Everyone flew all the way out of Sichuan. Song Changgeng invited everyone to play in his Ziyun Palace. The old nun wanted to get closer to him, such as Ruan Jiu, and so on. The imperial secretary created more opportunities for him and Gan Biwu. The husband and wife took part in the fun and actually wanted to help Song Changgeng. Now he is so impolite to fight against Emei. They are afraid that Song Changgeng can’t cope.

Their mind Song Chang-geng certainly knew that it was time to joke. Zixuanfeng suddenly took out a disc-shaped magic weapon flashing yellow light and rushed into our large array to protect Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea, but it seemed strange that something was wrong with the man walking outside in it. "
Song Chang-geng’s eyebrows picked and pondered for a moment, saying, "I’ll go to Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea with the concentric card of Yin and Yang now to see if you are responsible for receiving everyone well. If there is anything, I’ll call you." After that, I gave you a gift and said something sorry, and then I took out a magic weapon, the concentric card of Yin and Yang, and he disappeared in an instant.
He bought this Yin-Yang concentric card from the Yinchan Reef in the East China Sea. This baby has no attack and defense ability, but it can be delivered. It is necessary to set the Yin card in one place and bring the Yang card. You can come back to the Yin card there, and the Yin school has twelve Yang cards, three of which coincide with the number of heaven and earth.
When Song Chang-geng arrived here, he realized that Shen Tu-hong had been imprisoned, and somehow got sleepy and was killing his brother here. Seeing him so easily, Song Chang-geng captured him and asked why. At that time, the scene was that Emei sent Miao Yi to carry a magic spell to see it, and it was finally revealed by Song Chang-geng.
The existing people peeped at Song Changgeng and didn’t pay attention to it before. After the treatment, he suddenly realized that he had made a mistake. How can he handle it so rashly and simply? Just peeping at Emei Mountain may be that I don’t know how to know my brother’s killing spell to observe Song Chang-geng’s return to Ziyun Palace with a heart of Yin and Yang.
After telling the story, Hugh and others couldn’t help frowning and killing the eldest brother of Emei Sect. It is estimated that it is difficult to solve this problem, but Song Changgeng didn’t take it to heart. He greeted everyone for a banquet and played in Ziyun Palace. After a few days, the seven people in Lingjiao Palace left first. Song Changgeng gave Gan Biwu a yin card and a yang card and asked her to set up a losing point in Lingjiao Palace.
Yang card is given to her, and then B Hugh’s husband and wife leave with their brothers. wu-tang clan’s old nun and her seven brothers also leave together. Song Chang Gung gave them a thousand-mile sound mirror.
This thousand-mile sound mirror is ten magic weapons that Song Chang-geng got from Yinchan Reef in the East China Sea. First, it can send sound and images at a visual distance. A mother mirror can make several mirrors as convenient as visual words. It is natural for Zi Xuanfeng and Princess Changping to have one. Now it is given to Yi Xiu, Ruan Jiu and half of them to increase feelings and connections.
After seeing everyone off, Song Chang Gung pondered over it. He also knew that he had killed Miao Yi’s real brother, and the other party would not give up. He wanted to go to Kongtong Mountain again. After the second yuan God decided, he confessed all kinds of things, and then he entered the top floor of Ziyun Palace to meditate and let Princess Changping lead his younger brother to guard.
And his second Yuan God came to Kongtong Mountain with my little girls Jade Butterfly, Li Yingqiong, Yu Yingnan, Qin Ziling and Qin Han Calyx. He wanted to come here, so there was no strong hand. The second Yuan God could naturally cope.
The 40th volume A clean break Chapter three hundred and ninety-nine Zhuling Gorge
The second Yuan God’s strength is that Yuan Ying’s early body is fiery, and all kinds of spells and changes can be cast at will. Besides the core, there is a lotus flower in the body, and there are nine magic weapons in the lotus nest. The center of the lotus flower is a masculine gender, and its gender is peaceful and impartial.
