Efreet looked up and looked at her eyes and quickly lowered her head. "She said that it was the main magic, the method of worms and ghosts that were given to sinners. At that time, she said that the contents were to help get rid of the nest of killing ants. Now that I think about it, the real purpose should be to cultivate a king of killing ants, and our father and his father will become the king’s supplies."

Hu Yingxue squeezed the divine power of the gourd that had actually been finished into dust. "Do you think this is a shadow arrangement or a magic arrangement?"
Efreet replied, "It should be a shadow flow. Before the sinner wants to bring the temple into a trap, he will think that this is a chance to make contributions to the sinner. Now that he wants to come to the magic method, he has no intention of leaving the sinner."
Hu Yingxue turned to Mu Tianxuan. "This time I’m a little smarter."
Mu Tianxuan laughed. "If you don’t be clever at this time, he won’t live to be stupid now."
Efreet’s eyes flashed a trace of anger, but the horse was replaced by freezing cold. Because Mu Tianxuan said this, Hu Yingxue said, "I think maybe the Shadowhouse is also a magic method. The ghosts inspired them to suddenly come over and say that they want to make contributions by apologizing. We will definitely doubt whether it is true or not, but they will go crazy and fight with us. Although we will doubt it, we will not perform as many plays as the previous hypothesis. Maybe we will really do it."
Efreet suddenly raised his head. "If we all die here, who can win the trust of you and take you to the devil?"
Hu Yingxue looked at efreet. "You should have an answer in your heart."
Liu Yaozhi’s pupil suddenly contracted. "Is it Yao Xin?"
"She’s not dead?" No man likes the green oil on his head. Xu Rui, of course, hates wearing several green hats for him. Even when he hears a name, Liu Yaoxin feels very uncomfortable from head to toe, and he feels stuck.
Efreet snorted. "I married my daughter Yao Xin to cooperate with you to take the hall of skeletons. It was all planned before. How could Yao Xin marry you if you weren’t stupid enough to attract other people’s attention?"
Hearing efreet’s words, Hu Yingxue’s eyes turned to Xu Rui, but it didn’t surprise her. If it weren’t for some means to hide Xu Rui’s image at this time, it should be half-finished and bones. Although the place was dubbed by some people as tail, it is not a concept with tail root. If people become bones, the place will definitely swing.
Not only Hu Yingxue looked at Xu Rui, but others were also looking at Xu Rui. Even if Xu Rui was thick-skinned and involved in a man’s problem, he couldn’t hold up such a look, and efreet’s words were true. Otherwise, when he was in the human world, Liu Yaoxin wouldn’t have raised a room full of men | pet |, and he got a mouthful of blood stuck in his throat, which directly caused him to vomit several mouthfuls of blood.
Xu Rui stayed on his shoulder when he was vomiting blood. The soul fire suddenly jumped up and swelled five or six times in front of Xu Rui. All of them sucked Xu Rui’s blood out, and a red flashing soul fire was replaced by a semi-transparent figure. Hu Yingxue naturally recognized it as a professional seal at a glance.
Restored the soul body professional seal didn’t want to stay in meaning. Shrinking into a fist, the big ball of light crashed into Xu Rui’s waist and hung a piece of jade Jue professional seal. It was soon but I didn’t know that Xu Rui would have known that one day, although the jade Jue was hung in accordance with the professional seal, some prohibitions were added to the jade Jue. When the soul body was banned, it was severely thrown out.
Hu Yingxue held out a divine power and condensed it into a cell to trap Xu Feng’s soul. At the same time, the divine power hung on Xu Rui’s belt and Yu Jueling absorbed the past. "It is very high to send runes with it to leave this universe." He looked at Xu Rui. "Is it true that you don’t know anything about the expression?"
"What?" Xu Rui turned to look at his eyes. Some things were broken when he learned the true way of Yu Jue. For example, this family letter has always been kept and cherished.
Chapter 559 Who should I believe
"What?" Determine the escape method will no longer struggle professional seal a burst of laughter "this also ask? There is a life, but there can be another one. My only son is of course the treasure in my palm when there is no danger to my life. If there is danger to my life, it is worthwhile to make sure that I don’t die. "
Xu Rui’s eyelids drooped half. "I never thought I was like this in my father’s heart."
