Don’t you see that many sects have good qualifications but are not qualified to join the super power?

In other words, because the population base of the celestial world is too large and there are too many qualified good people, even if they have special physique, they may not be eligible to join the super power. However, not all the immortals in the celestial world have special physique and transcendental growth. What?
It’s very simple. It’s almost not beyond the level of Xianjun to maintain absolute rule, is it?
Similarly, there are few sects who have surpassed the immortal master, right?
Because there will always be more than the immortal mind method, or some geniuses with ordinary innate characteristics but amazing acquired understanding will create their own immortal mind method to maintain the rule, so that there is no chance for sects to rise beyond the immortal mind. Whether they have special physique or not, they can join the super power
If you join the super power, you can cultivate profound mental skills, get a superior salary and have a superior status. Who doesn’t want to join?
At the same time, once you go beyond the realm of Xianjun, even if you don’t want to join!
It’s a good thing to take the initiative to join nature. If you don’t take the initiative to join, you will also be forced to report it. Whether you want it or not?
As a result, there are almost no immortals and immortals in the practice of celestial wilderness, and it is these people who join in the super power that not all immortals have special physique, and there are quite a few of them
After all, there are very few sects who have gone beyond the realm of the immortal, and most of them have created their own follow-up methods. To put it bluntly, although such people do not have a proud innate constitution, their acquired understanding is extremely amazing, and their breakthrough to the immortal is even more in special physique.
It’s a pity that their innate qualifications determine that their fighting power in the same order is limited and they can’t be re-emphasized by super powers. Usually, they are arranged to serve as bosses in some commercial organizations.
The most transcendent thing in the celestial world is always strength. Being a shopkeeper is equivalent to falling behind the second class. Now how can you let go of such a big mistake?
"We don’t have a background in the sect, so just let no strong person in the wild repair let us join the sect." The immortal looked extremely gloomy.
"As far as I know, immortals like my predecessors are very ordinary sects who don’t pay much attention to it and are not bound by face vows, right?"
"You …"
The name fairy faint guessed what hurriedly shook his head "no! That way, not only will I be hunted down by my master, but my master will also issue a notice offering a reward to the outside world. No force will accept me in the future. If I am found out, I will probably be hunted down and receive a reward from my master. I can’t show my face in my life, which is tantamount to a rat crossing the street. I don’t want to live that day. "
Chen cold not care gently smiled and said, "regardless of whether the tentacles of our predecessors can reach such a distant place, the most important thing is that the younger generation stays in that small place. Who will know the older generation?" Take ten thousand steps back. Even if your predecessor’s identity is exposed, I can claim that you were captured by my immortal and forcibly controlled the Yuan God. That’s no wonder you are not? "
"Little friend, why do you want to attract my humble immortal?"
"Low strength?
Smiling and shaking his head, he completely denied the other person’s sense of inferiority. Chen Han said slowly, "In my opinion, there has never been absolute strength in the world, and the low level can be strengthened through hard practice, and the low natural qualification can also be made up by the day after tomorrow. The opportunity to have a strong heart is always there, but if you even flatter yourself and admit that you are born to be a third-rate, who can respect you?"
It was the first time in his nearly one million years’ memory that the famous immortal looked surprised at his words.
Usually, like this noble second ancestor, his eyes are above the top, and all the roots will not look down on his garbage immortal. However, this person’s ideas are so different, which is almost the biggest heresy in the whole celestial world.
"According to Xiaoyou, anyone can be the emperor?" Although he was shocked, he didn’t completely agree, and his tone was a little more difficult.
"Theoretically, yes!"
"But there are hundreds of emperors in the celestial world. What are we not emperors? Or why so many people didn’t become emperors? "
"If you have a strong heart, it is far from enough to have a strong idea. You must also turn your ideal into reality through action. Do you think escorting the star boat all day can give you a chance to be strong? Do you think the chance of being stuck in my master’s school all day will fall from the sky? "
In the eyes of the famous fairy statue, Chen was more and more surprised and smiled. "Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Good things are content with the status quo, complacent, natural, short-sighted, and greedy for pleasure. These are the reasons why most people become emperors. Have these people really worked hard? Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can become a great emperor if you work hard, but you will never want to be a great emperor if you don’t work hard! "
"Xiaoyou … is not a super power?" Xian Zun’s voice is a little more respectful, not because of his identity, but because of others.
"The younger generation rose from the world less than forty years ago."
"How is it possible …"
"If you think one thing is impossible, you will always surpass the mediocre generation."
"But how can these immortals and immortals …"
"They are my future father-in-law’s escort, but everything is temporary. I believe that in the future, millions of immortals will believe that one day the world will be at my feet. What do you think?"
