The teenager shook his head and picked up his password box and walked to the gate. "The bill is even for those people."

He said this to the doorman and then walked away.
This is urban life. Some people get rich overnight, and some people die on the streets.
Get into some unnecessary trouble again. Tianyang disguised the password box. This time, it finally went smoothly. Although it still attracted a lot of meaningful sight along the way, there was no such thing as Sangong.
This makes the teenager have a quiet dinner and then wear a dark cloak and a nightmare mask to the entrance of the gray city.
It’s still the warehouse-like house. The day before yesterday, Sun showed his badge and two guards let him in.
Entering the gray city, the young target really went straight to the shadow tower.
The shadow shop is still almost the same as yesterday, and there are fewer guests in the lobby tonight. Last night, the neon was bought on the shelf and no new file was added to put it, which was covered with dust in vain.
When I came to the information desk, Tianyang played the bell and rang.
It was still last night that the old man came over with a look on his face and said with a little impatience, "What can I do for you?"
Well, even the lines are the same as last night
Tianyang changed his tone and said lightly, "I am a god of death."
The old man’s expression immediately changed and his eyes became hot. "It turned out to be Mr. Death. I didn’t recognize you when you changed your mask."
"I wonder what the guests want to sell tonight?"
The disguised password box was put on the information desk. Before Tianyang tilted slightly, an old man could hear the voice, "There is a complete set of 5-level media materials in it. Do you accept it?"
The old man’s head jumped up and attracted the attention of several guests, who were all curious. After a few more visits, he would know that the old man at the information desk has always been calm.
I don’t know what happened tonight, so excited.
It’s no wonder that the old people are excited to sublimate the media. In the gray city, there is nothing new or shadows, and they also sell a whole set of media materials.
However, the shadow can get a level 4 media to a level 5 media, and no matter what rank they are, they can’t come up with a whole set to sell.
Even so, media materials are still in short supply. If there is a complete set of 5-level media stores, the shadow will rise a lot, and the red chimney and the hunger dance will be just around the corner!
Chapter 32 Beauty as jade
The old man still looked at Tianyang Box with a full face of excitement. "Guest … Is this really a level 5 media?"
Tianyang beat the box "absolutely true"
In a somewhat impatient tone, he said, "I’ll look for its home if you don’t accept it or not."
The old man was so anxious that he jumped over the counter and hugged the box directly and shouted, "Stop! Take it! You wait a moment, my horse will contact the appraiser for you. "
Tianyang nodded in agreement.
The old man Youzi refused to give up and shouted back to the back room, "Go and ask Miss Yan Yu!"
Someone inside promised and hurried out. The old man just piled up a smiling face and squeezed out a face of wrinkles. "Please come with me, guests."
There are some accidents in Tianyang. It seems that big business is all about building.
The old man reluctantly put the box and jumped out of the counter to lead the way.
Tianyang followed him with a mechanical password box. The spiral staircase leads to the square staircase. The surface stepped by wood will make a creaking sound.
Moreover, the light in the stairs is dim, and every once in a while, there is a small yellow light. Occasionally, something flashes in the dark corner.
Finally, I came to the third floor. The old man pushed a door, and it was a quiet little hall with elegant layout.
In the small hall, there is a Zhang Shuo stone table with miniature rockery and running water. Looking at this small rockery, the stone table is seamless.
There is a set of tea set, teapot and teacups beside the rockery, all of which are porcelain, and the color is transparent and blue like jasper.
The old man asked Tianyang to sit in a big chair in front of the table and respectfully said, "Please wait a moment, the appraiser will arrive soon."
Tianyang nodded, and the old man retired, so there was a young man in the small hall. Tianyang put the password box on the table and put the handrail on the hand.
At the back of the finger, a simple but elegant door with flowers and plants carved on the other side of the small hall gently punched out a light figure from the inside.
Not very bright lights, this figure is like a waterfall with black hair and a long gauze dress.
As the veil moved, it vaguely revealed a pair of lights with long jade legs, which were as touching as suet white jade, but the legs were barefoot.
As the woman approached, a faint fragrance of natural flowers filled this small hall as if it were in a secluded forest valley.
"Hello, I’m Yan Yu, a shadow appraiser."
The female voice is very magnetic, crisp and numb, and it makes people’s bones melt
She sat on the other side of the stone table in Tianyang, only to find that she could not see her eyes clearly with a black scarf on her face.
But her eyes are as bright as the stars, looking around and smiling, making people unconsciously want to be close.
Tianyang felt an impulse in his heart to uncover her scarf and see what the teenager was doing. He secretly wondered that he would be so indecisive.
There are quite a few girls he has met, such as Xun, Bird, Indigo Naturalis, Bai Yinglan and General Fei Mei. Especially, the temperament of General Fei Mei is unforgettable.
Tianyangyuan himself has been infected with beautiful women, but now even people’s faces haven’t been seen clearly. Some impulses are really different. I read Tianyang’s hand and put it in the box. "Since it is an appraiser, please have a look."
"Not busy"
The famous girl has a sweet voice. "Let my guests cook a pot of good food and let’s enjoy it slowly while drinking tea."
Ranging from Tianyang’s promise that Yanyu has caught fire and boiled water, it is very beautiful with some indescribable lasting appeal.
"Although the guest’s voice is low, his hands are unexpectedly young. It seems that the guest … Oh, please forgive me for Yan Yu’s slip of the tongue."
Tianyang heard a shock in his heart, and he was shocked. Although he wore a cloak and a mask, his tone changed, but he was unexpectedly seen by this woman from his hands.
The young man with the rank coat of arms is wearing a hand to cash out. Think about it. It seems that both hands have to wear gloves.
"No, but Miss Yanyu, don’t look around." The calm waves of Tianyang sound make people guess what he is thinking at the moment.
Yan Yu chuckled and said, "The guest taught Yan Yu to remember."
After watering Yanyu, it is another graceful exercise. In a blink of an eye, brown tea has been injected into the jasper-like teacups.
The smell of tea in the small hall made Tianyang feel a little thirsty.
The delicate jade hand sent a teacup to Tianyang, and Yan Yucai said, "Now the guests can be boxed."
Tianyang gently enters the password and opens the box.
In the box, there is a column of materials in the media of level 5 of Ares rank, besides the crystal of star material the size of fist, there are some things that the sun can’t name.
Yan Yu got up and carefully moved through the box, looking at "the mob’s nuclear crystal, the mysterious shooter’s spinal cord, the blood when the crazy dog was angry …"
Tianyang listened to Yan Yu talking to herself while drinking tea. The mysterious and beautiful appraiser said that his eyes became more and more excited later.
When Tianyang drinks the third cup of tea, Yan Yu will box the mechanical parts in the box and fasten the box by itself, and then enter the password again before playing.
Yan Yu closed her eyes for a moment before mumbling, "This is the first time I have seen a set of level 5 media materials. It’s a rare experience."
She took a deep breath before she recovered. She said to Tianyang from her appearance, "I have identified the guests. It is indeed a set of 5-level media materials. It is rare that their quality is still quite high."
Tianyang puts a teacup. "So what’s your price?"
Yanyu apologetically said, "I’m responsible for the appraisal of goods and materials in terms of price …"
There was a door at the back, and a fat man tried to squeeze in from behind the door. He was round but tall and walked like a mountain of meat.
His shiny face was covered with two words on his lips, and Hu seemed to be still stained with some kind of food residue, which made Tianyang feel a little uncomfortable in his stomach.
Fat haha laughed and stretched out a futon-like hand. "Hello, hello, I am the shadow boss Luo Peng."
Tianyang was very surprised that the original shadow boss should be one of those mysterious, tall, thin and low-pitched figures, but he turned out to be as fat as a good businessman.
The teenager stood up and nodded and shook hands with Luo Peng at the end. "So boss Luo’s pricing should be your decision?"

"Shallow water is his killer, but it can never be his card, DeRiLe. Your political wisdom is so naive that I’m surprised. No wonder it’s hard to be a horseman for so many years." Seeing men’s words is not angry. Since WeidRile immediately knelt down in front of men, he said, "DeRile is stupid, and please ask General Eagle to give directions."

