Does Atletico Madrid need a unknown pawn to regret it?

Isn’t this China person too arrogant? I don’t know a little bit!
Even when Hertha was led by Chang Sheng to perform well in the second division, everyone didn’t think Atletico Madrid had anything to regret.
Atletico Madrid is a giant team. How can people think highly of a country team coach?
Destined, it is not a world person.
It is normal and reasonable for Atletico Madrid not to win constantly, so that people can’t find anything wrong at all.
And winning still dare to think about revenge?
What a narrow mind! No man measures! Still not a man?
You are honored to be rejected by Atletico Madrid. Do you know that there are many people in this world who are not even qualified to be rejected by Atletico Madrid?
With this, you can assert that you have no future!
Want Atletico Madrid to regret it?
Dream on!
Because people generally have that idea.
These people were dumbfounded when they saw Chang Sheng take off his shirt inside.
People always win. Revenge really worked!
Atletico Madrid is a giant. How could they possibly give Changsheng a chance to get revenge?
But Changsheng really did it!
When Atletico Madrid needs to be upgraded most, he should lend a helping hand even if he has a little compassion and sympathy-this is also the general recognition that Madrid football circle is so big, and you have to mix one more friend and one more road here, so there is no need to make trouble and make too many enemies for yourself.
Besides, it’s reasonable for you to release water. You can be picky about procedures, motives and specific operations, and no one will bother you.
It’s easy for you to let Atletico Madrid go. Maybe people will remember you.
I didn’t expect Changsheng to kick Atletico Madrid back after he had landed safely.
They shouldn’t have done this, but they did.
The kick of winning revenge was so decisive and powerful that Atletico Madrid was kicked back into the rushing river, struggling to choke several mouthfuls of water and waving his arms in vain, but no one helped them, but the only one who could save them kicked them back. Isn’t it clear what that means?
Hertha will watch Atletico Madrid die!
I’m afraid Atletico Madrid never imagined that two years ago, when their personnel officials refused and discriminated against and ridiculed this young man from China, they would one day be revenged by this China.
It’s really narrow-minded to get revenge if someone refuses, but who is qualified to despise him if it’s his strength? Shouldn’t you fight back when you are looked down upon?
Atletico Madrid fans are even more depressed, and they don’t even hiss to attack them. It’s always better that they put their heads in their hands and face pain. I can’t believe what they saw.
Some people even think that if the club had not rejected this young man, then maybe Atletico Madrid would have been successfully upgraded today!
Atletico Madrid fans were silent, and Atletico Madrid players also looked depressed.
They naturally learned from the media about the feud between the club and the China people.
I didn’t expect the other side to be so vengeful and really succeeded in his revenge.
They have a "this is fucking life" idea.
Perhaps their failure to upgrade was doomed two years ago when the China man walked out of Calderon Stadium with resentment …
Some people were not surprised by the result.
Francisco Flores was in the box. When luis garcia scored the third goal, he jumped up from his seat, shook his fist and roared. An old face turned red with excitement.
While that supporter of Atletico Madrid who had been swaggering around him were silent.
Let him vent his emotions there.
Later, when Flores saw Chang Sheng writing behind his shirt, he couldn’t help laughing and forgot to celebrate.
He just looked up and laughed, laughing heartily.
What did he think of? He would have chosen Changsheng as the head coach of Team C.
Just because he heard a winning joke at a dinner party, he wanted to make Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid regret it.
He suddenly took an interest in this arrogant young man in China.
I interviewed him with a funny attitude, but I was moved by him and decided to give him a chance.
Gave him the first chance and gave him the second chance-let him be appointed as the head coach of the Hertha first team to lead the team to avoid relegation.
If he didn’t get interested in a joke at the beginning, but casually handed it over to a human resources officer to handle such an ordinary application, would he regret it today?
Fortunately, fortunately …
Laughing and laughing, the old man’s eyes suddenly got wet.
Because two months ago, the winning words echoed in his ears, "I will definitely lead you to like Hertha League champion status and promote to the first division. Mr. President, I mean it."
You did it and did it so beautifully!
You said that you are so young because you are talented. I believe you will go further on this road and see more unique scenery.
Bon voyage, young man
The morale of Atletico Madrid fell to the bottom after winning the title of Avengers.
Their coach, Marcos Alonso, just stood on the sidelines like a glance at Medusa, and he hasn’t moved since he lost the ball.
The players lost their backbone and hope, and they didn’t know how to deal with the coming game.
Salvatore, the former top scorer in La Liga, saw this scene and was a little lost.
When he first chose to join Atletico Madrid, he never thought that Atletico Madrid would upgrade by law. He could not only earn a high salary, but also help Atletico Madrid upgrade, which was both fame and fortune, and did not delay him from participating in the top league at all.
Good wishful thinking, but I didn’t expect to meet a malicious role. Hertha, their head coach, always wins.
His abacus was in vain