Roaring far away, the dark clouds are thick as ink and frantic, and the whirling covers the pressure side, covering half of the sky as if it were extinct.

But even so, the robbery cloud is still accumulating and Tianwei is growing!
Looking at the nine-day closed snow valley peaks, all the demons turned pale.
"That … what is that JieYun? There is purple light …! "
"Is it that Luoyu … crossed the nine days?"
"Can’t you? Does he have a perfect world? At most 49 … "
"But … this day there is a purple dye out of the blue! And … and the momentum is so amazing, which is comparable to the thunder robbery in 1949? "
Obviously, the magic repair has also heard of Xuanxiu Du Jie. At the moment, seeing this Jieyun is so strange, they are all a little confused.
They naturally know that the’ pledge’ person in the snow valley is Luo Yu, but even if Luo Yu is strong, it is not enough to survive!
But in front of me, the clouds are blue and purple. How can this be comparable to the ordinary thunder robbery?
Seeing that a young monk was shocked and suspicious, he said, "That Luo Yu can’t be provoked. Why don’t you tell the Saint’s Temple?"
A long time ago, I was stunned by the smell of magic repair!
He was violent and rebuked, "Tell me what?"
Then he pointed to the snow valley. "Open your dog’s eyes and take a closer look. Did Luo Yu ever escape from the snow valley?"
The young monk looked fearfully at the snowy valley, and said, "No … No!"
Older magic repair lift then kicked him a scold a way "he los feather Du Jie do you a fart matter? Want you to tell Baba? You can’t see such a big battle in the temple of the virgin around the mountain city? Idiot ~ get out of here! "
Huanshancheng Fushan Jingdian
Nowadays, the mountain city around the ring has been renovated because of the arrival of Jia Nansheng. Temple guards and night guards can be seen everywhere outside the city.
At the moment, a huge Fushan Crystal Hall is sitting in the middle of a wide terrace with a graceful girl dressed in Xuan Zi Xia in Jingshi Yu structure.
Her chardonnay swallowtail spreads like a lotus blossom on the ground. Behind her, Zi Xia’s flying silk gauze floats like a dream. The veil is as beautiful as a fairy, and a pair of dew-exposed eyes are as beautiful as a star in Leng Yan.
She is the virgin Jia man of Mo Ling clan.
At the moment, she is overlooking a vast expanse of sky in the northwest, and the clouds are faintly visible, turning like a huge storm vortex, and the blue and purple light is always dark!
She gazed at the distant place, whispering like a whisper, like a natural sound. "… I never thought that you had ushered in the four or nine days, which was really fast …"
Yoga men who have entered the five-element cave naturally know that Luoyu will never sit in the snow valley and wait for it to enter the five-element cave and practice hard.
But ….. She didn’t expect that the speed of Luo Yu’s cultivation would be as fast as just three o’clock, and then she crossed the 49 Leijie directly from the fourth floor of Hechi to now!
I’m afraid the speed of terror has never been heard before.
I really don’t know what he will be like after ten appointments.
Looking out at the purple light looming in the robbery cloud, listening to the thunder, there are some contradictions in the man’s heart.
Although she doesn’t want the rapid rise of Luoyu realm to become a hidden danger; More don’t want to feather this unusually powerful LeiJie life-threatening.
Have to lock the autumn eyebrow muttered to herself.
"Well …"
The snow valley thundered and thundered!
Forget the hundreds of people watching by the river.
However, I saw nine days of overcast clouds, such as a huge millstone. At the center of the storm eye, a ten-foot-wide blue thunder has flowed, purple and dizzy, and it has fallen into the peaks and peaks!
For a moment, the earth shook and the earth trembled. From a distance, it was like a screen, and the snow peak burst into an avalanche thousands of miles away, showing a huge cloud ring that covered the sky and exploded!
Psst ~
They have been scared by this terrible power and took a gasp!
And even the ice sheet in front of their eyes is cracked by the thunder and sonic boom!
Obviously, this first thunderbolt is far beyond the ordinary 49 thunderbolt, and its power is simply overwhelming, and it can be broken like mountains and rivers.
At that time, the world was silent, and only the robbery cloud was still rolling and turning.
Everyone knows that the cloud has not dispersed, which means that Du Jie has not fallen!
Can such a powerful thunder force that Luo Yu is as hard as resistance? It’s incredible!
At the moment, before they think much about Snow Valley, they have started to laugh wildly.