At present, this young man is none other than the nephew of Grunt Shaku, the grassland empire, and the eagle general of Xiguo Great Empire, Qinzhuwang Shaku and Lun.
It is this Qin Zhuwang who once created a brilliant miracle of breaking into the enemy’s camp by riding alone. It is also that he once slaughtered four cities in one night. It is also that he defeated the Fengqiu allied forces twice, and it was this man who was sixteen years old and weak twenty years ago, setting a record of 21 days’ ambush at that time. He defeated the enemy grassland empire ten times as quickly as he did, and made great contributions to resisting the invasion of allied forces.
Qinzhuwang Shakulun is said to be the most qualified young generation of Shakulun family to succeed Gruntech as the pillar of the future empire. Junzhong Qinzhuwang ranked first in the 50,000 grassland fine riding and was awarded the title of Eagle Warrior by Chi Di himself.
Eagle is the only creature in grassland empire that can be juxtaposed with wolves. Most grassland tribes are almost eagles or wolf flag totems with different shapes and colors. Eagle warriors are recognized as senior generals in Xiguo Empire, and their status is equivalent to that of the first army leader Qin Zhuwang. The title of this flying eagle general is actually killed by the sword in his hand and the blood of the enemy. This cunning, gloomy, intelligent and extremely persevering man enjoys a great reputation in Xiguo Empire, and even his hostile countries have to sigh that he is a young hero. Now Qin Zhuwang is only 36 years old, which is the peak of the generals’ experience.
It is hard to imagine that this young leader of the Western Empire should suddenly appear in Heaven City at this sensitive moment, which is really intriguing.
But it’s not surprising that Qinzhu Wangwang was entrusted by Chi Di to visit Cangtian City in person, hoping to reach a military alliance with Tianfeng Empire.
Now the Tianfeng Empire is being jointly attacked by the two great powers in the mainland, and it has always been ready to move. How can the Westerners miss this good opportunity? While Grunt publicly announced his willingness to support Tianfeng Empire in the Great Patriotic War, Qinzhuwang simply took practical actions to tie Tianfeng people to his chariot and further catalyze the contradictions among countries around them.
However, Cang Yewang is not stupid. He knows too well what it means to form an alliance with the Western people.
The result of dancing with wolves means isolating yourself from the mainland group. Once so, it is very likely that you will be enemies everywhere. As a result, you will have to let Tianfeng take the charge of being a public enemy of the mainland. Only by supporting Cangye Wang in the name of a military alliance will you not sell yourself so cheaply. Therefore, you will be respectful and respectful to Qin Zhuwang for his "kindness".
At this moment, Qin Zhuwang slowly put away and raised his forehead. At this time, it can be seen that this is actually a very handsome man. His uncle is different from Qin Zhuwang’s forehead. His face is bright and clean, and his demeanor is quite gentle and elegant. The description of the brave warrior is very different
From the appearance, he didn’t inherit the deep aquiline nose and deep concave blue eyes in the Shakulun family. On the contrary, his shallow water was much clearer, and his imagination was so elegant and elegant.
"In the past few years, Yu Tianfeng Empire, we have heard that the name of this person is almost shallow water and clear, but it is open to the public. We don’t know much about him. Princess Feng Wan told me about shallow water and clear water after returning from the rainbow the other day. There has always been a mystery in my heart …"
De Rile looked at Qin Zhuwang in surprise. "General, what are your doubts?"
"Shallow water is now our secret ally, the allied forces of the two countries attacked the wind, but it can be said that this person pushed the order to expel Mande, so he angered St. Will and forced him to declare war. It is impossible to see what it means. In this case, why should Cang Yewang default to all this? There is also the Tianfeng Empire. Now that the war situation has become so critical, it is extremely tough to lend a helping hand to our country. Then why can he stand so firmly? "
De Rile bowed his head and thought for a while that "it is not white."
"Because Cangye Wang is sure to win the Coalition forces and can do it without shallow water!" Qin Zhu Wang is very sure
It’s impossible for Cang Yewang not to see the possibility of the joint forces of Saint-Mai after the expulsion of Mande by Shallow Water Qing. His default is because he also hopes that the two countries will jointly send troops to destroy the enemy forces in one fell swoop and then pacify the mainland to prepare for it. It is conceivable that if Saint-Will and Mecca are taken by him, the strength of the Tianfeng Empire will be afraid that even the Xifen people will retreat.
In this case, the plan of Xiguo people trying to form an alliance with others will be affected by major decisions, and naturally they will not take the blame for no reason.
"But now, the two legions of Yukikaze Yingyang on the northern line have been defeated by the Southern King, and it seems that the enemy will come to the city without relying on the shallow water to win this war?"
"That’s what we need to know. I’m sure that this time, Cang Yewang’s card doesn’t even know that Shallow Water Qing has gone. He must have made a war plan, but the shallow water Qing plan must tell Cang Yewang where the news is. Asymmetric Shallow Water Qing has already suffered a big loss first. After all, he is a minister Cang Yewang and an emperor …"
De Rile’s eyes lit up "General, what do you mean …"
"If Cang Yewang really has any cards to turn dry Kun upside down, then it will be bad luck, not only for the San Mai Coalition, but also for the emperor Shimizu, who is a famous veteran strategist in Tianfeng Empire. He can endure shallow water and can’t endure him for a while. The expansion of Tianfeng Empire has reached its limit. We can’t tolerate their arrogance. Otherwise, in the future, I will have to find out Cang Yewang’s cards and destroy them. Only in this way can Tianfeng Empire rely on us."
"General Ying asked the general to show us what to do next."
"I don’t know," Qin Zhuwang readily replied, but Qin Zhuwang smiled and said, "Because I don’t need to know that I have my own talents who know my own people best. If you want to find out what Cangyewang can rely on, you don’t need us to do something well. Prime Minister Wang Zan once said that it is far faster, more convenient and more efficient to find someone who is suitable for this matter than to do it yourself."
De Rile suddenly realized that "shallow water is clear?"
"You finally get the hang of it," Qin Zhuwang said with a smile. "It’s impossible for Asahiko not to know that Asahiko has a card, but he decided to send troops. Although we don’t know how he intends to fight, we can be sure that he must be trying to know what Asahiko is going to do. Asahiko has worked hard in Tianfeng Empire for years, and it must not be too difficult for him to find out what Asahiko’s card is. Sometimes all we have to do is give him a hand."
"But in this way, can’t the shallow water be cleared?"
"In any case, the shallow water clearing is our secret ally. Although this ally is somewhat half-hearted, there are still some benefits and values. The dam is the easiest to be destroyed from the department. It is indeed of great benefit to the future of our imperial war. There is no doubt that it is necessary to destroy the wild card and dare not put all the money into the shallow water to clear the body, so it is time for our Western Empire to formally send troops."
"Then how can we help him?"
"There are some things that can’t be done in shallow water. Let’s do it for him if he can’t do anything." Qinzhu Wangwei narrowed his eyes and tapped his fingers on the case. "Since I’m here, I want them to do one thing tonight, and I don’t want to see them come back alive."
Chapter 11 Natural disasters ()
The vast sea is a vast horizon, and a fleet is slowly sailing with huge sails. From a distance, it looks like a silver wavy line rising and falling on the sea.
This is a rare event in the history of mankind. A land-based country is trying to cross the vast sea and attack the enemy behind it, giving him a fatal blow.
This is not only a sea event, but also a significant new milestone in the history of war.
In order to defeat the heavenly wind people and completely curb this booming military force, the Mecca people can be said to have played a nursing role this time. The Mecca people only put in 600,000 troops at one time in the battlefield along the Evil Wave River, which is almost the sum of elite force that the Mecca people can get. They almost transferred all the defense forces around the country to leave the most basic troops and public security.
This practice has greatly increased the pressure on the Tianfeng Empire, and at the same time greatly weakened the national defense force of Mecca. The result of this military layout is that the Ministry is extremely virtual, and there is no strategic depth. Failure in the front line is equal to losing everything.
In this regard, we have to say that war is crazy to dare to play games. Ordinary people can’t bear the burden of it just by watching it.
In this case, once an army descended from the rear of Mecca and killed all the way, the harm to Mecca would be far beyond people’s imagination. The key to war is to strike hard at the weakest and most important part of the opponent. In this regard, it is clear that the shallow water is deeper than people, and it has done a better job.
At the moment, Shallow Water Clear is holding a clairvoyance in the bow of the "Broken Lu", followed by several ships of different sizes and shapes, nearly half of which are from the Gerisan Fast Boat. This fast boat is small in size but light and handy, and it can not only help Shallow Water Clear transport troops, but also be responsible for cruising and exploring the surrounding areas to ensure the safety of the fleet.
The ship "Po Lu" is a three-masted giant sail building ship. It used to be a water-stop royal ship in front of the ship. There are three ships carrying the whole water-stop. At present, it has the best sailing technology, strong sailing ability and maximum loading endurance, excellent wind and wave resistance and excellent sinking resistance. In those days, Yu Wenliu invested a lot of money to buy it from Ya Guo, intending to disassemble it and study it by himself. This kind of sailing ship manufacturing technology does not make Ya people unique in sailing technology. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that it can be understood how to make it even if the whole ship is split into boards without technical support
The construction of seagoing ships is a huge knowledge, which requires not only the manufacturing technology, but also a large number of experienced technicians to understand the navigation knowledge for a long time and invest enough money to explore it for a long time.
"The front is the storm gorge. After the storm gorge, even if we go into the storm sea and go forward for six days at most, we can reach the sea behind Mecca. Mecca people never dreamed that there would be a fleet of ships arriving from their rear. Hey hey, this time they will suffer a lot." Chu Ying said that the young Yingjie also had expectations for the upcoming battle.
Judging from the geographical situation map of the whole country, the shallow water and clear water choose the landing point. In the map position, Kowloon Beach is located at the concave corner of a protruding sea area. On the left and right sides, there are two estuaries, namely, the Lancang River estuary and the Evil Wave River estuary. A graceful arc-shaped sea area protrudes into the stormy sea area, which looks like a hip-shaped, plump and big-ass Kowloon Beach line is deeply concave to form a deep ditch. It looks more attractive than the amorous feelings of Mecca. Therefore, the choice of this landing site by Shallow Water Ching looks like a typical sodomy. The meeting of Shallow Water Ching said in a spoof way that "the next action is to explode the chrysanthemum of Mecca people" so that all the people present would not clap their hands and laugh. They all called the word chrysanthemum a classic general. It is better to name this beach landing battle "Chrysanthemum Explosion Action"

