Although a group of them were invited to the dinner, Nangong Jinyu felt that she didn’t plan to go in first when she couldn’t fight, and Xuelian and Mu Qingfeng hated these red tape and went to the bustling Yecheng with Mu Chongshan. I didn’t expect two people to meet unexpectedly.

"Stay you summer people are so fresh? After doing so many bad things, it is not a day or two for Snow Lotus to see the Nangong Jinyu not pleasing to the eye, especially after knowing that he is going to kill his lover.
"Where did the princess joke and do anything unnatural? Please don’t listen to the wind or rain." Although her teeth are almost broken, Nangong Jinyu has to pretend to be polite.
"Little girl, don’t be a grassland aristocrat. Be careful that you will never talk again in this life!" Zhou Huo, who has just come out of prison, can’t stand being insulted by his master, not even his heart.
| "You want to threaten me now? Even your three-legged cat kung fu can crush you with one finger. You said how bad your kung fu is. You can’t even protect your own eyes. I said that the Nangong world, you’d better change someone to protect you, so as to save the accident. "Snow Lotus is more and more reckless here with Mu Chongshan.
You!’ Just as Zhou Huo was about to make a move, two tones stopped him.
"Zhou Tongling can’t start work!" One is from Liu Liangchen and the other is from Mr. Zhan.
At this time, Mu Qingfeng noticed that Mr. Zhan thought of Gu’s death in the crowd. Mu Qingfeng’s eyes became a little red, and he knew Mu Qingfeng’s temper, Xuelian, until Mu Qingfeng was on the verge of an outbreak
Mr. Zhan naturally knew that Muqingfeng was watching himself from that small mountain village. Now it seems that it is not that Mr. Zhan deliberately aimed at pulling Muqingfeng, but that fate seems to make the two of them entangle where there is Mr. Zhan. It seems that Muqingfeng can always be found.
"The Princess Hall joked that the people around me can’t compare with the leaders of Mujia Villa around you. Since it’s a fate, why don’t we laugh together and forget the enmity?" Nangong jinyu thinks that his attitude has been lowered enough.
"Come on, who is in the mood to eat when you see a toad? Eat it yourself. Go quickly. Ha, in case a method of poison becomes as human as the reputation of war, it will make people happy. Oh, you won’t mind if you accidentally tell the truth." Snow Lotus deliberately provoked Nangong Jinyu to turn green, but then again, even if a person is self-disciplined, it is impossible to be humiliated and indifferent in public.
In fact, there is a reason why Xuelian did this on purpose, because she found that Muqingfeng was on the verge of an outbreak. After all, he is a distinguished king’s palace. If he makes trouble and does something irrational, then Xuelian will deliberately provoke Nangong Jinyu to divert attention.
"Silly girl, don’t call names in this street. It seems that you have some of that …" Muqingfeng scratched his head out of the sight of Nangong Jinyu.
"If you are sensible, the girl doesn’t demean herself, scolding you like a bitch. I really want to stay with you." Xuelian, who has done good things, has not been appreciated and given Muqingfeng a big supercilious look.
"Er … I admit that I was a little angry at the sight of Mr. Zhan, but the summer people are in cahoots with the scum like the green wolf clan and the Nangong Jinyu. Sooner or later, I will take his head to pay homage to the victims in our village." In Mu Qingfeng’s heart, Mr. Zhan and Zhan Yujiang are the same people who should kill.
"Well, it’s getting late for us to go to Yan Wangfu, or we’ll make grassland envoys think that you don’t respect them. After all, you are also half the owner of Beiyan. How can you be late?" Mu Chongshan looked at the sky. It’s getting late for the banquet.
When they arrived at Beiyan Wangfu, they found that there were lanterns and decorations everywhere, just like New Year’s Day. Fortunately, they came early, and the prairie people didn’t arrive yet. This time, they couldn’t help but attend for many days, but the old princess actually appeared in the seat.
I feel a little embarrassed to think that I and Bai Qiao have been busy with the grassland plague recently, and that my adoptive mother has little chance to speak except to pay her respects every morning. After all, the old princess is the best person to herself except her family and master. To outsiders, the old princess seems to value Mu Qingfeng more than Bai Qiao.
"This is my daughter-in-law. Come on, let my mother show me such a handsome girl. No wonder my son is fascinated by you. I don’t even want this mother." The old princess waved at Xuelian and smiled, waiting for Xuelian to come over to Muqingfeng. Of course, Muqingfeng wouldn’t and wouldn’t mind looking at her eldest brother. She knew that her adoptive mother was very dissatisfied with the performance of the two brothers.
Snow Lotus naturally knows that the old princess and Muqingfeng are her mother-in-law when she is in this situation. When she hears the old princess’s voice, where dare she neglect it? She immediately goes to her side and sits well and looks at this kind woman carefully.
Since the old princess handed the burden of Beiyan to Bai Qiao herself, she took off her majestic coat and saw that both of her sons were so promising. The Northern Yan Lord took care of Nuoda Northern Xinjiang in good order. An expensive new king of England has created a great reputation abroad, so it is a pity in life that these two things have been busy with grassland affairs recently, making them feel a little lonely, and the old princess only appeared on this occasion today to see if her righteous wife is such a person.
