"What should I do?" The speed has been dragged down, and it seems that it is just the same as the speed of the waves. If we continue to go, it seems that everyone is involved in the annihilation of the waves. Watching Zhao Li and Kang Hongyuan disappear, no one speaks, but they pass such a message in eye contact.

Just now, the strong man is the closest to Zhao Li and the closest to fixing Zhao Li and Kang Hongyuan rope. His hand has been tightened. Kang Hongyuan rope needs some concrete actions, either untie the rope or cut it off, which can get everyone out of the immediate predicament. But do you really want to do this?
Zhao Li has done so much, but he can’t finish it. Do you want to give him another chance? The strong man hesitated in his heart and swept around, only to find that everyone had such doubts in his eyes. There is no difference between these prisoners and prison guards. They are poor people who need to make choices at all times.
A pair of bright eyes seems to reveal different information. The strong man pays attention to the past. Those eyes reveal anxiety and gently shake his head.
Chapter 47 The true qi breakthrough ()
Give them another chance! The strong man’s eyes also reveal that Zhao Li will not abandon these so-called comrades-in-arms. Then why should these comrades-in-arms abandon Zhao Li easily?
Being caught in the huge waves, Zhao Li immediately fell into darkness when he couldn’t breathe. It was consciousness that grasped Kang Hongyuan desperately and then groped for his own traction rope, which was no longer taut, and tied himself and Kang Hongyuan together rapidly.
There is no way to get back to the ship. Zhao Li must be able to make it with both hands, so he can be dragged by Kang Hongyuan.
The chest is getting more and more annoyed, and there is not much oxygen in the lungs. After a while, Kang Hongyuan seems to have no movement. He doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead, but it is more appropriate to check it out or get through the immediate crisis.
I touched Kang Hongyuan’s waist and the traction rope was tense, so I pulled Kang Hongyuan, rather than Kang Hongyuan pulling himself to touch the rope. Zhao Li made an effort to pull himself out of the water.
It’s just that the lungs are feeling suffocated. Obviously, the oxygen is coming to an end, and the hands holding the rope seem to be relaxed.
This is not a good sign. If you even have your own magic, then two people will die together in the end. It seems that Zhao Li didn’t realize until now that he had never considered that he would die before receiving the alarm and doing something so dangerous.
At present, Zhao Licai’s white death is terrible, and he feels that he has never known any mice, low-key and arrogant before he was alive and lovely. What is life, what is ideal and what is the future? All these things add up to nothing, and it is not as important as being able to live and live in front of him.
It seems that Zhao Li’s state of mind, body name and true qi once again show its overbearing reason. Zhao Li has been running slowly due to poor breathing, and the true qi actually stimulates crazy burning with such a simple idea.
It’s not just the lungs that seem to burn all the meridians in the body. The whole body seems to burn in a hot magma instead of cold seawater, and it hurts.
Burning with the true qi, a terrible momentum broke out. After a few rounds of crazy rotation, Dantian went crazy and impacted along the fixed meridians.
Zhao Li didn’t realize that the name qi could have such a horrible circulation speed. It seems that the lungs have been circulating for a whole Sunday when one breath, and the lack of oxygen seems to have slowed down a lot this Sunday.
I feel bored, and when I reduce my strength, I return to Zhao Lishen’s arms. At the same time, I can’t even believe that Zhao Li can burst into that kind of strength, and the pressure is lighter. People have appeared outside the waves.
I never felt that it was so beautiful to be able to breathe freely. It was so sweet to breathe easily. I wheezed a few times and then the horse returned to its present situation.
The strength of his arms is still tight for Zhao Li, which makes him and Kang Hongyuan closer to the rubber raft, and then carefully controls his hands and feet to get up slowly in the water.
Kang Hongyuan is motionless, leaning against Zhao Li’s back. At this moment, Zhao Li is most worried that Kang Hongyuan will suddenly move, which will send two people back to the danger just now.
All the people on the rubber raft have seen the two people burst into cheers, but it’s a little far away. The sound of the waves is too loud. Zhao Li can see their ecstatic expressions and open their mouths and can’t hear clearly.
