Wei Chijingde smoothed her cuffs. "Now that Sui Jun has withdrawn, this is a good opportunity!"

"oh? General WeiChi, you say, "Li Shimin narrowed his eyes.
Wei Chijingde see Li Shimin encouraged him upon "the temple now the king of Qi stationed troops in the river county like a fishbone stuck in Yang You’s throat, unable to get rid of Yang You’s ability to attack Luoyang. Now he is arranging troops to attack the river in the north. Now that Sui Jun’s large troops have retreated, the Qing palace will inevitably be empty and humble. If you can take this opportunity to send troops to attack Sui Jun and Sui Jun, you will have to take care of yourself."
There is something in Li Shimin’s slightly one leng Wei Chijingde’s words. He is very white and can’t be polite to the enemy while you are sick and killing you.
Fang Xuanling sipped her lips and sank, "The king of Qin is not the best time now."
"What?" Li Shimin looked up and asked.
Fang Xuanling said, "The King of Qin, the King of Yang You and the King of Northern Qi seem to have a chance to fight, but the two sides have never fought for a day. Yang You may send troops to the South Temple at any time. Don’t forget that Yang You’s children are good at tricks and ambush many times, and this time it may be the same."
Li Shimin kept silent. He planted Yang You’s hand several times and made rash mistakes. This time, he must be slow and steady.
Fang Xuanling added, "There are more rivers in the mountainous county. After the King of Qi arrived in the river, he has been building fortresses and passes. Even if he can’t attack less, he can protect himself. Yang You is so greedy that he even went to attack Hebeizhi. I’m afraid it won’t be successful without a year and a half. It’s the only policy to wait until Yang You exhausts his troops and fights!"
Li Shimin smell speech nodded again. Fang Xuanling’s words are also reasonable. Although Li Shimin hates Yang You, Li Shimin won’t do what others marry. Now it seems that Yang You North is in the interests of Datang, or rather, it is in the interests of Li Shimin.
Thinking of this, Li Shimin made up his mind, and he got up and said, "Xuanling woke a few wrong people before meeting the right one, and decided to wait for the Sui army to be exhausted and wait for an opportunity to annihilate them in one fell swoop." Li Shimin burst out laughing.
Liu Hongji and Yankaishan looked up at one another and continued to stay silent.
Li Yuanji in Hexian County is heavily stationed. This river is controlled by Taihang Mountain. If you want to control this place, you can enter and leave Bing smoothly. Because of the particularity of the river, Li Yuanji listened to Wei Zhi’s suggestion to station troops on the river and let Xue Wanjun lead his troops to guard Heyang with 5,000 troops to firmly control Mengjin Crossing. Even if there are thousands of troops, Sui Jun is not allowed to enter.
After Li Yuanji Dan Xiongxin withdrew from Hejun County, he made good use of Zheng Jun’s fortress and sentry building, and supplemented it by relying on the favorable terrain of Taihang Mountain, which made the construction of river defense line more impregnable.
The news that Li Jing led his troops to kill had long been learned by Li Yuanji that he hated Li Jing Li Yuanji because he thought Li Jing was an out-and-out traitor. At first, he kept saying that he volunteered to go undercover in Daxing City, but when Yang You gave him enough prosperity, this person immediately chose to defect and repeatedly made plans to break Tang Jun.
It can be said that if Li Yuanji hates Yang You the most, then Excavate will come out second. Li Yuanji can’t wait to cut Excavate to pieces and then throw it into the oil pan and fry it hard before she can solve her hatred.
Now, Li Jing led his troops to kill him, but he stopped at the east bank of Qinshui, which made Li Yuanji very happy and couldn’t help but drink a few more glasses of wine. But soon, Li Yuanji was no longer happy, because his other sworn enemy, Yang You, led his troops to Mengjin Ferry to prepare to attack Heyang.
Perhaps there is a shadow in my heart. Li Yuanji is a little afraid of Yang You. Hearing this news, he immediately called a confidant counselor, Wei Zhi, to participate in the military honor nine thoughts, Cao Wushi Yi, and the signing of Pei Xuan Yanyan. Qi Wangfu will discuss how to deal with Yang You’s advance (to be continued)
Chapter 956 Hatred eyes
Wei Zhi, the confidant counselor of Datang Taitai Li Jiancheng, had a certain understanding of Yang You. He believed that Yang You was crafty and good at deceiving Sui army. He had to be careful not to attack easily in order to avoid Yang You’s deception. After Datang occupied the western part of Hejun County, he took the practice of strengthening the wall and clearing the field, and helped Dan Xiongxin to leave fortresses and pass repairs and perfection to form a new defense system.
