The teenager shook his head and picked up his password box and walked to the gate. "The bill is even for those people."

He said this to the doorman and then walked away.
This is urban life. Some people get rich overnight, and some people die on the streets.
Get into some unnecessary trouble again. Tianyang disguised the password box. This time, it finally went smoothly. Although it still attracted a lot of meaningful sight along the way, there was no such thing as Sangong.
This makes the teenager have a quiet dinner and then wear a dark cloak and a nightmare mask to the entrance of the gray city.
It’s still the warehouse-like house. The day before yesterday, Sun showed his badge and two guards let him in.
Entering the gray city, the young target really went straight to the shadow tower.
The shadow shop is still almost the same as yesterday, and there are fewer guests in the lobby tonight. Last night, the neon was bought on the shelf and no new file was added to put it, which was covered with dust in vain.
When I came to the information desk, Tianyang played the bell and rang.
It was still last night that the old man came over with a look on his face and said with a little impatience, "What can I do for you?"
Well, even the lines are the same as last night
Tianyang changed his tone and said lightly, "I am a god of death."
The old man’s expression immediately changed and his eyes became hot. "It turned out to be Mr. Death. I didn’t recognize you when you changed your mask."
"I wonder what the guests want to sell tonight?"
The disguised password box was put on the information desk. Before Tianyang tilted slightly, an old man could hear the voice, "There is a complete set of 5-level media materials in it. Do you accept it?"
The old man’s head jumped up and attracted the attention of several guests, who were all curious. After a few more visits, he would know that the old man at the information desk has always been calm.
I don’t know what happened tonight, so excited.
It’s no wonder that the old people are excited to sublimate the media. In the gray city, there is nothing new or shadows, and they also sell a whole set of media materials.
However, the shadow can get a level 4 media to a level 5 media, and no matter what rank they are, they can’t come up with a whole set to sell.
Even so, media materials are still in short supply. If there is a complete set of 5-level media stores, the shadow will rise a lot, and the red chimney and the hunger dance will be just around the corner!
Chapter 32 Beauty as jade
The old man still looked at Tianyang Box with a full face of excitement. "Guest … Is this really a level 5 media?"
Tianyang beat the box "absolutely true"
In a somewhat impatient tone, he said, "I’ll look for its home if you don’t accept it or not."
The old man was so anxious that he jumped over the counter and hugged the box directly and shouted, "Stop! Take it! You wait a moment, my horse will contact the appraiser for you. "
Tianyang nodded in agreement.
The old man Youzi refused to give up and shouted back to the back room, "Go and ask Miss Yan Yu!"
Someone inside promised and hurried out. The old man just piled up a smiling face and squeezed out a face of wrinkles. "Please come with me, guests."
There are some accidents in Tianyang. It seems that big business is all about building.
The old man reluctantly put the box and jumped out of the counter to lead the way.
Tianyang followed him with a mechanical password box. The spiral staircase leads to the square staircase. The surface stepped by wood will make a creaking sound.
Moreover, the light in the stairs is dim, and every once in a while, there is a small yellow light. Occasionally, something flashes in the dark corner.
Finally, I came to the third floor. The old man pushed a door, and it was a quiet little hall with elegant layout.
In the small hall, there is a Zhang Shuo stone table with miniature rockery and running water. Looking at this small rockery, the stone table is seamless.
There is a set of tea set, teapot and teacups beside the rockery, all of which are porcelain, and the color is transparent and blue like jasper.
The old man asked Tianyang to sit in a big chair in front of the table and respectfully said, "Please wait a moment, the appraiser will arrive soon."
Tianyang nodded, and the old man retired, so there was a young man in the small hall. Tianyang put the password box on the table and put the handrail on the hand.
At the back of the finger, a simple but elegant door with flowers and plants carved on the other side of the small hall gently punched out a light figure from the inside.
Not very bright lights, this figure is like a waterfall with black hair and a long gauze dress.