"Less than two months after Yang Xiaogang returned to Shayang City after graduating from college, she found that her sister had been killed and the murderer was missing. It was not normal to stab her’ Jing’ God. Fortunately, she was found to be sent to the’ Jing’ God Hospital when she went crazy and wanted to cut people with a knife, but recently she was released for some reason. It is said that a man had visited her in the’ Jing’ God Hospital before she came out."

Hong Mei introduced Yang Xiao’s situation in detail, carefully looked at Longyou’s expression, and looked at Longyou without dissatisfaction before continuing to say, "The deceased named Yang Jie was an ordinary family’ woman’ and’ woman’ died because her husband found out that she was killed by her husband because of an affair, and her husband was Huang, and this Yang Xiao was Aunt Huang."
Hong Mei’s amazing words also reminded Longyou of the reason why Huang met. At that time, Huang was a murderer and was sent by Zhang Jiafu to deal with himself, but Longyou accidentally discovered that Huang was a talent who accepted him.
Unexpectedly, after so long, suddenly a young aunt came to revenge Longyou, frowning and slowly clearing her mind.
"No, since Yang Xiao’s goal is to find Huang and what to do with Longge’s hand," Wang Jingang thought for a while and found that the red mei intelligence was incorrect
"This is what we don’t know, but if you give us a little, we will definitely find the truth." Hong Mei is also full of doubts about this, but she believes that sometimes they will be able to understand Yang Xiao’s purpose
"When you find the truth, Huang doesn’t know where he is everywhere." Wang Jingang was dissatisfied with the cold hum, and he was also very dissatisfied with the efficiency of the lame tiger.
"The key is that the man rescued Yang Xiao from the’ Jing’ mental hospital. The man checked him for me. No matter what, I want to get his news as soon as possible." Longyou said coldly to the lame tiger.
Although Longyou had a bad attitude, the lame tiger heard a chance to make amends, and quickly assured Longyou, "If I can’t find out my lame tiger this time, I’ll break the remaining leg."
This is the most cruel oath for a lame man. You don’t know how to cherish the lame tiger until you lose it. You can imagine that the importance attached to the other’ leg’ is probably only after green gang, the intelligence stronghold.

Chapter 17 into the jaws of death
After taking the oath, the lame tiger went out with the help of red charm. He had just been overwhelmed by the momentum of Longyou and his legs were too weak to walk-{Bi Hao’s Chinese novel}
Longyou stared at the tunnel in the white wall. "Who gave me a design for such a big game? The situation is getting more and more interesting."
The plan is far from changing. The lame tiger and the red mei just walked out of the room’ door’ and Longyou didn’t come to relax. Wang Jingang’s words rang. After answering the words, Wang Jingang’s anger suddenly broke out and his eyes could not conceal his impulse to kill.
"What happened?" Longyou asked Wang Jingang that Wang Jingang was a warming volcano and was about to reach the critical point of eruption.
"I’m going to kill them. They sneaked into the hospital and shot Xiao Si." Wang Jingang roared, then took out a pistol from his lower back and rushed out.
"Calm down" Longyou saw that Wang Jingang had lost his mind and took a big step away from Wang Jingang. He took the pistol in Wang Jingang’s hand and put it aside with his hands on Wang Jingang’s shoulders. He didn’t know that Wang Jingang had a gun on this trip.
How powerful is an orangutan? Longyou feels the pressure of his hands, which is almost the same in his heart. Even after many times of strengthening Longyou, he tried his best to barely control Longyou’s double’ legs’. His hands sank and he tried his best to press Wang Jingang and shouted, "Calm down for me."
Say that finish gave Wang Jingang a slap Wang Jingang was longyou slap temporarily quiet to don’t talk with his head down.
"What’s going on? Make it clear to me that I will be fine with my junior four." Longyou said to Wang Jingang.
At Longyou, Wang Jingang slowly regained his senses and said to Longyou, "I just sent Xiao Si to the hospital and sent two people to guard him, but just now the hospital called to say that Xiao Si’s infusion bottle was changed into a toxic infusion bottle and the two people around Xiao Si were also knocked out. At this time, they are rescuing."
With that, Wang Jingang’s anger rose again, and he slammed on the wall with several powerful forces, which made the whole room shake. After asking the cause and effect, he sent someone to the hospital to protect them. At the same time, he also wanted to send a message to the green gang headquarters. The other party did not look at green gang in the eyes, and the lame tiger felt that it was time to let the other party know that he was not easy to handle.
"Walk to the hospital" Longyou pondered with his fist against the wall with his head down. Wang Jingang said that Xiao Si was Wang Jingang’s most distressed hand, and it was hard for him to be attacked by the other side for three transgressions and two times, but he knew that he could only solve things by staying calm at this time.
When I arrived at the hospital, Longyou asked the doctor about the situation just after the rescue of Primary Four. If I found out that Primary Four was not in danger, Longyou was relieved and went to see the scene of the incident, but found no clues.
At this time, the doctor who just saved Xiao Si came over and said to Longyou, "The patient has woken up and he wants to see you."
Ward small four with oxygen mask face’ color’ is very pale, who suffered two fatal attacks a day will be so weak, Wang Jingang see small four state is so miserable and will break out or stop it when Longyou.
"Small four, what’s going on in the end?" Longyou asked the small four that the other party would not attack the small four because of it. If Yang Xiao was an accident, then this time it was intentional to attract Longyou.
"longge ahem ~ it’s Yang Xiao. She said she would let you go to the abandoned warehouse in Huang Dou in the east of the city to find him. Otherwise, Huang’s’ sex’ life would not be guaranteed." Say that finish this sentence, Xiaosi just closed her eyes and fell asleep.
"Longge asked me to take people out of them." Wang Jingang said with a face of anger.
"No, since the other party can dare to ask me to go, I will be sure to deal with Huang, and if you are too impulsive now, it will be bad to keep the hospital quietly. I will be interesting to see which way the fairy dares to provoke me again and again." Longyou said that he was a little angry at last.
Let Wang Jingang not follow Houlongyou and drive to the East Yellow Poison Warehouse alone.
When the Huang Dou warehouse came, a steel warehouse was built, but after many years, it was abandoned and located in a remote suburb. The land has been unable to find a buyer and has been left there. It was unexpected that Yang Xiao actually made a secret base point there.
"Little master, the other party has already prepared, but it is very dangerous for you to go this time." Email suddenly appeared in the co-pilot seat and said to Longyou in a serious way.
Recently, people have been with Longyou, and Longyou hasn’t seen email for several days. Seeing email appear in Longyou’s heart is also a burst of miss. Although I know that email is my body, I can’t reassure Longyou just by the sound. At this time, the appearance of email has made Longyou feel at ease.
Longyou said to Mei Er, "No matter whether it’s Longtan or Tiger Cave, I won’t hesitate to break into it when I touch my friends and my family, and I still have your roots. There’s nothing to be afraid of."
Hearing Longyou’s affirmation, Mei Er felt warm in her heart and just wanted to say something, but she seemed to be blocked by something. Generally, she couldn’t say anything. Finally, Mei Er took one look at Longyou carefully, approached his face carefully, suddenly kissed Longyou and then disappeared from the car.
The sudden arrival of email as a’ kiss’ made Longyou feel that his face was still wet and warm, and he couldn’t figure out why Bai Mei did it, but when the warehouse horse arrived, he didn’t want to put his thoughts into his heart and prepare for a big war.
Longyou saw that Huang Dou was still hanging the first warehouse card of Huang Dou Iron and Steel in Shayang City, which was destroyed by time. This card has also been worn out, and it seems that a gust of wind can make it fall.
The warehouse’ door’ was wide open, which seemed to welcome Longyou. Longyou parked his car and walked in cautiously.
There are still some scrap steel in the abandoned warehouse, which seems to have been abandoned at the beginning. Longyou picked up a rusty iron bar and touched it gently, and it broke into several pieces.
"Director Pa Pa Long is really brave. He can come alone when he knows it’s a trap." A voice suddenly sounded and the warehouse kept going back to "swinging".
"Since I’m here, don’t hide your head and hide your tail. Let’s talk with guys." Longyou’s eyes floated around to determine the position of the other party, and he was also alert to the sneak attack of the other party.
"Okay, I like frank people." A man in a suit came out of the back of the warehouse and appeared together with several well-dressed bodyguards.
And Yang Xiao also stay among this group of people is her eyes didn’t get together seems to be in a daze.
"self-introduction-my name is Li Ran. I’m glad to meet you, but it’s a pity that your fate was doomed after you met me." Li Ran looked confident and held his head high, judging others’ fate at will.
As soon as Li Ran’s voice fell, several black people suddenly appeared at the entrance of the warehouse. They were tall and muscular, and people smelled faint blood before they appeared. Obviously, these characters’ lives were like a game for them, and their meaning was to let them live longer in this game.
"I’ll introduce you. These are all black boxing masters invited by me from Europe and America at a high price. The tallest one is called the big black bear, and the biggest one is called the crab. He can pinch people from the waist with his hands. Don’t underestimate him. His name is the black monkey, who has won many championships and is the most horrible opponent."
Li Ran smiled and introduced to Longyou that three black people suddenly appeared. These are the most horrible killing weapons in the black boxing field in Europe and America. Everyone has a lot of lives, so that three people can deal with a Longyou at the same time. It can be said that Li Ran is confident that he has done it in case of loss.

