That’s also not acceptable to him. Even if a woman gives him her first time, he will take on the responsibility of a man.
However, when the other person is a killer who is responsible for his target, the word starts from talking about it.
So he chose to pretend to sleep. If the other person still wants to kill him, he just ends up feeling a little guilty and naturally disappears. I never thought that the’ professional’ killer who killed himself to earn money would give up his original intention at the end.
Not only that, but also take out very precious medicine to treat yourself!
Brother Pai knows very well that applying ointment on his back means that there is a big gap between the rare and intermittent medicine given by the Black Super Police to fix the true world, but it is absolutely hard to find a treasure in the world of fighters.
"Don’t see after hope or else …"
This kind of result is different from the plan. The final decision of the other party and the faint heart make him imagine that he should face each other again.
Picking up the note beside me, 90% of the space in front of it is nothing more than swearing at what is despicable, shameful, rogue, pig and dog are not as good as animals, etc. It was not until the last sentence that I really got to the point. If you dare to talk nonsense everywhere, I will kill you myself!
There is also a signature at the end, which is her name-Jing Aoxue.
Light chanting her name Chen cold face smile is ugly than crying "oh, my god! A woman who wants to kill me has nothing to do with me, and she has been healing me intermittently for a hundred years. What is this? Is the queen an enemy or a benefactor? God bless this life or don’t meet well … "
The cool medicine behind me diverged, and the wound healed a lot faster, but it didn’t take three minutes to recover.
With the breakthrough of the great realm, the injury, physical strength and blood loss have all recovered by 30%. However, it will take a few days to complete the recovery, and it is meaningless to go back now. It is not too late to wait until you have recovered.
After all, the main target of Nine Evil Men is him. If he dies, Qin Yang, they will certainly have a hard time. Unfortunately, the high price of hiring a killer has not been completed, so that the other party will be afraid to move.
More importantly, even the fighting capacity is comparable to that of the peerless Jing Aoxue, and the inference of Chen Hanxiu at Jiusha Gate will soar again on the original basis.
You can be sure that in the face of the peerless realm, the nine evil spirits of the strong can’t afford to provoke.
According to this garbage sect, bullying the weak and being afraid of the hard wind will definitely not dare to move easily, so Qin Yang and others will be safe for a short time, which is why Chen Han chose to heal first and then go back.
I soon figured it out, and my mood was calm. I climbed in the soft leaves and thought about the road to practice.
The cardiac phase finally broke through, and then it hit the golden elixir!
With the impact of kidney resuscitation on the golden elixir period, the number of metals needed has increased to three, corresponding to lung heptyl gold, liver ethyl wood and kidney cassia water respectively. However, the names recorded in the records of Emperor Ji Shatian are completely different from the names of metals in the secular world, and even through detailed introduction, he still didn’t recognize any of them.
"Even if you are a rogue, you have to be a knowledgeable and literate rogue. Otherwise, how can you get along?"
For these metals, the strange sigh just fell and suddenly I found a strange memory in my mind.
It’s not the training method during cardiac period, nor the release method of Xuanyin corresponding to cardiac period. The five glittering Chinese characters shocked people’s hearts and almost excited him to shout out-the emperor’s extreme style!
Chapter 25 Four Types of Days
To some extent, the record of the emperor shaking the sky does not belong to the cultivation of truth at all. The most basic point is that direct participation in combat is pure physical strength, not true yuan or true qi
In other words, martial arts moves are based on the cultivation characteristics of practitioners, and the martial arts skills of practitioners are also tailored. Some of them can barely transport the martial arts skills of practitioners, but it is meaningless. What he needs most now is a set of martial arts that is born from the emperor’s extremely shocking record.
After all, although many martial arts moves can be transported, it is difficult for two different cultivation methods to exert great power.
The emperor is extremely heavenly!
Self-created mind-training wizards, the combat skills created by this achievement method give full play to the pure strength of the body to the greatest extent, and they are not qualified to practice until the cardiac period.
There are four parts in the martial arts: the fist name "Kill the Immortal", the leg name "Break the Sky", and the body rule "Rush for Thunder", just like the mental method, has a formula to release the seal before reaching the corresponding state.
Immersed in the mysterious martial arts, engraved in the depths of the soul like a brand, the four-style Juexue is constantly interpreted in my mind over and over again.
"It turns out that pure power can also be so lucky and evolve such magical fighting skills!"
Although there is a formula for the four kinds of fighting techniques during the cardiac period, each of them is amazing. It is incredible to form a punch, a finger and a leg without exerting the strength to the extreme, but it also raises the speed of the body to another level.
A hundred years of intermittent trauma is worthy. In just two days, cold body injuries have healed one after another.
Especially on the back, the deep visible bone sword marks have been gathered, leaving no scars, but the color is lighter than the surrounding skin.
After eating two burnt yellow rabbits, the oil stains on their hands wiped off their rags and Chen Han stretched himself.
Two days.
Because of his back injury, he should not move. He can keep practicing those moves in his mind through thinking. Now he has finally recovered from the injury, except for excessive blood loss and qi and blood loss, and everything else has been intact. Finally, he can formally practice the imperial extreme style.
"Ben Lei-light flint!"
The muscles of both legs are tense or stretched according to the mind, and each muscle has different mechanisms, which even pulls hundreds of muscles to move.
Speed from instantaneous rise to the limit is twice as fast as before without Ben Lei’s posture!
Seeing a big tree head-on at this critical moment, the momentum suddenly turned forward, as if the thunder had drawn a Z shape in the virtual space. He just turned at a right angle in violation of the physical convention and passed by when the other side was less than two centimeters away from the big tree.