"I’m a little jealous of my beautiful mother princess, and I don’t know how God made you so beautiful. It’s really cheap that I don’t understand amorous feelings." The old princess found Snow Lotus shining nearby. If she were a man, I’m afraid she would be addicted, not to mention her bright eyes, like the most precious black diamond, which exudes irresistible charm, like a star in the night.
"Mother Princess, where am I as good as you say?" I didn’t expect that the former Golden Knife Khan would be shy sometimes. In fact, since I met the old princess for the first time, Xue Lianer felt that she was particularly close to this kind woman. Maybe it was because Xue Lianer didn’t enjoy too much maternal love when she was a child. Look at her eyes and smile warmly. Xue Lianer felt that her eyes were a little hot and gently rested her head on the old princess’s shoulder.
"Good boy, good boy, don’t cry. From today on, I will be your mother. If my family bullies my mother, it will be your decision!" The old princess was also a little excited to see Snow Lotus reveal her true feelings. After all, after so many years of contact in Beiyan, the little daughter had the opportunity to love this daughter-in-law more because of her special status.
"Come on, let the mother princess meet for the first time and have nothing else for you, so I’ll give it to you." Then the old princess pulled out a hairpin from the beginning
From the workmanship, this hairpin is not a good suet jade. The main body is transparent and green, like a thousand-year-old ancient pool. It is as quiet and deep as a snow lotus’s head. It is as snowy as a fairy in a painting.
"Mother, this is our Northern Yan family treasure. Isn’t this wandering fairy shining hairpin a token of your father’s love for you?" Bai Qiao see snow lotus head hairpin surprised and said
Xuelian came to be very interested in this hairpin, but when she heard Bai Wei say so, she quickly wanted to pull it out and give it back to the old princess. This gift is too expensive for her to bear.
I didn’t expect the old princess to put her hand on Snow Lotus and gently say, "Silly boy, don’t listen to your big brother’s nonsense. The family treasure is just a jade hairpin. This is the bride price that our Beiyan Wangfu gave to the new wife. Are you going to give it back to me?"
At this time, Xuelian knows that if she refuses, it will make people feel embarrassed. Anyway, it is certain that she is Mu Qingfeng’s wife. It seems that there is nothing wrong with accepting her mother-in-law’s gift.
"Well, you two stinky little guys go to the door to greet us. NianLia wants to have a good chat. I really don’t know what the generation did. I can’t even have a daughter. It’s hard to recognize a child …" The old princess didn’t know whether she deliberately told the two men Muqingfeng and ran out like Bai Qiao ran for her life.
The dinner party was very lively. Bai Qiao moved all the specialties of Beiyan to the food table, which made Chess Fairy and Hua Xian, who were located in the south, have a big vision. Even Zhuo Moon, who didn’t eat much, was full of praise. It was not a lady’s demeanor. The whole cherry mouth was oily and Zhuo Moon couldn’t help but chuckle.
"School sister, pay attention to the image. Don’t let people laugh at Beiyan Wangfu. We don’t know manners. Wipe your mouth." Zhuo Nongyue smiled and handed Lin Jieyu his handkerchief.
"The girl spent so much time studying the antidote for him and eating something for him. What’s the matter? If it weren’t for the food that was barely cooked and my appetite, the girl wouldn’t be rare." Lin Jieyu took it and looked at her in the mouth at random, and I didn’t know what to say.
"I said the teacher elder sister, why do you have to follow me to the grassland? Why don’t you wait for me here? I’m not a child and I want you to take care of me." Lin Jieyu picked up a bear’s paw full of honey and found the right place to bite it hard
Zhuo Nongyue certainly can’t say that he is avoiding Muqingfeng, although it is estimated that Lin Jieyu knows this thing. She put a cup of fragrant fruit wine in front of Lin Jieyu and said gently, "You have the nerve to say that you made trouble at the gate of Yan Wangfu. If I hadn’t appeared, I’m afraid you would have been seriously injured on the spot."
I muttered a few words about my dissatisfaction with Lin Jieyu.
Chess fairy and Hua Xian are very beautiful when they came, and the fact that they added the antidote to the plague made them out of the limelight. Many people came here hoping to have a chance to kiss Fang Ze, but Lin Jieyu is immersed in bitter food and loves to ignore it. However, Chess fairy advances and retreats in a certain way, giving people a feeling of spring breeze.
Of course, not everyone likes the two of them. For example, sitting in a corner, his eyes almost spurted fire to Nangong Jinyu, and the veins stood out in his hand as if he were going to crush his glass. This so-called Hua Xian ruined his plan.
"We’ll just forget it, Shidian?" The bearer was actually Liu Liangchen. He came to the Nangong Jinyu with a strong glass in his hand.
"It turned out to be a general. Sit down quickly." The Nangong Jinyu motioned for his side.
"I don’t know what the general words mean? Do you have any plans? " The nangongshan jinyu curious asked.
