She still holds Jiang Hao’s mobile phone in her hand and compares the numbers displayed in those short messages with the landline numbers.

Joe’s heart only sneered at the gas. Is it glorious to be a mistress in this world these days?
In the community garden, Jiang Hao is learning roller skating with a group of children. Have you brought all the equipment? Just watch around.
It’s easier to teach one person than to teach a group of people. He’s really Alexander. Roller skating is vulnerable. Children are too young and beginners to wrestle and collide. That’s even harder. Children’s grandparents are watching him. I dare not teach anymore.
After staying for a while, he took Xi Bao and left. "Xi Bao, we still have to go to grandparents’ house. It’s bigger and more spacious. Dad will teach you there, okay?"
Xi Bao had no choice. Jiang Hao picked him up neatly and left. "Dear children, grandparents, we have to go back to my parents and see you another day."
The treasure in the ladder is still swinging. Jiang Hao is carrying his shoulder. He slides around in the same place like walking. "Dad, don’t let go. If you let go, I will fall."
Jiang Hao deliberately put one hand and provoked Xi Bao to scream, laugh and scream.
Before the people came in and laughed, the father and son had a good time.
"Xi Bao took off his roller skates and went to his grandparents’ house to have a rest before wearing them." Jiang Hao took off his shoes and turned his head to look inside and saw that he was sitting on the sofa with his back to them without looking at them.
"Wife, we’re back. Wife"
Qiao Xinwei is depressed to put his mobile phone up and took the mop and left to wash her hands. She doesn’t want to expose her emotions in front of the children, but she can’t treat Jiang Hao as nothing happened.
Jiang Hao touched his head and said, "Xi Bao can go to your own room to write business, and then you can play at your grandparents’ house when you finish it."
"Good" Xi Bao ran forward to the stairs and turned back. He stood at attention and saluted with dignity and said "Yes"
Jiang Hao couldn’t help laughing. "Go, go, be serious."
Qiao Xinwei was washing the mop in the hand washing. Jiang Hao came in and hugged her from behind. "What’s wrong with you, wife?"
"Ask yourself"
Jiang Hao a face of koo "wha’s wrong? "
"You left your cell phone at home. There’s a text message. I’m sorry I saw something I shouldn’t have seen."
"What are you talking about? What are you not supposed to see? I am you." Jiang Hao didn’t make a joke when he saw that her expression was wrong. He went to see his mobile phone suspiciously.
He was also surprised to see the information. The little girl’s intention was obvious, and he could feel it. What’s worse, Qiao Xinwei thought it might be a mistake to help others for the first time.
Click on WeChat, and he refused his friend’s application without hesitation. He was too lazy to reply to the text message and dialed directly.
"Gao, how do you know my number?"
"Don’t thank me, don’t ask for dinner."
"I’m not familiar with you if you can’t be familiar with WeChat."
Section 25
Chapter sixty-four Not worthy to be Mrs. Jiang
Chapter sixty-four Not worthy to be Mrs. Jiang
Although Qiao Xinwei washed the mop in her hands, she pricked up her ears and listened carefully. With Jiang Hao’s answer and the text message from the other party, she could probably tell what the other party was saying to Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao’s tone is normal. He doesn’t deliberately get angry or have any familiarity. It’s a normal tone of voice.
"Ok, just hang up." Say that finish, Jiang Hao directly dragged the other party’s number into the blacklist without hesitation.
Joe heart only wring the mop and continue to mop the floor. Jiang Hao followed her and stepped on small steps. "You? ?”
"My soles are clean. Look, you didn’t step on them."
Joe gave him a blank look and continued to mop the floor without wanting to see him.
Jiang Hao smiled and said, "Wife, are you jealous? Hehehe, that just means you love me. I know."
"Who’s jealous?"
"I knew you were going to say this, okay? Don’t be angry. I made it clear to her that she wouldn’t send harassing text messages again."
It’s better to say that she is even more angry. "She called our home phone, Jiang Hao. How did she know our home landline number? When did you meet?"
Jiang Hao grabbed the mop from her hand and forced her to sit on the sofa. He solemnly explained, "Her name is Gao Yirui B, a college student. A few years ago, she took part in military training. I was an instructor. Didn’t I go to the procuratorate recently? It turned out that she was my sister in the office next door. She came to the procuratorate to find Gao Zhu, and I met her when I was with Gao Zhu. Now she is studying for a postgraduate thesis at B University. It’s a bit difficult for her to find a way. I just asked her a lot at that time. I happened to know her tutor, so I helped her make a speech

Muhai twisted and smiled. "Are you talking to me?"

"Muhai Hugh rampant here is the south yard, not the west yard, and you can’t run wild. Let the elders go quickly," Miao Ruolan said coldly.
"Hehe, what if I don’t know enough?" Mu Hai said
"Then no one can save you!" Miao Ruolan grind said.
"Ha ha, tell me what I said. Interesting! Interesting!"
Muhai shook his head slightly. "I just want to where did you go when I took her Yuan Ying? Why don’t you come to help? "
"You …" Miao Ruolan chest ups and downs intense resentment stare MuHai.
"Be smart and let her go," Miao Ruolan threatened.
"Ha ha, it seems that if I let her go, you will let me go." Mu Hai shook his head slightly. "Miao Kulan, others are afraid of you, but I am not afraid of you. Since the first time you met me, you were doomed to die."
"Dean, just let him kill me. I’m living like this. I wish I were dead. Just avenge me," said the fierce-faced woman.
"You hear me? I’m not trying to kill her. She begged me to kill her."
Say that finish MuHai right hand quickly and
"Click …"
A melon cracked and a fierce-faced woman’s head instantly exploded and red and white objects were sprayed all over the floor.
"This …"
Wait for a while, the group of women in red, looked at the curtain and showed confidence.
"It’s horrible to kill people who don’t take any time to drag their feet."
"Yeah, he totally ignores the rules."
"It’s a pity that the secret service academy doesn’t kill people, and no one has violated it."
"Then you’re wrong. I heard that Master Mu Wu violated it."
"His name is Mu Hai. No, he is Master Mu, right?"
A group of women in red can’t help talking from a distance.
Look at MuHai eyes from disdain to awe at the moment.
"You …"
Miao Ruolan looked at the fierce-faced woman and couldn’t help showing anger.
"Muhai won’t kill you today, so I won’t be Miao Ruolan."
Miao Ruolan gnashed her teeth and looked more angry.
Then she held a pair of pipa to her chest and began to play.
Her hair is dancing wildly, and her momentum is amazing
At her side, four women flew backwards and fled far away.
"Ding ding …"
Pipa rises straight to Muhai.
Each syllable, like a sword, forms a broken sound and goes straight to the sea.
Miao Ruolan plays faster and faster, forming several syllables and rushing to Muhai.
The handfuls of swords flew from all directions to Muhai with a more frightening momentum.
If this hits, I am afraid that Muhai will be inserted into a hedgehog, which is terrible.
Muhai’s eyes are more cautious in situ.
He looked at these swords without moving his eyes …
Chapter 349 War 【 6 】
"Whew …"
A sword came quickly from behind Muhai.
"Shout …"
The sword is so fast that it doesn’t even respond to Mu Haidu, so it runs through his body and wears it on the ground like a buzzing sound.
"So weak?"
Miao Ruolan saw this scene with disdain in his eyes.
Suddenly her eyebrows jumped and her face showed a frightened color.
"Escape …"

Xiong Yuxiao replied, "I’m not familiar with Hu Shimei. Of course, I’m familiar with you first."

