"Shallow water is his killer, but it can never be his card, DeRiLe. Your political wisdom is so naive that I’m surprised. No wonder it’s hard to be a horseman for so many years." Seeing men’s words is not angry. Since WeidRile immediately knelt down in front of men, he said, "DeRile is stupid, and please ask General Eagle to give directions."

At present, this young man is none other than the nephew of Grunt Shaku, the grassland empire, and the eagle general of Xiguo Great Empire, Qinzhuwang Shaku and Lun.
It is this Qin Zhuwang who once created a brilliant miracle of breaking into the enemy’s camp by riding alone. It is also that he once slaughtered four cities in one night. It is also that he defeated the Fengqiu allied forces twice, and it was this man who was sixteen years old and weak twenty years ago, setting a record of 21 days’ ambush at that time. He defeated the enemy grassland empire ten times as quickly as he did, and made great contributions to resisting the invasion of allied forces.
Qinzhuwang Shakulun is said to be the most qualified young generation of Shakulun family to succeed Gruntech as the pillar of the future empire. Junzhong Qinzhuwang ranked first in the 50,000 grassland fine riding and was awarded the title of Eagle Warrior by Chi Di himself.
Eagle is the only creature in grassland empire that can be juxtaposed with wolves. Most grassland tribes are almost eagles or wolf flag totems with different shapes and colors. Eagle warriors are recognized as senior generals in Xiguo Empire, and their status is equivalent to that of the first army leader Qin Zhuwang. The title of this flying eagle general is actually killed by the sword in his hand and the blood of the enemy. This cunning, gloomy, intelligent and extremely persevering man enjoys a great reputation in Xiguo Empire, and even his hostile countries have to sigh that he is a young hero. Now Qin Zhuwang is only 36 years old, which is the peak of the generals’ experience.
It is hard to imagine that this young leader of the Western Empire should suddenly appear in Heaven City at this sensitive moment, which is really intriguing.
But it’s not surprising that Qinzhu Wangwang was entrusted by Chi Di to visit Cangtian City in person, hoping to reach a military alliance with Tianfeng Empire.
Now the Tianfeng Empire is being jointly attacked by the two great powers in the mainland, and it has always been ready to move. How can the Westerners miss this good opportunity? While Grunt publicly announced his willingness to support Tianfeng Empire in the Great Patriotic War, Qinzhuwang simply took practical actions to tie Tianfeng people to his chariot and further catalyze the contradictions among countries around them.
However, Cang Yewang is not stupid. He knows too well what it means to form an alliance with the Western people.
The result of dancing with wolves means isolating yourself from the mainland group. Once so, it is very likely that you will be enemies everywhere. As a result, you will have to let Tianfeng take the charge of being a public enemy of the mainland. Only by supporting Cangye Wang in the name of a military alliance will you not sell yourself so cheaply. Therefore, you will be respectful and respectful to Qin Zhuwang for his "kindness".
At this moment, Qin Zhuwang slowly put away and raised his forehead. At this time, it can be seen that this is actually a very handsome man. His uncle is different from Qin Zhuwang’s forehead. His face is bright and clean, and his demeanor is quite gentle and elegant. The description of the brave warrior is very different
From the appearance, he didn’t inherit the deep aquiline nose and deep concave blue eyes in the Shakulun family. On the contrary, his shallow water was much clearer, and his imagination was so elegant and elegant.
"In the past few years, Yu Tianfeng Empire, we have heard that the name of this person is almost shallow water and clear, but it is open to the public. We don’t know much about him. Princess Feng Wan told me about shallow water and clear water after returning from the rainbow the other day. There has always been a mystery in my heart …"
De Rile looked at Qin Zhuwang in surprise. "General, what are your doubts?"
"Shallow water is now our secret ally, the allied forces of the two countries attacked the wind, but it can be said that this person pushed the order to expel Mande, so he angered St. Will and forced him to declare war. It is impossible to see what it means. In this case, why should Cang Yewang default to all this? There is also the Tianfeng Empire. Now that the war situation has become so critical, it is extremely tough to lend a helping hand to our country. Then why can he stand so firmly? "
De Rile bowed his head and thought for a while that "it is not white."
"Because Cangye Wang is sure to win the Coalition forces and can do it without shallow water!" Qin Zhu Wang is very sure
It’s impossible for Cang Yewang not to see the possibility of the joint forces of Saint-Mai after the expulsion of Mande by Shallow Water Qing. His default is because he also hopes that the two countries will jointly send troops to destroy the enemy forces in one fell swoop and then pacify the mainland to prepare for it. It is conceivable that if Saint-Will and Mecca are taken by him, the strength of the Tianfeng Empire will be afraid that even the Xifen people will retreat.
In this case, the plan of Xiguo people trying to form an alliance with others will be affected by major decisions, and naturally they will not take the blame for no reason.
"But now, the two legions of Yukikaze Yingyang on the northern line have been defeated by the Southern King, and it seems that the enemy will come to the city without relying on the shallow water to win this war?"
"That’s what we need to know. I’m sure that this time, Cang Yewang’s card doesn’t even know that Shallow Water Qing has gone. He must have made a war plan, but the shallow water Qing plan must tell Cang Yewang where the news is. Asymmetric Shallow Water Qing has already suffered a big loss first. After all, he is a minister Cang Yewang and an emperor …"
De Rile’s eyes lit up "General, what do you mean …"
"If Cang Yewang really has any cards to turn dry Kun upside down, then it will be bad luck, not only for the San Mai Coalition, but also for the emperor Shimizu, who is a famous veteran strategist in Tianfeng Empire. He can endure shallow water and can’t endure him for a while. The expansion of Tianfeng Empire has reached its limit. We can’t tolerate their arrogance. Otherwise, in the future, I will have to find out Cang Yewang’s cards and destroy them. Only in this way can Tianfeng Empire rely on us."