"There is really nothing we can do about the antidote, but I can’t swallow that tone during the day today. It’s not as late as this. I’ll find a chance to give them a lesson and let them know that our Yue Wangfu is not easy to handle." Liu Liangchen said with some drunkenness
"General, what are you going to kill MuQingFeng? If it becomes I greatly appreciate "the nangongshan jinyu shine at the moment.
"I’m afraid it’s unrealistic to kill him. After all, this is Beiyan territory. What happened to him? People will think of us first, but it’s still a problem to let him lose face in his heart. Did you see the princess’s head hairpin? That’s the treasure of Beiyan Wangfu. Where can I put it if I cut it into two pieces with a sword?"
Nangong Jinyu thinks this idea is very good, which will not only make Mu Qingfeng pull his face, but also cause trouble. "Does the general have any plans when he plans to do it?"
"They will definitely go back for a while, and when they go back, I will …" Liu Liangchen’s words were interrupted by a sound before he finished.
"That’s a good idea. Why don’t Zhou and I join in?"
Seeing Mr. Zhan Gherardini, Liu Liangchen felt something was wrong.
Night crouching
Mr. Zhan’s sudden appearance really caught Liu Liangchen off guard, and from Mr. Zhan’s tone, Liu Liangchen felt that he seemed to find something. Otherwise, Mr. Zhan wouldn’t have wanted to come after the war. This trivial matter was with himself, but Liu Liangchen couldn’t think of any reasonable excuse for refusing. In Mr. Zhan’s Gherardini gaze, Liu Liangchen flashed many plans in his heart. If he didn’t promise, it would not only arouse Mr. Zhan’s suspicion, but I’m afraid that lurking around Nangong Jinyu would stop here. However, it is also the biggest problem if you promise to pass information under Mr. Zhan’s nose. Finally, Liu Liangchen decided to take Mr. Zhan and Zhou Huo with him. Anyway, maybe there is still a chance to improvise on his own.
"Since Mr. Zhou and Mr. Zhan are willing to go with me, I am more sure. Maybe we will leave Muqingfeng with unforgettable memories." Liu Liangchen raised his glass and motioned to the two of them.
"Then let’s wipe our eyes." Mr. Zhan also raised his glass. Is it Zhou Huo or wordless? He seems to want to see something from Liu Liangchen’s face.
Nangong Jinyu didn’t pay attention to their words because he was in a bad mood. He drank by himself. In his opinion, whether the action was successful or failed tonight had no effect on the overall situation. He lost to Muqingfeng completely this time in Yecheng, and he had suffered heavy losses from the Hundred Foot Education. He had some decadence.
The dinner ended in the laughter of most people, and everyone praised the prince’s house, especially Hua Xianlin, who was a little bloated.
"Little girl, if you eat like this, be careful to become a fat girl and you can’t get married." Zhuo Nongyue spoiled and poked a Lin Jieyu head.
"Pain, pain, pain, teacher elder sister, I have grown up. Why do you still poke me in the head? Be careful, I will become stupid." Lin Jieyu said coquetry while rubbing his head.
"Besides, if I can’t get married, I can live with my senior sister and master for a generation, so that I will always be spoiled by someone, which is much better than those with those smelly men." In Lin Jieyu’s view, if the senior sister is emotional about Mu Qingfeng, she will be unable to find her own heart.
I didn’t expect that I complained that I didn’t get an answer from my sister Lin Xieyu. Looking down Zhuolong Moon’s eyes, I found that she was standing at the gate of Beiyan Wangfu in wait for a while. When I glanced at Lin Xieyu, I knew that my sister was in a trance. Originally, Mu Qingfeng and Shelley walked out together arm in arm. No matter how strong and delicate her sister was, Lin Xieyu could always detect the faint sadness hidden behind Zhuolong Moon.
"The teacher elder sister I eat a little too much, or you and go out for a walk together? Anyway, we’re going to the grassland, so it’s better to take the opportunity to buy some belongings. "Lin Jieyu recognizes that it’s still necessary for Zhuo Nongyue and Mu Qingfeng to meet again and make some things clear.
If you don’t do well in the moon, it’s really your school sister’s plan to go out for a walk. There is no doubt that he got up and pulled up Lin Jieyu to walk away together.
"Do you think our grassland and summer will maintain permanent peace?" Walking snow lotus son suddenly come up to 1.
"It is difficult to have real peace in grassland and summer with people like Mr. Zhan and the green wolf tribe Herbatu. To be honest, I don’t know how long this kind of situation will last. Mu Qingfeng is more rational in looking at this problem.
"Do we have to meet each other at last?" The prospects of both sides are somewhat sentimental.
"But don’t worry about going wrong. Wouldn’t a marriage like ours solve all the problems? Such as amuer in a few years, my brother-in-law will look for a beautiful summer girl for him, so it won’t be stable. "Muqingfeng hey hey smiled.
"You are full of these things are not serious." Snow Lotus could not help but smile when she heard Muqingfeng’s suggestion.
"Men are not bad, women don’t love you, or else how can you marry me?" After that, Mu Qingfeng directly pulled Xue Lianer into her arms.
"I hate this public. Aren’t you afraid of being chewed at the King’s Palace?" Although she was a little shy, Xuelian’s literature and art came to his arms.