Zhou Yanshang didn’t respond when he came. He felt that the whole person fell back to consciousness and fell into a nightmare with his body falling.

Looking at Zhou Yan’s demon who collapsed to the ground but didn’t pursue him, he smiled in front of the mirror, clutching his black blood wound. "I didn’t expect you to be imprisoned here."
The devil hooked his finger at the mirror and the clothes covered in the mirror slowly slipped down.
Byakki Smoker appeared in front of the devil. He still had Zhou Yan’s face, but his eyes became as scarlet as Lilith’s.
"Tut tut this is once famous hell three kings and one? How is it sealed here? " The devil looks flustered, but he is still in the mood to make fun of Byakki Smoker. "If the other two people know your current situation, I’m afraid they can’t care about those winged animals. They will come directly here and take your life."
Byakki Smoker was not provoked by the devil’s words at all. He squinted and said, "There is no difference. Your Lord is hiding in the gutter like a mouse, and I am the same in the mirror. Maybe I have more freedom."
The devil covered his face and looked at the mirror gloomily.
Mephistopheles Byakki Smoker smiled and said, "I know you, your name is Lilith, and you were your master’s most loyal dog when you were in hell."
"But it seems that no matter how hard you try, your master can’t stand you, but instead you are sent to do the most tiring and hard work."
Byakki Smoker leaned forward and put on a look at the wound carefully, then shook his head and sighed, "It’s a failure for you to be played by such a poor exorcist, Lilith."
The demon Lilith’s breathing rate changed, and the scarlet eyeball became brighter. The demon revealed a sarcastic smile and said, "It really is the god who masters people’s hearts and dreams."
Byakki Smoker said modestly, "I’m telling the truth."
The demon looked at Zhou Yan with disgust and said, "mephistopheles, I know you must have some requirements when you help. Let’s say we demons are the most contract-oriented race."
Mephistopheles pointed his finger lightly at himself and watched Zhou Yan’s eyes gradually become greedy. "It’s not difficult for me to want this body, is it?"
The devil sneered and said, "He has that thing to protect him, so how can you come to him?"
Mephistopheles licked his mouth and said, "You and your Lord can do things from me. This place is still sealed with an evil spirit. At the beginning, you tried to draw souls, but it didn’t seem to succeed."
The demon red eye kept circling around Zhou Yan and mephistopheles and suddenly thought of an extremely vicious plan, saying, "Of course, that’s the soul we want to be greedy, but that soul is not in charge."
Mephistopheles smiled and put his hands together gracefully. He looked at the demon and couldn’t suppress his excitement. He said, "Kill two birds with one stone plan. You should be able to remember those fresh souls to sacrifice the fallen evil spirit to surrender."
"Let me think again."
Lilith did not immediately agree to mephistopheles’s condition. He hobbled out of the door and left it with mephistopheles’s meaningful eyes.
Walking in the corridor alone, the demon hummed an unfamiliar melody, and his face was destroyed by holy water, and his skin came back to life.
The devil has changed back to Lilith’s appearance. The condition that mephistopheles didn’t promise was that she had to sacrifice a sinful soul tonight. Today is the last day.
Trying to make that mortal fall into lust, but now Connor can be the target
To tell the truth, Lilith still has some regrets. After all, she still likes this handsome young man a little.
She went back to her own room with Connor and closed the door almost openly.
"honey, where have you been?" Connor absently opened his eyes, rubbed them and looked at his beautiful wife.
"Connor" Lilith put the kerosene lamp on the bedside and slowly climbed Connor’s forearm. She stroked that handsome face and said, "Connor, I don’t want you to cheat me."
"honey, what’s wrong with you?" Connor cocked his head and put his hand over Lilith’s soft hand. Koo’s blue eyes blinked and said, "I have always been very loyal to you. I have nothing to hide from you."
Lilith smiled sweetly as if she couldn’t restrain her joy. As usual, she hugged her husband’s two white arms and caressed his back at the butterfly bone. She put her face on his shoulder and put it against his ear and said, "Loyalty is really beautiful."
Conor seems to be a little sensitive when she touches here. He consciously shakes his body and wants to get rid of Lilith’s bondage, but he can’t bear to brush away her good nose and smell a charming aroma.
Hearing Connor’s heart beating faster and faster, Lilith couldn’t hide her desire any longer. Her green eyes were scarlet and she still said, "No, you lied to me."
"Connor, your name is not Connor. Your real identity is an angel. You came here to hunt us. You are an angel who stinks all over, right?"
Immersed in an extreme illusion, Connor or an angel can’t hear Lilith’s words. His face is full of struggle and pain, and his skin is constantly rising at his back, as if something is coming out.
Lilith said as if in a lover’s whisper, "After all, I had a baby with you when I came to stay with you for a while, but today that baby is really difficult."
"The future should belong to him. Now I can rely on you."
"You like me so much that I’d rather abandon my angel status. I used to be arrogant, as if you were willing to be a vulgar and humble mortal with me."
"It’s a pity that I’m here to seduce you and my angel."
Lilith’s face suddenly became ferocious. She showed Mori’s white fangs. Her hands stretched out sharp nails and ruthlessly pierced the angel’s back, tearing his wings apart.
The white leisure wings turned into rich ink in a split second, and a few feathers rustled and stained the earthly land, and suddenly turned into dirty stinking asphalt.
Green refers to the sticky asphalt. Lilith is very addicted to this luxury, tearing angel wings again and again with a bad taste that is almost abusive
"Lilith! Lilith! "

I’m cooking medicine in the wounded barracks. I heard this man talk about what happened in today’s handsome account. I got up and moved. The activity said to Shelley, "Let Lian Frost come to see me now."