Conghua changed hands and handed Hu Yingxue the jade box. "Do you think it’s worthwhile?"
Hu Yingxue took a glance and turned out to be a young jujube plant in Jiuli Yan. Although Xiong Yu said that she wanted this thing to exchange a Jiuqu Lingshen Dan, she couldn’t be so greedy. After reading it, she said to Cong Hua, "I agree to exchange it, but this thing can be exchanged for three Jiuqu Lingshen Dan."
Cong Hua turned and glanced at Xiong Yu. "Why don’t you hurry up?"
Xiong Yuma said, "I said just exchange one."
Hu Yingxue put away her jade box and took out a jade bottle containing three Jiuqu Lingshen Dan and threw it at Xiong Yu. "I won’t take advantage of this. I said that I can exchange three naturally."
A deal has been completed here, and other teams have been eliminated in the intermediate area one after another. When they came in, there were nearly 200 teams here, leaving 20 teams to lead the Baron Magic Sect with a little joy in each corner of their eyes, which was very good.
Some brothers of the Baron Demon Sect fall into some people’s eyes and automatically interpret it as a layer of meaning. They instigated those idiots of the Baron Demon Sect to rob Mu Tianxuan. It seems that the three men not only succeeded in robbing, but also went into the hidden array, thus drawing a conclusion that Cong Hua brought the line of people a good look, but they were all embroidered pillows.
I was about to make a few sarcastic remarks, only to find that Nianqi jumped up to Cong Hua and said, "We, the Baron Demon Sect, have been mixed up with you since we got here."
When talking at the age of seven, those people of the Baron Devil Sect put their backs straight, and they were very good and obedient. Although a bunch of people of the Baron Devil Sect were not notorious, they were not virtuous. When they saw their appearance, many people almost popped out of their eyes.
What does that mean when you come here? Everyone knows that the group painting the advanced array area is a routine group. How many people did not ask for the old chess? Four groups of people came over, one of whom was an acquaintance, a child’s brother, and a stream.
Go to the crowd and look at Hu Yingxue at Xixi and say with smile, "Before I came, Zhong Tong asked me to take people with you."
With that, a handsome man came to Laixi’s side. "Brother Wan asked me to wait for you."
Then there was a man dressed in black who showed an evil spirit with an eyebrow eye. "Win Sue specially greeted me, and he specially said that I naturally want to be with you."
"Amitabha" took two quick steps with a huge Buddha bead. "It’s rare for Brother Kangning to ask me something. Of course, I tried my best to do it."
These four teams, together with Lan Ze, Yi Fang, Nianqi and Xiong Yu, and Hu Yingxue, are the nine teams who want to go with each other. At this time, people in the secret land are very surprised because at most, three or four teams temporarily form a small group.
Conghua is to the net, even if he was a little unhappy with the Baron demon clan, he accepted the other party very happily. Seeing that their side has already held a good group, others are also busy holding a group, and soon more than 20 teams will be divided into a small group.
Knowing that the stone mountain opposite was approved by Weichi Hanyu Conghua, he raised his hand and pointed to the other side. "Let’s choose that side."
The other three small groups had no problem with this, and they each chose a direction, so they quickly roared away, as if a vicious dog was followed by Cong Hua, who had already said what to say. Hu Yingxue knew that there were four eyes in the advanced array area, just one for a small group.
Everyone else has left. Naturally, the remaining people didn’t give Wei Chihan Yu to the stone mountain before the horse started to move. If you want to pass, you can climb over the mountain. This area can’t make flying instruments or fly more than 200 feet. In fact, it’s not too high, but it will definitely take a lot of time to walk step by step. Now it’s okay to get in the way. There is an extra passage in the mountain that won’t turn over the mountain.
When they approached the stone mountain, there was still a little shock wave left in front of them. Although there was a little bit, it still made some people feel a lot of pressure. Cong Hua raised his hand and there was an enchantment to cover the group.
Without pressure, it’s natural to take a good look at a fractured rock mountain with two sides split off. The whole dark golden stone was split out by the sword shadow, and the incision was smooth as a mirror. As you can imagine, if there is the sun in the back-light secret realm, the incision will be full of brilliance, and maybe there will be something dazzling.
A sword repaired his own sword and poked his foot like a stone leaving a shallow mark on the surface. Seeing his eyes walking behind Cong Hua, Wei Chihanyu couldn’t help sighing in his heart, "Another Uber."
A dark shadow fell across the stone mountain, and a voice with some grievances sounded in Hu Yingxue’s mind, "Master, have you forgotten me?"
This shadow disappeared after entering the mirror magic field. After listening to it, Hu Yingxue said to it, "Are you blaming me for not looking for you?"
I shook my body and continued, "I went to pack things and put them in my stomach. I have nothing to collect. Maybe it will be very good for my master."
It’s not always credible to be followed by people. Hu Yingxue gave a voice, "Now there are too many people, then bring it to me."
Then Hu Ying Xueyang said, "This is my puppet beast. If you don’t abandon it, let’s walk with it."
Xiong Yu’s eyes show different colors. "Isn’t this area impossible to make flying magic weapons and Ling Fei?"
Lan Ze turned back and replied, "The puppet beast is not a magic weapon for flying, nor is it a constrained life."
Laixi looked at Sheng for a long time. "This is the first time I have seen a puppet beast."
Lan Ze looked envious. "I heard from an elder before that I didn’t know where Hu Daoyou got the baby. It really envies me."
Hu Yingxue heard the words and laughed. "It can be said that it is coincidental and very lucky that most people in my family practice puppet art. Although I followed Master to practice kendo, I also practiced some at the request of the bodhi old zu. When I met this guy in the front array, I found out that I had learned it."
Lan Zema leaned over to Hu Yingxue. "Are you sure your family is practicing puppet art?"
Hu Yingxue replied, "This is not a secret in the dry world, and my two brothers have also made a good ranking in this secret skill in Huimeng Wubi. You can confirm it after asking a little."
As soon as I heard Hu Yingxue’s secret skill, Lan Ze knew that his little mind could dispel the laughter. "Hu Daoyou don’t blame me for hearing about the puppet art, so I thought it would be too radical to hear that someone was taking a break."
Hu Yingxue saw joy from Lan Ze’s eyes without a greedy smile and replied, "If Landaoyou likes machine puppets, I can send Daoyou later, but there is a simple manipulation formula that can be released as a means of transportation at ordinary times or help stop an enemy in times of crisis."
Lan Ze’s eyes shine brightly. "Can you really give me one?"
Mu Tianxuan laughed at the side. "Yingxue said that she would send you, of course, but it can’t be too good. It’s good that Yingxue’s family saved her life."
"I want to come, that is, it is usually enough to play tricks." Of course, Lan Ze wants to be good, but he knows better that it is good to be too greedy and people are willing to give him one, but he can’t think about people’s life-saving baby.
Looking at the others, I can’t imagine Hu Yingxue’s general machine puppet, but I still envy Lan Ze. It’s a pity that he is not familiar with Hu Yingxue, and the other party seems to be very precious. The mobile phone puppet can also be a blue jersey in Xiao Mu.
Hu Yingxue, a group of people who have risen instead of walking, arrived at the earliest although they left at the latest. They want to enter the array. There is not much difference between this array and what they have seen before, that is, they have magnified a lot of the highest places and blocked a cave entrance with five or six feet.
I took a group of people to the ground in front of the array, and Hu Yingxue was the last one to deviate from it. At the same time, I received it from the Gankun Ring. There is no way. Although I will be a good helper in the battle, it is too big to be as big as a monster beast. Maybe it will help him in the coming rush.
Noting that Lan Ze and Iraq were a little nervous, Hu Yingxue asked with a smile, "Is the advanced array very sad?"
The Iraqi side replied, "Look at my luck. I have been here three times, and I went in twice, and I was sent out in less than a moment. The first time I ate poisonous weeds, I ate seven trees, and I was judged to have failed. The second time I entered, it was all water and aura. I didn’t react. I was attacked by anything, so I was judged to have failed and then I was sent out."
Lan Ze tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Don’t be the first case that Iraq said. I ate poisonous weeds with him for almost three months before I recovered."
As it turns out, God just likes to be with people, and neither Iraq nor Lanze wants to meet the test questions of eating poisonous weeds, only to find that they have to accept the first challenge, that is, eating poisonous weeds or upgrading the lowest level of poison placed in front of them, which can make the Yuan infant practitioners suffer from poison.
Hu Yingxue is very glad that those poisonous weeds are not reiki condensed like those monster beasts in front. Siebel is really planted after the goods are delivered. Although those poisonous weeds are taken out casually, they are all toxic and violent, but they should be able to be cured. Poisonous is also a good medicine, just like those poisonous weeds on the desktop. After the proper method is completed, the body’s anti-toxicity and physical strength and hardness will increase significantly.

The sea of fire blocking the footsteps should not be restricted for reasonable reasons. In addition, people whose strength exceeds the limit, such as Ning Qian, can save people in a critical moment. Now no one needs them to save Ning Qian, who is worried and has nowhere to vent her depression, and Liu Yan delivers it at this time.

