Out of the community, Gong Sunqi took Li Lu down the street and Li Lu asked, "Why did you leave the shadow mink house? Don’t all five-star animals have temper? Do you dare to do this to it?"

Have a temper. This one does have a temper. When it is eaten, it has a special temper. If you don’t eat it, it will make you upset and compromise, or you will grab it by speed.
"If you don’t want to bring it delicious food when you go back, it can eat food," said Gong Sunqi.
Li Lu is still afraid of five-star animals, but even her father is afraid of animals. Even if the older generation of Li family wants to deal with five-star animals, they will bleed out, let alone take them alive or tame them.
"I can’t do anything if I settle down," added Gong Sunqi in his heart. It really can’t do anything if there is Shukaku. Is it still afraid that it will turn upside down?
Indeed, as Gongsun Qi said, it was Shukaku Shukaku Wang Qi Zhen who frightened Erha Erha that compromised and Gongsun Qi was very kind to it. At the beginning, it was to eat to lure the foodies and let Erha hook.
Li Lu came to the vegetable market. This is the first time that darling daughter came to the vegetable market. The smell of vegetables and fish and meat mixed with each other. Li Lu consciously covered his nose and mouth and fanned his hand. "This tastes so heavy."
"It’s good to get used to it. You’ve abandoned darling daughter’s identity. Now that you’ve abandoned it, you’ll be integrated into the civilians." Gong Sunqi took Li Lu to a vegetable vendor who was bargaining.
"It is normal to see that there are no ordinary people bargaining over there. A catty of vegetables can be cut to seven cents for a dollar. Although it is nothing to lose three hairs, it can save three hairs for ordinary people’s homes, and they can also have a sum of money over time. That’s how ordinary people save money."
Li Lu aside silently remember GongSunQi words and looked at the woman in front of bargaining to remember all this.
After taking Li Lu around the vegetable market, Gong Sunqi personally tried to show Li Lu what bargaining is. After buying vegetables, he went to another food stall and asked Li Lu to bargain in person. As a result, she was encouraged to buy a lot of vegetables.
Looking at Li Lu with his hands full of food and then looking at Li Lu nifty and sticking out his tongue, Gong Sunqi didn’t know what to say about her. Good Gong Sunqi pitted a lot of money in the cold sea of clouds.
"Come on, come on, let’s go home."
Before going back, GongSunQi didn’t forget to buy Erha something to satisfy his stomach.
When I get home, I’ll give the food to Li Lu. "You go and feed Yierha and Erha to enhance a relationship."
Li Lu took the food and trembled toward sleeping on the ground. Two, two, two, two, found someone coming over and opened his eyes and looked up. Li Lu looked at Li Lu and trembled.
"Erha, get up for dinner" GongSunQi shouted.
Shadow mink immediately got up and stuck out his tongue when he heard’ eat’. Seeing GongSunQi pointing at Li Lu and seeing Li Lu’s delicious hands, he jumped towards Li Lu, scaring Li Lu to throw the food away from GongSunQi.
Chapter 23 drilling bugs
"Get up" Li Lu knocked on the door of GongSunQi’s room "Get up for dinner", which is really like a virtuous wife telling her husband to get up for dinner.
Gong Sunqi woke up early in the morning. He didn’t miss the opportunity to exercise. He went out early in the morning to exercise, leaving Gong Sunqi in two places at once in the room.
It happened that at this moment, Gong Sunqi came back from an exercise with Erha, still holding breakfast in his hand. "Are you up?" GongSunQi said a little surprised that Li Lu didn’t stay in bed? Didn’t go to bed later and get up so early?
"Where have you been?" Li Lu asked.
Gong Sunqi put the breakfast on the table and looked at the table. Well, the table’ breakfast’ touched the nose. "I went out to exercise and ate breakfast outside. This is what I bought for you. You eat."
Li Lu was a little dissatisfied. She got up early in the morning to make breakfast and wanted to cook a delicious meal for Gong Sunqi. But Gong Sunqi sneaked out to eat and brought it back early.
