Zhang Wen curled his lips and said, "Raise your eyebrows, and you will learn the Tao from chaos. It will take you a hundred years to recover. Don’t lie to me and give me a branch. I will not only tell you that Buddhism and Buddhism have become the Taoist foundation, but I will also tell you how it is?"

The wandering people thought for a moment and said, "There are nine saints in heaven and earth. Tell me that they will become Daoji and then turn your panda into Daoji. Tell me that I will give you a branch and another arbutus."
Mr. Zhang pointed to the carefree people and laughed, "Raise an eyebrow, raise an eyebrow. You’d better make an abacus. If I give you these things, won’t you get the word? Then you can also get together."
Free and unfettered humanity "Hong Jun, you and I both know that being original doesn’t want to be a puppet of heaven and become a walking corpse. Promise to be original and add two more Yangmeiguo."
Zhang Wen thought for a moment and said, "How many fruits are there in your poplar?"
Xiaoyao San humanity "fifteen fruit people, this is my last fifteen fruits, and three fruits are my limit."
Zhang Wendao: "Give me six and keep nine for yourself?"
Happy people thought for a while and finally had the heart to say, "I’ll give you six fruits if you like." After that, they reached out and took out six fruits at the same time, and saw that the fruits were blue and purple, each shaped like a ball surface texture and formed a complex figure.
Zhang Wen put these six fruits away and said, "Where are your branches?"
Xiaoyao San people are reluctant to touch their heads, then grab a strand of hair and think about it, or have the heart to pull it out. Immediately after leaving Xiaoyao San people, it becomes a branch with 50 crisp willow leaves. Zhang Wen saw that this branch was quickly taken away and put away.
Zhang Wen got these two things and smiled at the free and unfettered people. Now the free and unfettered people look pale and seem to have been seriously injured. General Zhang Wendao: "How did you look like this? You are also a chaotic spirit root. Don’t you still want to lie to me? I won’t take advantage of you and give you something as good."
Mr. Zhang said, "Pop up a drop of water and shoot it at the free and unfettered people. People see that this drop of water is overjoyed and open their mouths to swallow it for a moment, and his face will recover."
Free and unfettered humanity "How can you have this thing? By the way, it is easy to fit that both Hongjun are Taoist priests and want to return the original. "
Chapter 30 There is nothing bad about good things.
Zhang Wen cold way "if I return the original refining out you will feel not to come out? This is my baby. At the beginning, I collected a lot from traveling in chaos. It is because of this that my orchard spirit roots can come alive. "
Free and unfettered humanity "is also whether this thing is really refined or not. I also gave it to people. Let me know if these ten people are enlightened."
Zhang Wenpan sat down and preached that the Nine Saints had finished the enlightenment in a moment, and the carefree people closed their eyes and meditated for a moment. "What about the panda enlightenment?"
Zhang Wendao said, "I’m the one who fled after 50 days." Then Zhang became blurred, and then for a moment Zhang became a piece of chaos. People looked at that small piece of chaos and stupidly.
That Zhang Wen turned into a small world in chaos, full of vitality, and stood free and unfettered. People looked at a piece of Qingyun on the top of that world, showing that a willow tree in this mu of Daqing cloud was growing, and that willow tree was still hanging with nine fruits. This was Zhang Wen’s previous begging for bayberry fruit.
I don’t know how long it took Zhang Wen to sit in front of the free and unfettered person, but the free and unfettered person sat there as if three souls had lost seven souls.
For a moment, the carefree people woke up and worshipped Zhang Wenyi deeply. "That panda really became a holy source, but he was dissatisfied with the fact that he escaped thousands of disasters and lived a happy life."
Zhang Wendao: "When I gave you the chance, you were not sure. If you worshipped in our door, you would be a saint now."
Free and unfettered humanity "people don’t want to deceive me. I know how much can you live if you rob this heaven and nine saints in 5.6 billion years?" Although being original lost the chance to become a saint, it’s a blessing to think about it now. This amount of robbery can’t find being original. "
Zhang Wendao: "It’s a blessing, a curse, a curse and a blessing. Who can master the future curse? It’s a blessing for you that you didn’t become a monk, but it’s a curse for the monks of the three realms. Maybe it’s also a blessing for you that you become a monk in the future."
Free and unfettered humanity "Being original is satisfied with the present situation, and those who are satisfied are always happy to be able to live freely in heaven and earth."
Mr. Zhang laughed and said before he left, "Is it a blessing or a curse? You can’t hide it, but you don’t want to be sanctified in the future. Some people want to be sanctified, but they can’t be sanctified in the future."
Xiaoyao San people listened to Zhang Wen’s words and meditated for a moment. heavenly stems and earthly branches figured it out. At the end, Xiaoyao San people were sweating and sitting in the tunnel. "I can’t believe that I still want to be sanctified and escape in the future."