Shelley gave the umbrella to Jing Zhi and ran away at once. Soon even Frost was called.
"I have heard that you want to be handsome?"
"Big sister think I’m a little arrogant?"
LianJianJia shook his head. "When you were young, Huang Zhang asked me for less. Let me see if you haven’t been here for fifteen days."
Chapter 47 Talent without virtue
You Shi Qian was not even in this wounded barracks. He helped, washed his hands, went back to the imperial tent and changed his medicated clothes.
At the edge of the imperial tent, the sand table is waiting, and the console table is throwing at one side. Now you can directly contact the details of the two cities. One exception is that although there are mountains around, these blue mountains and plains countries have no natural advantages.
Attacking Lan Cang was ordered by Qi Mu, and this is the best choice. As a tactic, it really allows these people to retreat.
However, after the first and second cities are taken, this tactic will also be exposed, and the third city will not be easy. The enemy will be particularly tenacious. When the time comes, the reinforcements will be deadlocked, and the place they have already taken may be lost because of the uneasiness of their wings. Soldiers who attack the front will be wrapped in dumplings by others.
Lian Frost came in with Ruyan Qimu.
"You want to play with him? He is not familiar with these generals. "
"I’m not familiar with it. Don’t you see it? I’m not capable of governing the armed forces. I’m better at controlling the bureau or stealing the city through crooked ways. "
You Yan Qi Mu stand stand hand "not so, you see, things are still quite long-term, and it’s not bad."
LianJianJia shook his head. "I can say but I can’t do it."
"Uh-huh, are you going to try to connect with the frost?"
"Although I don’t know the details of these generals, this handsome man must have a judgment on who you need, not what kind of generals you have now. Generally, in a war, there is always a Lord, a lieutenant, and whether the styles of the Lord and the lieutenant are unified or complementary is what handsome needs to consider."
You Yan Qimu looked at Lian Jianju. Although she said that she was not suitable for being handsome, she did have a natural talent. There were also people like Lian Jianju who learned the talent only by reading thousands of books, and he only realized that he had the ability to control the three armed forces because he had read more about the art of war.
"Say even frost you are not always wandering in this river’s lake? Have you ever read the art of war? After all, this battlefield can be arranged at will, but the life of the soldiers can’t be played casually. "
Even Jia Jian nodded his head. "It’s true that we only know these generals, but if we can’t judge the battlefield form accurately, we can’t arrange it correctly."
"Just like the elder sister said just now, shouldn’t I directly talk about my thoughts now, and then ask the elder sister to judge whether I am suitable?" Lian Frost looked at them with great confidence. Although he had never seen these things in his life, everyone in his generation grew up in the art of war.
Lianjia came to the edge of the sand table. "We have taken this first city now, and the city we occupy now has two cities in its south and west respectively. Tell us one by one what you are going to arrange for someone to do specifically."
"Since Haitians are willing to act as scouts on their own initiative, it is natural that the first goal is also important for us and for them according to different exploration results. After the defeat in the first city, they will actually continue to send reinforcements until the defeat is decided. The flour tactic says that the local generals are cunning, but generally we can think of this tactic, which means that they are out of town and our ability to fight head-on is not enough."
Even the frost can be said to have a clear analysis, and you have a little interest in Qimu. "Chengqi countries have always liked to suppress the number of people because they are not capable enough to analyze it. It can also be said that you may be a good military like Jia Jian."
"Choosing a general is different from being a strategist. In the face of a cunning but empty opponent, you must choose a valiant soldier to cooperate with a very cautious lieutenant to provoke the enemy head-on, and you will inevitably think of ways to stop the onslaught. At this time, you need a discerning lieutenant to discover potential dangers in the future."
Even the frost looked at it and recorded the whole southeast sand table. "We are not short of roots now, and we can attack the city at the same time, and it is easier for the other side to get confused first. The pressure on both sides is similar."
"I heard that this southern city guard will be a famous old man who has retired from his hometown in the future, but he came out again after the break of the country. This is a veteran who is very good at arranging troops."
"Now, how to arrange troops, how to arrange troops, how to arrange arrows, how to rain, and how to shield are difficult for us to wear this armor. It is true that the old general is brave and good at fighting, but people who are old will definitely accept our call and let us wear armor to pose the same array as them. They will still lose and choose the most active teenager. They don’t need much experience. They need to learn to attack the city and attack the heart."
Lian Jian nodded his head and did have an idea. "What if your opponent is yourself?"
"I know my own shortcomings. If it were really me, it would be easy to solve them."
"oh? It is easy to solve people, but it is not easy to solve them. "
"If it’s a man who hasn’t realized what disadvantages he has … my biggest disadvantage is that underestimating his opponent is like paralyzing his opponent like dealing with an experienced general, so he can look like the least qualified general, even if he is a soldier, he will have to indulge his madness if he is killed!"
Even looking at him for a long time without talking, Ru Yan Qimu felt that it was not bad. "You’d better get to know those generals and give you the first command after taking these two cities, but this is the only chance to get to the city directly once, and I’ll let you be the coach."
Even the frost shook his head when he was away from the cold. "He doesn’t have this ability."
"no? It remains to be seen whether it can be done, but it is better than not having an idea. "
"He has some talents, but it’s far from enough. He seldom considered the advantages and disadvantages of this general when choosing a general. A fierce general likes the battlefield stormtrooper, and he doesn’t need to consider his other shortcomings. You can’t arrange him with a complementary lieutenant like that."

Some evil spirits with axe are scattered in the wilderness at the same time. These evil spirits are more than three meters tall and stand out in the wilderness.