Gong Sunqi shouted, "Erha came to eat."
Two ha heard’ eat’ moment things came to GongSunQi coquetry.
Come and be ready to eat with full appetite. You can see that Gong Sunqi brought it’ breakfast’. It’s not good. Can you eat this?
Erha humanized stretched out his paw and scratched it, which has become hard. The breakfast was touched by a fried black egg. Looking at that touch, it broke the fried egg and stared at Gongsunqi’s mouth with a whine.
Li Lu was the first time to see the five-star animal so humanized. She was afraid that Sun Qi’s abuse of the five-star animal would cause the five-star animal to fight back and they would be eaten in minutes.
Pick up the table and put it on the ground early. This has just been put on the ground. Li Lu hurried back. She still didn’t dare to face Erha, let alone touch Erha.
Er, ha, at the sight of the food, he didn’t talk to Gong Sunqi. He tactfully opened the package and ate it with relish. He learned to eat breakfast like Gong Sunqi. His predecessor held the straw with his paws and put it in the mouth of the soybean milk bottle with his heels. He drank it with relish.
"Not the kui is a five-star animal’s spiritual wisdom. It’s just that I just saw how I can suit myself now." Gong Sunqi couldn’t help but praise.
GongSunQi shine at the moment a full face of joy "Li Lu tell you one thing, I may have to go out these days, I will stay busy and Erha will protect you".
Li Lu didn’t ask Gong Sunqi what he was going out to do. When the cold sea of clouds left, Gong Sunqi said that he had something to deal with. From nodded, some people looked at him and were drinking soy milk.
Gong Sunqi squatted and touched Erha’s dog head. "Erha, I’m going out to Li Lu these days and I’ll leave it to you to protect it. If I come back and you can protect Li Lu, I’ll take you to a big meal to keep you full."
Erha didn’t listen to anything when she heard the words’ eat to the fullest’. Erha was so excited that she nodded her head while drinking soy milk, which was very funny.
It’s a lot of peace of mind to have a second commitment from Sun Qi, and it shouldn’t be much of a problem to have a busy person. "It’s time to deal with my affairs."
Didn’t say much to Li Lu. Divided a member to go to the kitchen and made a breakfast for Li Lu and went into the room.
The door Sun Qiqi leaned back against the door and took a deep breath. "I don’t know if I can rely on that bug to have some more cards."
"The sixth door of the door is open!"
The opening of Jingmen made Gongsunqi’s strength soar from E-class to E-class peak. Gongsunqi felt the blood boiling and the heart beating violently. "This is the door to escape armor. The more you go back, the faster the heart beats. If you open the dead door, the heart will beat violently to an alarming degree in exchange for the rhythm of life, thus draining the body function and raising the strength to a larger level."
Knowing a small part of the mystery of the door, Gong Sunqi felt that if he opened the seventh door, the strength of an E-level repair would be huge, and maybe he could jump directly from E-level to E-level.
Let’s familiarize ourselves with the sixth force of armor evasion, come to the bed and take a deep breath. "It’s coming." He is mentally prepared to bear the physical pain caused by that great force.
"Water magic opens!"
The water in the small pond in Dantian was mobilized and flowed to all meridians of the body. Every meridian of the body was full of armor. Two kinds of forces filled the meridians. Gong Sunqi put his hands on the mattress and his face showed a painful look. His meridians finally expanded to the point where he could escape armor in a short time. The fifth door power plus water magic and Shukaku power.
Now the door is hiding from the fifth door to the sixth door, and that power is not as simple as one plus one.
Beads of sweat oozed from Gong Sunqi’s forehead and slipped down his cheeks. "It’s not over yet." Gong Sunqi struggled. "Shukaku lent me your strength."
Shukaku hesitated a still didn’t give GongSunQi wake up, "can you stand it? Now you have reached the peak that you can bear. You have only achieved the seventh order in the first three powers, but now you have achieved the ninth order in the two powers. If you add my strength, I am afraid that you will die. "