A few people didn’t refuse to spend the night in such a safe way. If all the police officers had something wrong with Zhao Bureau’s news, Zhao Bureau readily promised and didn’t say anything. In fact, Zhao Bureau’s heart was anxious all night and didn’t receive the news there.

"Cheng Man, you must take this action seriously!" Zhao Bureau solemnly confessed on the mobile phone that "this may be the only time we have seized that person’s opportunity. You must be careful!"
Cheng Man silently nodded "Don’t worry, Zhao Bureau, we won’t let you down"
Zhao Bureau was satisfied with hanging up the mobile phone. Cheng Man lost the mobile phone network in his pocket and there was no mouth. At this moment, Mu Ming said, "Li Yuan’s mobile phone signal shows that they are approaching here!"
Li Yuan didn’t give them a word for so long, which can show that this man has been following the two men and has no chance to give them a message to report the situation!
At the same time, it also proves that Li Yuan did not have an accident.
Cheng Manchong rushed to Mu Ming’s side and immediately said, "When you hurry, prepare that the other party is approaching us!"
Many police officers have got a handful of water on their faces to make them look more refreshed and energetic. Cheng Man looked at it and got into his small fishing boat. Muming looked at the location displayed on his mobile phone and was nervous.
This man is approaching them, which means they are about to deal with each other!
"Muming, go!" Gu Jingke held out her hand and took her arm. They quickly went to their fishing boat and watched the water wave shake. They sat there tacitly, just then the cell phone signal was getting closer!
"coming!" Muming whispered, "Not far away, they are coming towards the fishing boat."
Gu Jingke corners of the mouth a hook "to good …"
Cheng Man squinted gently at the fishing boat next door, and the three men approached the police not far away, unable to restrain some pride.
"Eldest brother, how should we go now?" Li Yuan stood by and said, "Are we going by water?"
Boss and Fu Tan both looked at the water and the boatman said with a cold face, "Fu Tan, are we looking for a ship to leave here?"
"Boss, you are right!" Fu Tan’s mouth slightly hooked and pointed at the boss. "You should come with me to the boat there so that we can sit on it. They won’t stop doing it if they want money!"
Boss also agrees with this view. Without saying a word of unnecessary nonsense behind Fu Tan, Li Yuan looked at the two figures and frowned involuntarily. If they were allowed to ship, they would be bound to them. This is not what they want!
Took a few quick steps. Li Yuan’s fingers tightened and he talked loosely. He went to the bow and frowned. "The boss is here. What boat do you want? A boat here is better than a yacht. See which one is better. "
Pointed to the wild casually in the water. "What time is it now? Do you have any idea to choose a boat? Hurry up, just find a car and we’ll just sit and leave, otherwise who can guarantee that the people at the police station won’t follow? "
"Then this one!"
Fu Tan walked over and called out, "Boss, how about we pay for it and you help us spend it?"
The boss pulled his lip, and he didn’t even ask. Who wouldn’t do it if he made money?
"Well, it depends on where you are going and how much money you can afford!" The boss smiled gently and pointed to his boat. "If you want to talk, just say it. Of course I will accept doing business."
The boss is a police officer, pretending to look at three people and knowing that they are trying to catch the root of the people, they dare not relax their vigilance and cater to the boss lightly. "I will give you 10 thousand and you will take us to the nearest place where we can take a cruise."
The boss went to the boat and changed his position. He walked behind him and probably felt something was wrong by intuition. He said, "I think there is something strange here. The boatman is too white. It is impossible to be so white if he fishes all the year round!"
Fu Tan gently leaned against his head and said, "So what does the boss mean?"
"I think there are ghosts in here. We must leave here quickly!" The boss hurriedly pointed in one direction, "Let’s get out of here quickly. We can’t stay here any longer. If we stay any longer, I’m afraid we won’t have a chance to enjoy ourselves!"
The police officer is naturally see the boss to react, reached out and took the baggage and take the journey "what are you doing? Give me your hand! "
The police officer smiled gently. "Boss, what are you doing? I just want to get something and you haven’t given me the money, so you can’t leave and I won’t send you away! "
The boss stepped back and laughed, "Fart!"
"Give me a talk and rush out!" He whispered to Fu Tan to move, but this time Fu Tan didn’t listen to him, but said faintly, "Boss, look at the shore. Do we still have a chance to escape?"
It turned out that the gesture of the police officer holding something meant to make them ready. The police officer leaned over and it looked spectacular. Cheng Man came out of the boat and laughed. "What’s going on? Why are so many people here?"
Everyone just stared at her words and looked at the boss. After looking at Cheng Man, he said, "Tell me the truth. How did you know we were going from here!"
This is the most incomprehensible thing now. I don’t even know what I will go from here. What do they know?