The cavalry in the wilderness fled the fastest, and those who cut off their horses gave up all their burdens and galloped wildly in the hills covered with weeds. Even these tall and strong evil spirits could catch up with them.
Little duck wanted to go to the caravan site to see the businessman Larkin. A group of evil spirits ran out from the forest road and surrounded the forest farm camp and the caravan site. Some evil spirits had rushed into the thick smoke to collect the materials left there before he dismissed the idea. Running at this time is to die.
Looking at a bag of soldiers’ nameplates hanging around his waist, Little Duck decided to go looking for Bena legion with the fleeing army from all over the mountains.
Be sure to report the number of people killed in the second squad of the fourth brigade of the 57th Heavenly Armored Infantry Regiment, and then get a pension with the nameplate and send it to their families. This may be the last thing I can do for these soldiers in the second squad.
After patting a horse lightly, the jujube red horse jumped from Gaogang and rushed along the gentle slope woodland to the vast hilly land in front.
A few hundred meters away from the cliff, evil spirits appeared. They found Gao Gang running, and the red war horses could watch them quickly cross the dense forest land.
This hilly land on the west side of the forest farm camp is very vast. It is a fertile grassland. The most suitable thing is grazing. This area belongs to the edge of Handanar County. There are often Warcraft in this area. Some Warcraft will attack the mountain grassland horses for a long time. Even though there are abundant water plants here, no rancher is willing to graze here.
The running speed of Gubolai horse in this grassland is much faster than that of the evil spirits. If the evil spirits don’t rob and kill the roots halfway, they can’t chase Gubolai horse.
Passing through a huge hill, I saw a magic caravan overturned on the slope. Four ancient horses fell to the ground and foamed at the mouth. It looked like evil spirits and blunt objects would directly hit these horses and directly hit them to the ground, while the caravan with a length of 10 meters broke its axle. Two wheels rolled out and lay flat on the grass.
There are a few evil spirits around the magic caravan. There are about three evil spirits fighting around the magic caravan. Surdak looked at those young female swordsmen and looked familiar. It seems that those female swordsmen in the swordsmen’s sightseeing group didn’t expect that they were still there.
At the moment, this magic caravan has been stopped by evil spirits, and the coachman and several guards have fallen down. There are some brave female swordsmen left in the pool, who are fighting with evil spirits. With the help of excellent weapons and flexible posture, the evil spirits keep dealing with people who are injured and fall to the ground.
An evil spirit seems to want to lift the roof of the magic caravan, and there must be lucky people in the caravan 2.
Seeing this scene in the surrounding wilderness, the infantry soldiers consciously bowed their heads and refused to go near the magic caravan. This was the most grand way to welcome these female swordsmen at the gate of the former expeditionary camp. The infantry soldiers showed two different attitudes.
Of course, this moment of life can’t blame someone for it.
Everyone is a fresh life, and everyone has their own choices. They have rushed to help the female swordsmen. The warriors have fallen into a pool of blood, leaving a group of ghosts who want to drag out an ignoble existence.
Little duck doesn’t want to worry that he has thirteen nameplates on him. He wants to send these nameplates to the logistics department of Bena legion as soon as possible. He doesn’t want his family to get the last copper plate after the death of these companions of the second team.
It was when Gubolaima passed by not too far from the magic caravan that Little Duck suddenly found a familiar face in the fighting crowd of evil spirits.
Beatrice, a blonde girl with a round face, now her leather armor is dyed red with snow, and her slender thigh is scratched for more than a foot, and she falls down beside the van carriage.
The evil spirit in front of her did not forgive her because of her beautiful and noble status. It coldly stabbed the army thorn in her hand into her towering chest and went in with a sharp knife.
At this time, she happened to see Little Duck. Her eyes lit up, but before she could send out a cry for help, her eyes, as bright as the night star, faded away.
A familiar figure jumped at the western rapier in his hand and thought to pull out the rapier, but the rapier couldn’t pull it out. The evil spirit let out a piercing roar and turned to grab the figure with his hand, so he quickly abandoned the rapier and dodged.
Little duck saw her face clearly. Miss Hathaway, the fiancee of Baron Sidney, saw that she was forced by evil spirits. The root of the sword stuck behind the evil spirits did not prevent the evil spirits from fighting. She saw that Miss Hathaway was forced to the magic caravan and other corners. Duck reached out and took an ancient horse neck to turn the horse around and rushed towards the magic caravan.
The war horse rushed to the evil spirit and stepped on the evil spirit’s back with both hoofs. The evil spirit gave up chasing Hathaway and turned his axe to sweep the two front legs of the war horse.
Duck jumped with one hand to hold up the dwarf chain shield and stopped the sharp axe. The dwarf chain shield suddenly exploded with a piece of silver rune. The evil spirits were forced back by the "Blessing Shield" and Hathaway would take the opportunity to escape. I didn’t expect that she would throw herself behind the evil spirits, pull out a sword in the middle of the back, and draw a shallow wound on the back of the evil spirits’ neck before jumping lightly.
The evil spirits ignored Hathaway, but let out a growl at Duck, clutching the axe with both hands and chopping at him again …
Chapter 139 Choice Fight
The giant axe splits the dwarf chain shield and bursts into a piece of silver awn. The standard defensive posture is to hold the axe and axe to split a gap in the shield.
Bo Qiang felt a huge force pouring into his body, and his whole knee sank into the grass soil. His arms were numb and he looked up at the ferocious face of the evil spirits. He stabbed the Roman sword in his hand into the evil spirits’ abdomen. The evil spirits wanted to take a step back and dodge, but Bo Qiang suddenly pulled the Roman sword in his hand and stabbed it into the evil spirits’ abdomen.
The evil spirit let out a scream of pain, grabbed the shield with one hand and the Roman blade with the other, trying to tear Ducky in half with brute force.
But I didn’t expect the Roman sword to be sharper than not only cutting off the finger of the evil spirit, but also cutting off a big purple blood in its abdomen and mixing it with dirt. Before the evil spirit whined, Hathaway’s legs locked the evil spirit’s head, and the thin sword in his hand stabbed in along the clavicle, and he grabbed a wide-edged curved knife from one side of his thigh to ruthlessly wipe the evil spirit’s neck. The evil spirit’s head fell accordingly.
Bo Qiang took advantage of the situation, the evil spirits rolled and the huge body collapsed.
Hathaway ignored the head of the evil spirit that tumbled to the grass, but ran to Beatrice, a round-faced girl next to the magic van, picked up Beatrice, quickly took out a bottle of therapeutic liquid and poured it into her stomach, and pulled out a roll of hemostatic bandage from her belt to wrap Beatrice’s leg wound.
Seeing that Beatrice seems to have signs of life, Bo Qiang also leaned in. Hathaway saw someone coming to help and asked him to flatten Beatrice, a girl with a round face. Beatrice was so weak that she lost too much blood and looked as white as paper. After drinking a bottle of therapeutic drugs, the signs of life were slightly stable.
Bo Qiang helped to wrap Beatrice’s leg smoothly.
At this time, there are two evil spirits around who are after his female swordsman beside the magic caravan.
Those female swordsmen have long been exhausted, and the fierce attack of evil spirits has forced them to retreat. Those female swordsmen are light-footed, but they can’t always hide from evil spirits. When the leather armor of female swordsmen becomes tattered and writes some blood, Beatrice will be stronger. When dressing the wound, a female swordsmen will fall to the ground with an axe of evil spirits.
Bo Qiang hurriedly got up with the dwarf chain shield and wanted to stop the evil spirits.
Hathaway smashed the wooden box of the magic caravan shelf with a sword, and pulled out an iris shield with a golden pattern and a blue background from the inside, and threw it to Boqiang. Boqiang firmly caught it and felt that the shield was much heavier than expected when his arm sank.
Bo Qiang nodded to Hathaway, and Hathaway pulled out a knight sword inlaid with gold from the wooden box and carried the knight sword in his hand with a western rapier to help the female swordsman who was chased by evil spirits.
Finally, someone saw the magic caravan fighting here and was willing to come and help.
However, when the man ran near Boqiang, he found that he was only wearing an ordinary leather armor and holding a Paglio spear in his hand. It felt like holding a grass fork and this soldier with a fat face and a big belly was like a countryman who had never experienced a battle. When he saw evil spirits, his eyes were more prominent and his lips were shaking.
He is obviously not a combatant, but he is wearing the standard leather armor in the expeditionary army. Judging from his clothes, he should be a craftsman. I didn’t expect that a craftsman would want to help him at this time.
On the contrary, none of the real soldiers dared to gather together and fled from this hillside.
Seeing that the craftsman is so strong, he no longer has hope. It is a little admiration for his courage.
Bo Qiang held an iris shield to stop an evil spirit. The evil spirit seemed to know that Bo Qiang could easily scratch their skin with a sword in his hand, and he was holding a serrated axe in his hand while turning around and giving Bo Qiang a hard blow. Even with a blessing shield, Bo Qiang took a step back with a blow from the evil spirit.
Then the evil spirits showed a fierce offensive, and Bo Qiang was not given a breathing space. Every blow made him step back involuntarily. Every time the evil spirits hit Bo Qiang, the silver rune of the iris shield would be dimmer.
At this time, Miss Hathaway is working together with his five female swordsmen against another evil spirit.
In addition, an evil spirit is squatting down next to the magic caravan, and two giant hands are clinging to the top of the magic tent, trying their best to tear the ceiling of the magic caravan out of the inner compartment.
If there are no Tibetans in the magic caravan.
An injured noble knight struggled out of the carriage and saw that his leg was wrapped in a thick bandage. It seemed that his leg was injured seriously. When the evil spirit found the magic van, he couldn’t help but reach down and reach out and lift the noble knight up.
A giant hand pinched the noble knight’s throat, and the knight’s body was suspended and his legs were pedaled, and his face was flushed with bad breathing.

"A group of you would have been sealed by Fuxi?" Hades looked Niu Mowang way

Niu Mowang was slightly silent for a while and finally shook his head. "I don’t know that we were a little domineering at the beginning, but I didn’t know that we were detained by Fuxi. Moreover, the seal was very strange. It didn’t let us die. Our magic gas consumption was almost the same, but our body was detained day and night!"
"oh? Fuxi sealed you but didn’t let you die? " Hades surprised way
Hades nodded-
People cross the country.
Gou Jian has been fighting for the supremacy of heaven since he died of Wu.
Often Gou Jian lived in the village of Zhuluo where Xi Shi used to live.
Gou Jian keeps Xi Shi’s original appearance and does not allow the slightest change.
On this day, Gou Jian sat on a reef by the sea near Zhuluo Village.
The quartet has guards waiting for Gou Jian, who is holding a magic pearl in his hand at the moment. The whole person is crazy and Gou Jian has lost a lot of weight.
Looking at the magic shell blue pearl seems to recall Xi Shi’s smile again.
Watching Gou Jian laugh slowly is a trace of sadness in his smile.
Many people don’t know how to cherish until they have lost it, and they don’t know how to cherish it until they have lost it.
"Nothing is lost? I got it, but it’s good to burn you out. " Goujian face bitter way
Gou Jian has been paying attention to the news. With the growing strength of Buddhism, military strategists have joined Buddhism. Gou Jian knows that he is getting farther and farther away from Xi Shi, and this generation should never want to be near Xi Shi again.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Gou Jian laughed at the sea with a hint of sadness.
Not far from Gou Jian, there was a black man watching him quietly.
"It seems that you are not happy?" Black people light way
"Who are you?" Goujian face a change.
When will this black man appear? Are all your guards blind?
I turned around and found myself in a coma.
"Who are you?" Gou Jian’s face changed lanes again.
"Don’t be afraid that I mean no harm!" Black people light way
"What are you doing? Who are you? " Goujian sink a way
"I’m from the underworld. I’m from the Yi clan!" Black people sink a way
"Si surname clan? Have the same surname as me? " Goujian face a change.
The black-robed man nodded. "The head of the great robbery in the human world asked me to meet the imperial clan in the human world and go to the underworld to avoid this great robbery!"
"The imperial clan of the human world is the reincarnation of Xia Jie, Qi Jian Gong. I went to Qi State, but Qi Jian Gong is dead. His Kyushu Ding was also given to others. It seems that Jiang Tai got the most, but since he decided, I won’t pursue Qi Jian Gong’s downfall. That surname is your purest. Prepare to come back to the underworld with me!" The black man said
"Me?" Goujian vacant way
"Yes, there is nothing in the human world to go back with me, no matter if the patriarch personally asks, it will definitely give you some benefits and strength, but at least you can be proud of the human world!" The black man said
"The envy of the world? Can be more powerful than Fan Li? Not worse than Jiang Tai? " Goujian with a hint of hope
"yes!" Black man nodded his head.
"I, I, I will go with you!" Goujian suddenly eyes flashed a firm.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Crane prolong the year
Celestial West Cow Hezhou is a territory!
Jiang Chu Jiu came to the capital of the Great Jin Dynasty with the panic army of the Great Qi Emperor.
The four sides of heaven and earth are all Qi troops dancing in the fierce wind.
"Knock, knock, knock, knock!"
The drums shook the sky.
Jiang Chu Jiu, the great camp of Qi State, was at the forefront of the marching army with a golden dragon and a white robe, followed by Yan Ying, Jiang Tianwang, Jison and other generals of Qi State.
Jiang Chu Jiu stepped towards the capital of the Great Jin Dynasty.
The capital of Korea is in a state of ruin, and a huge golden dragon is dying at the moment, and its luck is thin and weak.
The square is full of bodies of soldiers from the state of Jin, and people in the city are in panic.
The bustling palace minister was terrified at the moment.
"What shall we do?" A number of ministers were in a panic
Chaotangkou Jin Wengong stood in a blue gold dragon robe and looked at Jiang Chu Jiu in the distance.
The emperors of the two dynasties forgot each other
"Ginger Chu Jiu? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I underestimated you at the beginning. You are more powerful than Qi Huangong. In a short time, you will be able to collect all the soldiers of the State of Qi. " Jin Wengong stare eyes way
Ginger Chu Jiu coldly looking at Jin Wengong "Zhong Er you lost! The Great Jin Dynasty will completely become history. I can give you a chance to be a minister, but it is a national enemy for Qi Huangong to die because of you. You have to die today! "
"Hum, if you want to kill me, it depends on you!" Jin Wengong eyes a stare.
The fate of Jinlong roared and immediately rushed into Jin Wengong’s body.
Jin Wengong turned into a golden dragon and immediately ran out.

