Zhou Yanshang didn’t respond when he came. He felt that the whole person fell back to consciousness and fell into a nightmare with his body falling.

Looking at Zhou Yan’s demon who collapsed to the ground but didn’t pursue him, he smiled in front of the mirror, clutching his black blood wound. "I didn’t expect you to be imprisoned here."
The devil hooked his finger at the mirror and the clothes covered in the mirror slowly slipped down.
Byakki Smoker appeared in front of the devil. He still had Zhou Yan’s face, but his eyes became as scarlet as Lilith’s.
"Tut tut this is once famous hell three kings and one? How is it sealed here? " The devil looks flustered, but he is still in the mood to make fun of Byakki Smoker. "If the other two people know your current situation, I’m afraid they can’t care about those winged animals. They will come directly here and take your life."
Byakki Smoker was not provoked by the devil’s words at all. He squinted and said, "There is no difference. Your Lord is hiding in the gutter like a mouse, and I am the same in the mirror. Maybe I have more freedom."
The devil covered his face and looked at the mirror gloomily.
Mephistopheles Byakki Smoker smiled and said, "I know you, your name is Lilith, and you were your master’s most loyal dog when you were in hell."
"But it seems that no matter how hard you try, your master can’t stand you, but instead you are sent to do the most tiring and hard work."
Byakki Smoker leaned forward and put on a look at the wound carefully, then shook his head and sighed, "It’s a failure for you to be played by such a poor exorcist, Lilith."
The demon Lilith’s breathing rate changed, and the scarlet eyeball became brighter. The demon revealed a sarcastic smile and said, "It really is the god who masters people’s hearts and dreams."
Byakki Smoker said modestly, "I’m telling the truth."
The demon looked at Zhou Yan with disgust and said, "mephistopheles, I know you must have some requirements when you help. Let’s say we demons are the most contract-oriented race."
Mephistopheles pointed his finger lightly at himself and watched Zhou Yan’s eyes gradually become greedy. "It’s not difficult for me to want this body, is it?"
The devil sneered and said, "He has that thing to protect him, so how can you come to him?"
Mephistopheles licked his mouth and said, "You and your Lord can do things from me. This place is still sealed with an evil spirit. At the beginning, you tried to draw souls, but it didn’t seem to succeed."
The demon red eye kept circling around Zhou Yan and mephistopheles and suddenly thought of an extremely vicious plan, saying, "Of course, that’s the soul we want to be greedy, but that soul is not in charge."
Mephistopheles smiled and put his hands together gracefully. He looked at the demon and couldn’t suppress his excitement. He said, "Kill two birds with one stone plan. You should be able to remember those fresh souls to sacrifice the fallen evil spirit to surrender."
"Let me think again."
Lilith did not immediately agree to mephistopheles’s condition. He hobbled out of the door and left it with mephistopheles’s meaningful eyes.
Walking in the corridor alone, the demon hummed an unfamiliar melody, and his face was destroyed by holy water, and his skin came back to life.
The devil has changed back to Lilith’s appearance. The condition that mephistopheles didn’t promise was that she had to sacrifice a sinful soul tonight. Today is the last day.
Trying to make that mortal fall into lust, but now Connor can be the target
To tell the truth, Lilith still has some regrets. After all, she still likes this handsome young man a little.
She went back to her own room with Connor and closed the door almost openly.
"honey, where have you been?" Connor absently opened his eyes, rubbed them and looked at his beautiful wife.
"Connor" Lilith put the kerosene lamp on the bedside and slowly climbed Connor’s forearm. She stroked that handsome face and said, "Connor, I don’t want you to cheat me."
"honey, what’s wrong with you?" Connor cocked his head and put his hand over Lilith’s soft hand. Koo’s blue eyes blinked and said, "I have always been very loyal to you. I have nothing to hide from you."
Lilith smiled sweetly as if she couldn’t restrain her joy. As usual, she hugged her husband’s two white arms and caressed his back at the butterfly bone. She put her face on his shoulder and put it against his ear and said, "Loyalty is really beautiful."
Conor seems to be a little sensitive when she touches here. He consciously shakes his body and wants to get rid of Lilith’s bondage, but he can’t bear to brush away her good nose and smell a charming aroma.
Hearing Connor’s heart beating faster and faster, Lilith couldn’t hide her desire any longer. Her green eyes were scarlet and she still said, "No, you lied to me."
"Connor, your name is not Connor. Your real identity is an angel. You came here to hunt us. You are an angel who stinks all over, right?"
Immersed in an extreme illusion, Connor or an angel can’t hear Lilith’s words. His face is full of struggle and pain, and his skin is constantly rising at his back, as if something is coming out.
Lilith said as if in a lover’s whisper, "After all, I had a baby with you when I came to stay with you for a while, but today that baby is really difficult."
"The future should belong to him. Now I can rely on you."
"You like me so much that I’d rather abandon my angel status. I used to be arrogant, as if you were willing to be a vulgar and humble mortal with me."
"It’s a pity that I’m here to seduce you and my angel."
Lilith’s face suddenly became ferocious. She showed Mori’s white fangs. Her hands stretched out sharp nails and ruthlessly pierced the angel’s back, tearing his wings apart.
The white leisure wings turned into rich ink in a split second, and a few feathers rustled and stained the earthly land, and suddenly turned into dirty stinking asphalt.
Green refers to the sticky asphalt. Lilith is very addicted to this luxury, tearing angel wings again and again with a bad taste that is almost abusive
"Lilith! Lilith! "