Is Liu Yan still looking for a chance to escape? Now there is no one to say’ I’m staring at her’. Ningqian’s eyes haven’t been away from Liu Yan’s body. Even if she digested the insect and sent it to the mother after self-destruction, she couldn’t show off in an ostentatious manner in front of Ningqian. It’s really lovely to pick up a paragraph.
Liu Yan stopped standing there, but finally she separated some of her attention. After Liu Chan died, ten thousand skeleton cave masters were left to listen to standing there. Although the commanding person didn’t help share the attack of the alliance army, he could arrange his troops properly and let them and the alliance army enter the seesaw mode instead.
Although it’s a seesaw mode, it’s still obvious that the alliance army is dominant over there, but the corners of his mouth are smiling. It seems that he doesn’t care about winning or losing. Seeing him like this, his hands have no idea at all
Seeing that a group of people have to be added, someone finally can’t help but come out. "It’s bad for us to be so deadlocked."
"What’s the panic?" Lin Lin turned a emerald banzhi set on the thumb of his right hand. "Those guys who can’t push their feet any more will die with you. I can guarantee that you won’t die if I don’t die."
I heard that the word should be added before I die, and the people behind me look different, no matter what they care about. The meaning of the word’ should’ should be not to do anything and let them get rid of it, but they are a little uncertain about the standard.
These people can’t be said to be full of confidants, but they are definitely loyal to him, pulling them out of the shackles of worms or magic people. They are dead set on him. Of course, the reason is not so simple, mostly because they don’t choose anything else.
No matter whether Liu Chan or Magic Man Lin has never given a letter, Liu Chan will not say that everyone has been killed by him. The Magic Man chose him with the former owner of the cave. He remembers this not because he is grateful, but because he wakes up at any time. The Magic Man is untrustworthy. Besides being untrustworthy, there are too many shortcomings of the Half Magic Man.
Magic people will check out the darkest side of the host they choose and limit the amplification. It can be said that no matter what the original shame is, they will become extremely ashamed when they become half-magic people. Even if they don’t betray their part or play some small moves naturally, they will add a lot of trouble.
In addition, if a half-magic person is repaired, there will be no further progress. This has two sides. The strength will not be improved, and he will not be a good hand. But in this way, his hand will definitely be the best cannon fodder. He can choose to give up and send it to be cannon fodder, but he doesn’t feel bad at all. He still chooses to cooperate with the magic person and cooperate with them to make a number of people look askance.
Does anyone remember Hu Haiwei’s special case? That’s not a special case. It’s a smoke bomb that Hu Haiwei built and rose. The real reason is that he is no longer a half-magic man.
Lin Li’s talent in alchemy is not good, but he is excellent in thinking about the semi-magic man and the worm. With the help of the black-flame monk Hellfire, he mastered the method of getting rid of the worm, and by some means, he suppressed the magic man and wiped out the magic man’s consciousness. After that, he completely integrated the other side, and once the semi-magic man regained his own control, and his strength also increased.
However, there is one problem: the original half-magic people have been reborn since then, and they are not immortal, non-magic, non-demon and non-Buddha. This makes them full of ghosts and dead bodies. Because they feel similar to zombies outside the six realms, they are given a new identity-corpse magic.
Not in the reincarnation of the six realms, apart from saying that the sage himself has abandoned heaven and the forest, which is born on the occasion, heaven abandons different magic identities. After all, heaven gives the ending a little room for change, but the corpse magic is a big black who can go all the way to the end without following the forest. There is absolutely no way out.
Besides, will Linli be so kind to help them? If you want to continue to improve your strength, you have to rely on Lindan pills. Without those pills, although your strength can still be improved, I don’t know which time you accidentally draw a bifurcation. Unless you don’t want to improve your strength, it’s not bad to repair the retrogression. Maybe there is also a danger of blasting the body to balance the pros and cons. Plus, you don’t want to be disposed of because you don’t conform to the crowd. Naturally, you are loyal to Lindan and you can’t be loyal anymore.
In order not to attract the attention of Liu Chan, there are many people who have tampered with the monty here, but the magic man there is a little rude, with good potential and a little cultivation value, and he has made them into resin demons. Of course, it won’t all be by him. He controls the resin magic Dan medicine in his hand.
Half-magic people and resin magic smell give people the same feeling. The magic people there have never realized that there are not only a lot of resin magic made by this point, but also interested in making resin magic into half-magic people. Those half-magic people can make cannon fodder in addition to obediently listening to orders.
It can be said that the corpse demon is a real army of zombies, and he is the shield for paralyzing Liushi sisters and magic people, but it is really painful to feel distressed before. After all, those zombies are better than half-magic people, and although zombies are easy to cultivate, it is not easy to make so many.
Speaking of Lin Li, I have to thank Heaven for not only showing his Lin sisters and monty’s identity, but also giving him some convenience. For example, Liu Chan falls asleep for a few days every month, which is good for him. In those days, he played a big game of chess by staying in the foundation of Qianwan Cave.
This chess game can not only get rid of Monty and Liu’s sisters, but also make Lin Licheng the first one to successfully control a demon. Of course, there is a result that he is a dead end anyway because of the accident of Monty. The worst result may be that he will not be empty.
Linli himself didn’t know if he thought it was possible to stop acting. His mentality felt particularly good. The pressure on those hands around him was almost bursting. He was the boss, but he didn’t have much pressure. When he thought about it, he should be about the same when he was ordered to send it to the Alliance Army to fight against the half-magic people in batches.
There are a lot of people here who don’t feel bad about sending half-magic people to the alliance army when leeks are cut. On the other side, monty is beaten by half-magic people. Over there, half-magic people are not cannon fodder and worm soldiers. They are not afraid of death, but they can also make magical attacks in addition to their bodies.
I have to say that Lin Li was cruel enough for Liu Chan to send him to Monty. He really didn’t send him less. Together, there were 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan, except for the last batch of leftovers that were swallowed by Monty before they were tampered with.
Look at Monty’s money accumulated over the years. These days, Hu Yingxue has lost a lot of their hands. When they got away from Zhenshentai and consumed a lot of former criminals, they almost cleaned up the worm king and worm. Although there are still many left, the quality is not as good as that of the magic man just converted. The number advantage over there is not reflected.
What makes Monty even more depressed is that his hands are not top. He is the boss or messed up. Except for the final split, all the other avatars are affected by Hellfire. Trying to devour the other party’s avatars is not only consuming his strength, but also implicating the surrounding hands from time to time. There are not many worms left. The king and how many worms will be swallowed up because of missing or supplementing his soul, and most of them will be lost.
The only doppelganger who stays awake is the weakest of all doppelgangers, not to mention that he can’t command other doppelgangers, and he has to be guarded against other doppelgangers swallowing him. If the hand worm soldier is Yiqi Dan, then this doppelganger is Bu Yuan Dan, and when they are put together, they know that choosing a good one is even worse. Monty never feels stupid.
The half-magic people here have no command and intelligence, and because they used to be worm soldiers, they are somewhat lacking in IQ, and they are naturally anxious. Therefore, what half-magic people have to do in this state can drive them to be attracted by people with hellfire.
But those half-magic people still remember that people around them can’t stare at the opposite monty. Although the attack means of spiritual intelligence are limited, they are bit by bit intercepted, and the army of insect soldiers is losing ground. As a result, Monty’s busy members can fight and follow the army of insect soldiers back and forth again and again, and even retreat to the attack range of combined array.
Monty and most of his army of insect soldiers have entered the attack range of the array. They have been watching the array for a long time. The busy people laughed at the worm king and the worm will seem to have no time to take the army of insect soldiers to attack the array for a while. Cangshuo and other Mahayana practitioners did not make moves. The practitioners did not care about the rotation system except the body repair. When they saw that the army of insect soldiers appeared in the attack range, they immediately made moves.
So monty there is between Scylla and Charybdis, and the half-magic man here and there is absolutely pressing. Monty wants to leave the attack area with the army of worm soldiers, but the half-magic man there is not only unable to let the momentum push Monty and others into the attack area completely.
Different from the combined array here, Monty’s side won’t touch the people in the array at this time, but the half-magic people will fight face to face with them. If they are close to Monty’s side, there will always be half-magic people who will get some punches. If they are closer, they won’t get some punches. Whether they run over by themselves or are dragged over by the worm soldiers, the number of half-magic people there is also dropping sharply like the army of worm soldiers.
Being attacked, he has to consume a little more from time to time. Monty soon found that he is running out of experts. After killing each other, most of his avatars have died. Although there are still a few avatars left to share, those who have died are not bad because of Hellfire. The only one who is not injured and is not affected by Hellfire is better than the worm.
It’s not stupid to show that the tide is gone. Everyone knows that it’s time to consider the posterior approach. Monty doesn’t lack this kind of experience. Before playing Monty’s name, he didn’t experience this kind of thing less. The simple way is to abandon his current body and choose a body to possess. This is the best way, but it doesn’t work here
Attached to the worm soldiers will definitely not work, no matter how weak they are, they will all be attached to those half-magic people, not to mention that the doppelganger is not powerful. Can you rob the magic people and those half-magic people’s inferno is enough to deter monty?
There is no other choice except the worm soldiers and the half-magic people. Monty is really not generally irritable, but the irritability belongs to the irritability. He can still separate some energy to think about the retreat. He hesitated repeatedly. He had to make a decision to divide the remaining worm soldiers into two roads and continue to fight with the half-magic people all the way. Crazy attack combination.

If Liu Yichen is not here, he can still speak for Su Lan.

