked at the mangy dog.
A mangy dog is as uncomfortable as eating a fly.
"It’s so forget it." Uncle Zhang also said.
"Well, your name is Ma." The mangy dog threw a bad word and walked away. A few dog legs quickly followed.
"Mengmeng went to give the watermelon to a few grandfathers." Ma Liang laughed.
"Good" Mengmeng heart went.
Xia Xue looked at Ma Liang in the back. He handled things properly. It’s good to have such a man to help.
Then three people exchanged pleasantries for a while. One man left them slowly with a big watermelon. Say it straight. If the mangy dog comes for this, just tell them directly.
But the mangy dog man won’t let it go. He ate this today and will find a place to get it back another day.
"Thank you, Teacher Ma," Xia Xue said sincerely.
"Don’t worry, it’s not easy for you. Come to me if you have anything. I will definitely help." Ma Liang laughed.
"Mom, I’m going to play at Teacher Ma’s house today." Ning Mengmeng asked next to her.
"Go if you want," Xia Xue said lovingly touching her daughter’s head.
"If it’s nothing, I’ll go first. You have to farm this dish first. Maybe the mangy dog will come for it." Ma Liang found himself thinking too much.
The mangy dog didn’t take it at this time. Maybe he will come back in two days and say that he wants to take it, and then he will find fault again when the food is gone.
"Teacher, I want to take a bath in the river." Ning Mengmeng naturally likes water.
"The teacher will take you." Ma Liang took her hand.
Looking at the back of the two people walking away, Xia Xue felt a little bit like crying in his heart. Even if the former man was still there, he would go out all day to brag and play around. You can find that he was pregnant with Mengmeng, and he has become better, but it is even more unpleasant for her to be a daughter.
Sighed, she went back to the house. The thought of looking at Ma Liang in her eyes was like ripples in a calm lake.
When Ma Liang returned home, she found that Su Yuyao got up. In a daze, she stretched and forgot what she was wearing, which made Ma Liang stunned.
Most of the snow-white breasts are exposed, and she is about to break the thin nightgown when she moves, and those beautiful legs are so symmetrical and slender that people can’t get enough of them.
Thin, thin, weak and weak, the waist is thin, but the hips are upturned and round, and the shoulders are delicate. Two thin ones are beautiful with a clear collarbone.
This Su Yu Yao is a woman’s pole regardless of her figure.
"Teacher Su" saw that Ma Liang’s soul had been hooked away, and Ning Mengmeng was in a hurry.
Su Yu Yao also found himself now dressed up with a red face and quickly closed the door and changed his clothes before coming out.
No matter how you dress, she has a fresh and refined but fashionable temperament, which is very eye-catching in this village.
"What do you usually do on holidays in Mengmeng?" Su Yuyao asked.
"What about the working teacher in your city?" Ning Mengmeng simply asked.
"I don’t know others, but the teacher will go shopping, watch movies, eat delicious food and sometimes buy nice clothes and shoes."
She misses that kind of life a little, that’s her own, but when she looks down, Ning Mengmeng’s eyes are full of vacant, and she doesn’t know what she said.
"By the way, today the teacher took me to take a bath in the river."
"Bathing in the river" Su Yuyao’s heart moved. She liked to go to the swimming pool before, but every time she stared at it with several pairs of eyes, which made her uncomfortable, so she went less. It seems that there are few people in this village to play.
"Yes, I know a place where few people go."
"Teacher Su, breakfast is ready and you eat it while it’s hot." Ma Liang cooked a lean porridge with leftovers yesterday. Today, I’m going to stew the pork leg and ask Sister Xianglan to come and eat together.
I have to go here to catch Ma Liang in Tianxiang. I got 400 yuan to buy clothes, and I also need a set of dreams. The most important thing is that I have to buy some good seeds myself, so I won’t worry about having no money.