Yes, this time, Aphrodite, the succubus, stayed in the village of Wall. Although she abandoned the evil king Amozdan and her wings were cut off by her people, she was still a succubus after all. If she was discovered by a willing heart, it would probably bring some unnecessary troubles to Surdak. Aphrodite voluntarily left the village of Wall.

Surdak and his party took six carriages full of sulfur mines through Oak Ridge and finally arrived in Hailansa before the city gate closed.
However, Surdak was not in a hurry to enter the hotel outside Hailan Sa with six wagons and have a bigger courtyard.
The building in Hailansa is extremely compact. There are not many places to choose from to find a hotel that can park six wagons at the same time. Moreover, the accommodation in the city is much higher than that outside the city. Moreover, the ogre Gullit’s entering the city will also cause panic among the residents in the city. Therefore, Surdak decided to let the ogre and six wagons stay outside the city.
Early the next morning, Surdak took six wagons to the White Elephant Firm and sold all the sulfur ore to the White Elephant Firm. He paid these coachmen a commission before taking Andrew, Samira and Gullit to the Hailanza Guard Camp to report here.
A line of four people walked down the street, and the residents of Hailanza threw surprised eyes at the ogre.
Recently, Gullit, the ogre, has long been used to this kind of surprised and frightened eyes. He can pretend that he didn’t see those onlookers around him. In the morning, Surdak White Elephant Company bought a nice dried salted fish, which was a mackerel weighing nearly 30 pounds. The whole dried fish smelled salty, which made Gullit, the ogre, feel good. He carried the dried fish in his hand all the way.
Samira, a half-elf archer, still covers her face with a hat. She is wearing salamander leather armor and carrying a forest bow. Many people admire her for wearing fine leather armor, but no one notices that the hat has a unique beauty.
Andrew is more like a knight in the guard camp than Surdak, dressed in a Hailansa guard camp armor. He rides horses and pedestrians take the initiative to avoid to both sides, giving Andrew an unprecedented sense of superiority.
A group of four people walked into the guard camp through Hailan Sa City Street, and some guards took the initiative to greet Surdak.
Surdak asked casually, only to know that Lord Emmett led the knights who went to Maca plane guard camp three days ago to return to Highland by magic airship, took the horse to the stable, and then took Andrew, Samira and Gulitem into the main building of the guard camp.
I walked into the rest area of the rescue squadron and said hello to the knight on duty of the rescue squadron. I learned that Carl, the mid-team leader, pushed the door and walked into Carl’s office today, just to see Carl sitting behind his desk, wearing riding boots, standing on the table and chatting with a clerk.
The door was suddenly pushed, and the female clerk who was chatting in a hot conversation hurriedly put away her frivolous smile and made a dress in a panic before sneaking out of the door with a stack of documents.
Into Carl’s office, two people hugged one.
Carl said to Surdak
"I calculate that you should arrive in Hailanza city by tomorrow. Did you have a smooth journey?"
Surdak nodded.
"Come on, let’s go to Captain Sauron and say hello. By the way, I’ll go through the entry formalities for your security team members." Carl said idly, holding his good brother’s shoulder.
"Captain Sauron, this time I brought it back from Maca plane …" Carl sat opposite Captain Sauron and pushed three applications.
The application says Samira and Andrew’s resume. Captain Sauron rubbed his forehead and said to Carl with the wave
"The names of Andrew, Samira and Gulitim are starting to cocoon my ears. I heard that there is also an alien ogre. If it is a brigade in Hailansa City, I will not agree to their application for employment, but the entry conditions for them to maintain the deserted public security can be appropriately relaxed."
He glanced at Carl behind Surdak said to him
"Since Carl and Emmett strongly recommend it, we can do special things here, but … it’s not an example!"
It has long been said that it is a good thing to set up a deserted security team outside Pagolos Pass, and Andrew and Samira have been recommended by Carl, the squadron leader of the support squadron, to be recognized by Sir Amy. Although these three people do not meet the entry requirements of the guard camp, Captain Soren signed his name casually after reading the application.
Captain Sauron has recovered from his physical injury after more than two months’ rest. The only regret is that he missed the plane war of Maca perfectly, which made Lord Emmett pick up a cheap personal resume and write a very strong record.
Carl was the squadron leader hand-picked by Captain Sauron, so he was also very close to Captain Sauron.
Captain Sauron recovered from his chair. He’s gained a lot of weight in the past two months.
He looked at Surdak again and said with a smile to Surdak
"Well done this time, Surdak Knight. This time, the Hailanza Guard Camp was praised by the Marquis of Lu Se. All knights who went to Maca will take half a month off later, and there will be corresponding rewards. And you will be rewarded with some special aspects. You have to wait patiently until you get a new notice. It is likely that the distribution will be delayed, but it will also have the advantage of being late."
