Song anqiao slept for two days and one night before waking up. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Shi Qian’s cold face. When she was completely open, Shi Qian gathered away her cold eyes and became softer and warmer.

"Are you hungry?" Shi Qianyin is gentle.
Song anqiao rubbed his forehead with one hand and sat up slowly. The tone was very light and he was simply "hungry"
Shi Qian listened to her and simply let him feel surprised. She laughed in a low voice and said, "I haven’t burned silly yet."
Song anqiao didn’t have a sudden fever, but she had signs of fever long ago, but she didn’t care.
This made Shi Qian angry, but now it is inexplicably cured by her expression and tone.
That’s … that’s weird.
After the meal, the doctor took her temperature. Although she woke up, the burning base did not clear and remained at 3 degrees.
Song Anqiao doesn’t care to look at the chilly Shi Qian trail. "It’s okay to cook slowly."
Chapter 39 Marry me
Shi Qianwen is in a bad mood.
He knew that she had given up her life long ago, and to live now is to endure one day and die one day.
At noon, Song Anqiao sat comfortably in the hall and the sofa looked a little dull.
Shi Qian came out of the room and walked slowly upstairs to sit beside her. "An Qiao Chu Fei is far away."
Song anqiao’s eyes were sluggish, and he raised his head slightly to look at him. "Haven’t you left yet?"
"It is estimated that he has suspected that you are with me." Shi Qian’s tone was calm and did not appear uneasy
Song Anqiao alarmed "can’t? He … How could he doubt it? "
Shi Qian sat on the sofa with his long legs crossed in silence and didn’t answer her.
It was a long time before he slowly re-said, "Look at his current situation. If he is not sure whether you are in my place, he will not leave country D."
Song anqiao listened to a flustered heart and settled down a little. "If I don’t want to hide it, he will go back when he can’t find it for a while."
He is the president of Chu’s company, and there are many things to do, so he can’t stay here all the time.
Section 25
Shi Qian turned his eyes to Song Anqiao’s eyes and guessed her mind slowly. "He resigned from Chu’s position and handed it over to Chu Chang."
Song anqiao stayed for a while.
So if he can’t find her, he will be waiting here all the time.
What should I do if my fingers are licking the sofa and Song Anqiao’s brain becomes a pot of paste? What should she do?
"I’ve been insisting on it for more than half a year." Song Anqiao lowered his head every word. "I still have two years … I’ll die in less than two years. What should he do? What should Chu Feiyuan do? "
She dies, he dies.
She doesn’t want this result.
She was afraid that the sound was getting more and more exciting, almost like she was possessed. What should he do? What about him?
"An Qiao" Shi Qian is busy sitting upright, pressing her shoulders with both hands and pulling her body. "An Qiao Qiao, calm down."
Song anqiao was upset. "Calm down. Yes, yes, I should calm down."
Suddenly, her voice was sharp and she was very excited. "Calm down. How can I calm down? I’m dying. I can’t hurt him. I can’t …"
ShiQian heart gave a painful ability to hold her gently afraid of her back to comfort her, "don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we will find a way to be okay, don’t be afraid …"
"I don’t want him to die. I don’t want him to go with me." Song Anqiao cried and cried very sadly. "What … what did you do to me? I don’t want to die or leave him at all …"
She is afraid of death. She is really afraid of death.
But fate is so cruel to her.
Shi Qian listened to her crying, and her heart hurt like a knife.
Song Anqiao cried for a long time before he gradually stopped to push Shi Qian back to his usual red face. When he saw that his shoulders were wet, he realized that he was too sad and lost his temper and whispered, "I’m sorry."
"I’m sorry about what?" Shi Qian doesn’t blame her for pulling out a tissue for her.
Song anqiao sat there and didn’t answer.
Shi Qiannai directly put the paper box beside her and "smoke it yourself"
People don’t want to accept him once they wake up. Well, she is really cold-blooded towards him.
"I have a way to get Chu Fei away from here completely" Shi Qianyin light way.
Song Anqiao looked up. "What?"
"But you have to cooperate with me" Shi Qian stared at her eyes slowly.
"How to cooperate?" If you want Chu Fei to go back and live well, what can she do?
Shi Qian stared at her facial features and seriously "married me"
Song Anqiao Meng stare big eyes to see him half a day to ease.
"He won’t give up until you marry me." Shi Qian looked serious and didn’t like joking again.
"No, I can’t marry you." Song Anqiao strongly refused.
She was born in Chu Fei Yuan, but she will silently guard Chu Fei Yuan when she dies.
Shi Qian knew she would refuse to say lightly, "Don’t be so excited. I mean, let’s fake marriage and fool Chu Fei far away."
Shi Qian’s idea is to let Song Anqiao, a person who looks like Song Anqiao, marry him aboveboard and ask her not to admit that Chu is far away before Chu, so she can’t take her away.
He got Song Anqiao a new identity, Duke George’s niece, and George forgot to make friends with him. George had promised him to ask Song Anqiao to agree and bite him to death, and there was nothing he could do.
"I can’t" Song Anqiao still refused to agree.
"What?" Shi Qian doesn’t understand "fake marriage"
"There is no reason why I don’t agree." Song Anqiao was too firm.
Shi Qian sat there for a long time and his face was not very good. He said, "If you don’t agree with me and respect you, let Chufei wait here."
When he finished, he got up and left the building, leaving Song Anqiao sitting alone on the sofa in a daze.
Shi Qian can see clearly that Chu Fei can afford it, but Song Anqiao can’t afford it.
Sure enough, as he expected, Song Anqiao came to see him the next morning. Her eyes were pierced at the door. "Can I ask you a question?"
"Can" ShiQian way
"You don’t lie to me. It’s a fake marriage, right?" Song anqiao asked him in a low voice
"False marriage" Shi Qian has a decisive tone
Song anqiao felt a little relieved when he heard that his lips were slightly bent. "That’s right, I’m asking for trouble." She will die in two years. Who will really marry her?
"Thank you, Mr. Shi," Song An Qiaowei bowed his head and solemnly said, "I agree with your method."