"Shout, just let everyone comment and see your ugly face." Rui Danni is not afraid of being louder than Yimo.

"Ugly with me? I’m afraid you are disgraced, too? " Yimo sat up a little and continued with a little sarcasm. "Don’t, I don’t know about your dirty business."
"How am I dirty?" Rui Danni has always been sensitive to pulling Yimo’s hair.
Yimo waited because she couldn’t resist her impulse. Instead of struggling, she tore off a strand of her hair in a panic and scratched her face.
Then she began to panic and shout, but the more so, the more angry Rui Danni became and didn’t stop.
By the time the medical staff heard the shouting and rushed in, Yimo was already in a state of panic. Everyone saw that Rui Danni had ravaged Yimo according to his bed.
And Yimo root didn’t have the ability to fight back. Her hair was in a mess and her face was scratched with blood, and Rui Danni kept on talking to her.
At that time, Rui Danni was really a little crazy. She didn’t know what she was, so she touched the tight string. Maybe she was wronged for too long, and then she let it out and controlled it.
When Bai Yinting came over, Yimo looked at the ceiling with glassy eyes, and no one was allowed to approach her. She seemed to have completely lost confidence and hope in life.
Rui Danni is on the other side. Someone called the police and is waiting for the police to come and deal with it.
Rui Danni doesn’t seem to be afraid of this. She is looking forward to the police, but she can get involved in her money. She can’t just hit Shui Piao.
Bai Yin court saw her spirit not dozen 1 come a will RuiDanNi to pull aside "RuiDanNi what are you doing in the hospital? Do you have to watch her die before you are happy? "
"Brother, you were cheated by her. She was a big cheat." Rui Danni sighed and rolled her eyes and said, "Forget it. I don’t want to tell you this. I came here today to ask her for money. My 500 thousand stole money from my father’s safe. If it is found, I can’t explain it clearly."
"Someone called the police, do you know?" Bai yinting feels that Rui danni’s IQ is simply
"I know, I just asked the police comrades to help me ask for money." Rui Danni was also confident.
"What are you doing with that money? Are you crazy to let the police comrades ask for money for you? " Bai yinting cold snorted.
Rui Danni blinked for a long time and suddenly opened her mouth. God, why didn’t she think of that?
But at this moment, the police have arrived. Rui Danni looked at the coming police comrades and cast a distress look at Bai Yinting.
Bai yinting is a face of indifference. since you can get into trouble so much, find a way to save yourself.
Rui Danni was quickly taken away for questioning, and Bai Yinting also made a simple explanation of Yimo’s current situation.
Then when he went back to the ward again, he watched nurse Yimo in the ward before leaving. He quietly guarded Yimo.
Her hair is still messy, and there are two blood stains from fingernails. A strand of hair falls on her chest and is shocking to see.
Her face is even paler, but there are no tears, but she no longer reflects her sadness and loneliness.
"Yimo, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect this to happen." Bai Yinting approached cautiously.
Yimo didn’t speak, but her eyes looked at Bai Yinting. From her eyes, Bai Yinting seemed to understand her heart and her desire for death.
It’s good to be alive, but for a person caught in the abyss of despair, it’s the hardest and most painful thing to be alive and doubt, and death is the relief.
"I have arranged bodyguards at the door of the ward, and no one will bother you again." Bai Yinting hopes to give her a sense of security.
Yimo had a little activity for a while, and Bai Yinting hurried over to help her half lie up. Then she arranged a strand of hair and conveniently took it off.
"Xiaobai, I don’t want to be difficult for you. Leave me alone and give up on me. I am a bad woman and don’t deserve pity." Yimo looked down at the back of his hand and a drop of clear tears fell on the back of his hand.
Bai yinting doesn’t know what to comfort, and she doesn’t know what to put her in.
"Small white I’m sorry I did a lot of wrong things to harm you and Xia Zhu divorced our children didn’t keep now how not bashful let you take care of me? I really have no confidence in the future. I don’t know where I can go or what I can do. You may understand my pain. "Yimo murmured.
"I understand your pain, but it will always get better." Bai Yinting said to give up. He really hated and complained about Yimo, but after all, he loved them and had a child. How could he have the heart to let her die?
"I’m really tired. My heart is scarred. I really don’t know what to do except die." Yimo suddenly burst into tears out of control.
"Don’t cry and don’t think too much about the future. I’ll arrange it for you, okay?" Bai yinting made a promise.
