Li Zhichang whispered, "What a miracle?"

There is no way that Jellyfish Yin Ji can cast a spell on him from so far away.
However, one of the characters he met was Jellyfish Yinji, who was able to make it, and the woman looked like Jellyfish Yinji, and she was closely related to Jellyfish Yinji.
What’s more, the detachment of the female body represents that Li Zhichang, an immortal, will never make a mistake.
However, it is obviously forbidden for her to sit on the seven treasures glass lotus platform, otherwise she would have been able to get out of it long ago.
At this time, I was sewing in my mother’s room. Qingqing frowned and looked in Li Zhichang’s direction. Obviously, she also found that this fleeting mana fluctuation was by no means Li Zhichang’s mana fluctuation.
She soon went to the dark room in Li Zhichang and was about to go in. Li Zhichang youyou said, "Nothing."
Then she saw Li Zhichang came out as usual.
Qingqing didn’t ask much. Since Li Zhichang is fine, she doesn’t have to worry about it.
Li Zhichang then strolled in the courtyard and happened to see Geng go to the hospital and still cling to the pile. These days, Geng went to the hospital to get sick, and his qi and blood kept solidifying, and his temperament was more condensed than before. Of course, there was no change. However, although the changes were subtle and few, many a mickle makes a mickle. This small one may really realize some mystery.
Li Zhichang actually envied Geng for getting sick for the first time. It seems that it was hundreds of years ago when he indulged in practicing as much as he did.
Time flies, and he has to admit that he is still very different from his childhood.
This is also a natural truth. The human body is constantly washed away in time, just like the rock in the middle of the river is polished a little until it finally becomes another kind to resist the current washing.
Practitioners have a long time, even if they are immortal, but if they don’t change, they will gradually become dull. For example, the sun, the moon and the stars are not longer than practitioners, but they are cold and dead.
When Li Zhichang was young, he regretted his sword, but now he is affectionate. This is not that he regressed, but that he made different choices in different positions.
At that time, love was all the way to draw a sword, be firm, be brave and diligent.
At this time, it becomes sentient, flexible and dull.
Even the Buddha has a king’s anger, and all feelings are monastic, so let’s see if we can get it.
At this time, a fox ran out of the rockery behind him, covered in white and beautiful. The only fly in the ointment was that there were several sarcomas at the root of her tail, which greatly affected her appearance.
The barking dog outside called the little fox shivering and threw himself into Li Zhi’s arms.
Li Zhichang moved judo in his heart. "Are you Qingfeng?"
Snow white fox nodded his head.
He knew that Qingfeng could become a human being and didn’t want to give Geng an accident.
So she went back to her room with Qingfeng and put her to bed gently, and then the fox became a human form.
Qing Feng’s moving eyes show fear, and her charming and timid look makes people think of protecting her.
Li Zhichang looked at Qingfeng lightly. "Why are you so scared, little girl?"
Green phoenix bed toward Li Zhichang kowtow.
Li Zhichang lifted her head slightly and asked, "What are you doing? What’s the matter?"
Li Zhichang also found one thing. Seeing Qing Feng this time, she found that her brow was more elegant and aura than in the past, and her temperament was indescribable.
If she is attractive because of her weak posture and beautiful eyes and intelligent look.
Now she seems to need to show her charm, and she doesn’t need the fragrance like blue musk, which naturally makes people feel pity and can’t think of hurting her.
This is a little green phoenix charm ability to a higher level.
But this ability seems to be passive, and she can’t help it.
It took Qingfeng a long time to compose herself.
It turns out that she and her uncle’s family moved to Cangwu Mountain, a hundred miles away.
One day, she went to the back of the mountain to play and stumbled into a cave.
There was a Dan medicine in the abode of fairies and immortals, and its fragrance forced her to eat it at the moment.
Then she felt that she had eaten something wrong and hurried home.
Lie down early and go to sleep.
But I didn’t wait long before I heard shouting outside. At that time, it was daytime. A young man ran outside her house with a pure black hound and was quarrelling with his uncle.
The young man has a red mark between his eyebrows, but he is very beautiful and aggressive with the hound.
It turned out that she broke into the cave yesterday, but it was the Kunlunshan trainer Chen Biefu. Because of the dust, she received a new apprentice, who was the younger brother of a big family in Sanyuan City, that is, a teenager who came to find trouble.
The boy went not far to Wan Li to go to the Kunlun Mountain Monastery, and the dust allowed him to serve his father and do his filial piety before practicing in the mountain.
Because he was laying the foundation, the dust was left behind to guide his practice.
Chapter 35 Blackwater True Method
Dust doesn’t like the excitement of the world of mortals and moved to nearby Cangwu Mountain to chisel the abode of fairies and immortals.
That elixir is a magic pill made of dust, but it was stolen by her when the young man met the pass.
Dust thinks that she can break in by mistake, and his disposal method has reached the abode of fairies and immortals, which is her chance.
However, the teenager didn’t want to let Qingfeng get cheap in vain. He wanted to see who stole the magic pill and tracked it down with the spirit beast.
As a result, when I met her uncle first, they fought.
After one or two rounds, his uncle was restrained and took care of their family.
Later, his uncle thought of a trick to make her escape and come to Li Zhichang for help.
After listening to the story, Li Zhichang did not immediately decide to help Qingfeng, but decided that his uncle was not in danger for the time being.
If at ordinary times, Li Zhichang might as well do Qingfeng a small favor, but now there are more important things to prepare, so put Qingfeng things aside for the time being.
The waves on the bank of Fenshui River can’t stop flapping to the shore. At this moment, I can’t see the age. The road flyover is dressed in black hexagrams, and the feet are a mass of black clouds, and it is uncertain to stand on the bank of the river.
With a simple sword on his back, I don’t know what to think about.
The river keeps rising, and those waves will suddenly condense into an ice wall when they are about to beat.
The young Taoist dressed in black looked cold and turned a blind eye to things, or that’s what he did.
At this time, a white man with graceful demeanor slowly walked over and reached out and pointed to the ice wall to turn into several pieces of ice scattered in the river, and then disappeared in the blink of an eye.
The bearer is the Bai Yue demon holy white mountain.
He clapped his hands and laughed. "Shen Xiong, this black water magic is afraid that it is only natural to practice on the seventh floor. I want to practice to your strength. I remember that it took three hundred years."
The black Taoist named Shen Guyun is a monk from northern outland.
The vast land in the north is more vast than
As the saying goes, into the badlands is a place where demons are rampant, but it is not the same as the Great Xia Dynasty.