"You don’t need to know this. You need to remember that paper can’t contain fire!" Cheng Man quickly walked out of the bow and said, "You’d better go back with our police and then suffer less. If you still want to struggle, you can’t blame us for playing with you!"
The boss reached out and touched his body. Cheng Man raised his hand and said, "I advise you not to move or I will accidentally put the pistol off. What should I do?"
Fu Tan didn’t say a word next to the boss, but he looked at Li Yuandao with a cold face. "Remember to cooperate with me then."
Without thinking about it, Li Yuan nodded his head crazily. "Yes, yes, eldest brother, I will cooperate with you. You must find a way to get us out quickly or you will definitely be caught by the police here!"
"Hum!" The boss stared at Fu with a cold hum. "Please pay for it!"
He sounded like he was dissatisfied with Li Yuan, but the latter didn’t care at all. He just shook his mouth a little and walked aside, saying, "Eldest brother, I’ll leave the rest to you."
Muming gently took a sip of his lip and looked at Gu Jingke. "It’s up to Cheng Man to do it now."
Cheng Man and Qi Shaochen walked out of the boat and looked at the boss’s mouth with a brilliant smile. "I think you’d better stop running around and go back to the police station with us. If it’s a wave, I’m sure you’ll feel reluctant to part with ammunition!"
"Joke, I said, Comrade police officer, what have we been doing for so long?" The boss looked around calmly and quickly found the exit. After a few moves, he said, "Pay attention to the fact that you go from the right and I go from the left, so don’t worry about the little one behind you!"
As soon as Li Yuan heard this, he knew that the boss was suspicious. He immediately entangled in "Boss, you can’t leave me. I don’t want to go to the police station!"
Chen Jun seems to feel the familiar sound coming over and looking at the eyebrow corner slightly. If it’s time to see the wrong person, then what’s the reason this time? That person is Li Yuan. I’m absolutely not mistaken this time!
"Cheng team he-!"
Cheng Man glared at him and pursed his lips. "Chen Jun, you should do a good job. Don’t talk!"
They haven’t seen such anger and anger. When Cheng Man heard the speech, he immediately understood something. Li Yuan was there, and they obviously knew it. Then the reason was that Li Yuan was going undercover.
Apart from this, they couldn’t think of any other reason. Cheng Man sneered, "Where do you want to go?"
It’s full of police. What other way can these people escape? Isn’t being a police officer a decoration?
Looking at Cheng Man’s arrogant eyebrows and eyes is very tiring. "Officer, I don’t want to talk to you more!"
Step by step, step back to the back, followed by Fu Tan, "Fu Tan, act quickly, just that little shield behind you!" "
Section 319
Fu Tan didn’t know how it took a long time to answer, "Boss, you said I wouldn’t let you get into danger!"
He took a few steps to target Muming’s side, which didn’t make others feel any other meaning, but the boss frowned. This talk should be obedient, but instead of listening, he approached himself …
Is there something hidden in it that you don’t know?
"Don’t come over or I’ll blow this place up!" The boss jerked his clothes out of his waist and made a cold face with explosives. "You shouldn’t be blind. You should know the power of this explosive. If anyone shoots at me, we will die together!"
The police are restless here. Chen Jun and others immediately look at Cheng Man. "What should we do now?"
Those explosives are not child’s play. It makes people look chilling around the waist of the boss. This fact that Cheng Man’s fingers are tight also hinders her from looking at the same frown. Qi Shaochen asked softly, "What should we do now?"
Qi Shaochen held out his hand to signal Cheng Man not to worry and took a few steps forward. "Do you really want to die with us?"
"I’m half-legged. Why can’t people die?" The boss touched his face and smiled gently. "Anyway, I don’t have a wife and children and I’m dead, and now you police people are buried with me. I made a lot of money."
"The police officer to give you another chance is to let us go or stop? When I give you five minutes to think! " The boss took out the button and held it tightly in his hand. "You should look carefully. Once this thing is pressed, we will have no choice!"
Everyone watched him move. There is no other way to say that he squinted a little. "Don’t you think that you are too extreme? You should know that you are dead and those glories are no longer you. You should think about it!"
Cheng Man scolded coldly, "Look at the explosives yourself. You have to know that once they are blown up, there is nothing!"
Fu Tan walked slowly to the boss’s side and a cold sweat seeped from his forehead. "Boss, don’t get excited. You blew up, but it’s nothing for yourself. You will be accepted every day when you call. You should think about it!"
Boss fingers paused and gently dropped the button, just like feeling the situation after the bomb exploded, just as he was about to give a hand to Li Yuan behind Songhou!
At the same time, there is also a hand that rushed over from the side. Li Yuan is also slightly stunned, but knowing that this is the only chance, you can’t just forget it. You can crustily skin of head and reach out faster!