"Deep unfathomable …? !” Yan feixue was shocked!

Can let the patriarch say unfathomable four words, so … what will it be? Is it too late? Or honour person …? !
Seeing the shock of swallow snow, swallow boat patted his younger brother, which made him value the younger generation most. "You have vowed to be frank sooner or later. I, Xuan Tianzong, are nothing to that ghost face, and you don’t have to be too afraid to come to the old-timer or you won’t bother to ask about the younger generation."
"So the younger brother is white." A swallow of snow and as one pleases nodded.
What worries him most is that in case Zongmen fears that the old-timer will let him be patient everywhere, then if he meets a ghost face, wouldn’t he be afraid of the enemy? Now that the patriarch has spoken, he is relieved of a lot of shame in winning the treasure. In the future, it is necessary to make the ghost look good. Anyway, not taking his life is …
After seeing the color in his eyes improve, the hatred in his eyes flashed by, and how could he not guess what was on his mind?
Seeing that he smiled, he looked at the white snowy peaks and ridges with his hands. "Feixue, do you know that my family name is Xuantian?"
Suddenly, I heard this question and asked Yan Feixue to answer casually, "I have always been a disciple of Xuantian Mountain, hence the name."
Laughter rang swallow boat with the wave "no, that’s literally"
"Brother, I’m all ears." Yan Feixue knew that she had failed to answer correctly and asked modestly.
Swallow-flying boat points to the vast sky and snowy mountains in front of us, hunting with big sleeves in the wind. Frank Shu said, "The Xuanzhe passes through the avenue, and the Tianzhe says that it is extremely harmonious, and the avenue is extremely mysterious. Xuantianzong is really a big brother. You must have the heart of heaven and earth to spy on the great road. Don’t be lost by distractions!"
Smell this swallow snow suddenly a quiver in my heart!
The original patriarch means that he can’t even let go of a little hatred, and he can’t be as broad as heaven and earth, which is easy to breed demons and make mistakes.
Once alert, Yan Feixue quickly bowed down and said, "I know my mistake."
"Get up" to see him this most valued junior could instantly understand swallow boat nodded with satisfaction.
Then he led the swallow of snow slowly to the mountain road and taught, "The practitioner is not calm when he is rebuilding his heart, but what he sees is just a square inch;" If you have a calm heart, you can see the world. Can you be white? "
Swallow flying snow can become a talented person on the Qingyun list. After he calmed down, he suddenly nodded, "I am a ghost, but I can’t fight for it. I can’t fight for the so-called victory and defeat, good and evil, right and wrong, but I am tempted by one thought. I can’t see all the true colors."
"Very good!" Swallow boat nodded and smiled at swallow snow with satisfaction. "If you can understand these things, you will have won half the ghost face."
Yan Fei Xue Wen asked puzzled, "What about the other half?"
"Ha ha ~" Swallow boat meaning a smile puzzled swallow snow made her way forward.
Before the swallow of snow is ready, it is convenient to swallow the boat sound "When you offer your hands to Lingjing, you will win"
"This …?" Swallow snow leng in situ!
He didn’t give the crystal to the ghost face in vain, but he lost the crystal and the ghost face got cheap. Then how did he win?
But for a moment, he suddenly woke up when he thought of the previous patriarch’s teachings!
Immediately, the swallow of snow revealed a sudden smile and looked at the sky and snow ridge.
"Those who have a rising profit and a heavy heart call me Xuanxiu wonderful door …"
Chapter 243 Misty rain Huang Ge old hills recognize Dan Lao
Tianji Island, the southwest waters of the Lonely Sea of Tears
Tianji Island is surrounded by water and lives in the fog, with Xuanshi Heluo overlooking the island like a dotted line! And there are two huge suspended mountains in this huge island. The misty mountains in Shan Yu are sunny and the rosy clouds in Wan Li are shining.
At the top of Zuofeng Mountain, there is a 100-foot-high bluestone tablet’ Qingyun’, which is a Qingyun list. Look at the right peak, and there is a 300-foot-high white jade tablet’ Tianji’, which is the name of five major gates in Shanhai.
And misty rain pavilion is located in the suspended two mountains.
At the moment, the misty rain pavilion, Biliuyu and Qiongyu, is wearing a beautiful Shui Rou in a red gauze.
Miao Shui Rou is a deacon of Yanyu Pavilion, second only to the pavilion’s major, but also has entered Tai Yi.
Her beautiful eyes are like eyes, pointing to orchids holding a small teapot, constantly watering the tea cover, and bringing up a mist, a pair of soft and watery beauty.
Looking up slightly, Miao Shui Rou smiled and looked at the front, where he was sitting idly and fidgetingly shaking a scruffy old man with wine gourd.
This old man is a broken dragon pool, and Luo Yu once had a relationship with Huang Lao.
Put the teapot gently. Shui Rou pushed the steaming tea cup. If it looks like a peach blossom, please smile. "Is the owner of the cabinet, Shui Rou, making a new fragrant tea?"
The scruffy old man glanced at the small tea table, frowned and smacked, then waved, "No, no, fade out the bird! Shui Rou can’t give the old man a drink? "
Wonderful Shui Rou tea Yan mouth smile repeatedly "you are old and not ignorant of misty rain pavilion wine".
"Hey ~!" Huang Lao turned his head gloomily to swallow saliva and spat, "This broken rule has to be changed! And what’s wrong with you watery people? How to make the best of this bleak backwater? "
Red lips lightly took a sip of fragrant tea, and Shui Rou looked restless and kept talking. "The rules are that you always change or not, isn’t it that you always decide?"
Huang Lao scratched his head, and his hair became more and more disheveled. Then he sighed irritably, "Forget your habits. Anyway, I don’t often come to the old man."
Seeing Miao Shui Rou, Huang Lao turned his head and snorted with a clever smile. He picked up a dusty broken straw sandals and knocked on the wooden column beside him. The topic said, "Do you know that the ghost of the dragon is being punished?"
Miao Shui Rou’s body is misty and rainy, and the fact that the family has naturally heard the news.
Seeing that she put a tea lamp and nodded, "Qingyun Keqing has told the surfer that he has also been wrong."
"Well," Huang Lao nodded, still pounding the broken sandals in his hand, as if casually saying, "What do you think of that ghost face?"
Miao Shui Rou stopped his hand and picked up the teapot. She looked at the eyes and saw that the’ serious’ pendulum broke the sandals. The owner immediately Zhan Yan said, "Although the broken dragon pool seal was broken, it was really a ghost, but his killing of the dragon remnant soul was also self-incriminating. One thing is that the ghost looks unfamiliar. Mr. Jiu also checked …"
Ranging from wonderful Shui Rou to finish saying that Huang Lao has put on the straw sandals and brought up bursts of dust, the so-called interrupted, "The ghost face’s merits and demerits are not the remnants of Mo Ling because of his identity, so I won’t check it."
"Nuo" Miao Shui Rou’s eyes were soft and passed, and his life was slightly lower.
At this time, Huang Lao’s look suddenly turned to the east and looked surprised. "The Nine Immortals are going to break through the shackles!"
Wonderful Shui Rou pleasantly surprised to put tea "really! ?”
Looking at the East, Huang Lao nodded and said with certainty, "dzogchen, the shadow of the Nine Immortals, has stagnated for nearly a thousand years. It’s a hope …"
Then he took a broken straw sandals and ordered a little bit of body to lean back slightly to avoid the wonderful water. "You have added another one to the watery family. Congratulations when you drink a big white …!"
Suddenly, when I think of the wine here, Huang Lao’s cheerful face suddenly froze and then got up depressed!