While Xuan snake old man is not idle.

Sitting on the serpent, shaking its tail and drilling into the ground, others are missing, and they come to Li Xuandao with a silent breath. The eyes are burning and ready to go
In the face of two people and a snake attack Li Xuandao bash elbows sneer at.
His face flashed with disdain and he slowly raised his right hand.
Casual clip
Bones giant unstoppable one knife was easily caught by his two fingers.
Soon he raised his right foot and stamped it gently against the ground.
The whole ground like a meteorite hit Li Xuandao heart collapsed.
Then the ground revealed a house full of startled snake heads!
This big snake is full of yellow, and it is the mount of the mysterious snake.
But at the moment, this serpent has changed more than ten meters, and it is totally different from the serpent that was more than three meters long.
Moreover, it is obviously unusual to be able to walk freely with a faint light all over it.
However, its IQ shows how Li Xuandao discovered its whereabouts, but the exposure of its whereabouts immediately aroused its ferocity. It simply stopped hiding that it suddenly opened its mouth and attacked and killed with a pungent smell.
"Wait is now!"
Bones old man and Xuan snake old man shine at the same time.
"Ha, ha, ha, Li Xuandao, let you taste my innate bone magic!"
As high as seven meters, the white bone giant roared, and the body suddenly melted into a gust of wind and air, and it burst like a creaking bone.
"The bone demon is big!"
Bones old man suddenly drink bones airflow will turn into a pale hand suddenly grabbed Li Xuandao body.
At the same time, the attack of the mysterious snake old man also came instantly.
"Li Xuandao, die!"
Xuan snake, the old man’s right hand was scratched, and a long green fire condensed knife appeared in his hand. Soon, he held the handle in his hands and chopped it with a jerk.
All these changes seem to be slow, but they are actually extremely fast.
Wait until they react. Li Xuandao has been caught by the air flow of bones and instantly trapped in a desperate situation.
"It’s not good that Li Xuandao planted it."
"The old man Xuan Snake and the old man Bai Gu are masters who have been famous for a hundred years. They are not only exquisite in mind, but also extraordinary in means. Ginger is still great."
"It’s too careless to blame Li Xuandao."
Python green fire white bones vigorous gas.
Li Xuandao was trapped on three sides as if he had already died.
On this occasion, his face remained cold and unchanged.
"Demons and evil ways to carve insects"
When everyone was whispering, suddenly there was a cold sound.
Li Xuandao suddenly opened his eyes wide and burst into a heart-rending momentum. The corners of his mouth were faint and sparse. "Today I will slay you to defend my majesty in Li Xuandao!"
Li Xuandao’s eyes moved and wrapped around his bones, and the airflow was instantaneous and violent
Immediately, everyone’s frightened eyes burst into dazzling light.
The light is a smart figure rising into the sky. It is ten feet long and as thick as a house. Its streamlined body is full of strength and beauty. The head of the mountain is full of an innate arrogance.
Fish scales, snakes, talons, antlers, crocodile lips …
There is no sense of disobedience when different features are pieced together, but there is a huge and sacred momentum.
Instantaneous silence
Everyone stared at each other and forgot to breathe.
In front of everyone, there is a mythical giant dragon!
Chapter 376 Take your knife first!
Chapter 3 Your blood defends my majesty
It’s like this moment stops
As if this moment solidified.
All qi qi opened his mouth and couldn’t make a sound
They have a shock in their minds and awe from the depths of their souls.
Giant dragon!
This is an ancient myth, and creatures rarely appear in this ancient era.
Although there are still many dragons in Xuan Huang Dalu, no one in the field has seen the real giant dragon.