Zhang Yihu should come out, followed by seven people.

Zhang Yihu asked, "What are you yelling about? What happened?"
Jiang Baili was so anxious that he stamped his feet and handed over the local newspaper folder. "Commander, something happened to the president!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty-seven Just one move!
Jiang Baili got a fright at Zhang Yihu in a word and immediately disdained, "What’s the fuss about? Now all the armies of China and Japan in Taiwan Province are in the southern corner. Where are the soldiers in other places? Even if there are, it’s just a small group of 30 or 50 people who can stand a pull in Cang Lang …"
Zhang Yihu just said here, his eyes stopped, and the newspaper stopped. Forty miles away, the president was attacked, and the Japanese troops were no less than 6,000. There is still an urgent need to continue to send more troops to the presidential crisis.
Zhang Yihu jumped up as soon as he did. Damn it, when did the Japanese army go around behind us and surrounded the instructors? If something happened to the instructors themselves, Lao Ba and Huai Jin’s eldest brother would definitely skin themselves alive, but they were afraid that they would have been dead for many days before they skinned themselves. How dare he go on living?
Zhang Yihu was really anxious and shouted, "Chen Hai Chen Hai immediately marched to the northeast of Laojie Central Guard Corps and Tank Corps for emergency rescue. The President ordered the first division to immediately send troops to meet!"
Everyone in the field panicked, Zhang Yi, but if this god collapses, they will lose their meaning!
Chen Hai immediately rushed toward the outside and shouted as he ran, "Staff immediately made the Central Guard Tank Regiment immediately March toward the northeast! Quick! "
Others have also started to act.
It was the gun that rang before others walked out of the headquarters.
Got the east village is anxious to see Shangwen beat the Chinese revolutionary army to launch the fiercest offensive into Taiwan. Five divisions’ military units invested in the war, and hundreds of cannons fired shells all over the sky and descended on the Chinese revolutionary army position.
At this time, the Japanese army of the Chinese Revolutionary Army has been in a confrontation, and no one dares to have the slightest effect that the Chinese Revolutionary Army is ready to immediately pick up the pieces and fight back. But at this time, Zhang Yihu and Jiang Baili have completely lost their minds. That’s thousands of Japanese troops besieging Zhang Yihui and 100 people!
Who knows how long Zhang Yi’s accompanying troops can withstand? You know, Cang Lang has been rushed back to the Northeast to pay the war!
In Chen Hai, I dare not stay in person. The tank should open the way and rush toward the northeast.
Forty miles, even if the Central Guard Corps of the Tank Regiment marched, it would take nearly an hour!
On this side of the position, there is no tank regiment, the Central Guard Corps to help out the first division, and it is too difficult to prepare to go to the north to meet only two divisions against the five divisions of the Japanese army. The strength comparison has reached three to one!
One to three, even if the Chinese revolutionary army can fight again, it can’t hold back the number of people!
Jiang Baili watched himself anxiously and constantly wake up to calm himself down. When it comes to the safety of the president, you can’t expect a tiger commander to calm down. If he didn’t personally come out, it would be burning incense!
Jiang Baili asked Xu Shuzheng, "Do you know that the Japanese army is behind us when you stopped in Taiwan Province for a long time?"? You know, this is not a hundred people and a thousand people, but at least an army of six or seven thousand people. It is absolutely abnormal for us to notice that we ran behind us! "
Xu Shuzheng at this time is also worried to hear Jiang Baili’s question suddenly woke up. Yes, the Japanese army will never fly over! What’s wrong? Our detectives are very strict!
Suddenly, Xu Shuzheng gave a high-five and cried, "It’s a bad idea. Commander Chief of Staff, when I was fighting against Japan with Green Commander Taiwan Province several years ago, I found that there is a mountain road leading to Taichung in Alishan, Taiwan Province, which is almost two or three meters wide for soldiers. But later, after we left, we heard that Zhang Lin suggested that Master Shi block this road …"
Zhang Yihu’s teeth are creaking, and what a loss Zhang Lin, a bastard, has caused us! He won’t feel avenged if he is alive!
Jiang Baili sink a way: "In that case, I see that Shangwen must have discovered this mountain road and secretly sent his troops to the north. Since six or seven thousand people have been discovered, there must be at least two brigades of the other side and we haven’t found them!"
Zhang Yihu really put his heart into his throat this time. He secretly recited Buddha’s blessing. Instructors must be safe and well. If something goes wrong, he will be redeemed!
Jiang Baili said to Zhang Yihu, "Commander, we can’t die here now. The Japanese army is afraid that the intention is not only to attack us from behind, but more importantly, we should go straight to Keelung Port and Taipei to firmly control the two important towns in the north. Then our army will be passive!"
Zhang Yihu asked, "What do you suggest we do?"
