A month ago, I met the silent sister when she broke through. Silent sister helped me guard the place. I think it was silent sister. Tell them the news of my breakthrough! "To be continued.

Chapter 16 Three years later (3)
"Elder sister, let’s get something to eat! I haven’t been back for a long time and miss Uncle Lamian Noodles! "
"Do you know a happy uncle Lamian Noodles? You know, Acorus calamus is saying every day that you, the master, will go to your home for two days as soon as you have it. Now you are quite friendly with Xiao Buried Xiaoxue! "
"Buried sauce, I miss her too!"
"Oh, you’re a pervert, but you’re a baby in the dark. Those novel hair always makes the dark shine at the moment. The most important thing is that she sends a dynamometer to measure the power. They are very popular with Konoha’s dark shadow school. What’s more, families have also come to customize it. This is the most intuitive way to show a ninja’s strength, especially in the endurance stage. These things are quite real.
In addition, Kobayashi, the original bicycle leaf, is also very popular. Only ninjas with layers can make benefits. "
"This I know konoha bicycle black market price is quite high! Hey hey "
"That must be you put it in to sell? Xiao Bury told me that you took a bike out! "
"Small buried strength has also made great progress?"
"Of course, don’t look at who the apprentice is. Her medical skills have gone beyond the mute, and the mute has also been stimulated before she went out to practice.
I found that Kakashi and others have been stimulated too much here this year. Now I want them to be your instructors, and they are all reluctant. Obviously, you have hit them! "
"By the way, how about the snow?"
"His brother often sent people to send things to her then, and her mother also sent letters to come over, but no one went back. Obviously, people depend on you. Who knows that you went out to travel soon after you first lived here. This is two or three years. If you don’t know how to send letters to Konoha, the little girl might go out looking for you! I really don’t know where you are, so many girls like you. "
"This haha ….." Shu Mao had a crush on a girl in her previous life without knowing how to say it. It was also a tragedy that she was sent here before she came to express her love.
Shu Mao found that it was a wrong choice to accompany Gang Shou Street. Come on, my sister is so beautiful that she is very conspicuous. But her status in the hearts of the villagers has long surpassed that of her ancestors. Everyone who saw her greeted her actively. The most important thing is that Gang Shou is still holding his hand. He feels that all kinds of envious eyes are coming from all sides. Because of stubbornness, my sister (who is really dragged by Gang Shou’s arm) can bite the bullet.
The only good thing is that when he comes back, he has not come to take off his cloak, and he can still block some fat faces. Everyone can determine the identity of this cloak for a while, otherwise …
What a coincidence. Unfortunately, several beautiful women came face to face. Snow, snow, Ino, young fields, KINOMOTO SAKURA and calamus buried sauce every day. When they saw Shumao’s familiar cloak, they directly abandoned their girlfriends and ran at a normal speed and immediately rolled up Shumao’s other arm.
"Well, sisters, what should we do when you say Xiao Bury has defected?" Sure enough, the apprentices in Gang Shou, KINOMOTO SAKURA were not so afraid of Gang Shou. They directly looked at Gang Shou and ran to the side, dragging Xiao Bury to pull her out so as to create conditions for their girlfriends.
"Come on, you guys, let’s go straight to Shumao’s house!" Gang Shou’s adult has spoken. These people are honest directly. If they come to a small burial, they will hang the tree with the other hand.
"Well, how did you find out it was me?" Shu Mao is puzzled. It seems that these people can recognize themselves before changing their clothes. You know, this cloak is still blocking half his face. Aren’t you afraid to admit your mistake?
"I made the clothes." Xiaoxue is proud.
"I designed the clothes." Buried sauce immediately answered.
"There is a fraternity cloak on the chest and this black one!" Said every day.
"I saw it so high and far away" is Acorus dialect.
"If you can be held by Master Gang Shou, you will be left."
"I’ve seen it with white eyes …" White eyes are obviously a big cheat. "But I haven’t seen anything like this." Who can understand Ueda?
"Well, I embroidered the flower on the cuff." Ino consciously told his little secret.
"Well, let’s all go home first!" Shu Mao can’t pat Xiao Bury’s head. He can go ahead and pull Gang Shou and Xiao Bury.
I was startled when I got to the place.
"How did my family become like this?"
"Oh, well, they all live here now, and even the fireworks often come to live. In addition, Meimei and Ryukyu Beauty also come to stay for a while from time to time, so I decided to push off the guest room and build it into a two-storey small building. The original residence was also pushed off by me and built into two floors. Your kitchen has not changed, but the kitchen has built a big cellar with all kinds of ingredients.
The back garden has also been modified, except for the former rockery, pavilion and pond, where I have expanded a lot. They usually live here to protect their safety and protect the underground base.
Besides, the martial arts field has also become bigger. How about I just set up the left and right houses? Sister is good to you, right? "Gang Shou proudly said to Shu Mao that his contribution to Shu Mao is a great shame. Do you have the money to buy a house? It won’t be that people will give you the room directly when they see that you are closed, will it?
"Buried sauce clothes? Shall I take a bath first? "
"Well, Gang Shou’s sister built a hot spring in her backyard. Now Uncle Jiraiya and others are in it!"
"oh? Naruto, are they here? "
"It’s nothing if we let the waterfall out and continue practicing there. My sister asked me to go back to Konoha to practice this martial arts field. The fact is that our practice center has just rebuilt their own houses. They all moved in and lived with Naruto alone, just next to your room."
"Oh, well, then go out and buy some food. I’ll take a shower and make you something delicious. I want a bowl of barbecued pork noodles! Put more barbecued pork and more noodles! "
"Good master will have something to eat when you come out."
"Then I’ll take them to buy food. I knew I’d bought the road just now and then I’ll forget everything when I come back."
As soon as these girls came back to the house, it was hilarious. Jiraiya also sensed the return of Shu Mao and took the lead in coming out of the bathroom. Akamaru smelled the smell of Shu Mao and knew that there was something delicious and came out of the pool. His teeth were sympathetic, and he soon thought that it must be Shu Mao’s brother who came back with a big mouth and teeth. Everyone immediately knew that he was wearing big shorts and ran out.