James estimated that he also saw the situation here. Zhao Lixian felt the speed increase. He and Kang Hongyuan had fallen off the waves for a distance.
With this buffer distance, the danger is much smaller. Zhao Li once again took a long breath and felt the famous qi. Crazy body circulation brought strength for a Sunday, and then forced the two people to draw closer to the rubber raft bit by bit.
It’s very difficult to master the balance with one more person. I can move carefully and carefully. Looking at people on the rubber raft is also worried. Looking at the two of them makes Zhao Li feel stressed or bright, and some blame her eyes.
Finally, Zhao Li’s hands can almost touch the rubber raft bumping ass. Zhao Li once again stabilized a mind and breathed a few times. He stared at a bumping law. His hands firmly grasped the rubber raft ass and pulled himself and Kang Hongyuan behind him to the rubber raft.
It’s much better to have a place where you can borrow money stably, but the bottom of the rubber raft bumps badly, but it’s not as stable as the traction rope just now
Zhao Li was afraid that Kang Hongyuan would be thrown out again at this time and did not dare to untie the rope. He could endure the kind of rubber raft and Kang Hongyuan’s attack and climb forward and climb into it.
As early as someone grabbed his body and pulled him to a fixable place, Zhao Li quickly reached out his hands and grasped the big mouth and breathed relatively safely.
This trip almost explained the experience of just breathing in the water in the waves. Zhao Li still remembered it vividly, and it felt bad.
"Well done, Sergeant!" I got a heavy blow, and it seems that someone expressed his close escape. At this moment, Zhao Li seems to be suddenly weak and weak, and she can’t look at which guy is playing so hard, so she just lies down and never moves.
The speed of the rubber raft seems to have accelerated again. James this fellow is still very able to assess the situation and manipulate Zhao Li. Even if he tries hard, he can’t compare with this guy.
Finally, I took a breath and my strength came back. James put a middle finger at the sky. "Damn it, good job!" Then slowly untie and fix Kang Hongyuan rope.
"Damn it, if anyone wants to take this opportunity to escape from prison again, I will directly announce that he is sentenced to death!" I don’t forget a joke when I’m nervous. It seems that the guys around me are in a good mood, and everyone laughs when I hear Zhao Li screaming.
Chapter 47 The true qi breakthrough ()
After the joke, everyone’s nervousness has eased a little, but the danger is not as good as in the past, and it is still chasing behind.
The only thing that is certain is that the big waves caused by this tsunami will gradually weaken with the extension of distance. If it is far enough away, nothing will happen, and the prison is too close to the tsunami site, otherwise it will not be damaged.
At this time, I have to look at Kang Hongyuan’s situation. To tell the truth, Kang Hongyuan has never practiced advanced martial arts. It is also because of basic body-building techniques and some low-level folk techniques that when he was in the sea, he was longer than Zhao Lishi and had already gone into shock.
The heartbeat is very weak, and I can hardly feel my breath. The first step to rescue him is to control the water in his stomach. These prisoners are all first-aid experts. Zhao Li has been busy for a while.
Zhao Li also mobilized the basic body-building technique to give Kang Hongyuan a simple massage. I can’t help but say that I am focused on it, especially the massage stimulation of the basic body-building technique. Soon Kang Hongyuan gave a groan.
There are several strong men who have squeezed around him several times, but it is certain that there is no fracture or obvious trauma. Now breathing and heartbeat should be restored. Even if it is necessary to further check this time and place, it is really inappropriate. Let’s wait until we are out of danger.
With Kang Hongyuan’s example, no one dares to underestimate the rubber raft in high-speed travel. Everyone holds on to the fixed position at hand and never lets go again. Conditionally, he tied a waist rope and wound it several times, even if he was exhausted for a while.
Zhao Li has said that anyone who takes the opportunity to escape from prison will be sentenced to death directly. Everyone knows that Zhao Li is joking, but Zhao Li looks exhausted, but he can’t escape these people’s eyes. Zhao Li can save Kang Hongyuan, and everyone is grateful. Can Zhao Li make a move or is it another calculation?