Thinking about this, Xu Hengxuan snorted disdain. "I think you are a willing eagle dog who will not give up the throne of the patriarch!"

At the moment, the outside world doesn’t know the lover. It seems that these two people are just like a pair of opposites.
I glanced at the corner of the square instrument, and there were signs of awakening not far away. I don’t know but I can see from a distance that the color outside the mountain gate is not good. The red sky burns and locks the eyebrows and urges, "Jade can be broken, white bamboo can be burned, and it can’t be destroyed."
But Xu Hengxuan is determined not to let "speak better than sing". If you want to convince me that you are ok, do you dare to lead the old thief into the battle and stab me with innocence after being exchanged for hostages? If I dare, I will believe that you still know Fang Yi! "
Fang Yi once again looked at Luo’s eyes and seemed very anxious, so he nodded slightly and thoughtfully "as it should be."
Fang Yi actually agreed for a while. Xu Hengxuan seemed a little unbelievable. Suddenly, the meaningful words before my emperor’s ancestors sounded in my mind,’ Some things may not be as simple as you think, brother … Do you really know him?’
While Xu Hengxuan meditation.
At the moment Fang Yi has glanced at the dragon’s teeth in the distance, making Ruqian son secretly make a sign, and then the portable red seal goes to the gate.
At the same time, Ruqianer has secretly whispered Wei Dingyan, the law enforcement elder, and all the elders.
Wei Dingyan’s mind was tight, but he heard the bell of the second peak.
Seeing this, he drank solemnly and solemnly. "What time has come for you?" Why don’t you go to Zhengdaofeng to attend classes and attend classes? "
At that time, the younger brother was startled to talk about the secret passage, the bodhi old zu closed the medicine garden, the elders were all here, and where did Zheng Daofeng attend the class today?
But before they think about it, the dragon’s teeth make a secret message that the elders have been yelling at the door to go to the second peak, and everyone sees that the elders are urging them to go in succession.
The floating island in the sea of clouds and the outer room asked Feng to leave Xu Hengxuan and his party, the five elements of the patriarch Fang Yi, the law enforcement elder Wei Dingyan, and the dragon teeth to make Ruqian a few people.
Nowadays, the Five Elements Sect is different from the Five Peaks. Although it seems to be close at hand, once the big array is opened, the Five Peaks will be isolated. Non-believers are not allowed to reach the except room without authorization, and ask about other places outside the peak, otherwise it will lead to a big array of attacks and killings.
At this time, the five elements of Zongdi asked the peak picture from the outer room in succession, which naturally fell into the eyes of Chi Tianhuang.
How can he not see that this is the Five Elements Sect to guard against his sudden attack as once?
However, he didn’t care about these small moves. After all, it’s not just the five elements of land that come to ask for themselves, but also …’ Eliminating demons and defending the Tao’
If you can kill Naluo, I don’t know how to destroy the mask again, and then you will look back and worry.
Chapter 935 Indiscriminate theft clan sword stab red sky burn
The sea of clouds is vast, and the five peaks rise to the sky-the Five Elements Sect
The Taoist bell reverberated on the top of the mountain, and the cloud sea surprised Fang Yi, who had brought the red seal to the gate of the outside room of Wenfeng.
He handed Wei Dingyan’s weak and wounded red seal to one side. At the same time, he told the dark gods to know the sound, and then he respectfully saluted the red sky phoenix two or three feet away through the large array enchantment. "The cabinet master made me humble and proud. Before Xu’s false seal, brother Younger gave birth to a little misunderstanding. I hope that the cabinet master will be generous and generous, and that Fang Yishen will make amends to my brothers and sisters."
Fang Yishen, a patriarch, is so humble.
The red sky phoenix is a tall figure. He touches his side with tears on his face, and his little head is squinting behind his back with one hand, which is almost contemptuous.
My little girl has been scared to cry since she was young, and the tears are constantly reaching out and calling for her father, hoping to return to his arms.
It can be said that she struggled to break away from the big hand that pressed her head.
The red sky phoenix grovelled and satisfied with the square instrument, and then the corners of his mouth turned up and he snorted. "Since it is a misunderstanding, the patriarch doesn’t have to be like this. After all, you are the first god in the world. So humble, isn’t it called heaven and man saying that the cabinet owner is leaning on the old and selling the old?"
Fang Yi smile apologetically polite "cabinet master never say that! It should be noted that in a certain heart, you are a respected veteran, and even more, I, Optimus Prime, have no predecessors, how can there be peace in the mountains and seas today? "
Red Sky Phoenix smiled proudly and shook Yunshan. He said, "It’s worthwhile to explore flowers with silver hands. Since your brothers and sisters misunderstood you, please let the patriarch go first."
Smelling Fang Yixiao is still "natural, natural"
Immediately, he pointed out that he was offering a fire spell, which was like a red seal to imprison Wei Dingyan. "It is a sign of sincerity to seal a few spells … The ceremony should be sealed first, and the lifting of the ban is the only way to heal. Besides, I wonder if the cabinet owner can pity one or two and let my daughter return first?"
Red sky burns sarcastically and laughs. "Patriarch’d like to know this for weeks, but it’s too much trouble. It’s just a little spell-banning. The cabinet owner waved and went or please."
With that, his big hand has rubbed Xiao Xi ‘er’s head and forefinger, and he has even lit the sky!
Seeing this instrument’s eyes jump sharply, he smiled strongly. "Ah … the owner of the cabinet believes that the predecessors of all ages in the world are so obedient."
He raised his arm and waved it lightly.
Wei Dingyan saw that although he hesitated, he still sent the red seal out of the enchantment
And outside the guardian mountain array, there is a god court guard waiting to meet.
Stay red seal two imperial court guards to help the line to the red sky to burn. It seems that there is also a letter that actually gives the poor little child to one side and the imperial court guards signal to return it.
So it’s called Fang Yi and others surprised and dark relieved. Did the old thief change his sex? I can’t believe it!
As for Fang Yi, I am eager to see my daughter, Xi ‘er, who is only ten feet away from the mountain barrier.
Suddenly outside the mountain gate, the red sky burns and thunders!

It’s not that Sun Hao doesn’t want to, but that Zhenyuan is occupied and can’t be fully driven.