After Mr. Zhang returned to Pengfei, he took out six Yangmeiguo and smelled it. "Dad, what is this really fragrant?"
Zhang Wen laughed. "This is a good thing. If you eat it, you will have the power of a saint. But if you want to eat this thing, you must practice my" Heaven and Earth Xuangong "or this fruit will support the dead."
Pingxin said, "The number of spiritual roots in your orchard is so magical that it is more precious than the spiritual roots in your orchard. Where can there be this treasure?"
Zhang Wendao said, "This fruit is that when Myrica rubra is chaotic, there are fifty people who eat one, and one is missing. At the beginning, I ate it in chaos for nine days, and then there were fifteen left. I asked the owner of the fruit tree for six, and now he has nine."
Since Zhang Wen doesn’t talk about the owner of this fruit tree, people naturally won’t ask Beibei more and look at Zhang Wendao eagerly. "Dad, can I have a taste?"
Mr. Zhang laughed. "These six fruits are for you. After eating these fruits, you can not only stabilize Daoji, but also increase your mana. You can just eat one person and one is enough. It is beneficial for Mr. Zhang to take away three."
Beibei immediately picked up two and handed them to Wang Shu and Heping. She took the last one and said, "Daddy won’t eat?"
Mr. Zhang touched her little head and said, "I ate a wave, too. I still have this thing."
The four Tang Priests left Baoxiang Country and went to the Huoyun Cave in Hong Haier. Finally, Hong Haier was taken by Guanyin, and Hong Haier was taken by Guanyin and was about to take it back to the South China Sea. He didn’t want to be stopped halfway.
Guanyin looked at it and said, "I don’t know if friends are sacred to stop the poor monk?"
"Guanyin, it’s not hard for me to let Hong Haier go."
Guanyin said, "Hong Haier is a poor monk sitting on a good fortune boy, but he can’t be a friend." The corner of his mouth suddenly appeared in his hand and hit Guanyin.
Guanyin took Yang Liuzhi in his hand and gently waved the gear to the anchor needle, which turned into a superhuman powers. Each hand held a anchor needle and hit Guanyin. Yang Liuzhi kept swinging the gear and even resolved the attack department.
"When" a bell rang, Guanyin Yuan God shook his head and was hit by a heavy object. He fell off the cloud and grabbed it. Hong Haier immediately drove Yunfei away from Guanyin, and he woke up a moment after being hit by a chaotic bell. He had already pulled Hong Haier away.
Hong Haier escape toward the way "are you from? Save me? "
"Who am I? You don’t need to know that I owed you an old favor at the beginning. Now saving you is a return of this favor. You know how to solve this diamond ring."
That Hong Haier was trapped by Guanyin for five times, but he couldn’t get a rage. He took a chaotic bell and smashed it at the diamond ring. This chaotic bell is Zhang Wen’s imitation of chaos clock’s refining land. The diamond ring is just a gold hoop change. It can withstand this chaotic bell and smash a diamond ring. Then he smashed the remaining diamond ring repeatedly.
After smashing the diamond ring, he said, "Hong Haier, you’d better hurry back to find your old man. You can’t beat Sun Wu, but you’d better go to find your old man’s help. Besides, Guanyin’s wife won’t easily let you go back early to report your parents’ peace. I’ll go first."
Let’s leave. Although Hong Haier is wild, he also knows that he is no match for Sun Wu, and Guanyin will not stop easily and can go back to his parents for help.
After leaving Hong Haier, follow the footsteps of four Tang Priests to watch the disaster all the way. The four Tang Priests were trapped by a green cow with a hole in their pocket. Looking at the diamond cut, they really wanted to rob it. It was something that was too old gentleman. The saint baby wasn’t so daring to rob it. Looking at the diamond cut, he envied watching the situation change. When Sun Wutian went to invite the old gentleman, he flew directly from the hole to the girl country. He collected half of the mother river and went to the abortion spring to find the right gentleman.
Ruyi Zhenxian didn’t know and asked, "Are you from? What’s the matter of coming to my temple? "
"Ruyi is really immortal," he said. "Do you know that your nephew was harmed by Sun Wu?"
Ruyi Zhenxiandao "naturally knows that if Sun Wu comes to me, he must seek revenge."
Laughing, "Being original means that the Tang Priest will come to you for the stillbirth spring after eating the mother river by mistake." "I won’t give it naturally," Ruyi Zhenxian said quickly.
Laughing, "True Fairy, how can you give this spring water? How can you live up to the Tang Priest’s belly facade child if you don’t give it?"
Ruyi really fairy nu way "so you are also a group with them" then take out a double hook to kill.
Hurriedly said, "Zhenxian, listen to me. Can’t this stillborn spring be an abortion spring?"