"Withdraw troops immediately. Now that the Japanese army is in great strength, we will die and suffer heavy casualties. It is impossible to stop the Japanese offensive again. We must speed up our March and open the Japanese army!"
Xu Shuzheng replied, "But we are too close to the main force of the Japanese army. Once the Japanese army withdraws, it will be too big to chase us at any time! Even if we are fast and short, it is difficult to get rid of them. What’s worse, there are two Japanese brigades behind us! "
Jiang Baili replied, "If we can’t manage so much now, the strength of our existing two divisions can’t stop the Japanese attack. If we are afraid that we will be surrounded by others, it may be that the army will be annihilated. This is really not a good idea!"
Zhang Yihu gritted his teeth and said, "Order the infantry to evacuate the artillery regiment first, then the self-propelled artillery regiment finally. If the self-propelled artillery regiment can hold the Japanese army for a while, there will be no problem in withdrawing our main force!"
The main forces of the two divisions cried and took action. Three artillery regiments resisted the Japanese attack in front and almost all infantry began to evacuate under fire.
Seeing Shang Wen in the distance, he discovered the withdrawal trend of the Chinese revolutionary army, and snorted, "Order the two artillery regiments of the tenth division and the eleventh division to dash toward the two wings and aim at the infantry of the Chinese revolutionary army and give me a good beating. Now I think it’s not that easy to run, even if I want to run, I have to bite off two pieces of meat first!"
Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty Zhang Zhenhai physical death.
Seeing that Shang Wen is worthy of being a first-class role, he made a corresponding response like a flint. The two-wing artillery wing rushed forward and began to launch a fierce artillery attack on the retreating infantry.
Zhang Yihu didn’t expect the Japanese army to move so quickly that it was blown up by more than one hundred guns on both sides. In just half an hour, the casualties of the Chinese revolutionary army exceeded more than one thousand people!
Zhang Yihu was livid with anger. If the first division of the tank regiment hadn’t gone to meet the instructor, this time the old man would have taught a kid a hard lesson!
It’s a pity that it’s not the right time now. It’s obvious that the enemy is strong and we are weak. If we go on recklessly, we will suffer a big loss!
Zhang Yihu had to urge the army to speed up the March and evacuate to the north. Fortunately, with the help of the car, the army was soon out of the coverage of Japanese artillery fire, and the two artillery regiments behind it also began to evacuate quickly, leaving only the self-propelled artillery regiment to launch an attack on the Japanese army.
It is said that there are more than a dozen tanks and dozens of self-propelled artillery in this regiment, which makes the power of self-propelled artillery really not weak. Even in the face of two Japanese artillery regiments, they are bound to stay in the wind, but now they are facing it. However, five Japanese artillery regiments plus artillery brigades of various brigades have too many guns, so the self-propelled artillery regiments cannot face it alone!
After fighting independently for more than ten minutes, the self-propelled artillery regiment had to retreat urgently after paying the price of several tanks and more than a dozen guns!
The battle was really smooth and far away. Black Muzhen finally took a bite and saw Shangwen standing on the side, but his face was gloomy!
Heimuzhen asked, "What happened to the teacher? Aren’t you happy that we won a big game?"
Li Jian Shang Wen snorted and said, "Order the 10th and 11th divisions to March towards the north immediately. Don’t forget that we still have two brigades there. If we are surrounded by the Chinese revolutionary army, we will definitely be dumplings!"
Heimuzhen was so surprised that he was so happy that he forgot about it!
Li Jian Shang Wen went on to say, "Although we won a big victory today, the casualties of the Chinese revolutionary army were not serious. Only two or three thousand people were damaged, and some artillery pieces were destroyed by us. Their fighting power must not be careless; Send a telegram to Dongcun, end the battle when you are in a hurry, and then March to the north immediately. Leave the Chinese Revolutionary Army and go to Taipei to meet the Japanese army. If it is impossible … then it is only important to protect the strength! "
Heimuzhen nodded to personally send a message to Dongcun Zheng.
Now the war is getting more intense, and the Japanese heavy machine guns are taking turns to attack Zhang Yi and others. More than two hours have passed since the beginning of the battle, and the Japanese offensive has almost never stopped!
Now there are only more than twenty people left around Zhang Yi! I was killed. Even Zhang Zhenhai was injured in the forehead, and his arm was broken by shrapnel. He was still holding a piece of cloth and was completely soaked with blood. Obviously, he was shot!
Zhang yi’s face remains the same, personally directing the war!
Zhang Zhenhai gritted his teeth and said, "Why don’t the President let a few brothers evacuate with you first? I’ll lead his brothers here to protect you."
Zhang Yi shook his head and said, "Give me something. No one can take my life away from me! Don’t worry, Biqing, they have been hidden and will meet us at any time. If we insist on it for half an hour, we will be able to wait for our reinforcements! "