But this is too difficult to achieve.

"Not bad"
The black-robed man said faintly, "There are all kinds of unfairness in the world, and all beings are born unequal, but … the three thousand world should be fairer and all beings should be equal."
"What are you going to do?"
Wu Daozun frowned and asked
A cold light flashed through the eyes of the black-robed man. "Whether you were born rich or poor, whether you were ugly or beautiful, whether you were smart or stupid, whether you were a ephemera or a saint … born to die!"
"Only death is the greatest fairness and final equality!"
Wu Daozun was shocked!
He finally realized what the black man was going to do.
He finally came here for nothing. What is the method of solving the robbery of all beings mentioned by the black-robed people?
Destroy the saints!
Since the amount of robbery of all living beings is rooted in the imbalance of cosmic forces caused by the immortality of saints, then the Ministry of saints will be wiped out!
Sages are powerful and look down on all beings, but they should be as born to die as ephemera!
The black-robed man coldly said, "All living beings of all ethnic groups have to go through death and escape into reincarnation."
"Doing good deeds into three ways is the way of heaven, humanity and Asura; It’s a ghost way for the wicked to enter the three roads, and a beast way to hell! A saint can’t be a saint, but he has to go through three cycles of suffering! "
"People are unpredictable, but look up three feet. God is The six great divisions in the wheel of karma! God reflects who dares to be evil! "
Chapter three thousand three hundred and fifty Reincarnation
How ambitious!
What boldness of vision!
If the black man wishes, there is indeed a kind of fairness in this world, that is, death
It can also achieve an equality. All living things have to die and enter reincarnation.
No matter whether you are rich or powerful before your death, even if you have 3,000 Wan Li Jiangshan harem, or if you are a saint overlooking the world, you will eventually experience death and endure reincarnation!
There is nothing in front of death, rich or poor, high or low, and all beings are the same.
Of course, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma can’t break the peerless evil, but when someone is evil, he always has some scruples to restrain himself.
Actually, the evil Lord thinks the same thing as the black man.
The evil Lord hates evil. She is in charge of the animal way to punish evil.
And The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the black-robed man, went further and added three ways, namely, Heaven, Humanism and Asura, to let those who accumulate virtue and do good have a good home.
Although there is no direct inquiry, the identity of the black man in front of him has already had an answer in his heart.
Wu Daozun was silent for a moment and asked, "So the demon Lord, the evil Lord, Brahma Gui Mu and the hell Lord all obey you?"
"Do you take orders?"
The black man said simply, "But we all have the same demon Lord, Gui Mu and hell. I did give them something to the evil Lord …"
After a pause, the black-robed man said, "The holy king of life had two brothers before his death, one of whom was the evil Lord and you knew the other."
Wu Daozun pondered a little, and suddenly a flash of light flashed in his mind and blurted out, "Gu Yao Saint!"
When the ancient Yao sage met him, he once said that there were two pieces given to her by one person, one for each evil one.
Now it seems that this person is the holy king of life!
"Not bad"
The black man nodded and said, "Xuanzang is the first Terran woman she created and has a very special feeling for Xuanzang."
"And Gu Yao was made by Xuanzang, who begged her not to refuse Gu Yao’s brother."