It’s hard to sneer at self-confidence. From his firm eyes, it can be seen that what he said is not a check, as if everything will happen in the future
Xian Zun stared at him closely for a long time before solemnly saying, "I Qingyang will swear to follow the heaven in front of me from today. If there is any violation of the soul, I will not be able to enter the reincarnation!"
Such personality charm deeply shocked him and soared. It is no luck to have such a realm and such a strong background in less than forty years.
Luck is the witness of strength, otherwise he has lived for hundreds of thousands of years. Why didn’t he meet any luck?
Now that he wants to come, anyway, he is not valued in his legacy, but in fact, he will always be at the bottom of the class. Although he will not be disposed of because of this, the punishment will definitely be lower in the future, and it is very likely that he will be turned into a dead man and given to his legacy as a guard.
What is a dead man?
Yuan Shen is controlled by others, and life and death depend on others. This generation is completely finished.
Chen’s cold gave him a feeling for the time being, not to mention that he has a background behind him and his attitude towards himself far exceeds that of his legacy. This is unfortunate and fortunate.
Their conversation here seems to be a long time. In fact, for a moment, as the immortal Qingyang secretly vowed to follow Chen Han, he also joined the discussion team, and the number of immortals increased to 17.
The war in the distance is in full swing and there is no end trend.
In order to avoid the joint responsibility caused by the destruction of the Star Boat, both sides of the war are very wise, far away from this battlefield, where Chen Han and others are located, and even a ghost can’t be found thousands of miles away in Fiona Fang, but in the wider area around them, the war has already entered a white-hot state
Which two forces are these?
What are they fighting?
Chen Han took the lead while thinking about this problem. He flew in front of a team of forty people and went straight to a certain direction …
Chapter 617 Bullying the weak and fearing the strong
Where are those lucky passengers going if they don’t tell Chen Han and his party of 17 immortals, 10 immortals, plus two second sai-jo and Chen Han and his party of three people? How can they be relieved if they don’t take the opportunity to kill them well?
Booming …
The immortal Buddha took them thousands of miles away in an instant, and the real war once again appeared in front of him. Such a grand scene was like a magnificent picture of blood and fire.
No one has the heart to appreciate these two most angry Qingyang, and immediately took out his hand to get the fairy king who did not know which side he belonged to.
Even if the innate constitution is very poor and the fairy is in its early stage, the fairy still has no strength to face the fairy field, even the worst fairy can’t compete with it unless other immortals block the field.
Directly search for each other’s memories and then casually throw the immortal gentleman away for thousands of miles. Qingyang’s eyebrows can’t help but wrinkle into a ball. "This … is a super power. The Qing Ming Sheng Yuan Hui Yin Jingu and Yan Yang Men actually face each other. What’s going on?"
There are hundreds of super powers in the celestial world, and every super power has a vassal power, which is divided into two kinds: the first and the second.
The so-called clique must be in the side of the immortal, and the vassal forces are the vassal forces. The whole celestial world is formed by this pyramid superposition method. The clique forces have their own territory, and the size of the territory is distributed by the super power of the local patriarch. Therefore, although these clique forces compete, there are few real conflicts.
The common enemy, united by the suzerain forces, is that the neighboring superpowers are constantly in conflict with each other in grabbing treasures, territory and limelight.
In other words, although there are some interests and contradictions in the same super-power, it is like an official who never really fights. In front of him, the vassal forces belonging to the Green Ghost Shengyuan not only launched a war, but also fought to the death, which has hardly been seen in the celestial world.
No valuable news was found in the memory of the immortal king. They knew that their master had reached the order to block the Yin Shrine at all costs.
"This is the news!"
Hearing what Qingyang said seems to have finished without revealing the news, Chen Han felt uncomfortable. "Blocking the Yin Jingu at all costs means that the Yin Jingu is passive on the one hand, and the Yin Jingu is the active attacking party. If it is delayed, it is impossible for the Yin Jingu to offend the master without knowing it. The biggest possibility is that there is any ulterior secret in delaying the Yin Jingu, and even the master who plays in the war knows to carry out the instructions of his master."
Shook his head, and he knew in his heart that this had nothing to do with himself. He couldn’t finish what the two sides were fighting, and his party wanted to claim compensation.
"Yin jingu and delay Yang door? Ha ha ….. "Peach blossom eye is not laughed.
"Brother, you seem to be very kind." Chen Han asked with a puzzled face.
"Little brother, you don’t know these two sects. I know."
Peach Blossom Eye laughs with excitement. "If we want to strike a sum of money in the super power war, we will be in danger. Even the powerful vassal forces may be in trouble … Although these two factions are also vassal forces, it is the worst one. It has been less than one million years since it was established."
You can become a super power vassal in the immortal master, and you can be assigned to a piece of territory according to your strength.