In ten thousand years, Wenyu has its own vitality and vitality, and Yang and Qi keep it in it at any time, so as to calm the mind, clean the mind, resist the demons and prevent yourself from being possessed. It is a must-have treasure for cultivation, but it is the bane of all evil spirits and filth, and this treasure alone can solve most demons, teach yin and evil spells and suppress magic weapons.
In addition, there are three pieces of precious Xuan Yin refined soul, three pieces of samadhi true Yan sword, three pieces of self-refined magic weapon, a thousand-mile sound mirror and a dry Kun bag, which are mainly a concentric brand of Yin and Yang and various kinds of thunder balls, paper symbols, array flags and so on.
On this treasure hunt, Song Changgeng also brought Taiyi Golden Phosphorus Boat and Green Phlegm Bottle, a special five-line mixed route. With such strong strength, he was confident that he could easily take Daxiong Treasure House and brought several girls. First, he flew all the way on Taiyi Golden Phosphorus Boat and went straight to Kongtong Mountain.
Song Chang Gung asked Princess Akihito of the Knowledge Institute to help him find the map here a long time ago, and the map was already delivered to him. This time, the treasure of Daxiong came directly to the Zhuling Gorge in the West Kongtong Mountain.
Kongtong Mountain is located more than 20 miles west of Pingliang Prefecture, Gansu Province, with a bird’s-eye view of Xi ‘an in the east, Lanzhou in the south, Baoji County in the north, and Yinchuan County in the north. The fortress in the west of the ancient Silk Road covers an area of about 200 miles, and the main peak is more than 2,000 meters above sea level. It has a very high appreciation of the wonderful natural landscape and ancient and exquisite humanistic landscape.
Kongtong Mountain, a branch of Liupanshan Mountain, is a natural animal and plant kingdom. Its peaks are majestic and dangerous cliffs stand like uncanny workmanship. The vast smoke cages in Linhai are like misty fairyland. The water and sky of Gaoxia Pinghu are full of the charm of Lijiang River, which is both magnificent in the north and beautiful and dignified in the south. There are 72 stone houses and caves in 42 buildings in Jiugong and 12 courtyards on the platform, which are rich in magnificent and magnificent.
Since ancient times, there has been a beautiful mountain with the reputation of "the first mountain in the west", "the wonder of the west town" and "the beautiful scenery of the Kongtong Mountain". It is also in the northern cultural source. In ancient times, there were many practitioners practicing here, the most famous of which was Xuanyuan Huangdi’s teacher Guangcheng, and there were more people crossing the river like crucian carp.
Since ancient times, Kongtong Mountain has attracted many talented people. Because its natural landscape is both beautiful in the north and beautiful in the south, it is known as a bright pearl on the Loess Plateau in Longdong, and because the Taoist ancestor Xuanyuan Huangdi, who was cultivated by the immortals, once personally asked Guangcheng to be the first mountain in Taoism.
It should be a fairy cloud to come to such a famous mountain. However, after the gods are sealed, there will be few blessed places here. Because of the massive felling of plants in Zhongjiandu in the Qin, Han and Tang Dynasties, the number of orthodox monks practicing here will decrease. After the number of evil monks increases, few people are willing to practice here for a long time, making it an heterodox paradise.
Song Changgeng also knew that Ling Hun’s husband and wife and others would come to him to consider that the other party was not necessarily willing to fight with himself, so he didn’t care about the other party when he went to the west Kongtong enclave, because there were several difficult guys living here to prevent being alarmed by the other party’s mentoring and provoking unnecessary troubles. Song Changgeng used his unique method to protect several people from landing before Pingliang House/
After receiving Taiyi Golden Phosphorus Boat, Song Changgeng took some silver from Gankun bag and gave it to several people. He also took out five pieces of phantom jade charms for them to wear. With this jade charm, others saw that they were ordinary human beings. Although they could not hide from Gao Shi in Yuan infant period, they decided not to see through it for ordinary practitioners and mortals in Jin Dan period.
