"Master Xiao Hui has become a’ Yu Niang’!"

No matter five years or ten years, no matter how hard it is, she must become a "Yu Niang". Only in this way can she have the same status and strength as the master Xuan. If the master elder brother doesn’t come back and he doesn’t come back, then she will pick him up.
"Well," Duane answered her oath without hesitation, just like before, and never poured cold water on her once.
"The master elder brother must protect himself before Xiaohui succeeds!"
Otherwise, what’s the point of what she has done? In the past, she tried hard to practice but tried her best to catch up with his footsteps. Even though the distance was so great that she couldn’t see hope, she never stopped.
But now the man she was chasing suddenly fell from the clouds, but she was still fine, and she would definitely pull him back to his former glory.
She doesn’t know how she lost a suit in the past ten years and was born. It doesn’t matter to her that he is still alive. What matters is that she can see him again. What matters is that she hasn’t lost the meaning of trying to grow up.
"Good" Duane nodded Pan Hui some slippery and went to Joe to continue to walk steadily forward.
No matter what, as long as she is still alive, he can do whatever he wants to find out the culprit and avenge himself.
Pan Hui tightened her arms and leaned on Duane’s shoulder to laugh contentedly.
The streets are long gone, and the children who are chasing and frolicking are all taken home by adults to watch the old age. There are red lanterns hanging in front of each house and swaying gently in the night wind.
Pan Hui looked at the fireworks tubes that had not been cleaned off on the bluestone pavement and remembered the fireworks feast tonight. She unconsciously looked up at the night.
Without fireworks, the sky became a deep blue and black, because there was no moon and stars shining in the night, which filled the whole night.
"Big brother, big brother, look at the beautiful sky." Pan Hui patted Duane on the shoulder and motioned for him to stop and enjoy the beautiful night with her.
Chapter 123 Cover a chapter (2)
Duane stopped and looked up at the stars, and his eyes became deep.
It is said that a star in the sky corresponds to a life in the human world. If a meteor falls, it represents the death and rebirth of a life. If a star suddenly disappears, it is that someone’s soul dies in the seven realms and returns to chaos.
He used to look up at night to find his star, but this hobby ended ten years ago.
What if you find out? Those who fail to rank among the immortals will eventually die out. There is no difference between what they see and what they don’t see. Destiny is never decided by a star hanging in the night, but by themselves.
He has long since stopped pinning his hopes on those illusory things.
Pan Hui yawned with his mouth covered and rubbed his eyes with a light hum.
"sleepy?" Duane couldn’t help looking back at her when she heard her voice. When she saw that she was already sleepy, she forced her eyelids to look at the distant night.
"Go back when you are sleepy!" Duane low said
Pan Hui continued to rub his eyes and nodded "OK".
"Where are you going?" In fact, they are almost at the end of the street, and there is a fork in the road in front of them.
Pan Hui looked intently and squinted again and went back to Duane’s shoulder and whispered "left"
Duane was made stiff by her movement, and soon she heard her ear breathing evenly. Pan Hui’s breath sprayed on the back of his neck made him feel a little itchy, but he was afraid to move and fell off his back. He could shake his head and chuckle and continue to carry her forward.
After about half a column of incense, Pan Hui looked up and pointed to a house in front and said, "It’s right there."
Douang immediately stopped and carefully put the person from her back and turned to see that she was still sleepy. The smile on her mouth could not help but deepen, and the fundus gradually softened.
"Go home! I’m watching you here, "he whispered.
Pan Hui nodded her head over him in a daze and walked out of the house. She suddenly remembered something and looked back at the person behind her. She found that the person was still watching her in the same place, and a white robe was blown away in the cold wind.
Pan Hui’s eyes lit up and she woke up instantly. She turned and ran back to Duane and reached for her right hand. "Tick!"
Du Angwei stared at the little fist and the stubborn little finger that stretched out in front of him, then looked at him nervously. Pan Hui smiled and hooked her right little finger, saying, "Good tick."
Pan Hui face instantaneous overflow smile.
This is the way she and he agreed. If you tick it, you must never deny it to both sides.