"General Ying asked the general to show us what to do next."
"I don’t know," Qin Zhuwang readily replied, but Qin Zhuwang smiled and said, "Because I don’t need to know that I have my own talents who know my own people best. If you want to find out what Cangyewang can rely on, you don’t need us to do something well. Prime Minister Wang Zan once said that it is far faster, more convenient and more efficient to find someone who is suitable for this matter than to do it yourself."
De Rile suddenly realized that "shallow water is clear?"
"You finally get the hang of it," Qin Zhuwang said with a smile. "It’s impossible for Asahiko not to know that Asahiko has a card, but he decided to send troops. Although we don’t know how he intends to fight, we can be sure that he must be trying to know what Asahiko is going to do. Asahiko has worked hard in Tianfeng Empire for years, and it must not be too difficult for him to find out what Asahiko’s card is. Sometimes all we have to do is give him a hand."
"But in this way, can’t the shallow water be cleared?"
"In any case, the shallow water clearing is our secret ally. Although this ally is somewhat half-hearted, there are still some benefits and values. The dam is the easiest to be destroyed from the department. It is indeed of great benefit to the future of our imperial war. There is no doubt that it is necessary to destroy the wild card and dare not put all the money into the shallow water to clear the body, so it is time for our Western Empire to formally send troops."
"Then how can we help him?"
"There are some things that can’t be done in shallow water. Let’s do it for him if he can’t do anything." Qinzhu Wangwei narrowed his eyes and tapped his fingers on the case. "Since I’m here, I want them to do one thing tonight, and I don’t want to see them come back alive."
Chapter 11 Natural disasters ()
The vast sea is a vast horizon, and a fleet is slowly sailing with huge sails. From a distance, it looks like a silver wavy line rising and falling on the sea.
This is a rare event in the history of mankind. A land-based country is trying to cross the vast sea and attack the enemy behind it, giving him a fatal blow.
This is not only a sea event, but also a significant new milestone in the history of war.
In order to defeat the heavenly wind people and completely curb this booming military force, the Mecca people can be said to have played a nursing role this time. The Mecca people only put in 600,000 troops at one time in the battlefield along the Evil Wave River, which is almost the sum of elite force that the Mecca people can get. They almost transferred all the defense forces around the country to leave the most basic troops and public security.
This practice has greatly increased the pressure on the Tianfeng Empire, and at the same time greatly weakened the national defense force of Mecca. The result of this military layout is that the Ministry is extremely virtual, and there is no strategic depth. Failure in the front line is equal to losing everything.
In this regard, we have to say that war is crazy to dare to play games. Ordinary people can’t bear the burden of it just by watching it.
In this case, once an army descended from the rear of Mecca and killed all the way, the harm to Mecca would be far beyond people’s imagination. The key to war is to strike hard at the weakest and most important part of the opponent. In this regard, it is clear that the shallow water is deeper than people, and it has done a better job.
At the moment, Shallow Water Clear is holding a clairvoyance in the bow of the "Broken Lu", followed by several ships of different sizes and shapes, nearly half of which are from the Gerisan Fast Boat. This fast boat is small in size but light and handy, and it can not only help Shallow Water Clear transport troops, but also be responsible for cruising and exploring the surrounding areas to ensure the safety of the fleet.
The ship "Po Lu" is a three-masted giant sail building ship. It used to be a water-stop royal ship in front of the ship. There are three ships carrying the whole water-stop. At present, it has the best sailing technology, strong sailing ability and maximum loading endurance, excellent wind and wave resistance and excellent sinking resistance. In those days, Yu Wenliu invested a lot of money to buy it from Ya Guo, intending to disassemble it and study it by himself. This kind of sailing ship manufacturing technology does not make Ya people unique in sailing technology. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that it can be understood how to make it even if the whole ship is split into boards without technical support
The construction of seagoing ships is a huge knowledge, which requires not only the manufacturing technology, but also a large number of experienced technicians to understand the navigation knowledge for a long time and invest enough money to explore it for a long time.
"The front is the storm gorge. After the storm gorge, even if we go into the storm sea and go forward for six days at most, we can reach the sea behind Mecca. Mecca people never dreamed that there would be a fleet of ships arriving from their rear. Hey hey, this time they will suffer a lot." Chu Ying said that the young Yingjie also had expectations for the upcoming battle.
Judging from the geographical situation map of the whole country, the shallow water and clear water choose the landing point. In the map position, Kowloon Beach is located at the concave corner of a protruding sea area. On the left and right sides, there are two estuaries, namely, the Lancang River estuary and the Evil Wave River estuary. A graceful arc-shaped sea area protrudes into the stormy sea area, which looks like a hip-shaped, plump and big-ass Kowloon Beach line is deeply concave to form a deep ditch. It looks more attractive than the amorous feelings of Mecca. Therefore, the choice of this landing site by Shallow Water Ching looks like a typical sodomy. The meeting of Shallow Water Ching said in a spoof way that "the next action is to explode the chrysanthemum of Mecca people" so that all the people present would not clap their hands and laugh. They all called the word chrysanthemum a classic general. It is better to name this beach landing battle "Chrysanthemum Explosion Action"