Five people packed an ordinary family and went west for several miles, found a big town, took a rest in the town for a while, hired a cart and went to Pingliang House without being noticed. They had been traveling like mortals until the next day when they arrived in Pingliang City, spent a day playing in Pingliang City and bought a lot of things, and then the next day they asked the driver to take them to Kongtong Mountain.
First, I made an excuse with the driver that I came to visit the mountain and hit the driver at the foot of Kongtong Mountain. I found a mountaineer to guide me to hide the Treasure Pearl Lingxia, but I went there. The forbidden area of Wuya Cave, the home of two old monsters, is still far away from Wulong Rock, but it is three or four miles near. I heard the guide mountaineer say that although the Pearl Lingxia is a famous gorge, it is actually a cliff with a width of about two or three feet.
Only after several people arrived did it appear that there were several fountains of different sizes on the cliff, and the water fell into the stream, and the water vapor could not tell how deep the stream was. From a distance facing the cliff, I saw the blue cockroaches, the clouds, the beads, the curtains, the jade dragons, the dancing spirits and the rain floating, because there were often springs and waterfalls flying, misty rain, the whole body was covered with moss, fresh fat vegetation and lush vegetation, and the scenery was very beautiful at first glance.
On the surface, it’s nothing. At the beginning, Song Changgeng asked Princess Zhaoren to send an official to look for the place names he remembered from the [Yuanhuizhu], but he didn’t say what the maps drawn here were all ordinary, and there was nothing special on the surface. Song Changgeng looked closely and found something wrong now.
The whole Zhuling Gorge is not only ugly and barren, but also thick and stony like teeth-covered rocks, which are rugged and difficult to walk, except for the short and good place on the cliff. The situation is not commensurate with the lush fountain root on the cliff, so he pretended not to care and went to visit other places under the guidance of the guide
I went back to the villagers’ home in the evening and gave them the silver Song Chang Gung. They said that they would go back to the city and it was not far from coming out. Li Yingqiong asked, "Brother, are we really going back to the city?" Does it look special here? How do they all know that there is a treasure to appear here? I heard that if there is a treasure, there will be a treasure light when it is born, but I didn’t see anything. "
Song Changgeng laughed. "Of course not. I haven’t told you in detail. Just now, I saw that Zhuling Gorge was really a bit special. It should be that we are looking for a place. How do they all know that it is actually very simple? It is calculated according to words or some clues. It is always told by others that chickens don’t pee."
Yu Yingnan’s face turned reddish. "Brother speaks rudely. What’s with what? Now that brother knows, what shall we do this time? Brother is so careful, isn’t it difficult to provoke people here? "
Song Chang-geng smiled awkwardly. "I’m a lip-synching. This time we’re going to sneak in and don’t make a big noise. If I expect it to be good, this is the treasure. Few people know that everyone is speculating that there is a treasure in Kongtong Mountain, and it’s in the west. It’s estimated that they don’t know that we have the first hand."
While walking, several people said that without the drag of mortals, they soon arrived at the place. Several people, finding out that they all cast spells and flew invisibly to the top of the opposite cliff. It was a bit strange at first sight. It turned out that the cliff was opposite to a long and narrow mountain, winding high from the east of Wulong Mountain, and the mountains were all rocky and the vegetation was sparse. This desolate and cold scene was not much different.
When we get to the cliff, it is about ten feet long and twenty or thirty feet wide. The mountain covered with moss drops from high to a slope, and the weight drops by more than ten feet. Because the mountain is colder than the cliff, the rocky and miscellaneous scenery in Takaso is not known in advance, or someone would never have thought that the cliff at the end of the ridge contains wonders. It is very secret.