It’s much easier to get it from Captain Sauron’s office. First, find Ms. Flora, the personnel department of the guard camp, and go through the formal entry formalities. Only with Ms. Flora’s signature can three people receive a fixed salary from the guard camp every month.
Then Carl led him to the guard camp warehouse and received the standard equipment from Gwendolyn. Samira received a brand-new alloy bow from the armory.
Surdak and Carl made an appointment to meet at the Three Bears Barbecue Restaurant last night, so they left the guard camp with Samira, Andrew and Gulitem and went directly to the Knight College in Hailansa City.
This plane war in Maca made him miss the winter final exam of Knight College, but since he has become a first-class knight, it is impossible for Knight College to hold his diploma.
On the side of Knight College, Surdak asked Samira and Andrew, the street-facing open-air restaurant opposite the gate of Gulitem College, etc. He ordered some sea Lanzaat pine nut cakes and some refreshments for the three of them and went into Knight College.
He didn’t go directly to the Knights College Guidance Office to apply for graduation, but found a teaching assistant named Pablo.
Seeing that Surdak was wearing a magic tattoo in front of him, Professor Baplo was surprised and crossed his hands on his chest and asked enviously, "Knight Surdak heard that you went to the plane war in Maca with the guard camp?"
Dressed in the magic pattern of "Earth Shield", Suldak’s third-grade department office attracted much attention.
Baplo’s teaching assistant hurriedly pulled Surdak out of the office and said excitedly, "Well done in this plane war of Maca! Bena province … needs such a big victory to boost army morale. "
He seriously looked at Surdak and said, "I haven’t seen you for two months, but you are already a knight in disguise! Going back to Knight College this time … It’s been six months since your college. Are you here to apply for graduation? "
Surdak directly answered "Yes"
Assistant Professor Baplo nodded and said, "The day before yesterday, the Dean just told you to come to Knight College for graduation, so I want to see you."
Surdak didn’t expect the Dean to see him, so he asked Professor Baplo, "Does the Dean want to see me?"
Assistant Professor Baplo shook his head vigorously and said to Surdak in a low voice, "It should be a good thing if the Dean comes forward in person!"
The face of assistant professor Baplo in the Dean’s office is covered with soft velvet carpet.
Besides Baplo’s teaching assistant, there is also Milo instructor in the office. Although Milo instructor is guided by Surdak, Surdak rarely sees him even during the culture class of Knight College, so they are not familiar with each other. They looked at each other and then shifted their eyes.
Dean got up and went to Surdak and looked at him with a smile. He said, "War is the best yardstick to test whether a knight is qualified. In view of your outstanding performance in the city of Vozhmara, Maca, Knight Surdak congratulates you on graduating from Knight College with excellent results!"
With that, the female assistant handed Surdak a roll of parchment.
Surdak stretched out his hand and took it respectfully and said
"Thank you, Dean."
The dean smiled and his eyes were almost crowded together. He combed his hands with a slightly sparse hair and stood with a big belly. He said, "Although you have only studied in the Knight Academy for just six months, you are still going out of the Knight Academy in Hailanza. I want to frame your sketch and hang it in the Hall of Fame of the Academy. Will you?"
"it’s my pleasure!" Surdak didn’t expect the dean to see that he was actually. He hurriedly replied that there would be no loss anyway.
Dean listened to Surdak’s frank promise to come and sat back in the armchair and said, "Well, I’m still in a hurry to attend a meeting, so let Pablo help you …"
Surdak took Gubo to the horse and returned to the dormitory to pick up some salutes. He heard the cheerful footsteps in the corridor. It didn’t take long for the next door to discuss the sound. Surdak recognized that it was Lina and Della. He put his things in his magic pocket and looked at it. He swung around the room and locked the door.
The dormitory key will be returned to the dormitory administrator, but before that, he needs to say goodbye to these two neighbors who get along well.
He went to the door of the bedroom next door and stretched out his hand and knocked to open the door. In the room, Lina and Della were discussing and seeing Surdak suddenly appear outside the door. Both girls were overjoyed and yelling with excitement.
Surdak had a few words with two girls before he said what he had come for. He was saying goodbye to the two girls.
Lena didn’t expect Surdak to get the diploma of Knight College so soon. She opened her mouth slightly and said in surprise, "Ah, Surdak, are you going to graduate so soon?"
Surdak nodded and shook the keys in his hand and said to the two girls, "I’ve packed all the rooms, and I’ll hand them over later!" "
Next to Della, she suddenly became a little disappointed and said, "I’m a little reluctant to let you go. You haven’t taught us skinning yet …"
Surdak said to the shy girl, "Della has done a great job. You have learned the theoretical knowledge very well. What is lacking is practical experience. You can become a qualified skinner by constantly trying to practice when you have experience."
Three people crowded into the narrow terrace at the end of the corridor and looked at Surdak, the eastern part of Knight College, and asked the two girls, "By the way, what are your plans for the future? I mean after graduation … "