It’s not that Sun Hao doesn’t want to, but that Zhenyuan is occupied and can’t be fully driven.

Of course, there are many real Yuan Dan in hand now.
Can take really yuan Dan broke out a try to expand the scope of defense.
Sun Hao’s perception that the little blood eagle condensed by the bloody moonlight is very secretive. Once we break through the defense and rush into the fleet, even the Three Gods will suffer a lot.
The blood eagle is composed of bloody light energy, which can not only corrode ships to form a true mask, but also break through the monk’s miasma layer, which may directly melt the monk.
Now that you have joined the fleet, Sun Hao’s ability will not hide private interests.
Instant is almost unthinking Sun Hao’s hands each took out a handful of true Yuan Dan and swallowed it into his stomach.
True Yuan Dan poured into Sun Hao Dantian crazily in a very short time. Although Sumeru Tower still absorbs the true Yuan unceremoniously, Sun Hao finally got enough true Yuan in an instant.
Drink Qing Di Mudan Stone Fetus Changsheng Zhenyuan and Yanlong Jiudui Zhenyuan in your mouth and import them into Fengyun continuously.
Fengyun was suddenly green and bright.
The sail soared in the wind, and the virtual shadow of the tall wall quickly extended to all directions 3.
At this moment, Sun Hao has no idea in his heart.
I want to try my best to resist more blood eagles.
The little blood eagle swoops in.
Keep hitting the wall and make a series of puffs.
Sun Hao moved the monks to see the eyes and also felt a little admiration in their hearts.
Sun Haosun agarwood is not very strong, but its responsibility is very strong. Actually, once again, Zhenyuan Dan broke out forcibly, and Shenzhou Wei could resist the blood eagle for the fleet.
No matter the effect, such as Sun Hao, Sun Chen Xiang, it is admirable to have a heart.
Not all monks can act like aloes, regardless of the poison of Zhenyuan Dandan.
Thousands of little blood eagles hit the sail wall
The sail wall was crumbling and barely supported.
However, when only half a column of incense was supported, the little blood eagle had not completely disappeared. Before Sun Haoti’s sumeru condensate tower had been greatly sucked, and Sun Haozhen’s yuan was sucked down by 50% again.
Look at how little blood eagle Sun Hao has left. He no longer insists on god’s knowledge. The sail shrinks and the sail wall shrinks rapidly.
Almost in a moment, the sail wall was reduced to the size of the Bahai Shenzhou array to defend against the small blood eagle that still impacted the Bahai Shenzhou array.
And his position, the ship is finally facing the attack, and there are not many little blood eagles.
Friar Sanshen had expected and prepared for this situation.
It can be said that Sun Hao shows that Sun Hao can intercept most of the little blood eagles, although it is very reluctant, but the reality has exceeded their expectations.
One-eyed Hao three big roar a way "war …"
The Godsworn Three Gods started to move together, and many ships launched their own small blood eagle with weak physical strength.
Sun Hao, a thousand blood eagles, blocked seventeen, but still counted many. Except for some little blood eagles who besieged the Shenzhou array in the sea, every seagoing ship was attacked by seven little blood eagles.
The sea is full of blood and light.
A melee exhibition
Chapter six hundred and seventy-two Pagoda on the first floor
The flying eagle of Gujiao Xionghai array entered the battlefield and spilled blood on the deck.
The blood moon fierce eagle launched wave after wave attacks on the ship array of the Three Gods.
The Three Gods Fengyun took turns to attack and lead the fleet to repel waves of fierce eagles.
Fighting all night in the bitter blood.
One night, the bloody fleet fell, and the monks were not reduced by thirty, which exceeded the first night.
Friar Sanshen got to know Fengyun again and Sun Haosun agarwood again in a bloody battle overnight.
Overnight, Bahai Shenzhou became the strongest barrier of the fleet.
Goddess shield, Poseidon halberd, and defense against a small blood eagle are not effective. There is a sea where Shenzhou can hold most of the small blood eagle before shrinking back because of the lack of repair by the agarwood real person.
In one night, the real agarwood swallowed Zhenyuan Dan many times and forced to ascend, which inspired Bahai Shenzhou to be grateful to the monks of the Three Gods.
Anyway, let’s not talk about the efforts of agarwood. Everyone saw it.
If it weren’t for Chen Xiang’s hard work, if it weren’t for Ba Hai Shenzhou’s reluctance to carry most of the blood eagle three gods fleet, Sun Hao would definitely double.