But he is an investor in pb project and has Su’s shares. Now someone is corrupt, so he naturally has to give him a hand over to treat.
Sue looked at Su Kang in fear at night.
She knew that one day she would break with Su Kang. Was it his cold eyes or her heart?
Does Su Lan have a daughter in his heart?
"Yes, Mr. Su, you have to give us an explanation."
The shareholders in the meeting room are clamoring for Su Kang to give an explanation.
Su Kang glanced at Su Lan and sighed, "It’s all because of my poor discipline that my daughter made such a scandal."
The line of sight of shareholders turned to Su Lan Su Lan, who bowed his head.
One of the elderly shareholders frowned. "Although Chairman Su is a shareholder and doesn’t participate in the company’s affairs, do you have to give us an explanation now?"
"Yes and yes …"
They all echoed.
Su Kang voted for Lu Yichen. He is also his son-in-law Su Lan and his aunt. He won’t do this, will he?
"This matter should be handled by General Manager Lu. He is an investor in pb project and he has absolute profit to handle this matter."
"Ok, let’s listen to General Manager Lu"
The shareholders are also willing to listen to Su Kang. After all, he is the president of the Lushi Group, but the leader of the enterprise is not equal to bringing business to the Su family.
Liu Yichen cleared his throat, got up and took Sue’s shoulder and said, "I appointed Sue’s agent for the pb project, and she is now the person in charge of this project. Let her handle this matter."
Sue looked at him in shock. I didn’t expect him to let her decide such an important matter.
"I believe that I support you no matter what decision you make." Liu Yichen whispered in Sue’s ear and patted her on the shoulder.
All shareholders’ eyes are on Su Evening.
Sue was a little nervous at night, pinched her skirts and looked at Su Lan across the street and said to everyone, "In fact, my sister Su Lan had a criminal record of corruption before this."
Sue’s late love story just fell and everyone was shocked to see Su Kang. I didn’t expect him to be so longitudinal with his daughter.
Glared at Su Kang mercilessly Sue night after contact with Liu Yichen warning eyes hurriedly bowed his head.
He knows that he can’t keep Su Lan today, but he doesn’t know what Su Qing really wants to do.
If you send Su Lan to the police station, you will have to go to prison for several years because of so much corruption.
Su Lan has been scared and shaking like a sieve, and his forehead is covered with cold sweat.
If dad is the only one who knows these things, she is not afraid at all, and dad will certainly protect her.
But now it’s all Su’s shareholders. Don’t let people gossip. Dad is sure he won’t be on her side this time.
Sue cleared her throat and waited until the meeting room was quiet before continuing to say, "Everyone knows that Su Lan is Su’s daughter and Su’s shareholder, but she obviously does not put Su’s interests first. My suggestion is that Su Lan can no longer hold shares in Su’s class forever, but she can’t make decisions about Su’s affairs after shareholders."
Sue’s late love words are forceful, and everyone agrees to nod, which is really reasonable.
Su Kang’s face is ugly. Su Qing means to remove Su Lan from Su’s family. She is a share and can never inherit the company.
I’m afraid that’s why she came to Su’s.
Su Kang’s heart is green with regret. Why did he agree to Sue’s being the lead of pb project?
It’s too late to say anything now
Su Lan looked at Sue in disbelief and suddenly got up like a madman, pointing to Sue in the evening. "Sue in the evening, what qualifications do you have to do this? I am my father’s daughter. You are just a bastard …"
"Enough" Su Kang interrupted Su Lan’s words to prevent her from saying that it was difficult to obey. When she came, she angered Liu Yichen’s bad luck. Or did Su turn to Lu Haolong and tell him to "take Miss out"
"It’s the chairman."
Lu Haolong got up and wanted to pull Su Lan.
Su Lan shook his hand and said, "Take your dirty hands and don’t touch me."
Lu Haolong’s face changed, but he still pulled her away according to the chairman’s wishes.
Su Lan will not be obedient at this moment. She rushed to Sue like crazy.
Liu Yichen is busy to protect Su Lian from hurting her.
Su Lan pounced on Liu Yichen and cursed, "You bitch company is our home. I can take as much money as I want with you, you bastard …"
A slap in the face rang in the meeting room.
The field is quiet.
Liu Yichen took out a tissue from his pocket and wiped his fingers and frowned in disgust.
Throw the paper towel into the trash can and look at Su Kang. "If Mr. Su can’t educate his daughter, I’ll help you teach it again, and it’s not just a slap in the face."
Su Kang was so angry that she couldn’t wait to seal Su Lan’s mouth with tape. Can she say these words in front of so many people?
If Sue is a bastard, what is he?
"Drag her to me" Su Kang Shirley ordered to Lu Haolong.
Su Lan was also stunned by Liu Yichen and looked at him blankly.
How could he hit her?
Lu Haolong held Su Lan’s arm before her expression and screwed her out of the office.
After all this, Su Kang was ashamed to plead for Su Lan again.
Embarrassed look at the shareholders, "If you don’t have any opinions, just do as Mrs. Lu says."
Mrs. Lu?
Sue night feeling behind Liu Yichen eyes to Su Kang.
This is the first time he has called her that. Is it to draw a line with her or is it cold?

When the younger brother saw his brother’s face with a straight face, he quickly put his face in a joking way. "Brother, I was wrong."

The peach tree demon beauty poked her head out carefully. "Who are you?"
Brother called a Buddhist name, "We are laity brothers of mothering Temple. My name is Wushen, and this is my younger brother Wu De. Please forgive me for my offensive remarks just now."
Wu De raised his hand and scratched the back of his head. "I’m sorry, don’t mind that I often get off the line like this, but I have no bad heart."
The peach tree demon beauty tilted her head. "Okay, I forgive you."
Wu De breathed a sigh of relief. "What’s your name?"
The peach tree demon beauty smiled "Hu Rui"
Wu De said, "What’s the origin of your surname?"
Peachtree demon beauty Bu Hu Rui shook his head. "There is no history, so I think I should call it this name."
Wu De’s face was clear. "You should have taken it as your own name when you heard someone shouting this name when you were a newborn soul."
"Is that so?" Hu Rui smiled. "Anyway, I just call myself Hu Rui, no matter what."
At this time, someone suddenly shouted, "Come on, the peach tree demon is here."
Hu Rui frowned. "These people hate me and want to leave here, but I can’t root out this peach forest myself."
Wushen was puzzled and wanted to confirm something, but before he got out of Wude, he took him towards Hu Rui and grabbed Hu Rui and grabbed him. "Let’s go."
Wu De triggered a sign and found that Hu Rui people had arrived here and there was already one person there.
The white light scattered Hu Rui and found that she was no longer in Taolin. Everything she saw was full of surprises. Seeing her like this, Wushen just gave birth to doubts. "Do you have any plans after Miss Hu Rui left Taolin?"
Hu Rui shook his head. "I never thought I could leave there."
Wu De raised his hand and scratched the back of his head. "Can you stay with us first and walk like us and want to pick it up?"
Hu Rui raised a bright face of "good"
Hu Rui’s personality is simple and rare. Wu Shen is afraid that she will be harmed, so she has no objection to Wu De’s discussion. The combination of two Buddhist laymen and a beautiful peach demon is very eye-catching, especially Hu Rui’s beauty is very attractive, which often attracts perverts. Fortunately, Wu Shen and Wu De are all good, and they can beat off perverts every time.
On this day, they came to a mountain gate that looked abandoned for a long time. Although the owner didn’t know how long it had been, the stone tablet in front of the mountain gate was still standing there. It seems that the stone tablet was made by an expert, and the side hill was not visible because of weathering, but there was no trace of weathering.
Hu Rui stretched out his hand and touched the stone tablet with several Chinese characters "Clear Water Palace feels a little familiar"
Wude had to say, "Bishui Palace was destroyed ten thousand years ago, but how can you be familiar with it in two hundred years?"
Hu Rui wrinkled his nose. "Maybe you heard someone say we were going in?"
Wu Shenwen replied, "I heard from nearby villagers that people often disappear around here. Let’s go in and see what is hidden here."
Hu Rui looked into the ruins. "There should be something inside that makes me feel very uncomfortable."
Three people walked inside, and they didn’t go too far when they saw a complete skeleton in the grass. There was a fracture in the spine. In the end, the posture should be that someone killed them from behind when they fled.
Hu Rui hid behind Wushen. "There is a lot of black gas on this skull."
Wu De let the spiritual force hit his eyes. "So many grievances seem to be a lot of grievances when he died."
Wushen called a’ South Amitabha Buddha’ and made a sign to Wu De and Hu Rui to signal them to follow themselves.
Hu Rui did not hesitate to follow Wu Shen Wude behind her. His eyes rested on Hu Rui’s back and he took another look. He walked in the eyes of the most powerful Wu Shen and flashed a few minutes of struggle.
Hu Rui turned to look at Wu De. "What’s wrong with you?"
Wu De paused. "What’s wrong with me?"
Hu Rui blinked. "If there is anything, you must tell us."
Wushu stretched out his hand and touched Hu Rui’s head. "I have nothing for no reason."
Hu Rui frowned slightly and then laughed. "This place must have made me feel very bad, so I feel wrong."
With that, Hu Rui quickly walked a few steps with Wushen. She didn’t see the struggle in Wu De’s eyes again after she turned her head, which was very heavy.
Seven twists and turns away. At the front of Wushen, I found an entrance to the underground palace. When I saw it, Hu Rui frowned. "There shouldn’t be this place?"
Wushen turned to Hu Rui. "What shouldn’t be there?"
"I don’t know, I just don’t think this place has come." Hu Rui flashed some very vague pictures in her mind so fast that she couldn’t remember what the pictures were.
Wu De walked to Hu Rui’s side. "Brother, this place feels a little evil. Let’s go back and make some preparations."
"We’ve all come here. What time do we have to wait?"

