Xiaoyu Feitian kicked him.

Xiao Yu Hua ku, alas, and then shouted, "Grandpa, I can’t believe you’re not curious."
Shan Guan flew to Sun Hao’s side, and a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Fang’s troublemaking Xiaoyu Library and then looked at Sun Hao.
Sun Hao smiled indifferently and explained that "a child is very similar to Jiuye’s personality"
Shan Guan Guan slightly one leng remembered Sun Hao’s good friend and nodded.
Sun Haolang said, "Since Xiaoku is curious about the agarwood and doesn’t hide the private Qinglong source pool, it has two major effects. First, the healing of the oriental wood will lead to a steady stream of vitality, which can promote blood circulation and promote granulation to treat most wounds of monks; Second, the restoration can quickly restore the friar’s true yuan and quickly restore the friar’s loss, and assist him in three Dojo to help the friar practice … "
Generally speaking, Sun Hao’s design of Qinglong Yuanchi is an auxiliary Dojo for his three Dojo practices.
However, with the help of Shan Hao, there has been a slight change.
Sun Hao looked at Shan Guan and said with a smile, "With the help of Guan Guan, the Qinglong source pool should still have the physical training effect."
Xiaoyu Huaku applauded and shouted "Great, Great, One Pool, Three Effects, Pepe"
Healing, recovery and exercise
A simple Qinglong source pool has three major effects. If the Qingyun Dojo is added, it will not be able to gather the spirit and refine the magic effect, so the Qingyun Dojo is strong and predictable.
Go to Muzhen Jun’s face has changed again and again.
Although the Qingyun Gate Dojo was also a thousand-year-old Dojo after its completion, from the current achievements, it has almost tied up and returned to a field.
Counting the first few unknown Dojo, it can be predicted that the function of Qingyun Dojo is definitely far beyond returning to a field.
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Chapter DiYiErErWu Fight Heaven
The latest broadcast day is the 515th anniversary. The most welfare day is except the gift package. This time, the 515th red envelope is definitely going to look at the red envelope. How can I set the alarm clock without grabbing the truth?
Go to Muzhen Jun and want to make a sudden attack and disrupt the construction of Qingyun Dojo.
However, in that case, there will be no doubt that one case will become a target of criticism all day long.
He can’t afford this responsibility.
Mu Zhenjun, who went there, deeply hoped that Sun Hao and Sun Chenxiang would finally fall short, hoping that Sun Hao and Sun Chenxiang would be greedy for foreign countries and eventually fail to complete the fixed positioning of the Dojo.
It’s possible!
Sun Hao arranged four sub-Dojo in succession.
Then there is no doubt that his final positioning must be difficult
Going to Muzhen Jun’s gloomy heart has begun to curse Qingyun Dojo silently.
Sun Hao, who watched Shan Guan go back to the top of the pyramid, slightly raised his body, and then bowed down slightly to build Xuanyuanhong, Zhizhenjun and Xiaohuo, who had been sitting cross-legged and stabilizing the square soil without him. He said, "The central soil genus is the root of building the Dojo. Please ask three Taoist friends for help."
XuanYuanHong, Zhi Zhenjun and Xiao Huo all leaned to Sun Hao, and XuanYuanHong, who is located in the northeast of Gen, said softly, "The three parties return to the agarwood and ask the main array."
Shen Changfulang, the wise and true gentleman in the northwest, said, "Hook Chen Xiang’s real name Kirin ranks in the Central Division on May Day … Gairen Beast and Tudezhi are also friends, please help me wait for an arm …"
There are four spirits, namely, Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku and Xuanwu, which usually appear in ancient practice books.
And the central soil does not enter the four spiritual columns.
It has always been controversial whether the native beast in the central area should be a kind of god beast.
There are classical books that list the six ancient gods, except for the four spirits, and there are two kinds of beasts in the central land, "Teng snake and Gou Chen"
There are also two different views on Gou Chen. One is that Zhi Zhenjun said that Gou Chen is like a real name Kirin; Another way of saying it is that the sky is called the dragon head and the dragon head is called the Tianma.
However, it is obvious that Sun Haosun’s agarwood asked Brother Qingyun to arrange a large array, but he chose the unicorn elephant to hook up the central soil elephant.
Zhizhen Junlang drinks Chinese 100,000 Godsworn Qingyun’s large array, changing from four images to five elements.
Ten Godsworn phalanxes form two huge positive and negative five-element arrays. When the method turns, Zhizhenjun is like a mirror, and the gods are holding two large arrays of five elements, which are mutually reinforcing. Together, the Godsworn are really blossoming and the five elements converge into soil, and a huge unicorn appears.
The lion’s head, the tiger’s eye with antlers, the elk’s body, and the oxtail of Long Lin … Kirin vividly shook its head and wagged its tail and flew to the direction of the main peak of Qingyun in the middle and small fire place by Gao Zhizhen.
