I almost fainted in Li Chengzhu. Aren’t these guys so cute?

"If I know who he is, I always have to punch his head in the ass!" Li Chengzhu was indignant.
Position an exposed sneak attack troops suddenly got into trouble and felt thick spiritual pressure coming toward this side quickly. Gu Linglong decided, "Come on! Come with me! "
As soon as the words are finished, lead the people away from that group of stupid positions.
Although breaking away from the big army makes the danger more exaggerated, breaking up and then establishing a small army can better reflect the maneuverability in sneak attack.
Covering the edge of angel position with Gu Linglong’s team by the red dust storm.
In a few minutes, I met more than a dozen lonely angels. These two-winged angels were divided by flying swords without even leaving a face to face.
The emergency makes people have no time to stop digging for the crystallization of angels’ body and mind.
That’s cheap. Li Chengzhu and Li Chengzhu left on purpose and finally quietly released the little thing for it to dig.
The speed at which a little thing digs for treasure is not the same as when Gai first saw it, he got into it for a while and put the Leixian beast in it for a few seconds, then dug up its fairy core.
It’s the same this time. Let it go out, dig out the crystal of God in an instant, put it in your mouth, hide it in the ring, and then fly back and hide in the backpack behind Li Chengzhu.
Although a two-winged angel crystal is only a stone, it’s all money, and if you save 30 yuan, you won’t have to fight.
Li Chengzhu Xiaoying and Gu Linglong are planning to.
You can’t stay in this dangerous battlefield for long. No matter how high you study, there is always someone who is superior to you. Li Chengzhu can find a way to make up the crystal of God in exchange for Xiaoying and exquisite freedom.
Although I don’t know how many gods Gu Linglong needs to quit the war, if 100 yuan is not enough, save 500 yuan. If 500 yuan is not enough, save 1,000 yuan. There will always be a day.
Li Chengzhu fantasized about traveling to the celestial scene with ancient exquisite and small sized pictures.
Chapter 13 Jumping out of a Six Wings
When Gu Linglong killed more than a dozen two-winged angels in a row, it was finally discovered that this team had a group of hundreds of angels flapping their wings and rushed out of the camp, aiming at Gu Linglong and others.
"Let’s go!" Gu Linglong remotely controlled his Xianjian to stop the group of angels from moving forward, and his mouth was charming and shouted.
"My Lord!" Everyone took a step forward and did not continue to talk, but they expressed their position.
A bunch of wooden sticks! Li Chengzhu thought to himself: Who is the turn of these two-winged angels to be angry about the strength of ancient and exquisite immortals? Let them all go to hell by chopping with flying swords. These idiots haven’t taken the opportunity to escape, and they have leisure.
Sure enough, Gu Linglong saw that everyone’s eyes were no longer talking, and the tactic became faster and faster. A fairy sword was like a butcher’s knife, which made those angels upset.
When everyone saw that the Lord’s adult was so brave, they were not to be outdone, and the magic weapon flying sword was also offered in succession and rushed into the group of angels who had already been confused.
Li Chengzhu sighed, so he couldn’t be alone, so he released his flying sword bought from the owner of the weapons store. He hasn’t practiced Li Chengzhu since he bought it, and his fusion degree is extremely low. At this time, he can also be released.
Sure enough, this flying sword rushing into the group of angels can give some harassment to those angels who have already been out of control, and even a scar can’t be left.
The autumn wind coldly squinted at Li Chengzhu, and at the same time, he cut off a two-winged angel’s wing with a pinch of his hand and stabbed the injured angel at a tricky angle.
In the face of his flying sword and the autumn wind provocation, Li Chengzhu was so angry that he wanted to criticize the mother and spit hard at the ground, which showed his disdain. He really wanted to put out the bow of God and give it a good prestige
In a blink of an eye, a few hundred angels are missing, and most of them are killed. The names of the ancient and exquisite swordsmen are not covered.
However, more and more fluctuations in spiritual pressure are waking people up. This place is definitely not a place to stay.
Yang hand rushed several deadly angels, and Gu Linglong shouted bitterly, "Go!" Then take the lead and fly out.
Killing didn’t make Gu Linglong ferocious, but made her look richer, a weak and charming wind.
Li Chengzhu looked at an angel’s body and swallowed saliva and flew out behind them.
Him? It’s all money! Boss Li drops blood in his heart.
The battle just now seemed to be quite long and half-scented, and it was halfway to the deadline for retreat.
At this time, the scene is ancient and exquisite, and I’m not going to go back to sneak attack. I want to take all the people back to the gathering place of cultivating immortals as soon as possible.
Anyway, that battle has killed many angels just now.
I’m afraid those immortals who are trapped in the enemy lines are capable even if they go back now.
Not far away, an explosion woke Gu Linglong, and the situation there was fierce.