Emperor Wu of song a dim and with a little touched, he tasted not white Xie Xuan didn’t rebel, he didn’t white aristocratic families and philosophers to preserve our health. This world is not as good as the top gate when the emperor is less, so whoever becomes the emperor Xie Gu can be guaranteed less.

And Xie Xuan’s implication is to entrust him with all his ideals and ambitions. Why don’t you let him move?
Emperor Wu of song was silent for a moment and only Xie Xuan could hear the sound and replied, "This is also my long-cherished wish in my life."
Xie Xuan sighed long and looked at the mountains and rivers in the north again. He knew that he could not be so close to the north in his life.
He hated himself for giving birth to Xie Gu.
Recalling that Xie An asked them to thank their families, "What do you need to ask about politics? What elders always want to train you to be excellent brothers?"
At that time, everyone didn’t talk. He replied, "It’s like the Yushu in Zhilan always wants them to grow in their own yard!"
At that time, Xie An gave him a deep look, Xie Xuan. It was his uncle who regarded him with special respect.
But now he is white, which is a pity and regret.
Even though he became famous in the First World War in Xie Xuan, he can still be a garden in the growth court.
Li Zhichang came to pursue Sun En with bongsan, but when he passed by a deserted village, he suddenly felt that he and bongsan had entered the deserted village. Most of the houses in the village were dilapidated and uninhabitable, and several wild vines and foxes and mice were still intact.
Li Zhichang’s eyes swept away and he saw the smooth ground ahead, as if a hurricane passed by and all the vines were swept away. It can be seen that there was a fierce fight here and the fighting skills of the people were outrageous, which caused such a terrible effect.
He looked around the situation. The village is located in two rows of mountains, which seems to be a natural entrance and exit. It is a tens of miles of north-south communication channel. It is conceivable that the village must be a post road route for business travel in the prosperous period, but it has become a ghost town.
Since this road leads to Bianhuang in this direction, it must be fought by the road, and most of the people who fight are also heading for Bianhuang.
Li Zhichang slightly shook his body and lost its essence, and a light smoke was swept away toward the front.
I saw a tall and magnificent Taoist priest in gray leaning against a broken wall in broken walls in front of me. He was seriously injured and seemed to have no strength to get up.
This person is none other than Jiang Lingxu.
Jiang Lingxu sat loosely on the wall and looked distracted until he saw Li Zhichang. When Li Zhichang saw him, he knew that Jiang Lingxu had suffered an incurable blow not only physically but also mentally. Even Li Zhichang could paralyze him for the rest of his life at the moment.
It is conceivable that Jiangling deficiency zang-fu organs have been fractured, and the human root didn’t let him live. If he wasn’t too clear and honest, he wouldn’t be able to sustain himself until now.
Jiang Lingxu said, "Tao Zun, you are here."
Li Zhichang held down his pure qi and crossed into his body to make him feel better before he died.
Chapter 20 The First Knife of Heaven and Earth
Li Zhichang said slowly, "Who has such ability that you don’t even have the ability to fight back? Who is it?" Naturally, he could see that Jiangling Xu was knocked down like the autumn wind sweeping away leaves.
Jiang Lingxu said lightly, "I shouldn’t dream of looking for any heaven, earth, man, man, three peidao statue to warn me, but I didn’t rest assured that today’s disaster really deserved it. I need to be careful. That man has developed a magic skill with the help of heaven, earth and man, and there is no one to deal with Daozun."
Speaking of which, Jiang Lingxu died as soon as he closed his breath.
Even Li Zhichang’s true spirit can’t let him live a little longer.
Although Li Zhichang has always had a bad impression on Jiangling virtual, there are still some Qiran in Jiangling virtual at the moment.
Yu Tianda is qualified to make moves in front of him, but there are only a few people. He has a so-called fear in his dealings.
It’s that man who obviously doesn’t take him seriously for killing Jiang Lingxu, because he has warned the powerful ones to prevent short-sighted people from attacking Taiyi Sect. Otherwise, how can he tolerate Jiang Lingxu, the weakest leader of the three gangs and four religions, who has been rampant in the north for many years?
This day is really different. Li Zhichang has already felt a great luck coming from heaven and earth. I’m afraid there will be real significance in this world, and the immortal Taoist figures will soar to the real heaven from now on instead of wandering around the world like him.
At the same time, Li Zhichang suddenly realized that in less than 200 years, even Ning Dodge was the first person at this level and the strongest person in the world. Because there will be decline after the Universiade, it will be difficult to appear at the top. No wonder it was better than Song Dynasty and failed to prove broken.
When the first ray of dawn fell on the first floor of Bianhuang, a middle-aged man dressed in a mysterious dress and eyebrows like a sword walked quietly and slowly towards the first floor.
The first floor is a rare wooden building in Bianhuang. There are nearly 30 round tables on each floor, which is still spacious and comfortable. There is a wooden fence around the platform and a table on one side of the street.
At the moment, there is only one person on the first floor and the second floor, but Ananda is alone. According to the platform table on the street, one altar and one cup of self-drinking, like a tiger and a leopard, look at people.
Standing behind him above the handle of the brain spoon seems to be drawn at any time.