Hu Yingxue raised his eyebrows slightly. "In fact, you already knew how you were in your father’s eyes. Otherwise, how could you let his soul fire form stay with you? You think that the soul fire form can’t do anything to you, but I can’t think that he can still calculate this state. You can find the soul fire state in Zongfei, but you feel it when you are in contact with people."
Xu Rui wanted to ask Zongfei if he didn’t wake up, but he opened his mouth and remembered that the other party was looking for him. How could they wake up when they were watching the fun? He noticed that the eyes flashed and flashed again, and after sweeping from the professional seal, he knelt down and bowed down at Hu Yingxue’s position. "Xu Rui is willing to make meritorious deeds without seeking capital punishment, leaving a wisp of residual soul to re-enter the reincarnation."
"You incredibly dare to say what redeem oneself by good service? But it’s just that the woman is fooling around to the door. Even if she wants to make amends, a pawn can’t have as much as I know. "efreet’s eyes are full of murder. Hu Yingxue swept her eyes and immediately converged on murder.
"Xu Rui, you can’t do that. If you say that, you will kill both of us." Others don’t know that Xu Feng thought of what Xu Rui said was a soul. He couldn’t see any change in his face or that he was as bloodless as before
By death, a practitioner means not only the disappearance of the physical body, but also the ecstasy. No matter how many times the practitioner is reincarnated, the original practitioner is still entangled in the body, and the causal ties will become more and more due to reincarnation. For example, parents are biological parents in any life.
Most people tend to value their parents and parents Hu Yingxue the most. That’s it. She admits that the biological parents in the world of science and technology and the Hu couple are parents when they are reborn, but she is still willing to admit that Yi Feng is her father, which makes her glad that Yi Feng is rare and jealous. Dad doesn’t want his daughter and other fathers to take the trouble to arrange a few distracted reincarnations.
How clear is her father’s heart and love for her? Hu Yingxue doesn’t understand why parents can be so cruel to their children. But what do others think? She is not interested in going deep into it. Anyway, she never thinks about what people around her will do if something happens. She either believes that human nature can’t stand the test or simply thinks that her head is caught in the door before she thinks about these stupid things.
Influenced by this idea, Hu Yingxue will not compare her with her own father, and she is not interested in seeing how wonderful they are performing family ethics dramas. She will persevere in trying to make Xu Rui change her mind, and then signal Xu Rui to say it.
Xurui didn’t stand up straight and looked up at Hu Yingxue, and then he still kept his bow posture. "Report back to the temple. In addition to wanting to get the chaotic source of the temple, he also found a piece of source missing but still full of vitality. When he found the chaotic source, he moved the camp there."
"The lack of source is strong?" Hu Yingxue looked at Yi Fengdi. "How did this happen to my father?"
"Normal is impossible unless it is a person and so on …" Yi Feng Emperor raised his hand and touched the bar. "I probably know where the chaos is."
Hu Yingxue’s eyes flashed. "That chaotic source won’t be taken away by my father, will it?"
Yi Feng Emperor smiled at Hu Yingxue. "The reason why you didn’t become emperor directly when you were born is that the chaotic source is not complete, and then you were injured and your body is not complete. The chaotic source almost collapsed and your secret treasure will be divided into several pieces. This is the reason.
If you want to repair your secret treasure, you must repair your chaotic source. I was also anxious and happened to meet a piece of chaos with the potential to evolve into the universe, so I took that piece of chaotic source to supplement you. The source force was too strong and your body’s endurance was limited, so I cut out part of it.
Incomplete chaotic source can’t be stuffed back into the source. Just as your secret treasure is divided into several pieces, I took a part of the secret treasure and cut out some chaotic sources. Because the main material of refining is taken from your secret treasure, no matter how many people have passed, you will become their master. "
Hu Yingxue a face of substitution "I said how can the secret mansion of Gankun make people feel that the aura inside is inexhaustible? It turns out that it, Gankun quit adding me, but one and a half chaotic sources are missing. I don’t know how many times the disaster before me is worse than nine Niu Yi hairs."