Efreet looked up and looked at her eyes and quickly lowered her head. "She said that it was the main magic, the method of worms and ghosts that were given to sinners. At that time, she said that the contents were to help get rid of the nest of killing ants. Now that I think about it, the real purpose should be to cultivate a king of killing ants, and our father and his father will become the king’s supplies."

Hu Yingxue squeezed the divine power of the gourd that had actually been finished into dust. "Do you think this is a shadow arrangement or a magic arrangement?"
Efreet replied, "It should be a shadow flow. Before the sinner wants to bring the temple into a trap, he will think that this is a chance to make contributions to the sinner. Now that he wants to come to the magic method, he has no intention of leaving the sinner."
Hu Yingxue turned to Mu Tianxuan. "This time I’m a little smarter."
Mu Tianxuan laughed. "If you don’t be clever at this time, he won’t live to be stupid now."
Efreet’s eyes flashed a trace of anger, but the horse was replaced by freezing cold. Because Mu Tianxuan said this, Hu Yingxue said, "I think maybe the Shadowhouse is also a magic method. The ghosts inspired them to suddenly come over and say that they want to make contributions by apologizing. We will definitely doubt whether it is true or not, but they will go crazy and fight with us. Although we will doubt it, we will not perform as many plays as the previous hypothesis. Maybe we will really do it."
Efreet suddenly raised his head. "If we all die here, who can win the trust of you and take you to the devil?"
Hu Yingxue looked at efreet. "You should have an answer in your heart."
Liu Yaozhi’s pupil suddenly contracted. "Is it Yao Xin?"
"She’s not dead?" No man likes the green oil on his head. Xu Rui, of course, hates wearing several green hats for him. Even when he hears a name, Liu Yaoxin feels very uncomfortable from head to toe, and he feels stuck.
Efreet snorted. "I married my daughter Yao Xin to cooperate with you to take the hall of skeletons. It was all planned before. How could Yao Xin marry you if you weren’t stupid enough to attract other people’s attention?"
Hearing efreet’s words, Hu Yingxue’s eyes turned to Xu Rui, but it didn’t surprise her. If it weren’t for some means to hide Xu Rui’s image at this time, it should be half-finished and bones. Although the place was dubbed by some people as tail, it is not a concept with tail root. If people become bones, the place will definitely swing.
Not only Hu Yingxue looked at Xu Rui, but others were also looking at Xu Rui. Even if Xu Rui was thick-skinned and involved in a man’s problem, he couldn’t hold up such a look, and efreet’s words were true. Otherwise, when he was in the human world, Liu Yaoxin wouldn’t have raised a room full of men | pet |, and he got a mouthful of blood stuck in his throat, which directly caused him to vomit several mouthfuls of blood.
Xu Rui stayed on his shoulder when he was vomiting blood. The soul fire suddenly jumped up and swelled five or six times in front of Xu Rui. All of them sucked Xu Rui’s blood out, and a red flashing soul fire was replaced by a semi-transparent figure. Hu Yingxue naturally recognized it as a professional seal at a glance.
Restored the soul body professional seal didn’t want to stay in meaning. Shrinking into a fist, the big ball of light crashed into Xu Rui’s waist and hung a piece of jade Jue professional seal. It was soon but I didn’t know that Xu Rui would have known that one day, although the jade Jue was hung in accordance with the professional seal, some prohibitions were added to the jade Jue. When the soul body was banned, it was severely thrown out.
Hu Yingxue held out a divine power and condensed it into a cell to trap Xu Feng’s soul. At the same time, the divine power hung on Xu Rui’s belt and Yu Jueling absorbed the past. "It is very high to send runes with it to leave this universe." He looked at Xu Rui. "Is it true that you don’t know anything about the expression?"
"What?" Xu Rui turned to look at his eyes. Some things were broken when he learned the true way of Yu Jue. For example, this family letter has always been kept and cherished.
Chapter 559 Who should I believe
"What?" Determine the escape method will no longer struggle professional seal a burst of laughter "this also ask? There is a life, but there can be another one. My only son is of course the treasure in my palm when there is no danger to my life. If there is danger to my life, it is worthwhile to make sure that I don’t die. "
Xu Rui’s eyelids drooped half. "I never thought I was like this in my father’s heart."
Hu Yingxue raised his eyebrows slightly. "In fact, you already knew how you were in your father’s eyes. Otherwise, how could you let his soul fire form stay with you? You think that the soul fire form can’t do anything to you, but I can’t think that he can still calculate this state. You can find the soul fire state in Zongfei, but you feel it when you are in contact with people."
Xu Rui wanted to ask Zongfei if he didn’t wake up, but he opened his mouth and remembered that the other party was looking for him. How could they wake up when they were watching the fun? He noticed that the eyes flashed and flashed again, and after sweeping from the professional seal, he knelt down and bowed down at Hu Yingxue’s position. "Xu Rui is willing to make meritorious deeds without seeking capital punishment, leaving a wisp of residual soul to re-enter the reincarnation."
"You incredibly dare to say what redeem oneself by good service? But it’s just that the woman is fooling around to the door. Even if she wants to make amends, a pawn can’t have as much as I know. "efreet’s eyes are full of murder. Hu Yingxue swept her eyes and immediately converged on murder.
"Xu Rui, you can’t do that. If you say that, you will kill both of us." Others don’t know that Xu Feng thought of what Xu Rui said was a soul. He couldn’t see any change in his face or that he was as bloodless as before
By death, a practitioner means not only the disappearance of the physical body, but also the ecstasy. No matter how many times the practitioner is reincarnated, the original practitioner is still entangled in the body, and the causal ties will become more and more due to reincarnation. For example, parents are biological parents in any life.
Most people tend to value their parents and parents Hu Yingxue the most. That’s it. She admits that the biological parents in the world of science and technology and the Hu couple are parents when they are reborn, but she is still willing to admit that Yi Feng is her father, which makes her glad that Yi Feng is rare and jealous. Dad doesn’t want his daughter and other fathers to take the trouble to arrange a few distracted reincarnations.
How clear is her father’s heart and love for her? Hu Yingxue doesn’t understand why parents can be so cruel to their children. But what do others think? She is not interested in going deep into it. Anyway, she never thinks about what people around her will do if something happens. She either believes that human nature can’t stand the test or simply thinks that her head is caught in the door before she thinks about these stupid things.
Influenced by this idea, Hu Yingxue will not compare her with her own father, and she is not interested in seeing how wonderful they are performing family ethics dramas. She will persevere in trying to make Xu Rui change her mind, and then signal Xu Rui to say it.
Xurui didn’t stand up straight and looked up at Hu Yingxue, and then he still kept his bow posture. "Report back to the temple. In addition to wanting to get the chaotic source of the temple, he also found a piece of source missing but still full of vitality. When he found the chaotic source, he moved the camp there."
"The lack of source is strong?" Hu Yingxue looked at Yi Fengdi. "How did this happen to my father?"
"Normal is impossible unless it is a person and so on …" Yi Feng Emperor raised his hand and touched the bar. "I probably know where the chaos is."
Hu Yingxue’s eyes flashed. "That chaotic source won’t be taken away by my father, will it?"
Yi Feng Emperor smiled at Hu Yingxue. "The reason why you didn’t become emperor directly when you were born is that the chaotic source is not complete, and then you were injured and your body is not complete. The chaotic source almost collapsed and your secret treasure will be divided into several pieces. This is the reason.
If you want to repair your secret treasure, you must repair your chaotic source. I was also anxious and happened to meet a piece of chaos with the potential to evolve into the universe, so I took that piece of chaotic source to supplement you. The source force was too strong and your body’s endurance was limited, so I cut out part of it.
Incomplete chaotic source can’t be stuffed back into the source. Just as your secret treasure is divided into several pieces, I took a part of the secret treasure and cut out some chaotic sources. Because the main material of refining is taken from your secret treasure, no matter how many people have passed, you will become their master. "
Hu Yingxue a face of substitution "I said how can the secret mansion of Gankun make people feel that the aura inside is inexhaustible? It turns out that it, Gankun quit adding me, but one and a half chaotic sources are missing. I don’t know how many times the disaster before me is worse than nine Niu Yi hairs."

She is not interested in being hated by a puzzling woman because of a man and is still an old woman!

