Pan Hui looked at her happy appearance and suddenly gave birth to some regrets in her heart to feel that there are so many things in life that she can’t help herself. She didn’t know whether it was right or wrong to take Gai Flow away in a few days. Looking at my girl, she was very satisfied and she felt that right and wrong were called again.

Soon the bartender came to clean up the broken wood chips in the room. Because the bartender had been fooled by Pan Hui, he picked up his things very quickly and was afraid that he would make the girl unhappy and die. The blood stain on the shopkeeper’s cheek was very eye-catching and awake before his eyes. It was easier for the girl in Fei clothes to crush him than to kill an ant.
After the bartender left, Nie Gai came again to ask Pan Hui if she needed to change a room. After all, although the floor has been dried and cleaned now, there are still some rusty boards in the room. After being soaked, the smell is not big in winter, and the smell has been lingering in the room for a long time.
Pan Hui doesn’t care about this taste at all, thinking that she won’t stay long and she is too lazy to move and continue to live in this house.
So everything stayed for another five days. Pan Hui practiced in the house every day, and even didn’t bother to eat. Anyway, she didn’t feel hungry.
However, the original case of missing several people every day has not changed. In the past five days, Qiyang City has been very peaceful. Pan Hui occasionally went out for a stroll after the time and did not look at the appearance of men in black.
Chapter 162 Identity Revealed (2)
I don’t know if she was punished for talking that day, but she never came to see her again and let her live a few days of peace.
Gai Lian came back on the third day, but Pan Huiyuan didn’t talk to lovers very much, especially when she was practicing, and she couldn’t allow anyone to disturb her, so she told my little girl to stay and do whatever she wanted.
However, my girl is also clever enough to get Pan Hui ready to bathe in hot water for two days after she comes back, and then she has never bothered Pan Hui again.
Until the morning of the sixth day, Pan Hui woke up from her meditation and pushed the window to look at the dawn and feel the flowers coming from the cold wind in early spring, with a faint smile on her mouth.
She will be the head of a bed with a big coat, covered with two big sleeves hanging around without wearing it, so she went downstairs.
The building is already open at this time. It is rare for Nie Gai to get up early in the morning and sit in the lobby and look at the people coming and going outside. He stole a glimpse of a scarlet figure from the building and immediately got up and laughed. "Miss Pan got here today."
Pan Hui nodded and looked around and found that the atmosphere in the inn today was slightly different from that in the past.
In the past, there was a paper yellow and black striped tiger next to the God of Wealth Pavilion, and there was a pair of ferocious fangs painted at the mouth. The bartender went in and out and scattered some lime in the thin seam between the threshold and the foot of the wall, moving very carefully for fear of leaving a corner.
"What is this doing?" Pan Hui took the stairs and looked at the table next to Nie Gai with a basket of yellow pears that looked fairly fresh, so he picked up a bite and asked vaguely.
Nie Gai said, "Today, I’m scared. I’m not preparing to sacrifice the white tiger to exterminate the ants. I’ll drive the little people later."
Pan Hui nodded and glanced at the paper tiger heart. This is not a white tiger! It turned out to be a yellow-skinned black-spotted tiger.
Although she knows that the fright is 24 solar terms, she doesn’t know that people still have this custom, but she has never been much interested in offering sacrifices to this kind of thing. What’s worse, offering sacrifices to the four gods and beasts of the celestial world and a white tiger Pan Hui turned her eyes and felt that there was nothing to do with her today, so she chewed a pear again. "Boss, please help me settle the accommodation for a few days. I’m leaving today."
Nie Gai said blankly, "Miss Pan is leaving now?"
"Well," Pan Hui hummed a sound from her nose and chewed the pear clean. Then she said, "I’ll go for a while to check out." Then Shi Shiran turned and walked upstairs, and her two huge sleeves almost swept Nie Gai with her.
Nie Gai quickly flashed, but didn’t see Pan Huizheng staring at his face with a cold smile. His face changed and he kept frowning and thinking for a moment. After a hard bite, he called the bartender and ordered a few words and then went out.
After walking all the way through the hall and the alley for about a quarter of an hour, Nie Gai stopped in front of a small building in the slum. He knocked on the old wooden door that looked gorgeous and waited for the wooden door to call in the harsh sound of "creaking". He looked around again and then flicker and walked in.
The window on the first floor was covered with thick window paper. Even now the sun is shining outside, there is still no sunlight coming in through the window. The room was dark without lighting. Nie Gai closed his eyes and adapted to the darkness for a while. Then he turned to the corner and pushed the secret door next to it. He went in and walked down the stairs behind the door to the second floor.
The second floor is still as dark as the first floor, but a white figure can be vaguely seen lying on the bed in the darkness. Nie Gai bowed to the man and said "master"
Punishment is really like eyes. Huo Ran opened his eyes and shot at Nie Gai, which made the Tsing Yi Han tremble. He slowly sat up straight and sighed, "Did you really accidentally be followed all the way and didn’t find it?"
Nie Gai’s heart jumped, but he listened to the punishment as if there was no sense of severity in the words. He immediately turned around and looked behind him and saw a Fei garment walking slowly down the wooden stairs. The stairs were in disrepair, even if he was just quiet, he didn’t make a "creak" sound, but at this time he saw Pan Hui’s floor was sad.
Pan Hui glanced at him coldly and looked straight at the punishment. In the dark, I could see her burning clothes, but I couldn’t see her face clearly.
Punishment is really as weak as a sigh. "You go back first."
Nie Gai hurriedly bowed down and carefully looked at Pan Hui, which bypassed her and left.
Pan Hui doesn’t know if she should be like this. She feels as if she has been slapped in the face. She has been avoiding people and has arranged a hidden pile beside her. Moreover, she is still stupid and has never found out that if she hadn’t noticed that Nie Gai was particularly cautious in front of the punishment, she wouldn’t have suspected this man.
After all, it is impossible for her to observe the behavior of a person who displeases her at first sight, but she gives the other person an opportunity.
"What the hell do you want?" Pan Hui see punishment really as finished without active mouth meaning then directly asked
She doesn’t like beating around the bush, of course, and she doesn’t like being played like a fool. It’s really a good heart to keep someone watching her every move when people don’t come!
But this kind of heart she consciously can’t stand it!
Punishment is really like lifting a little with your left hand. Mars is ejected from his fingertips and instantly lights up the table candlestick room. Finally, there is a glimmer of light.
Pan Hui’s face is getting colder and colder in this flickering light.
Punishment is really like getting up and walking up to Pan Hui and saying, "Don’t annoy me, I just want to protect you."
He is now very glad that Gu Panhui has stopped the abduction in Qiyang City these days, otherwise it would be impossible if Pan Hui followed that fool Nie Gai to the stone room where he practiced and saw the pool of blood and the dense bones in the pool afraid of them.
Pan Huishen took a deep breath and said, "I don’t need your protection."