The Tang Priest also taught Sun Wu to keep nagging before the Tang Priest. When Sun Wu was nagging, he could still bear it and find an excuse. Now Sun Wu doesn’t know that after listening to a few complaints from Tang Priest, he became bored, and he didn’t appear grumpy for a long time and returned to him again.

Sun Wu was so angry that the Tang Priest left because he just left and soon thought of what he had just gone wrong. Sun Wu thought for a moment and said, "Did the monk just say a few words and my old man was furious?" Is this the novel’s disaster? It seems that my old man is really on the other side. "
Sun Wu drove the cloud toward the Cuifeng Mountain, where he found the panda and asked, "Panda, my old grandson will not move easily when he practices Taoism. Today, the monk said a few words and my old grandson was angry with him." Besides, when those robbers appeared, my grandson actually killed them all. What is this? "
Panda said, "How many years have you practiced Taoism? Can you control your mind at will? "
Sun Wudao said, "My father let me experience chaos. Today, my old grandson has a stable mind and can naturally control it at will. Even demons cannot control me."
Panda said, "When you cultivate immortals, there is always a disaster to test the monk’s way. You need to gather mana to practice Heaven and Earth Xuangong, but the immortal’s way is robbed every 3,600 years. Now there should be a disaster. When it comes, you will be uneasy."
Sun Wu said, "I met a monk who also told me that there was a disaster coming. I don’t know what it was, panda. Have you ever figured out what kind of disaster my old grandson was going to get through?"
Panda laughed. "The secret can’t be revealed, monkey. I can’t help you this time."
Sun Wu-qi said, "It’s another time when the cat is not allowed to leak. You tricked me with this thing and now you’re lying to me. Do you know that this cat is just a trick for saints to deceive all beings? You and I don’t need to lie to me?"
"Monkey," said the panda, "I’m not lying to you. The main reason is that you don’t know that I know, but if you don’t know, I can’t let you know that you are white?"
Sun Wu thought for a moment and said, "If you don’t tell me, the ending is what I want to know." Panda said, "To put it bluntly, I can’t tell you that you need to find the ending yourself, and I don’t know what the ending is."
Sun Wu said, "You are really a good friend, Tiger Pioneer. That young man told me that I couldn’t go to Lingshan, but you didn’t say a word. If I had known I should have come to Penglai."
Wait for a while, the panda, looked at Sun Wudao. "You said that the man could tell you that Lingshan is in danger. He must have a saint realm when he goes there. These three realms can see your future doom, except for saints, when people learn that that person is also a saint."
Sun Wudao said, "This man is not a saint, but he practices Xuangong and I are the same. We are equally powerful and can’t tell the difference between victory and defeat, but his prototype is Taikoo Dragon."
Panda listened and laughed. "It turned out to be him. It’s true that he told you, but this doom and opportunity complement each other. When your doom comes, the opportunity naturally comes. Success or failure depends on grasping Lingshan, but that’s where your chance lies."
Sun Wu said, "When the Tathagata trapped me for 500 years, I couldn’t understand his grievances. If I went to Lingshan, the disaster would definitely be Tathagata. What is this chance?"
Panda laughed. "You’ll know when you go. Haha."
Sun Wu said, "You really think I’m stupid. At the beginning, I was not as good as Tathagata. If I go to Lingshan, I’m afraid I’ll die or not."
This Sun Wu stayed in Cuifeng Mountain, but there was a liu er macaque to deal with the next thing, that is, the true and false monkey king. After the two men ran to the hell, they did not look for the earth treasure king, but for Fengdu Emperor.
When they went to the city of feng du to find Fengdu Emperor, they asked, "The emperor heard that you are omnipotent and can distinguish everything in the world. Now find out the fake and let me kill him."
Fengdu Emperor smiled at the two men and said, "True, false, false, true, true, true, true, true, and false. Go ahead and wait until you find yourself."
The two monkeys listened to what Fengdu Emperor said in a daze, but in the end, Fengdu Emperor said that he knew that the two monkeys were at the same time. "The emperor, you haven’t told us who is true and who is false. Tell us quickly so that the false place can reveal the truth."
Fengdu Emperor said, "You already know who you are, and you will come to me. Go, Lingshan has your own answer." Fengdu Emperor said and waved at the two monkeys.
When Fengdu Emperor waved his hand, the two monkeys felt that everything was spinning, and then they were surrounded by Buddha and Tathagata sitting in front of them.
The two monkeys looked at the Tathagata and asked, "What are you two monkeys doing in my Lingshan?"