If I think about Du Ruo, I feel a lot relieved when I stare at my friends. This clears my throat and says, "I have separated out some poison ingredients in the afternoon. Although it is difficult to find other flavors, I can also plant some medicine in my medicine garden and need your help."
"What medicine?"
"Heartbreak Seven Stars!"
"Seven-star heartbroken grass …" Duane read these words lightly and felt as if he had heard of them everywhere.
"This herb is extremely difficult to find. It is said by Master that there is one place in the whole continent of Zhongzhou." Du Ruo paused to see each other, but he didn’t want to ask. Then he sank, "It’s in the Death Canyon in the Hanshui Mountains of the Broken Tooth Mountains!"
Say Du Ruo hands clenched into fists, eyes glued to Duane’s face, and a heart instantly hung to his throat.
She knew that the Grand Canyon was extremely dangerous and the environment was harsh, and the Arctic ice sheet was not extravagant, so that even the practitioners of immortality rarely went there. But at this moment, it was already a "three-day extinction" by other methods. The most dangerous of all the poisons was the seven-star heartbroken grass, and there were also such grass roots to solve it. She had to let Duane take risks.
Duane looked at her quietly for a moment and then smiled faintly. "Okay, I’ll pick it, but you have to tell me what the seven-star Herba Lysimachiae looks like."
Du Ruo just breathed a sigh of relief, and the original heart fell back to its original place at the moment. She was already numb because she held it too hard, and her hands turned away from the guest room. "Come with me."
Duane put Pan Hui hands and took off his white robe to cover her body. This just stretched out his hand and cut the broken hair on the forehead of the pool and whispered, "Have a good sleep! Master elder brother will save you! "
Then he left the room and walked to the back hall.
Du Ruo has turned out an old handwritten note at this time. Looking at his friend coming in dressed in black, the original white robe worn outside has disappeared and he can’t help but leng leng.
It wasn’t until the other person asked "Is there a atlas" that she hurriedly pointed to a handwritten note and drew a herb saying, "This is the seven-star heartbroken grass that Master remembered."
Duane took the letter and saw the picture of seven cymes of Chinese herbal medicine flowers. The terminal flowers were yellowish, and the corolla was funnel-shaped with reddish spots. Each flower had opposite leaves, ovate-lanceolate, tapering at the top and nearly rounded at the base.
What is strange is that these seven flowers are distributed in different positions, different heights, different left and right sides of the flower branches, which seems to show the appearance of the Big Dipper in the picture.
"Master originally planned to transplant this herb into the herb garden, but later found that once it leaves the Grand Canyon, it will wither in one day and there is no way to protect you one day!" Du Ruo looked heavy.
Chapter 65 Seven stars heartbroken (2)
Duane laughed. "Of course I have to get back in one day, or I’ll develop an antidote for you when I have extra time?"
Du Ruo dazed didn’t think he was going to push himself to this level.
The valley of death is so long and full of miasma. It is difficult to save his life. He has to look for herbs and calculate the round trip one day. It’s a life-threatening thing!
"Did your master say where this herb usually grows?"
The cool sound came from nearby to Du Ruo, and he recovered from his surprise and said, "Generally, it grows near dark and humid bushes. I remember Master said that the more miasma there is, the more this herb you can find!"
Duane nodded and said, "Well, I’ll start at once. Xiaohui will please give it to you."
"Don’t worry, I will do my best to keep her waiting until you come back!" Du Ruo solemnly said, "But you haven’t got any medicine this month!"
"I have something to do before, but now it seems to be an act of god." Duane chuckled.
Du Ruo frowned and wanted to say something, only to find that the other party never seemed to need others to wake him up. He always lived according to his own mind, and nothing others said would affect him.
Finally, she told the sentence, "The seven-star heartbroken grass is poisonous. When picking flowers with thorns, be careful not to be pricked or else …"
Although Duane once said that Pan Hui would live and die together, she knows this man’s words are always mixed, which makes people confused about his temperament. The authenticity of all the sentences "I will accompany her whether I am dead or alive" remains to be discussed.
However, if you are really stabbed by the seven-star heartbroken grass and let the toxicity enter the blood, then you really don’t want to be accompanied by double suicide.
She is just an ordinary person, but there is no way to enter the miasma Grand Canyon to treat him. If Du Ang is really poisoned, she can die. So Pan Hui must die in the "three-day extinction" and then turn to the world.
Think of these Du Ruo and fidgety.
She has always regarded herself as a healer. She has traveled across the country for years to save lives. Today, it is the first time to send someone to the Jedi, and it is because of her ability.
If I had known this, if she had listened to Master and practiced together, she might not have such regrets today.
"I ordered God not to accept it." Although Duane’s laughter is still comforting his friends, it makes people feel that this person is very frivolous.
Du Ruo’s words came to his mouth and he forcefully took them back and lamented that he was really blind to worry about such a scourge and should be able to live for one thousand years.
The sound of "gone" is full of consistent unrestrained unruly.
When he turned around, Du Ruo finally saw the blood on his abdomen and couldn’t help but reach out and grabbed his sleeve and exclaimed, "You haven’t stopped bleeding?"

Qi Wu followed with a smile, "Shao Cang Shuo Zong has shown great performance. You should warn those who have certain ideas that some people cannot covet."

