But at the moment, Luo Yu has stepped through them.

Hey, hey, hey! ! !
A sharp sharp sharp sound exploded.
When this step is lifted, the four people will be horrified, and their eyes will be surrounded by the dense sword shadow and violent vibration, which will plunge into the enchantment in front of them like a sword-shaped key, while the back of Luoyu will step into the enchantment as if it were in his own back garden!
Easy, elegant and unbelievable!
Looking at the blue figure, I could walk through my own enchantment with dignity and ease, and then I stepped out of sight in the second step!
Four people burst pale with leng in situ.
"This ….. how is that possible? !”
They really didn’t go in as easily as in name only before their powerful seven-order guardian mountain array Luo Yu.
This ….. This cat is so powerful? Powerful can see the seven-order large array. What horrible realm is this?
Soon after, Wuyang Sect reached its peak.
At the moment, Gu Song cliff stone edge.
A figure in a loose dark black gown is sitting idly in front of a chess stone platform half a foot high.
His long hair is quite black, and it is as smooth as a waterfall after being tied at will. A strand of hair on his forehead hangs and flutters, elbows and legs bend, and his hand bends his top cheek. The other hand seems to be indecisive, and there is a three-point meditation charm in the seven-point free and easy.
An orange sandalwood lantern beside the chess stone platform is emitting a faint warm light, reflecting the outline of his angular face, which is like a perfect art of heaven and earth lock carving.
After counting the breath, Xuan Yi’s figure still failed to fall.
But not far behind, there came a light step and a slight smile and asked, "Don’t fall?"
I don’t know when a blue figure has appeared behind him. Isn’t it Luoyu?
Xuan Yi’s figure doesn’t seem to be surprised that Luo Yu suddenly appeared here. He seems to have long known that Luo Yu can get here smoothly.
Seeing that he lost his chess in the chess pot, "Oh ~ suddenly feel interesting"
Not far away, Luo Yu said, "If one person really wants to play chess, you can find me directly. There is no need …"
Before finishing, Xuan Yi’s figure has knocked on the chess stone stage. "There are so many useless words. Let’s not talk about this first … a game."
Luo Yu came along. "Do you like this chess game, too?"
"Don’t you know that life is like a play and a chess game?" Xuan Yi’s figure seems a little impatient and arrogant at the same time, saying, "Little ~ What you are not good at."
Lift the pendulum to sit opposite Luo Yu smiled and nodded "there is nothing wrong with this."
Then I looked at the chess game, but when I saw him, I was slightly surprised and said, "The endgame! ?”
In the night, the mysterious figure slightly hangs its head and has a fluttering hair cover surface, so it is difficult to see the clear appearance.
He pinched a chess in his hand and said, "God, you and I have only half the pieces left, so let’s see who can break the pieces today."
Luo Yu frowned and said, "Even so, it’s too lame. Can you not play this game?"
Luo Yu didn’t expect the other party to promise so readily, but …
Sure enough, Xuan Yi’s figure looked at the chess in his hand. "But … if you don’t want this square board to be the winner, it will be heaven and earth."
Suddenly, a fierce and cold gas suddenly appeared!
But not far away, the shadow has flashed out, and two figures appear in the pressure of God Regal, which seems to be more powerful than familiarity!
One of them is the elder Wen Tao, the young master of Qing Dynasty. Obviously, the other one is the elder Wu Yang Zongwulve.
Luo Yu’s eyebrows and eyebrows are "living dead!"
Then he stared at the Xuan garment figure "Luo Fu! Can you and them keep me? "
The figure of Xuan Yi slowly looked up, and the orange light, light and shadow reflected and revealed a Luo Yu expression. Bi Xiao Junlang’s face was self-confident and upturned at the corner of his mouth, which made him look proudly and unruly.
Isn’t this Wu Yang Zong patriarch Luo Fu?
It turns out that Wuyang Sect can rise rapidly for decades because the mysterious patriarch behind it is Luo Fu in front of him!
It seems that this is also the reason why the swords, Dan, weapons, arrays and so on of Wuyang Sect are all blooming. After all, Luo Fu is proficient in everything.
And Luo Yu naturally guessed that the patriarch of Wuyang Sect was probably Luo Fu.
Don’t talk about this Wuyang Sect. It seems that the Five Elements Sect is quite similar. The mountain gate is generally the same as the two guardian mountain arrays. It is even more difficult to enter this Wuyang Sect by entering the Five Elements Sect.