As the veil moved, it vaguely revealed a pair of lights with long jade legs, which were as touching as suet white jade, but the legs were barefoot.
As the woman approached, a faint fragrance of natural flowers filled this small hall as if it were in a secluded forest valley.
"Hello, I’m Yan Yu, a shadow appraiser."
The female voice is very magnetic, crisp and numb, and it makes people’s bones melt
She sat on the other side of the stone table in Tianyang, only to find that she could not see her eyes clearly with a black scarf on her face.
But her eyes are as bright as the stars, looking around and smiling, making people unconsciously want to be close.
Tianyang felt an impulse in his heart to uncover her scarf and see what the teenager was doing. He secretly wondered that he would be so indecisive.
There are quite a few girls he has met, such as Xun, Bird, Indigo Naturalis, Bai Yinglan and General Fei Mei. Especially, the temperament of General Fei Mei is unforgettable.
Tianyangyuan himself has been infected with beautiful women, but now even people’s faces haven’t been seen clearly. Some impulses are really different. I read Tianyang’s hand and put it in the box. "Since it is an appraiser, please have a look."
"Not busy"
The famous girl has a sweet voice. "Let my guests cook a pot of good food and let’s enjoy it slowly while drinking tea."
Ranging from Tianyang’s promise that Yanyu has caught fire and boiled water, it is very beautiful with some indescribable lasting appeal.
"Although the guest’s voice is low, his hands are unexpectedly young. It seems that the guest … Oh, please forgive me for Yan Yu’s slip of the tongue."
Tianyang heard a shock in his heart, and he was shocked. Although he wore a cloak and a mask, his tone changed, but he was unexpectedly seen by this woman from his hands.
The young man with the rank coat of arms is wearing a hand to cash out. Think about it. It seems that both hands have to wear gloves.
"No, but Miss Yanyu, don’t look around." The calm waves of Tianyang sound make people guess what he is thinking at the moment.
Yan Yu chuckled and said, "The guest taught Yan Yu to remember."
After watering Yanyu, it is another graceful exercise. In a blink of an eye, brown tea has been injected into the jasper-like teacups.
The smell of tea in the small hall made Tianyang feel a little thirsty.
The delicate jade hand sent a teacup to Tianyang, and Yan Yucai said, "Now the guests can be boxed."
Tianyang gently enters the password and opens the box.
In the box, there is a column of materials in the media of level 5 of Ares rank, besides the crystal of star material the size of fist, there are some things that the sun can’t name.
Yan Yu got up and carefully moved through the box, looking at "the mob’s nuclear crystal, the mysterious shooter’s spinal cord, the blood when the crazy dog was angry …"
Tianyang listened to Yan Yu talking to herself while drinking tea. The mysterious and beautiful appraiser said that his eyes became more and more excited later.
When Tianyang drinks the third cup of tea, Yan Yu will box the mechanical parts in the box and fasten the box by itself, and then enter the password again before playing.
Yan Yu closed her eyes for a moment before mumbling, "This is the first time I have seen a set of level 5 media materials. It’s a rare experience."
She took a deep breath before she recovered. She said to Tianyang from her appearance, "I have identified the guests. It is indeed a set of 5-level media materials. It is rare that their quality is still quite high."
Tianyang puts a teacup. "So what’s your price?"
Yanyu apologetically said, "I’m responsible for the appraisal of goods and materials in terms of price …"
There was a door at the back, and a fat man tried to squeeze in from behind the door. He was round but tall and walked like a mountain of meat.
His shiny face was covered with two words on his lips, and Hu seemed to be still stained with some kind of food residue, which made Tianyang feel a little uncomfortable in his stomach.
Fat haha laughed and stretched out a futon-like hand. "Hello, hello, I am the shadow boss Luo Peng."
Tianyang was very surprised that the original shadow boss should be one of those mysterious, tall, thin and low-pitched figures, but he turned out to be as fat as a good businessman.
The teenager stood up and nodded and shook hands with Luo Peng at the end. "So boss Luo’s pricing should be your decision?"