Shu Wu left the corner of his mouth. "I have already warned, but some people don’t bump into the south wall and don’t look back. I don’t care about what I say. I will reply to the message. Someone is going to have a romantic encounter with the amazing fairy on this full moon night tonight. I heard that your Hu Xiaoyou seems to have a little dislike for the title of amazing fairy."
"I don’t like being called a psychic. I have to accept this title." Qi Wu looked out of the window. "I forgot there was a trade fair tonight if you didn’t tell me."
Shu Wu said, "I heard that Cang Shuo Zong took out a lot of pills. If you hadn’t made such a big noise here, I would have bought some pills at the fair now."
"If you don’t go, someone will send it to you." Qi Wu raised his hand to cover his mouth and coughed up a piece of blood. "I finally got over the gas. It’s okay. You hurry over. Hu Xiaoyou, my longed-for brother, has a bad temper. You said that if he angered him, he wouldn’t get any good results."
Although I really hope that those people can learn enough lessons, Shu Wu still got up. "I told Er Sheng to stay outside and ask him to do anything."
Qi Wu raised his eyebrows. "Does anyone say that you are a grandmother?"
Shu Wu turned his eyes back. "I’m not as good as your aunt, and I almost took my life."
After Shu Wu left, Qi Wu sighed faintly, "I am doing my best to seek its own government."
After leaving the hospital, Shu Wu rushed to the place where the fair was located as quickly as possible. Due to an unexpected situation, the guard force was significantly strengthened this time. Even he had to be inspected before entering the entrance.
Without accident, I heard many people talking about what good things appeared in Cangshuo’s booth. This time, it was not only Dan medicine but also a magic weapon. During the day and noon, I was said that Mu Tianxuan, a nine-weapon master, gave me the identity of a seven-weapon master. Before the door became red, a seven-weapon master was madly sought after. I can imagine how much sensation a seven-weapon master caused.
No matter what the magic weapon is, if Mu Tianxuan refines it, Hu Yingxue will be robbed. On the first day of Danbi, the Dan Ding once again attracted attention. Originally, Dan teachers were still waiting to see. Shu Wucai left for a short distance and met several Dan teachers who took the initiative to strike up a conversation and said that it was rare to trade Dan medicine or directly trade Lingshi.
It’s usually someone else who looks for Dan Shi. For Shu Wu, it’s the first time he met Dan Shi and took the initiative to talk to someone else about the deal. It’s all because of the scattered forces that he did this. Before he found Hu Yingxue and them, he hooked up with those Dan Shi as he walked.
Shu Wu-lai was still thinking that he was lucky. He just hooked up and recruited two four Dan teachers. When he saw the man lying on the ground, he felt that he was covered with dark clouds. His parents didn’t give him the wrong name, but he was a typical parasite. What a dude likes to do most is to bully men and women.
However, Ji Shengwu has a problem that he is not very good but makes others very happy. He is too lazy to go out. What he sees on one side, Gong Qisen Shu Wu knows how this one can appear here. He is sure that Gong Qisen must have failed to clarify Hu Yingxue’s identity with Ji Shengwu. Otherwise, Ji Shengwu would not be lying on the ground like this, but he just looks serious and is actually a cassock scrapped.
In any case, Ji Shengwu and some of the world leaders walked quickly in front of Gong Qisen’s mouth. "How did Ji Xiaogong in my family offend you?"
Hu Yingxue glanced at Ji Shenge, who was smoking plumes of black smoke. "Nothing. He just came and invited him to spend the night with him. The way made me feel a little uncomfortable."
When I saw Shu Wu talking to Hu Yingxue, the tone was quite polite. Ji Shenge immediately knew that he had been calculated by Gong Qisen and recovered his ability to act. He jumped up, and when his feet fell to the ground, his body became dark and he changed his shirt. He walked beside Shu Wu and bowed down at Hu Yingxue. "Please forgive me for being offended just now."
"Not all women like bad men after Ji Gong, but pay more attention to them." If it weren’t for seeing that Ji Sheng E’s fundus emotions and expressions don’t match, Hu Yingxue would never have lost a thunderbolt to him. The man around her would definitely let the other side know what is unforgettable pain.
Gong Qisen apologized before he took the initiative to leave when he saw Ji Shenge, but the monk could not run away from the temple. Even if he could always hide from Ji Shenge, he could not avoid being retaliated. He was the eldest grandson of the top ten families in the mixed world. His status was much more noble than that of the elder behind Gong Qisen.
Gong Qisen also secretly regretted looking for Jisheng E. He was too impatient. He hoped to achieve his goal as soon as possible. According to his plan, Hu Yingxue, the eldest grandson of Jishi’s family, would not be spared. Who would have thought that being chopped by thunder operators for a season of Jisheng E was not as furious as he expected, but he took the initiative to apologize after getting up.
Gong Qisen was not stupid. Ji Shengwu’s attitude made him wonder if he had made a mistake in rushing to come here. He was very careful to make sure that he had been doing more and more mistakes, so he decided to go home. He took everything with him and made a decision. When the horse found a remote corner and crushed it, he received a gift stone from his grandfather.
When Gong Qisen was shrouded in light, there was a flash of light in his mind. The infamous Ji Shao seemed to have a secret, but the idea flashed in his mind, and the horse was crushed by him. He didn’t think about what secrets Ji Shao was hiding now, but his mind was full of thoughts, such as picking the Gong family out of that group of people.
Just after Gong Qisen made the light disappear, three people were thrown out of that position by a black vortex, and then disappeared. A female practitioner took a look here and immediately shouted, "There are three people lying here covered in blood!"
Chapter 139 Lock the soul
The second fair was blasted out of the pit, and when I heard that someone was covered in blood, the venue of the fair immediately exploded, and I turned around and walked to the entrance, daring to check or watch.
Just after the place where people were found was surrounded, someone shouted, "Isn’t this the Qingyun Gate Du and Zhenjun?"
Hu Yingxue, who happened to be near there, didn’t want to join in the fun. When he heard this, he immediately dialed the crowd as quickly as possible and rushed over to the ground. Three people were really blood, and they were all blood from head to toe, but it didn’t seem to be their blood because they didn’t seem to have any wounds.
See people Hu Yingxue three or two steps up in the past. Without looking at her face, she can be sure that the leftmost one is her teacher Qingyang Zhenjun, and the rightmost one is Qingyun Gate Du and Shibo, whose face is full of blood and her lips are blue and white. Qing Wu will know at a glance that the situation is very bad.
Squatting beside Qingyang, Hu Yingxue held his wrist and sent a wisp of knowledge to the inn. As soon as he reached a little bit, that wisp of knowledge was played out by Qingyang’s chaotic real yuan. He raised his hand and looked at Mu Tianxuan and said, "People here are too miscellaneous to go back to the inn."
Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan came out tonight to enjoy the two people’s world. Not only did they not let people follow them, but they also walked around in a remote corner. There were two good people. Hu Yingxue was responsible for moving Qingyang Mu Tianxuan, and Ann Chen and Du He followed them to squeeze in. Ji Shengwu left and just changed into a white robe. He took Du He over.
A bodyguard hurried to "it’s all blood, let me do it."
Jisheng E went to the side to flash "No, anyway, it has already been touched with Shu Wu’s adult before you go back first"
No matter how profound the image of Ji Shengwu Wan-ku is, he is also the archduke of Ji’s family. He made a speech and followed him. The guards could listen to Shu Wu and looked at him without refuting his words. He asked the guards to help disperse the crowd around him. He took out a small boat.
Although there are regulations in the Fair and Lotte City that can’t make flying instruments, there are always some people who have a special interest in seeing Tengqi as a Shuwu boat patrolling nearby. The guards all paid a courtesy to the half-line, and no one stopped the boat before, and flew back to Cangshuozong as quickly as possible to stay in that inn.
Mu Tianxuan has sent a message that Cangshuozong and the elders of Qingyun Gate all saw Hu Yingxue in the lobby of the inn. They immediately gathered around when they entered the door. Dan Shi Zhao Hang was allowed to look at the bodies of Qingyang, An Chen and Du He in turn and looked up at Hu Yingxue. "You should have checked it?"
Hu Yingxue nodded. "I think they should be poisoned."
Zhao Hang took back the hand that lay on Du and wrist "it was really poisoned"
Zhao Hang’s tone is very certain that Hu Yingxue took a step forward. "Do you know what poison is among them?"
Zhao Hang nodded his head and turned to look at the elders such as Jane Mo Li. "Your age should know the dispute over the blood hole in the blood cliff."
"Because the son and the newborn grandson daughter-in-law were poisoned by the main daughter of the blood bone cave, Liang Ying and his predecessors destroyed the blood bone cave." Jane was frowning. "Is Qingyang’s poisoning the name of the lock soul poison refined by the main daughter of the blood bone cave? Didn’t the blood bone hole be destroyed by Liang Ying’s predecessors? "
Zhao Hang sighed, "Sui Yiqiu, who founded the Blood Bone Cave with one hand, is a wizard of Dan Dao. Unfortunately, he devoted himself to researching drugs and making drugs. Because of researching drugs and making drugs, he didn’t have any energy to raise his only daughter. In the end, his daughter’s unruly nature caused him to be killed, but Sui Yiqiu was not killed by Liang Yingshu’s predecessors, but he committed suicide to apologize to his predecessors.
Because Sui Yiqiu killed himself, Liang Yingshu spared his daughter at that time. That woman was a hot person who was afraid of death. She didn’t have any father’s revenge. She went to other places to remain anonymous. She didn’t repent when she left. She took away Sui Yiqiu’s refined poison formula in a secluded place. At the beginning, the eldest daughter of a local Xiuzhen family was killed by that Xiuzhen family in the same way.
After the woman’s death, she left the poison and formula in her hand where she was looking for her lover, Chen Bin. She would return the eldest daughter of the Xiuzhen family because her lover was the other fiance. When she heard that the woman was killed, Chen Bin fled overnight for ten years and then appeared again, she locked her soul in his family and his fiancee’s family.
If there is no antidote, you have to obey the orders of the poisoner. Chen Binxian let two family members kill each other all night. A few days ago, people left the scene with living people, but there was not a drop of blood. If a young child had not hidden and found the body, no one would have thought of the real cause of death of those people.
I happened to pass by and adopted the lucky young child, which was my big apprentice and Chen Bin’s half-brother and half-brother. I never thought that he was Chen Bin’s deliberate purpose to keep the two industries from falling into other people’s hands and raise a baiwenhang farm, which was my victim’s ruin. "
Speaking of which, Zhao Hang took a deep breath. "I was the one who raised the baiwenhang in those days, but it was Chen Bin. I killed Chen Bin. Now it seems that he is out of the shell."
Threaten the poisoned person with his life. When he listens to orders and locks the soul poison, he has to use some special methods. Every poisoner’s methods are different, and the symptoms after poisoning will be different. Qingyang’s poisoning symptoms are exactly the same as those of my family, which is enough to say that Chen Bin is not dead. "
After hearing Zhao Hang words JianMo from immediately nasty "Qingyang their situation? Is there any saving? "
"If I couldn’t save me, I wouldn’t have said so much in one breath just now." Zhao Hang turned his hand and took out a jade bottle. "Qing Soul Dan can temporarily control the soul-locking poison. We should find the three-flower blood-soul grass and the bloody Datura flower before Qing Soul Dan does, and they can get rid of their luck. Maybe they can get some unexpected benefits. If they are unlucky, they will become people, ghosts and nirvana Dan as I did before. That is not a problem."
Zhao Hanggang finished coming with Shu Wu and said, "I have a bloody Datura species. I don’t know how long Qing Soul Dan can last and whether it can wait until flowers come out."
Hu Yingxue looked at Ji Shengwu a few times and took out two jade bottles and handed them to him. "These two bottles are filled with marrow-repairing pills and soul-nourishing pills, which should solve your problem now. I think they can exchange your blood-colored Datura seeds?"

In this way, Lu Xiusi has thought of a way to punish them, that is, to make sure that he is not disabled, and then he doesn’t even know what happened!

