At this time, the familiar sound came from the roof, which was the Earl Bedell who had always given him the strongest support in Bena legion.

At this time, the sound was like a furious lion growling at Joshua
"Joshua, have you said enough? How dare you criticize Solomon Bowen so much? Tell me! Who gave you courage? The family behind you? You have excellent command ability? Or me? "
Joshua finally woke up from his anger. He looked up and wanted to explain to the people in front of him, so he said
"Uncle Beard …"
The familiar figure looks like the bottom of a pot at the moment, and Marquis Solomon Bowen thundered at Joshua.
"I don’t deserve to be your uncle. Before we return to Bena province, I can write a letter to my family and tell your father what you said in Warsaw. Now you and your war room commanders need to stay here for the time being and wait for the judgment of the court!"
To the expeditionary army barracks, he is always kind to him at ordinary times, and the generals are all sullen.
They are like high-platform audiences, and at the moment Joshua feels like the clown in the burlesque stage performance.
No, they’re all clowns.
Bo Qiang leaned against the wall in the corner of the cloister. While no one around him noticed him at this time, he held his breath and pulled out the sword of the Knights with Ribs, gently put it aside and put his hand over the bleeding wound. The pale golden divine power was released from his palm to quickly heal his abdominal wound.
The sacred force of flesh and blood in the body nourishes and absorbs energy to heal quickly.
He walked quietly towards the gate of the trial court, but was found by a young officer next to him. The officer immediately shouted
"You can’t leave … you deserter who escaped from the battlefield."
This sentence immediately makes the scene already cold and the atmosphere instantly condenses.
Now can expeditionary force all here and which is not deserters?
Young officers in the war room, or those senior generals of the expeditionary force on the balcony on the third floor, or the original expeditionary force soldiers who have been reorganized into his serial number …
Gabriel swordsmen walked out from behind these young officers and looked up at Boqiang’s side and said to the group of expeditionary generals on the third floor terrace.
"I’m Bacary of Bena swordsmen’s regiment. As far as I know, Knight Surdak left the front line only after being ordered by Baron Sidney to escort Miss Hathaway back to Handanar County. After learning of the great defeat of the front line, Knight Surdak returned to the front line to dispose of the bodies of the second group of companions and brought back their identity nameplates."
"In the last two days, the Surdak knights have also been running around in many ways, hoping that the soldiers killed in these battlefields will not go missing. They are imperial heroes, and we should treat those who died in the front line as heroes."
"So I think if he really needs to be convicted, it’s just that he didn’t come back on time …"
Then Gabriel swordsmen solemnly looked at Bo Qiang, and his eyes swept from his abdominal wound and then solemnly said to Bo Qiang
"Knight Surdak, if you believe me, please give me the nameplates of those soldiers who died at the front line, and I will give them an account."
Bo Qiang took a grateful look at Bacary’s swordsmen. It was a promise to Bo Qiang that he could say this in front of the top generals of the expeditionary force.
"Thank you, Bacary Swordsman!"
Bo stiffened and gave a military salute to the swordsmen in Bacary, then straightened up and trudged out of the courtroom.
Chapter 171 Goodbye
The news of the victory of the convention in Handanar County flooded into the city like snow.
The whole city immediately fell into a sea of joy, and people flocked to the streets with songs and dances, with fountains and knight statues. In front of the central square of the city, the pub owners carried out the ale in the wine cellar, and the citizens held up their glasses to celebrate this rare victory.
The ale consumed by this large-scale party has always been paid by the city hall according to the traditional practice, but it is only limited to ale
Bread, sausage, barbecue, you still have to pay for them if you want to eat them.
Handanar city is located in the middle of Pasadena River basin, where the land is fertile, the water plants are abundant and the water network is very developed. There are large farms and pastures in the suburbs, and very cheap indigenous migrant workers can be hired here before the local indigenous people deteriorate. Therefore, Handanar city has accumulated a lot of wealth in these decades.
Accordion and bagpipes come from the square. The window of Boqiang Hotel is from here. You can see the lively scene of the square. The buildings in front completely block the central square of the city. However, people are gathering in the square one after another. Even the maple pudding hotel has people moving out two cars of ale from the wine cellar and transporting them to the central square of the city.
This is another great victory in Warsaw after the Battle of Kempato River. After this battle, Bena Corps once again showed Charles the style of Bena Swordsman Corps in Green Empire, and the main military affairs of Bena Corps in Handanar County came to an end temporarily.
Knocking at the door rang Boqiang knocked at the door and saw the hotel waiter carrying a large glass of ale. In the corridor, he said to Boqiang, "Would you like a glass of ale, Knight Surdak? At this time, people in Handanar County will have a drink … "
"Ok, thank you!" Bo Qiang took the glass from the waiter’s hand and then pulled out a silver coin from his arms and stuffed it into the waiter’s hand.
The waiter was a little surprised that Boqiang generously took out a silver shovel as a small one.
"If you can, please write a dried fruit bowl for me casually. I’m a little unaccustomed to belly drinking," Bo Qiang ordered the waiter.
"Good Surdak Knight!" The waiter just turned away.
Boqiang was preparing for the door, but he found that the Bacary swordsman was sitting by the window with his feet dangling and his head resting on the window frame. He looked very lazy, narrowed his eyes and looked out the window, and people were celebrating the victory, as if enjoying the glory of victory.
"Bacardi swordsmen …"
Bo Qiang shouted a brisk walk to the front of Baccarat swordsmen in some surprise.
"Has the injury healed?"
Gabriel swordsmen turned his head and looked at Bo Qiang. Seeing his walking style and a thin linen shirt on his waist and abdomen, he guessed how much his body injury had healed.
"All right!"
Bo Qiang said brightly that there is nothing to hide from Bacary swordsmen.
After listening to this, Bacardi swordsmen even sighed, "Little Ducky, you were born a paladin, but you don’t want to join our order. I think you should think about it again. We are the best order in Bena province."
Gabriel said this to Boqiang more than once, but Boqiang remained unmoved and was determined not to join the Costume Knights.
Bo Qiang seriously said to Bacary Swordsman, "I want to go back to Hailanza and go home!" "
The Bacary swordsman was dumbfounded and asked, "You don’t really think of yourself as Surdak, do you?"
Bo Qiang lifted the chest nameplate and waved it before the eyes of Bacardi swordsmen. "I am Surdak …"