Yimo held Bai Yin’s neck and began to cry, but her heart didn’t hurt. That’s what she wanted. She wanted this man to pay the bill in the future.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-nine Looking forward to her return
On the day of Yimo’s discharge from the hospital, Bai Yinting didn’t send her to the former Bai Hong. Of course, she didn’t take her home before she prepared the villa, which was also sent.
But this time, Yimo is more like a canary, and Bai Yinting has given her the best shelter, someone to take care of her diet and daily life, and a full-time driver bodyguard.
All this, of course, can make her feel safe, but Bai Yinting also made a request to her. Are they two people or two different individuals? Yimo can’t go to her company to make comments to the outside world.
They don’t have love. What Bai Yinting did to her was to compensate her for his guilt.
Yimo came to the new environment. The surface is light as water and solid, but he is very happy. It is really a paradise here.
The whole villa is European-style, and she is the owner here. Everyone has to listen to her. There is an outdoor swimming pool and a nice garden.
Although summer is almost over, the flowers in the garden are still bright, and the scenery in her bedroom is pleasing to the eye at first glance.
Yimo turned the red wine glass in her hand. She likes drinking red wine so much, especially this expensive red wine, which smells like money every time she drinks it.
Inadvertently seeing the wrist scar, Yimo’s eyes began to blur, and all the efforts were worth it
Even if Bai yinting is not here? She has everything she wants, the most expensive villas, the most luxurious cars and expensive red wine, she told the servants.
Perfect. Perfect.
However, this is not her ultimate goal. After all, after a long time, no one knows whether Bai Yinting will change her mind. She has long-term security and she will continue to work hard.
Sooner or later, she will become a Bai Yin court matchmaker. It’s no hurry to marry a woman.
After Bai Yinting settled Yimo, he also calculated that he seldom went to see her and seldom called her, as if they were completely ruined after making these material compensations.
Bai Hong is very dissatisfied with his practice. He always feels that Bai Yinting has left himself a future trouble. That woman should be completely disposed of and can’t stay with him.
But Bai Yinting really can’t be cruel. If Yimo really committed suicide, he would feel guilty for a generation.
After so long, he still hasn’t heard from Xia Zhu, which makes him feel that hope is getting more and more slim.
I never stopped looking, but I never made progress.
Bai Chengyu’s music classroom is not done either. Despite everyone’s opposition, he participated in a talent show variety show and wanted to enter the entertainment circle.
Bai Hong began to confront him again because of this matter, and their grandparents and grandchildren were destined to get along, and they went to war again in a few days.
This time, Bai Chengyu is still very stubborn. He believes that if he works hard, he will always break out of his own world.
On the day he left by plane, Bai Yin went to see him off. He deliberately didn’t let him see himself silently watching Bai Chengyu enter the airport. He suddenly felt that Bai Chengyu really didn’t need human wings to protect him when he grew up.
A few days later, Bai yinting, Lin Hao and Chu Fei sent Huang yubo away together, which seemed to be more deserted.
The three of them drank a lot in the bar together that night.
Recalling the past years together, everyone has different sighs. Chu Fei sighs that fate is unfair, and the woman who belongs to him hasn’t appeared yet, while Lin Hao thinks that God must be jealous of too many women around him to make him incomplete.
Bai yinting said nothing, but his heart was the most bitter. He had everything, but now he has lost it.
Nothing can fill his heart except spirits.
"Eldest brother, do you want to continue looking for sister-in-law?" Chufei squinted and asked Bai Yinting that he was drunk.
"Of course, if you don’t find it, you will always look for it." Bai Yinting won’t give up
"Eldest brother, besides her, there are still many special good special good …" Lin Hao tried to persuade him to give up again.
As a result, Bai Yinting kicked the past before he became angry. "Are all of you as heartless as you?"
"How can I be ungrateful?" Lin Hao is not angry.
"Have you failed women less?" Chufei sat up and fell headlong again.
Lin Hao pushed him happy and somehow seemed to be stung by him.
A person becomes numb when he owes too much love debt. Whatever, it’s just a passing cloud.
Looking at Lin Hao and ChuFei, you talked with him and pushed him around.
Now he should be a little sober and don’t want to continue to pull with them.
Walking out of Bao Baiyinting, he unconsciously came to the room where he first met Xia Zhu, and now this room has become his exclusive room.
Everything in it is exactly the same as before and will not be rented to anyone again.
Bai Yinting still clearly remembers the first scene when he saw Xia Zhu. Her pale face blinked with a pair of clear eyes, and her cold hands clung to his neck and whispered "Help me" in his ear.