Today, the line of defense of Datang is the big river and Qinshui, relying on the well-guarded and well-organized Sui Jun. Although there are many people and more excellent cavalry, even though there are superhuman powers in front of the big river, Wei Zhi smoothed his beard and dressed up in a cassock. He couldn’t help laughing when he saw Li Yuanji, the king of Qi, looking excited and worried.
"Although Sui Jun, the king of Qi, is fierce, there are many outposts and fortresses on the banks of the big river. It is extremely difficult for Sui Jun to cross the river. If the pontoon bridge can’t be built, if the boat can’t be built, now all the boats around the big river have been destroyed. Sui Jungen can’t cross the river." Wei Zhi looked relaxed
After listening to Wei Zhi’s words, Li Yuanji’s heart gradually let him ponder for a moment. "After all, Serenade alone is not worried for the time being. He is worried that Yang You has led his troops to Mengjin to cross the river. I’m afraid there will be any conspiracy."
"Don’t worry about the temple. Now Yang You leads his troops to the North Qing Palace, and the Sui army will inevitably cut down a lot of temples, so that the Qin king can send troops to attack the Qing Palace from the Valley of Letters, so that the positive pressure on the temple will be much smaller." Wei Zhi said slowly that the two brothers, Bai Qi Wang, are wearing a pair of pants in his heart. Although the Qin king is also two brothers, they can’t urinate in a pot with a diaphragm. If the Qi king can successfully help the Qin king contain Yang You, he must be very happy.
Otherwise, Li Yuanji, the king of Qi, heard the news and was overjoyed. On the contrary, he couldn’t wait to take control of the Tang soldiers instead. If the king of Qin and Yang You could fight to death, he would pick up the bargain again. This is the result that Li Yuanji, the king of Qi, is most willing to see.
Li Yuanji jumped up and said, "It’s so good!" With that, he immediately wrote a letter to send someone to report the matter to his father from the revolution of crimson county, which made his life gallop towards Chang ‘an.
A small boat, Yang You, made a bow and stared at the sandbar in the middle of the river. The strong wind roared and blew the fortress flag. A red and white flag embroidered with the word "Xue" showed the identity of the garrison.
"There are about a thousand soldiers stationed in Fiona Fang at most in Wuli. Although there are not many soldiers, it is very difficult to attack because of guarding the river." Du Ruhui’s eyes are bright and there is a lack of warships in front of the big Sui Dynasty. To be precise, there is a lack of warships in the northern battlefield
Although there are rivers and boats in the south, the scale can’t be compared with that in the south. Moreover, it is not easy for Tang Jun to land on the river. Besides, it is necessary to attack the fortress army to station troops, so the difficulty has increased by not a little bit.
Pei Hangyan and Luo Shixin Yang You stood in silence, and their expressions were very similar. They were all very surprised. This Li Yuanji was so ashamed that he made tortoise tactics.
Yang You stood with a negative hand and a face of light wind and light clouds. Although the sandbar in the river is difficult to attack, it is not without flaws. The boat gradually approached the sandbar in the river and looked at it with great concentration. Even the defenders’ faces could be seen very clearly.
The sandbar looked at the boat coming slowly. The defenders had already told Xue Wanjun the news. Xue Wanjun was bent on revenge. Although there were not many military forces in the sandbar in the river, it was worse than the first day. He wanted to take it without paying a huge price. He successfully destroyed most of the boats in Mengjin before Sui Jun seized Mengjin. It was extremely difficult for Sui Jun to successfully cross the river.
Xue Wanjun can endure his revenge for 10 years. He has been quietly looking for opportunities to hear the defenders report that a small boat appeared in the river. He immediately ran to Chengtou. At this time, Xue Wanjun could clearly see Yang You’s high-spirited face
"Dog thief!" Xue Wanjun’s lips squirmed and spit out these two words with anger in his eyes. If this matter is Yang You, he will not hesitate to draw out his sword and cut it before him.
However, Xue Wanjun was able to control his emotions well. After careful observation, he found that there was a small boat on the whole river by Yang You, which made Xue Wanjun somewhat startled. "This dog thief is so bold. Isn’t he afraid that I will send troops to chase him?"
Several thoughts came to Xue Wanjun’s mind. He once suspected that Yang You had any tricks, but there could be no ambush when he looked at the river in a glance.
"General Xue doesn’t have many enemies, and the Sui Emperor personally came to explore the situation. Is it necessary to set sail for pursuit?" A captain who knew Yang You was eager to try.
At this moment, Xue Wanjun was tempted by his enemies. How could he not let his blood boil? Press the scabbard on the palm of your hand. Xue Wanjun has a face of hesitation and still has no determination in his heart.
"It’s now or never!" The captain continued to encourage.
Xue Wanjun suddenly smiled and nodded gently. "You take three hundred people in thirty boats and surround them from the side."
"hey!" The captain should go.
"The sandbar in the river is really strong." Yang You spoke his mind after gazing at it.