When the younger brother saw his brother’s face with a straight face, he quickly put his face in a joking way. "Brother, I was wrong."

The peach tree demon beauty poked her head out carefully. "Who are you?"
Brother called a Buddhist name, "We are laity brothers of mothering Temple. My name is Wushen, and this is my younger brother Wu De. Please forgive me for my offensive remarks just now."
Wu De raised his hand and scratched the back of his head. "I’m sorry, don’t mind that I often get off the line like this, but I have no bad heart."
The peach tree demon beauty tilted her head. "Okay, I forgive you."
Wu De breathed a sigh of relief. "What’s your name?"
The peach tree demon beauty smiled "Hu Rui"
Wu De said, "What’s the origin of your surname?"
Peachtree demon beauty Bu Hu Rui shook his head. "There is no history, so I think I should call it this name."
Wu De’s face was clear. "You should have taken it as your own name when you heard someone shouting this name when you were a newborn soul."
"Is that so?" Hu Rui smiled. "Anyway, I just call myself Hu Rui, no matter what."
At this time, someone suddenly shouted, "Come on, the peach tree demon is here."
Hu Rui frowned. "These people hate me and want to leave here, but I can’t root out this peach forest myself."
Wushen was puzzled and wanted to confirm something, but before he got out of Wude, he took him towards Hu Rui and grabbed Hu Rui and grabbed him. "Let’s go."
Wu De triggered a sign and found that Hu Rui people had arrived here and there was already one person there.
The white light scattered Hu Rui and found that she was no longer in Taolin. Everything she saw was full of surprises. Seeing her like this, Wushen just gave birth to doubts. "Do you have any plans after Miss Hu Rui left Taolin?"
Hu Rui shook his head. "I never thought I could leave there."
Wu De raised his hand and scratched the back of his head. "Can you stay with us first and walk like us and want to pick it up?"
Hu Rui raised a bright face of "good"
Hu Rui’s personality is simple and rare. Wu Shen is afraid that she will be harmed, so she has no objection to Wu De’s discussion. The combination of two Buddhist laymen and a beautiful peach demon is very eye-catching, especially Hu Rui’s beauty is very attractive, which often attracts perverts. Fortunately, Wu Shen and Wu De are all good, and they can beat off perverts every time.
On this day, they came to a mountain gate that looked abandoned for a long time. Although the owner didn’t know how long it had been, the stone tablet in front of the mountain gate was still standing there. It seems that the stone tablet was made by an expert, and the side hill was not visible because of weathering, but there was no trace of weathering.
Hu Rui stretched out his hand and touched the stone tablet with several Chinese characters "Clear Water Palace feels a little familiar"
Wude had to say, "Bishui Palace was destroyed ten thousand years ago, but how can you be familiar with it in two hundred years?"
Hu Rui wrinkled his nose. "Maybe you heard someone say we were going in?"
Wu Shenwen replied, "I heard from nearby villagers that people often disappear around here. Let’s go in and see what is hidden here."
Hu Rui looked into the ruins. "There should be something inside that makes me feel very uncomfortable."
Three people walked inside, and they didn’t go too far when they saw a complete skeleton in the grass. There was a fracture in the spine. In the end, the posture should be that someone killed them from behind when they fled.
Hu Rui hid behind Wushen. "There is a lot of black gas on this skull."
Wu De let the spiritual force hit his eyes. "So many grievances seem to be a lot of grievances when he died."
Wushen called a’ South Amitabha Buddha’ and made a sign to Wu De and Hu Rui to signal them to follow themselves.
Hu Rui did not hesitate to follow Wu Shen Wude behind her. His eyes rested on Hu Rui’s back and he took another look. He walked in the eyes of the most powerful Wu Shen and flashed a few minutes of struggle.
Hu Rui turned to look at Wu De. "What’s wrong with you?"
Wu De paused. "What’s wrong with me?"
Hu Rui blinked. "If there is anything, you must tell us."
Wushu stretched out his hand and touched Hu Rui’s head. "I have nothing for no reason."
Hu Rui frowned slightly and then laughed. "This place must have made me feel very bad, so I feel wrong."
With that, Hu Rui quickly walked a few steps with Wushen. She didn’t see the struggle in Wu De’s eyes again after she turned her head, which was very heavy.
Seven twists and turns away. At the front of Wushen, I found an entrance to the underground palace. When I saw it, Hu Rui frowned. "There shouldn’t be this place?"
Wushen turned to Hu Rui. "What shouldn’t be there?"
"I don’t know, I just don’t think this place has come." Hu Rui flashed some very vague pictures in her mind so fast that she couldn’t remember what the pictures were.
Wu De walked to Hu Rui’s side. "Brother, this place feels a little evil. Let’s go back and make some preparations."
"We’ve all come here. What time do we have to wait?"