Chang Sheng was also surprised that if he and Avril Lavigne had any songs, they would all sing and listen to them themselves, even if they were talking and singing. Chang Sheng was the first person in the world to hear Avril Lavigne’s songs.

It is this song that he has not heard before.
No …
Changsheng listened carefully. When Avril Lavigne continued to sing, he found that the melody was a little familiar, not really unheard of.
Maybe it’s a little more Yi Bai-Chang Sheng was familiar with this melody in his previous life, but he heard it for the first time in this life.
"… can’t can’t it is no secret! Hey! Hey! You! You! I want to be your girlfriend! "
He saw Avril jump and turn around, facing himself while playing the guitar and skipping and singing a long hair, which was scattered in the middle, scattered and continued to fall, like golden fireworks blooming in the night.
The players stopped cheering because they understood what Avril was singing.
Look at Avril Lavigne turning around and singing and dancing at Changsheng. Everyone knows what this means …
If this is Avril Lavigne’s new song … Did she just have a brainwave or did she plan it?
But whatever it is, it’s something everyone loves to see.
Someone whistled and booed.
"You are so good that I want you to be me! You are so wonderful that I miss you all the time! You are so addictive, don’t you know? What can I do? Make you feel good. Don’t pretend. I think you know I’m the most precious … "
A long time ago, I never wrote lyrics, so it naturally floated from my heart. She remembered that she and Changsheng were together, from helping each other fight in that bar to spending Christmas alone in a chat booth in her hometown town.
From the time when she sneaked into Changsheng’s place for a few months because of her bad luck, to the crazy night when she and Changsheng were in Los Angeles …
The two of them have too many unusual memories.
Avril Lavigne doesn’t jump or shake her head. Even when she came to Changsheng, no one knows.
She doesn’t play the guitar either. Without accompaniment, she looks close at hand and sings the song she just composed.
"hey! Hey! You ah you … I want to be your girlfriend, I can understand you, I know you, you look at me … "
I was suddenly a little embarrassed to hear Avril sing like this in public, so when Avril sang like this, he turned his head instead.
Avril Lavigne didn’t repeat what she sang just now, but continued to sing "although when you look away, I know you are thinking of me …"
The players laughed when they heard this sentence.
Chang Sheng was enraged. He turned and stared at Avril Lavigne savagely.
Avril Lavigne is fearless and brave enough to keep singing in her eyes. "I know you’ve been thinking about what I’ve come here over and over again and tell me what I want to hear …"
The players have left themselves, and they have gathered in front of two people and surrounded them.
Changsheng looks at this appearance and says, mom! Who said that there are people in China who like to watch the fun? !
The players watched the two men heckle.
In the booing, Avril Lavigne stared at Changsheng as usual and continued to sing "Hey! Hey! You, you and I want to be your girlfriend! "
And winning is a bit embarrassing.
He notice Avril’s eyes.
There is a little provocation in stubbornness.
You and I dare not do it?
Chang Sheng suddenly buried his head to hold Avril Lavigne’s face and kissed him hard in front of all the players, club officials and staff!
The onlookers were surprised and silent first, and then burst into great cheers!
Some people clap their hands, some whistle and some shout, "Well done, boss! Well done! "
Avril Lavigne didn’t struggle at all. She loosened her guitar with both hands and then reached out and stopped her winning neck.
Merry Christmas, uncle. This is a song I wrote for you!
Chapter sixty-five New Year Iraq
When Lazio players came to this Christmas dinner, they were embarrassed because they felt too shabby to tell anyone.
But when they left, they were all flushed and excited.
They had an interesting Christmas din.
Which team can invite international superstars to sing one song after another at a dinner party?
Which team can see the emotional drama of the team coach at the dinner party?
Which team can see international superstars show their love to our head coach on the spot?
Lazio does!
You can’t even see such a wonderful scene. Only we can do it! Ha!
All Lazio players suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with holding a Christmas dinner in the cafeteria of the team training base.
We spent three hours relaxing together.
Then go home.