Corleone smiled indifferently and slowly, a handful of dust fell unconsciously and fell to the side of a small fire.
Xuanyuangong still sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, but in front of her, a handle of green light, soft sword, was flashing green mountain and floating slowly.
Kirin flew quickly and hung a small fire overhead.
Sun Hao drank "it’s your turn to be a small fire" in his heart.
Small fire heart quickly said, "good brother, I’m going."
A small body, the main peak of Qingyun, flew over with a small fire, and fell lightly on the back of Kirin, squeaking and screaming, trying to press Kirin into the main peak of Qingyun.
Kirin looked up and roared, refused to submit, grabbed and bit, tried to get out of trouble or formed a fatal blow.
Zhi Zhen-jun’s mind moved, and the Jiugong array worked. The main peak of Qingyun shot like an iron lock, and the virtual shadow of energy pulled Kirin with a small fire.
Kirin formed by the convergence of the five elements of 100,000 monks can still form a stalemate with a simple Jiugong hexagram array and a small fire.
Moreover, Kirin is a virtual shadow formed by energy convergence.
If you don’t move quickly, once you are deadlocked, it will easily dissipate, and Zhonghua Zhenyuan will stir around.
Seeing that Kirin is a bit overwhelming, Mu Zhenjun’s eyes are already shining, and his heart says that it’s fun to stop, right?
Sun Hao in the sky called "Xiaohong" in the face of XuanYuanHong.
XuanYuanGong still cross your legs and sit still as if you didn’t hear.
But the real female sword in front of her is a flash in a flash of time, and it has already nailed the Kirin forehead when it reappears.
Kirin body with a shock and then the whole body was fixed in the slightest move.
The small fire took the opportunity to press Zhizhen Jun to increase the traction of the large array.
A true female sword was pierced on the forehead, and Kirin involuntarily seemed to be a huge cyclone, which was generally attracted by the main peak of Qingyun and shrank rapidly.
The body becomes smaller and smaller, and the unicorn finally becomes complete and pure. The energy of the unicorn rushed into the tiny dust set by Sun Haobushe, the main peak of Qingyun.
At the same time, Sun Hao, the peak of the hexagrams and Jiugong Array, has already prepared the soil properties, and the spirits have also cracked one by one and poured into the dust.
With the slight shock of dust, the attribute energy of pure soil began to be converted into real soil.
The monks saw that they stood upside down and pointed straight at the main peak, suspended on the ground and absorbed by a small fire, and the peak tip poured out a lot of soil layers continuously.
In less than a moment, the soil layer surged forward and connected with the main peak into an inverted peak, which seemed to be a column. The main peak supported the array of Gao Gua Jiu Gong.
The soil layer also poured in all directions along the eight diagrams and nine palaces, and soon the array map was built, and the middle part was covered with thick soil layer, and the soil layer was linked up.
The soil layer also crawled along the soil and wrapped the height of the square three feet and spread along the reddest cloud of the square three feet.
For a whole wick, the soil layer kept spreading from the small fire foot to the whole nine miles and nine miles shaped by small fire.
Finally, when the soil layer is closed, it becomes a towering figure in front of the monks. The main peak of Qingyun is more than ten feet higher than the main peak. A huge loess disk supported by a soil column emits a faint yellow brilliance like a flying dish.
Shengbingqing Cold Palace and Suzaku Fire Temple were covered by thick soil layers until the end, which became the central part of the whole flying saucer.
The flying saucer is three feet high, and the only entrance in Fiona Fang Jiulijiu is the small fire place. There is a circle along the top of the inverted peak where monks can fly in.
Small fire completed a tumbling jump from the inside and looked up curiously at this huge disc-shaped Qingyun Dojo.
The earth-making force at the edge of the soil finally shaped the Qingyun Dojo into a huge flying saucer that stood on the main peak of Qingyun.
Of course, although the flying saucer is formed at this time, it is still a few steps away from the final completion.
Sun Hao’s divine knowledge continued to promote the soil, but Yang said, "The five elements are mutually generated, and the nine palaces are formed into a matrix to ram the soil for me …"
The soil layer is the shell of Qingyun Dojo. If the shell is not rammed and the Dojo is not fixed, the service life will be greatly reduced.
With the change of Sun Hao’s rammed flying saucer
In the four directions, there are green dragons, white tigers, rosefinch and basaltic shapes, and in the center, there are five great beasts of Kirin, punching and kicking, biting and breaking the disc.
The UFO soil layer is so thin that it is compressed into a thin skin.
Sun Hao and Zhi Zhenjun looked at each other with a large force, and the loam suddenly began to spread again, and soon it became thick soil.
Tamp it again
Zhi Zhen Jun worked closely with Sun Hao to calculate the legacy, and the compaction force was gradually strengthened. More loam was rammed into the Dojo soil wall.
And the Dojo soil wall gradually began to change with this compaction.