So Ji Xinghe will fight again. How many special merits can he get?

However, these special merits did not bring due honor to Ji Xinghe, because these merits were replaced by Ji Xinghe to build mecha resources
Whether the rank of his school or the establishment of the independent corps of Xinghe Mecha is based on the strength of the members of Ji Xinghe Xinghe squad.
If all these special merits are returned to Ji Xinghe …
Kentevez pondered for a moment, and when Tangqiao was still in memory, he said, "What if I give Ji Xinghe a general title?"
Tang Qiao suddenly laughed. "General, don’t you think Marshal Ji Xinghe will be given a general title before unloading?"
"Marshal Hui has made it very clear that he will let Ji Xinghe get the rank of major general before unloading, just like Li Yuanba."
After answering the question of Tangqiao, Kentevez added, "But I said that the rank of lieutenant general is the same as that of Tu Yuan."
Tangqiao frowned.
"I don’t think Ji Xinghe has such a big gap with Tu Yuan this time."
"We can make this gap bigger."
"But Ji Xinghe is from Longzhou"
"Longzhou people are federales, we are federales, we are all federales, and I gave him a federal rank."
"General, you cultivate a competitor for yourself."
"Ha, ha, ha ….. I admit that Ji Xinghe is strong enough to make me jealous, but I don’t think he is qualified to be my opponent. Tactical strength and strategic strength are two concepts."
"You mean you want Ji Xinghe to become a competitor of Tu Yuan?"
"But if Ji Xinghe gets the title, he is Longzhou’s best at fighting two lieutenants, so why can Tu Yuan get Longzhou’s support?"
"You said that strong tactical level and strong strategic level are not a concept. No matter how strong Ji Xinghe is, it is also strong tactical level, and Tu Yuan is really powerful strategic level. Longzhou knows this very well, and Ji Xinghe knows this very well himself."
"Is it possible that I let them not clear? Is it possible for us to make Ji Xinghe unclear? "
Tang Qiao was silent again, and his brain turned rapidly.
"Give Ji Xinghe a rank of lieutenant general and let him become the first mecha in the Federation to get the rank of lieutenant general. Let the Xinghe squad honor him. Let Longzhou honor him. Let Longzhou have to pay attention to Ji Xinghe because they don’t pay attention to us, but we will pay attention to it. As a result, Ji Xinghe is close to us and becomes a direct competitor of Tu Yuan?"
Ken Tevez nodded and added, "Five ace mecha, Qin Tong, Harris, Li Lin, Wang Gui and Su Chuanyun, and the one named Yu Ren, who has always wanted to join the Galaxy Team, we can also transfer Jackson to the Galaxy Team to add an ace mecha or there will be more, such as the left-handed brother of the Galaxy Team and Andre?"
Tang Qiao eyes lit up with added.
"Ten ace mecha are missing. We will return Ji Xinghe’s military exploits to him and let him get the title. Longzhou is unwilling to support him with resources, so that he can truly build the independent corps of Xinghe Mecha. We also have neural link technology. They will be stronger if they cut mountains."
"There is a saying in Longzhou," Ken Tevez nodded. "If we send Ji Xinghe to a position where he is hard to reach, he will naturally have different ideas."
Tang Qiao frowned and asked, "But Ji Xinghe is the hawk."
"So what?" Kentevez laughed. "If I can fight, I will also be a hawk. If I can’t fight Ji Xinghe and can’t see the form clearly, let him fight by himself."
And get killed?
Tang Qiao sighed in his heart, and Ken Tevez’s ability to become a federal Samsung will definitely depend on more than just those resources.
He didn’t ask Ji Xinghe what the Federation should do after he had less than ten ace mecha Xinghe squads all sacrificed the battlefield.
Because he knows very well that if it is time to sacrifice Ji Xinghe and others for peace, then this peace will last for a generation.
Ji Xinghe, these people will become history, the Federation will make great efforts to control the flames, and the Federation will become a heroic story that supports them when they fight to the death.
It’s not important for a person to be able to play the Star River. It’s not important to be able to play Li Han, Jackson, Qin Tong, Harris and others.