Everyone is very careful, but Zhao Li looks at the waves getting farther and farther behind, but suddenly reminds me of a question, "Does James know the location of that land?" Don’t take us all in circles! "
"Don’t worry!" Someone next to him said, "Now James is moving in the direction away from the huge waves. When he has enough distance, he will turn to that land. We have all stopped during the escort. This guy James will find it once!"
"So god?" Zhao Li was a little surprised when he remembered that it seemed that he had reduced the weight and increased the output power. James even dismantled the navigator. Is this vast sea navigation based on his own memory? I can’t help but express a little concern about everyone’s future. "You didn’t have a chance to look outside when you were escorted!"
"James can confirm the destination position by changing the speed and direction of his own aircraft, which is not difficult. Even if he is blindfolded, he can take us to that land." The people next to him believe in James, and they are probably familiar with his unique skills
Zhao Li was relieved. Don’t work so hard for so long. In the end, it was handed over to a pilot who didn’t know his destination. It was really a risk at that time. It was really simple to put all the lives in James’ hands so rashly without even knowing what he would do or what he could do.
However, at that time, there was really no chance for everyone to make any choice. It was good to survive. Where is the choice?
Now I feel at ease to observe James’ performance again, only to find that he is indeed a famous flying expert. He can fly at an ultra-low speed almost a few meters away from the sea, but he can always maintain a constant speed and let the surface be towed by a rubber raft at such a high speed. If it were himself, these people would have died many times.
Speaking of the word "death", I really don’t know how to shape it at that moment when I was in the waves. It seems that I almost touched death directly, but in the end, I was afraid of death, and the stimulus actually gave birth to strength, which led to my successful escape.
Now I just remember that moment, the true qi seems to be changing at a very fast speed, and I can still do it by taking a rubber raft and trying again.
A week ago, it took more than two minutes at the fastest time, but now it has been greatly accelerated. It seems that it takes a long and deep breath to complete it, but it is only ten seconds at most.
Moreover, at the moment, it seems that even if there is no active control by oneself, it still maintains a high speed of self-circulation. Since I talked to Ban Yunchan once, Zhao Li has no intention of his own name, which is like being a master of basic fitness when practicing.
This time, after checking the name of Qi, I found that even the speed of spontaneous exercise Qi circulation at this moment has been able to compare with the speed of active exercise before. This horrible speed surprised Zhao Li. Did the emergency of Qi change unpredictably again?
However, the feeling of relaxation and strength brought by true air flowing through meridians makes Zhao Li firmly believe that this is not a problem, but should be the normal performance of true qi.
What makes Zhao Lixin even more is that he can feel the increase of qi and can’t feel the discomfort of meridians. Zhao Li can’t believe it. Is it that critical state that the qi has made a major breakthrough?
If that’s the case, then it’s really too difficult for this Qi to practice. The first bottleneck will take where will you go to break through. If we meet again after that, wouldn’t it take a narrow escape to break through? I don’t know whether it is right or wrong to practice this true spirit.
It should have been 100 kilometers away in almost half an hour, and the waves behind it have been thrown far away, and it seems that they have really weakened. A simple visual method has measured that those waves have subsided a lot since they were first seen, and they are no longer those waves that exceed 100 meters.
Chapter 40 Saving the day ()
But even so, the wave of terror still has enough energy, and a wave will drag everyone here to the bottom of the sea. The danger can be said to be smaller, but it has not been ruled out
James seems to have changed his direction. After this crazy escape, Zhao Li has already lost his direction in the vast sea. Fortunately, that guy James is driving anyway. Let’s leave it to him anyway!
Slow down a little bit, and this bump will alleviate many of the biggest dangers. Everyone’s expressions are long and they are smiling when they look at each other.
"Sergeant, thank you!" A prisoner next to him patted Zhao Li heavily on the shoulder. This is the first time Zhao Li heard someone say thank you, but it seems that there is only one sentence, and there is no further thank you action. It seems that it is only one sentence.