In order to change back to his identity, she is willing to leave him for a while and continue to practice boring, but she needs his promise that she will never lose her easily again.
"Seal!" Pan Hui picked up Duane’s thumb and printed himself on his finger and said, "All right! You can’t go back on your word after you stamp it! Don’t throw Xiaohui after the big brother! "
A cool smile overflowed from Duane’s lips and teeth, and then the smile grew bigger and bigger. The street echoed with his hearty smile, and a star in the night seemed to be infected by his mood and shone a little.
"Don’t laugh, don’t laugh!" Pan Hui saw that he laughed when he didn’t answer. He couldn’t help stamping his feet and jumping up with his other hand to cover his mouth.
The smile faded away, but there were stars overflowing from Pan Hui’s fingers. Duane held her waist, and she covered her smile with her rare pleasure, which came out from her dark eyes.
Pan Hui was fascinated by his eyes, and her heart couldn’t help beating a few times. She immediately took back her left hand and a pair of eyes and glanced around.
Duane did not follow her words and said, "If you seal it, you won’t lose Xiaohui again."
Pan Huiba slightly raised the expression of winning the trick. She looked at the two people still hooking their right eyes and turning their hands back and pouting. "No! It was the same before, and the big brother finally left. "
"So what do you want?" Duane looked at her with spoil, and she importuned herself.
Pan Hui smiled cunningly, and his right hand slowly stuck to the position of Duane’s heart. The palm of his hand was his beating heart, which made her feel clearly that this person was alive beside her, no longer seeing that elusive figure in every dream.
Duane didn’t look at her tenderly and gave her life safely.
There is hot air from his heart slowly dizzy with a little sting. Duane looks at Pan Hui and still does nothing.
He believes that the woman in front of him will never hurt him, and if she really wants to hurt him, she will certainly accept it willingly.
For a long time, the stabbing pain disappeared, and a trace of coolness in Du Angjue’s heart slowly penetrated directly into his heart. Just when he was asked in the future, his skirt was pulled by Pan Hui and a shiny butterfly mark appeared on his skin.
Pan Hui looked at this with a smile like a flower. She nodded with satisfaction and covered her right hand again. "All right! You can’t go back on our word if you stamp here. "
It’s her leisure to go to the sutra depository one day! When talking, I found that a small technique can leave a brand shape and figure on others by itself, and then I decided to ask that person to fix it, so I could disappear the brand.
The original is just a trick made by a senior to tease others. Today, she is allowed to send a show.
Pan Hui’s eyes narrowed and smiled. "If the former master elder brother was so much taller than Xiaohui, he would not be able to print it. Now the master elder brother is not as good as Xiaohui, so you can’t get rid of this butterfly."
She smiled with a little pride and was used to being naughty when she was young.
Touched by Pan Hui’s cool fingers in his heart, Duane stared at her chattering mouth and his eyes suddenly became deep.
He put his right hand on Pan Hui’s back and held his left hand tightly, pulling people into his arms.
Pan Hui looked at herself and suddenly fell into her chest, feeling that there were a pair of clenched right hands left in each other, and then others couldn’t help but look up in amazement and see the big brother’s face suddenly enlarged in front of her eyes, and a soft touch fell on her lips, and then she felt her head "bang" and left a piece of white.
Chapter 124 Cover a chapter (3)
Duane gently rubbed her lips and bit by bit tempted her to slide her lips into her mouth.
Pan Hui felt dizzy and dizzy, and what happened? She felt that her nose was full of his smell and even her lips were stained with his breath, which made her heart ache slightly.
His right hand has been buckled behind her head, and his left hand tightly holds her in his arms. Pan Hui closes his eyes with dizziness, and he takes them up. They feel that they are slightly feverish from head to toe, and their bodies are too soft to stand. They can cling to his shoulders and rely on him tightly.
For a long time, Pan Hui gasped and blushed slightly, and the white jade skin on the neck also showed a pink rose color. She still clung to Duane’s coat and her eyes were full of blurred look.
It seems that my heart no longer hurts.
It seems that this man is really different from his memory. In my memory, the master elder brother always pampers her gently and smiles indifferently when he talks about her as a spoiled brat.
But just now …