Both of them said at the same time, "If Tathagata had me, you bet that you trapped me at the foot of the Five Elements and painted a dungeon to trap me for 500 years. Do you remember?"
Tathagata said, "naturally remember that you are the monkey." Tathagata did not point out that it was true, so that two monkeys recognized themselves as true at the same time.
At the same time, the two accused each other of saying, "You are false and I am true. Now that the Tathagata has distinguished who is true and who is false, please confess quickly."
They shouted for a long time and couldn’t tell the outcome, so they started fighting in this Lingshan.
The two men fought and really turned the Lingshan Mountain upside down. They told the four spiritual monkeys that all the Buddhas in Lingshan knew the origin of the liu er macaque. The Tathagata threw the alms bowl at the two monkeys and covered one of the two monkeys who were fighting.
The monkey who was not covered laughed at the sky, but saw the collision inside the alms bowl. The monkey who was not trapped laughed. "Tathagata, I can’t believe that you are also ruthless. Sun Wu is in this alms bowl. Aren’t you afraid that he will break this alms bowl?"
The Tathagata said, "liu er macaque, my alms bowl is my enlightenment instrument, and Sun Wu’s experience can’t break his escape."
Wu Li said, "Tathagata, do you want to kill Sun Wu because you trapped him? But he practices XuanGong and King Kong is not bad, afraid you can’t kill him. Haha. "
Tathagata said, "liu er macaque, you and Sun Wu are both four great monkeys. What is the difference between you? Previously, you were both Sun Wu, but now you are Sun Wu."
Wu Li said, "Tathagata, if you really want to kill Sun Wu, Sun Wu, can you hear what Tathagata said? He will kill you. Haha."
"Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump.
The Tathagata said, "liu er macaque, you are a scattered fairy. If you escort Tang Priest to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures, you will still get positive results. Don’t you want to get the Tao?"
Wu Li said, "It’s attractive to get a positive result. I’ve been practicing for many years. Is this a positive result? Haha, Tathagata, your abacus is too loud. Come and help me."
After Wu Li shouted, he lost two monkey hairs. As soon as the two monkey hairs fell, they immediately became two monkeys. These three monkeys have appeared, and the buddhas can’t tell which of the three monkeys is the previous liu er macaque.
The Tathagata laughed, "The four monkeys born in heaven and earth don’t belong to heaven, and you four monkeys finally appeared. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time."
Enlightenment laughed. "Tathagata, you have planned to clean up the four of us for a long time. Now that the four of us are out, what can you do with us? Ha ha, Sun Wu realized it." Enlightenment knocked the sea god’s needle toward the ground and the bowl was knocked over immediately, and Sun Wu was also out of the trap.
When Sun Wu came out, he angered the Tathagata, "Tathagata, the second child, you have trapped me in a dungeon for 500 years. You have not solved the cause and effect, and you have trapped me in this alms bowl to eradicate the roots. Now that I have come out, you must be at odds with Buddhism."
Tathagata put his hands together and said, "The four spiritual monkeys gathered in Lingshan for disaster and enlightenment, and the cause and effect should also end with South Amitabha." Tathagata said that all the buddhas in Lingshan chanted the Buddha’s name and the sound of Lingshan Buddha kept on.
Chapter 36 Five Saints Gathering in Lingshan
All the Buddhists in Lingshan are chanting Buddha, and that Buddhism means that the mind is heavy, and then the Buddha’s power can come together to gather the Buddha’s mana department in Lingshan.
Four monkeys held a needle in their hands and hung in the sky. The Tathagata stretched out his hand and grabbed it at the four monkeys. This palm immediately covered the sky. The four monkeys were all wrapped in this palm. The Tathagata took back the palm, but he saw a world in the palm, and four monkeys were trapped in this world.
Sun Wudao said, "The three Tathagata are actually in the palm of the world’s magical powers, and we have to work together with Qi Xin to break the world."
Wu Dao said, "Sun Wu, the three of us are brothers and sisters, and we have a way of working together, but we can’t set up four large arrays of monkeys, and we still need your help. If we want the four of us to set up four large arrays of monkeys, the world in our hands will certainly not be able to trap us."
In the Elysium, the situation of receiving and paying attention to Lingshan suddenly received the quote, "Brother, let’s cross the boundary quickly or we will be late."
"Ha ha, two Taoist friends, what are you doing? Do you look down on our Sanqing when you see the arrival of the three of us and leave?" Tongtian laughed and Laoyuan appeared. It was you who stopped the lead and the quasi-lead in the paradise before the Tongtian people arrived.
Then he said, "Three Taoist friends, are you here?"