It didn’t take long for Lu Xiusi to hold a press conference himself, but he didn’t sit in a wheelchair anymore, which surprised everyone, because Lu Xiusi was in a wheelchair there, which caused a lot of discussion
Lu Xiusi was dressed in a black suit on the stage, and the momentum came out. Wherever he was, he was attracted by everyone’s eyes, and he was also natural and graceful and looked at by everyone
Lu Xiusi clapped his hands on the stage and said, "I believe everyone has seen it. I used to be a disabled person, but I have been cured for some special reasons and I didn’t tell you."
☆, Chapter 32 But I will love dearly.
Taiwanese people are excited, especially those young girls. You know, before Lu Xiusi was so angry, he was in a wheelchair, and everyone thought that his legs hindered his handsome. Now he is finally fine, so he is fascinated by them.
Those girls were all fascinated by her, and Lu Xiusi was physically attractive, but now she is more charming and people are more interested in him.
Lu Xiusi coughed to show that he was going to talk. He went on, "I’m here now to say that I have nothing to do. Please don’t worry about me. I’m sorry to make you worry."
As soon as Lu Xiusi’s press conference was over, the reporter gave this video to the internet. After a while, the click rate was 100%. Because Lu Xiusi is a god, it really attracts people’s attention all the time!
And Lu Qingzhou was also reading this report. He looked at this report strangely and didn’t know what. He was very angry. He didn’t expect that the only reason why Lu Xiusi could stand was broken by Lu Xiusi.
Liu Qingzhou smashed everything he could touch. He said angrily, "What? What, he’s not disabled? What? "
Of course, no one answered Lu Qingzhou’s words, because his question was destined to have an unfavorable answer, but how could Lu Qingzhou know that there was more than this that made him unhappy!
On this day, Lu Xiusi said to Lu Qingzhou, "Qingzhou will not come to work after you. I don’t think it is necessary for you to come here because of your ambition."
Liu Qingzhou wondered, "What? I don’t remember doing anything wrong, do I? Would you please say yes? I don’t know what’s wrong with me? "
Lu Xiusi put the evidence of Liu Qingzhou’s evil Shen Nuo in front of Liu Qingzhou. "I don’t know if these are enough to pull you from this position?" I don’t think I’ll say more! "
Liu Qingzhou looked at him and left his name on the evidence. He didn’t expect that he would have such a day. He was unwilling to say, "Why should I leave? You can’t drive me away. I want to reason with my grandfather."
At this moment, Master Lu was in a wheelchair, pushed by Shen Nuo, and he slowly came towards Lu Xiusi and them. Lu Fu angrily said, "I didn’t expect you to be so presumptuous."
Liu Qingzhou wronged, "Grandpa, why do you always speak for my uncle? I’m also very good. Why can’t I take the position of president just because I’m not your son?" So I am not qualified to sit in that position? "
This made Liu Fu very angry. He said to Liu Qingzhou, "Am I not good to you? I have spoiled you since I was a child. I will help you get whatever you want, but what do you give me in return? "
Liu Fu seems to be a little angry. He caressed his chest and seemed to be angry. When Shen Nuo saw it, he patted his vest and said, "Dad, are you okay?"
Lu Fu said to Shen Nuo, "I’m fine. I’m just angry. I didn’t expect to raise such an unfilial grandson!"
Liu Qingzhou saw Liu Fu angry and knew that he was angry with him, but he felt that he was not wrong.
Lu Fu looked at Liu Qingzhou and said, "Why can’t you sit in that position? Now I’ll tell you that your uncle’s front legs are caused by your father and you are unable to sit in that position. Do you think it’s still possible?"
Lu Qingzhou didn’t expect Lu Xiusi’s leg to be caused by his father, but his horse reacted, "But what does it have to do with my father to sit in the position of president?"
Father Lu said angrily, "Of course, because your father wants to take away my Lujia property. If you become president, won’t it be as you wish?"
Lu Qingzhou never imagined that the reason why she couldn’t take the position of president turned out to be because of her father. Should she blame her father?
Liu Qingzhou said to Liu Fu, "Grandpa, I know that I will think about it. I agree to quit, but I won’t be so decadent. I will make a career myself and wait and see!" At the same time, I also understand that it is reliable to rely on my own efforts. "
Lu Fu was glad that Lu Qingzhou could figure it out, but he still insisted on his own point of view to prevent things from happening again. He said to Lu Qingzhou, "Grandpa, I’m glad you can figure it out, but since you said so, start your own business!"
Liu Qingzhou said to Liu Fu, "Grandpa, I left my job. I know I’ve done too much trouble, but you can rest assured that it won’t happen after I’ve made it clear that my reasons and my father’s reasons forbid me to sit in that position."
Maybe Lu Qingzhou really understood it. He went on, "But the scene is no longer important. I didn’t expect my father to do this to my uncle. I think we have gone too far."
Lu Xiusi didn’t expect Lu Qingzhou to turn over a new leaf so soon. He said to Lu Qingzhou, "If you encounter problems on the road to entrepreneurship, you should come to my uncle and help you."
Lu Qingzhou shook his head and said, "No, no, I want to work hard to run my career myself. I have to start from scratch. I am too inexperienced. I still lack experience!"
In this way, Lu Qingzhou’s face was not unwilling to pack things. After leaving the company, he seemed to really want to start his own business. He also told his directors not to be right with Lu Xiusi again.
The directors asked Liu Qingzhou doubtfully, "General Manager, do you really want to quit and not fight for the position of president? Are you sure you don’t want to be president? But your father also told us. "
Liu Qingzhou said angrily, "Now that my dad is not here, you have to listen to me, but you will have to work hard with your uncle before you can eat, and there may be places for you to help me after I start my own business."
The directors said loyally, "general manager, you can rest assured that we will always help you. No matter what you do, we will be by your side, but do you really want to start your own business?"
Lu Qingzhou looked at them carefully and said, "Well, now I’m telling you seriously that what I said is true. I really want to start a business. I’ll be my own boss after my hard work makes sense."
The directors said, "Well, that’s all right. Anyway, we can’t compete with Lu Xiusi. When the general manager does something big, we are willing to support you and help you. We will support you at any time."
Lu Qingzhou is grateful. "Thank you. I will remember you. I’m leaving. When I make achievements, I will come back. You can see then. I can do something myself."
After Lu Qingzhou finished speaking, he left the company. He also went to Lu Xiusi’s office to say goodbye to him. He said to Lu Xiusi, "I know that I am not as good as you because you have been working hard and I have been leisurely being a brother."
Section 23
Lu Xiusi looked at it so that Lu Qingzhou could finally be sure that Lu Qingzhou was really back from the brink. He said gently to Lu Qingzhou, "Qingzhou, I am waiting for you to make a career. Maybe we can get together then!"
Lu Qingzhou also smiled and said to Lu Xiusi, "Yes, I am afraid that my small company will climb up to your big company, so I will curry favor with you!"
This is also the most harmonious time they have ever gotten along with each other, because it was difficult for the two sides to get along so well before.
In this way, everyone’s eyes are on Lu Qingzhou’s career journey, and the future road is full of thorns. No one knows what difficulties there are, and no one can understand them until they have experienced them themselves.
Although Lu Qingzhou has changed for the better, who knows what will happen in the future? Now there are so many young people who have failed to find a way or no conditions. Who knows!
Although Lu Qingzhou knows how difficult it is to start his own business, isn’t his family company originally created by himself? Since others can do it, he believes that he can do it, and he will not give up on himself in the future
Lu Xiusi saw that Lu Qingzhou was full of energy now and knew that he had to insist, but he had to go by himself when he chose his own way. No one could help him, and maybe he could give him some advice when necessary.
Lu Xiusi didn’t come back until Shen Nuo took care of the children at home in the evening. Lu Xiusi looked at Shen Nuo and said, "Why don’t you have dinner yet? Didn’t you say you shouldn’t wait for me if I come back too late?"
Shen Nuo put the baby in the baby car and said to Lu Xiusi, "I’m not waiting for you to come back and eat together." It’s strange to eat alone and it’s more delicious for two people. "
Lu Xiusi shook his head and said that he couldn’t understand what Shen Nuo was saying. Shen Nuo sat at the dining table and handed the chopsticks to Lu Xiusi. "Well, actually, I was waiting for you to come back when I was pinching it. It’s still hot!"
Lu Xiusi was touched by Shen Nuo’s heart. He whispered to Shen Nuo, "If I don’t come back late, you can eat first. You can’t be hungry!" I will be distressed. "
Shen Nuo listened to Lu Xiusi’s words and his face turned red. "Alas, people just want to wait for you to eat together! Otherwise, it’s too lonely to eat alone, so I just want to wait for you to eat together. "
Lu Xiusi didn’t say anything more. Everything was moved without words, otherwise it would seem a little fake. A meal ended in silence.
After dinner, Shen Nuo pushed Liu Yichen back to her room. It didn’t take long for Shen Nuo to return to her room with Lu Xiusi. As soon as she was lying down, Lu Xiusi took her into her arms.
Shen Nuo He had to do something when he suddenly heard Lu Xiusi snoring. She didn’t expect Lu Xiusi to go to bed so early today. It seems that she must be very busy in the company!
I feel distressed when I look at this exhausted Shen Nuo, but I can’t do anything. It gives me a headache to think about this Shen Nuo. It seems that I am not doing it very well!
When Shen Nuo woke up the next day, the position where Lu Xiusi lay beside him was already cold, saying that Lu Xiusi had been away for a long time, which made Shen Nuo think that Lu Xiusi went to bed and got up early. I wonder if he had breakfast?