Of course, there are many real Yuan Dan in hand now.
Can take really yuan Dan broke out a try to expand the scope of defense.
Sun Hao’s perception that the little blood eagle condensed by the bloody moonlight is very secretive. Once we break through the defense and rush into the fleet, even the Three Gods will suffer a lot.
The blood eagle is composed of bloody light energy, which can not only corrode ships to form a true mask, but also break through the monk’s miasma layer, which may directly melt the monk.
Now that you have joined the fleet, Sun Hao’s ability will not hide private interests.
Instant is almost unthinking Sun Hao’s hands each took out a handful of true Yuan Dan and swallowed it into his stomach.
True Yuan Dan poured into Sun Hao Dantian crazily in a very short time. Although Sumeru Tower still absorbs the true Yuan unceremoniously, Sun Hao finally got enough true Yuan in an instant.
Drink Qing Di Mudan Stone Fetus Changsheng Zhenyuan and Yanlong Jiudui Zhenyuan in your mouth and import them into Fengyun continuously.
Fengyun was suddenly green and bright.
The sail soared in the wind, and the virtual shadow of the tall wall quickly extended to all directions 3.
At this moment, Sun Hao has no idea in his heart.
I want to try my best to resist more blood eagles.
The little blood eagle swoops in.
Keep hitting the wall and make a series of puffs.
Sun Hao moved the monks to see the eyes and also felt a little admiration in their hearts.
Sun Haosun agarwood is not very strong, but its responsibility is very strong. Actually, once again, Zhenyuan Dan broke out forcibly, and Shenzhou Wei could resist the blood eagle for the fleet.
No matter the effect, such as Sun Hao, Sun Chen Xiang, it is admirable to have a heart.
Not all monks can act like aloes, regardless of the poison of Zhenyuan Dandan.
Thousands of little blood eagles hit the sail wall
The sail wall was crumbling and barely supported.
However, when only half a column of incense was supported, the little blood eagle had not completely disappeared. Before Sun Haoti’s sumeru condensate tower had been greatly sucked, and Sun Haozhen’s yuan was sucked down by 50% again.
Look at how little blood eagle Sun Hao has left. He no longer insists on god’s knowledge. The sail shrinks and the sail wall shrinks rapidly.
Almost in a moment, the sail wall was reduced to the size of the Bahai Shenzhou array to defend against the small blood eagle that still impacted the Bahai Shenzhou array.
And his position, the ship is finally facing the attack, and there are not many little blood eagles.
Friar Sanshen had expected and prepared for this situation.
It can be said that Sun Hao shows that Sun Hao can intercept most of the little blood eagles, although it is very reluctant, but the reality has exceeded their expectations.
One-eyed Hao three big roar a way "war …"
The Godsworn Three Gods started to move together, and many ships launched their own small blood eagle with weak physical strength.
Sun Hao, a thousand blood eagles, blocked seventeen, but still counted many. Except for some little blood eagles who besieged the Shenzhou array in the sea, every seagoing ship was attacked by seven little blood eagles.
The sea is full of blood and light.
A melee exhibition
Chapter six hundred and seventy-two Pagoda on the first floor
The flying eagle of Gujiao Xionghai array entered the battlefield and spilled blood on the deck.
The blood moon fierce eagle launched wave after wave attacks on the ship array of the Three Gods.
The Three Gods Fengyun took turns to attack and lead the fleet to repel waves of fierce eagles.
Fighting all night in the bitter blood.
One night, the bloody fleet fell, and the monks were not reduced by thirty, which exceeded the first night.
Friar Sanshen got to know Fengyun again and Sun Haosun agarwood again in a bloody battle overnight.
Overnight, Bahai Shenzhou became the strongest barrier of the fleet.
Goddess shield, Poseidon halberd, and defense against a small blood eagle are not effective. There is a sea where Shenzhou can hold most of the small blood eagle before shrinking back because of the lack of repair by the agarwood real person.
In one night, the real agarwood swallowed Zhenyuan Dan many times and forced to ascend, which inspired Bahai Shenzhou to be grateful to the monks of the Three Gods.
Anyway, let’s not talk about the efforts of agarwood. Everyone saw it.
If it weren’t for Chen Xiang’s hard work, if it weren’t for Ba Hai Shenzhou’s reluctance to carry most of the blood eagle three gods fleet, Sun Hao would definitely double.

"I also have some if she dies …" Gu Hui’s eyes whispered with disappointment.

Show cloud again cut off her words "miss even if she died you have? Did you let her give birth to those bad thoughts? "
"I …" Gu Hui corners of the mouth moved don’t know what to say.
"You didn’t. You didn’t let her do anything. She died by herself." Xiuyun took a deep breath and said, "Besides, she died of a bad disease. That’s why she didn’t do it." Gu Hui’s eyes fell silent, which made Xiuyun feel a little anxious at the moment and could not help but emphasize, "Miss, if you are so soft-hearted again, you will never meet Princess Bright again."
Gu Hui sip sip lips a great silence, "I know".
"If we know that you are a young lady, don’t be weak and credulous." Xiuyun said softly.
"Well" Gu Hui nodded.
After a brief silence in the room, Xiuyun bit her lip and looked at the main face. Seeing Gu Huizhen’s head drooping, there was nothing special. She whispered, "In another half month, I will show the side princess Lin to the temple in the moon palace, and then I’d better take advantage of this period to round up the room with the temple or else …"
"Is this what I want to do?" Gu Hui smell speech corners of the mouth overflow with a bitter smile, "I can’t throw myself at the temple, even if I have thick skin."
Xiuyun looked at her with pity, but some words had to be said, "If you can’t do it, you have to try to be a handmaiden." This is not to let the young lady have that kind of shady means … but to say … "After a long pause, she continued," If the temple comes to our courtyard again, the young lady can take the initiative to be more enthusiastic about the temple and let the temple know that the young lady loves it. It should be extremely painful for a man! "
I haven’t heard Gu Hui out for a long time, and she added, "If Miss Lin can’t wait for the side princess to take the door first, it’s not a good thing for Miss Lin."
"Let it be natural!" Gu Hui finally responded.
Show cloud to hear her say that some urgent way "miss you can’t do this" Gu Hui picked up the pillow and flipped through it lightly. "Don’t say that I don’t want to be looked down upon by the temple, and I don’t want to be in front of it."
"Don’t young ladies like temples?" Show cloud twist eyebrow to ask
Gu Hui staring at the page eyes dazed however "nature is like …"
"That young lady?" Soo-yun doesn’t understand why she doesn’t fight for happiness in the temple since she likes it.
"My feelings for the temple are purely because I don’t want to be mixed with other things. Are you white?" Gu Hui light murmured with a sigh
Show cloud listen to understand small whisper "if the temple has been like this to miss don’t recognize? What’s the difference between a generation of old people dying in the backyard and doing it like this? "
"If you are tired, go and rest. I’ll watch it later." Gu Hui didn’t pick her up, but simply said that she turned over a page and looked at it carefully. Her expression was very calm, as if she had forgotten the conversation before Xiuyun.
"Miss tonight, this is a handmaiden talkative. Miss can do whatever she wants. It’s always possible to have a handmaiden around to wait on Miss Wan, and she won’t be bullied." Miss Cong, etc., if she really does as she says, maybe it will arouse the resentment of the temple, so she will never have a chance to get close to it again! Xiu Yun is thinking about thinking about it, and her look is getting more and more ashamed. She shouldn’t be impatient, and she shouldn’t give advice to the young lady indiscriminately. Although it’s a good idea, it’s a bit inappropriate to do that.
Gu Hui glanced at her and fell back to her words softly. "Don’t blame yourself. I know that you are all good to me. If you didn’t think about me, I might have lost it!"
Huangfuye Rui sat in the room from the west of the sun for more than an hour. He made a decision in the daytime-consummation.
Yes, it’s a consummation. Gu Hui consummates his side princess.
It’s really hard for him to take this step.
The reason is clear to him
So after dinner, he sent Xue Xiao back to his own room to meditate.
After the night fell, the other party got up and walked out of the room to Chapter 319.
What else do you expect? What can he expect? After a while, there will be more than one woman in this house, and this woman is also the father who means that he can’t refuse.
The heart is painful. At that moment, his heart is suspected to be painful. It is possible that he and she and that pretty little girl are doomed to miss this life.
Full of things, he still walked all the way. Gu Hui lived in this courtyard. Seeing that the grandmother was about to leave the lock, he coughed and stepped into the courtyard.
There were not many people walking in the courtyard, and he didn’t ask them to salute or let them go to Tong Tong.
There is a low conversation outside the main door. It is not that he wants to listen, but that the martial arts person listens
Like it? What’s the taste of hearing the woman he kept in the backyard say that she likes him, that she won’t do that, that her feelings for him are pure, and that he can’t say it in his heart?
As far as identity is concerned, there are not many women who like him, but he likes one woman.