As the original saying goes, "Two Taoist friends, we and the three of us have learned a lot recently, but we are short of witnesses. We specially come to two Taoist friends to discuss Taoism, so that we can witness what we have learned for many years."
Tongtian said, "Yes, two Taoist friends have recently realized that it is better to create a set of laws without witnesses." Tongtian said and waved his hand to arrange the sword of the immortal sword in this paradise, which was peaceful and peaceful before, and immediately turned into a shura battlefield, and the murderous look was soaring everywhere, and the evil spirit was slowly filling the paradise.
I have been introduced to the whole fairy sword array. After all, there are three people in Sanqing, and the celestial sword array has been set up first. Although it was seen when the gods were sealed, the celestial sword array was sanctified for so many years ago. I didn’t know much about it, so I couldn’t fully control the power of the sword position, but now the celestial strength can definitely fully exert the power of the four swords.
I don’t have the ability to crack the array of Zhu Xian Jian, and Sanqing is here. It’s impossible to leave. I must look at the array of Zhu Xian Jian with displeasure. "What do you mean, Tongtian Daoyou? Although you are waiting for us to talk about Taoism, you shouldn’t set up such an evil array. Don’t forget that this array of strangulation gods appeared in my bliss. Is it true that Daoyou and my Buddhism are bullying people casually?"
Tongtian laughed. "Taoist friends misunderstood that being original was anxious. Two Taoist friends couldn’t help but spread a large array. Since two Taoist friends were not involved in the array, it would be better for me to witness my feelings for many years."
After taking the lead, I still have to speak before saying, "Since Daoyou Tongtian wants us to demonstrate the array method, the poor monk will enter the array to see how much progress Daoyou have made over the years."
Give the lead to the lead, nod your head on time, look at the lead-in array, wait quietly for the lead-in array and the lead-in array, but the lead-in array is still in the bliss world. The old way said, "I’m obsessed with chess friends recently, so I’ll be original in playing a game, or I’ll wait for the lead-in array."
It must be said, "Li Daoyou, you are excellent at playing chess and being original. If you can fight against us, you still don’t play chess. The poor monk gives up."
As the original saying goes, "Daoyou, this is not right. You need to explore slowly to make progress. If you lose, you will give up. How can you make progress? Besides, it’s the most important thing for us to throw in the towel, but it will be bad for our Taoist friends, Taoist friends or senior brothers. If it’s bad, we can’t afford it. "
It must be the original saying that it is really in a dilemma. If it is not that heart, it will really be lost. After all, this sage’s words represent the number of days. The previous quasi-humility words will not let his heart show flaws, but it is not impossible for the original sentence to let him go blind.
The old man waved and laid a chess game, and the old man sat there slowly, seeing that the chess had entered the game, he noted the sword array of Zhu Xian.
It is said that the heavenly lotus and the introduction of the whole fairy sword array are still as chaotic as before, and the shock wave is flying everywhere, and there is a floating four-door connection in the center, which attracts the public morality lotus. After the Tathagata entered Buddhism, it brought the twelve golden lotus, which turned into a nine golden lotus. This nine golden lotus is not only a treasure of public morality, but also a congenital spiritual treasure defense. It is really extraordinary to have that public morality to help the twelve golden lotus again.
Lead the golden lotus above your head to the Zhuxian Gate, but when you see the hanging of the Zhuxian Sword, it’s a mystery. It’s more dangerous than seeing the Zhuxian Sword in the Zhuxian Sword Array before, and it’s even more dangerous for the Zhuxian Sword to fly around with four scattered shock waves, which will make the protective golden light of the Zhuxian Sword explode. Now Tongtian has no power to launch the Zhuxian Sword Array, so the power of this sword position is so great. If you start the sword array, then you can’t dare to walk through the Zhuxian Gate again.
Pick up the golden lotus and force it through the door of Zhuxianmen. When he passed by, the sword of Zhuxianmen fell with a firm but firm shock wave. It was even more powerful to pick up and lead through a door. The golden light of protection was cut off one layer and then led to the three doors of Slaughtering Xianmen, Trapping Xianmen and Juexianmen. After a look, he also saw these three doors of firm shock wave.
In the whole immortal sword array, the master of the whole immortal sword is the most powerful. If the large array is opened and closed, this whole immortal sword array is the most difficult to crack, while the other three are the most difficult to crack, but this door needs to be broken by * * force, otherwise it is the most difficult to break the whole immortal door, and it is necessary to crack the mysterious door by force and control the array. This is a skill, but it can also be cracked by * * force and it is very easy to crack.