In particular, there were several flying waterfalls and pearl springs on the cliff when I came here. This time, I explored again, but I didn’t see any spouting from the fountains and waterfalls. It seemed that it was an accident, but it was not always the same to hear the villagers say that they could see Song Changgeng every day. Just thinking about it, I realized that the villagers came during the day and they came from the mountains at night.
The fountain here can only be accepted when it is sprayed during the day and rested at night. The more you look at it, the more you feel that the local situation is secluded. The wonderful shape survey is natural. If you don’t calculate it in advance, you will easily miss it and never walk to this area. This treasure is obviously carefully arranged except for the severe prohibition.
Watching Song Chang Gung’s heart move suddenly, he felt a brainwave, walked to the junction of Lingya, scrutinized the stone colors on both sides, and then pulled up some moss, and immediately realized that it was good for him.
He was about to speak when several people quickly hid and looked up to see a bright light flying to Wulongyan. Song Changgeng knew that it was a few overlord hands here. It seems that the other side is not easy to patrol such a big mountain, and it is not easy for them to go through it.
After they passed, Song Changgeng said softly, "This should be the place we are looking for. I want to study it carefully. It is forbidden for you to pay attention to convergence and help lookout one."
Say that finish just want to go to see Qin Ziling pulled him a Song Chang Gung one leng to listen to Qin Ziling way "I have my mother refined purple Luo Yun Yi can cast a spell to change the terrain here, what we are doing in Yi can’t be known by outsiders, even if there is a patrol just now, we can’t hide it now."
The 40th volume A clean break Chapter four hundred Fire house test
Song Chang Gung nodded, Qin Ziling smiled and cast a magic weapon. When Qin Han Calyx saw this mother’s refined baby, she muttered, "How could my mother have left without us at that time? It’s really memorable to stay there. What if those Emei people attacked her crazily?" We’re not even here. We don’t even have a helper. "
After listening to her words, Song Changgeng smiled and gently encouraged, "Don’t worry, I don’t think anything will happen. The Emei Sect attacked me because I had a holiday with them. The Blissful Reality was also there to hear you say that Yi Zhou’s family would make friends with you. If something really happened, Yi Zhou wouldn’t stand by and watch the three immortals. Even the Emei Sect dared not touch again."
Qin Han Calyx felt at ease after listening to this, but Song Chang-geng was also at a loss. He didn’t know what would happen after Emei sent the government. He was destroyed because Shen Tuhong killed his four disciples. He made a deadly enemy with Emei, but he didn’t regret it. If people killed their four disciples and let them go, he would not be far from extinction. Without principle and face, he would not be able to be public.
At this time, all the immortals in Emei Mountain deliberately ignored all kinds of unpleasant time. On the afternoon of the third day, Miao Yi called Zhuge Jing and ordered me to tell his men and women to go to Nanyuan Fairy House for orders at the end of the night, and then go to Xiyuan Fairy House to pass through the fire house or thirteen places. It is difficult to test all kinds of humanitarian power, so they will be given the door-to-door method of mountain walking.
Zhuge Jing, I was ordered to inform you that in the middle of the night, at the end of Hai and the beginning of Hai, my brothers were also very cautious and afraid because of the mountain test. Men were led by Zhuge Jing, Yue Wen, and women were led by Qi Lingyun and Zhou Qingyun, and they stood in the platform of Nanyuan Xianfu in different classes and waited for you.
When we arrive in Haishi, a real person will first ask Xuanzhen to ascend to Xuanzhen’s throne, saying, "Don’t be too modest, younger brother. You should teach me that this is a teacher’s destiny. It’s a matter of etiquette that others can’t win this."
Miao Yi, a real person, apologized to all the students present, and asked them to help themselves at any time. Then the middle end of the school was promoted to Xuan Zhen, and the rest of the students were seated in the first order. Yi Yi’s family was blissful, a real person, a Qingcheng school staff, Songshan Erlao and a Qingcheng school staff were all here.