Some evil spirits with axe are scattered in the wilderness at the same time. These evil spirits are more than three meters tall and stand out in the wilderness.

The cavalry in the wilderness fled the fastest, and those who cut off their horses gave up all their burdens and galloped wildly in the hills covered with weeds. Even these tall and strong evil spirits could catch up with them.
Little duck wanted to go to the caravan site to see the businessman Larkin. A group of evil spirits ran out from the forest road and surrounded the forest farm camp and the caravan site. Some evil spirits had rushed into the thick smoke to collect the materials left there before he dismissed the idea. Running at this time is to die.
Looking at a bag of soldiers’ nameplates hanging around his waist, Little Duck decided to go looking for Bena legion with the fleeing army from all over the mountains.
Be sure to report the number of people killed in the second squad of the fourth brigade of the 57th Heavenly Armored Infantry Regiment, and then get a pension with the nameplate and send it to their families. This may be the last thing I can do for these soldiers in the second squad.
After patting a horse lightly, the jujube red horse jumped from Gaogang and rushed along the gentle slope woodland to the vast hilly land in front.
A few hundred meters away from the cliff, evil spirits appeared. They found Gao Gang running, and the red war horses could watch them quickly cross the dense forest land.
This hilly land on the west side of the forest farm camp is very vast. It is a fertile grassland. The most suitable thing is grazing. This area belongs to the edge of Handanar County. There are often Warcraft in this area. Some Warcraft will attack the mountain grassland horses for a long time. Even though there are abundant water plants here, no rancher is willing to graze here.
The running speed of Gubolai horse in this grassland is much faster than that of the evil spirits. If the evil spirits don’t rob and kill the roots halfway, they can’t chase Gubolai horse.
Passing through a huge hill, I saw a magic caravan overturned on the slope. Four ancient horses fell to the ground and foamed at the mouth. It looked like evil spirits and blunt objects would directly hit these horses and directly hit them to the ground, while the caravan with a length of 10 meters broke its axle. Two wheels rolled out and lay flat on the grass.
There are a few evil spirits around the magic caravan. There are about three evil spirits fighting around the magic caravan. Surdak looked at those young female swordsmen and looked familiar. It seems that those female swordsmen in the swordsmen’s sightseeing group didn’t expect that they were still there.
At the moment, this magic caravan has been stopped by evil spirits, and the coachman and several guards have fallen down. There are some brave female swordsmen left in the pool, who are fighting with evil spirits. With the help of excellent weapons and flexible posture, the evil spirits keep dealing with people who are injured and fall to the ground.
An evil spirit seems to want to lift the roof of the magic caravan, and there must be lucky people in the caravan 2.
Seeing this scene in the surrounding wilderness, the infantry soldiers consciously bowed their heads and refused to go near the magic caravan. This was the most grand way to welcome these female swordsmen at the gate of the former expeditionary camp. The infantry soldiers showed two different attitudes.
Of course, this moment of life can’t blame someone for it.
Everyone is a fresh life, and everyone has their own choices. They have rushed to help the female swordsmen. The warriors have fallen into a pool of blood, leaving a group of ghosts who want to drag out an ignoble existence.
Little duck doesn’t want to worry that he has thirteen nameplates on him. He wants to send these nameplates to the logistics department of Bena legion as soon as possible. He doesn’t want his family to get the last copper plate after the death of these companions of the second team.
It was when Gubolaima passed by not too far from the magic caravan that Little Duck suddenly found a familiar face in the fighting crowd of evil spirits.
Beatrice, a blonde girl with a round face, now her leather armor is dyed red with snow, and her slender thigh is scratched for more than a foot, and she falls down beside the van carriage.
The evil spirit in front of her did not forgive her because of her beautiful and noble status. It coldly stabbed the army thorn in her hand into her towering chest and went in with a sharp knife.
At this time, she happened to see Little Duck. Her eyes lit up, but before she could send out a cry for help, her eyes, as bright as the night star, faded away.
A familiar figure jumped at the western rapier in his hand and thought to pull out the rapier, but the rapier couldn’t pull it out. The evil spirit let out a piercing roar and turned to grab the figure with his hand, so he quickly abandoned the rapier and dodged.
Little duck saw her face clearly. Miss Hathaway, the fiancee of Baron Sidney, saw that she was forced by evil spirits. The root of the sword stuck behind the evil spirits did not prevent the evil spirits from fighting. She saw that Miss Hathaway was forced to the magic caravan and other corners. Duck reached out and took an ancient horse neck to turn the horse around and rushed towards the magic caravan.
The war horse rushed to the evil spirit and stepped on the evil spirit’s back with both hoofs. The evil spirit gave up chasing Hathaway and turned his axe to sweep the two front legs of the war horse.
Duck jumped with one hand to hold up the dwarf chain shield and stopped the sharp axe. The dwarf chain shield suddenly exploded with a piece of silver rune. The evil spirits were forced back by the "Blessing Shield" and Hathaway would take the opportunity to escape. I didn’t expect that she would throw herself behind the evil spirits, pull out a sword in the middle of the back, and draw a shallow wound on the back of the evil spirits’ neck before jumping lightly.
The evil spirits ignored Hathaway, but let out a growl at Duck, clutching the axe with both hands and chopping at him again …
Chapter 139 Choice Fight
The giant axe splits the dwarf chain shield and bursts into a piece of silver awn. The standard defensive posture is to hold the axe and axe to split a gap in the shield.
Bo Qiang felt a huge force pouring into his body, and his whole knee sank into the grass soil. His arms were numb and he looked up at the ferocious face of the evil spirits. He stabbed the Roman sword in his hand into the evil spirits’ abdomen. The evil spirits wanted to take a step back and dodge, but Bo Qiang suddenly pulled the Roman sword in his hand and stabbed it into the evil spirits’ abdomen.
The evil spirit let out a scream of pain, grabbed the shield with one hand and the Roman blade with the other, trying to tear Ducky in half with brute force.
But I didn’t expect the Roman sword to be sharper than not only cutting off the finger of the evil spirit, but also cutting off a big purple blood in its abdomen and mixing it with dirt. Before the evil spirit whined, Hathaway’s legs locked the evil spirit’s head, and the thin sword in his hand stabbed in along the clavicle, and he grabbed a wide-edged curved knife from one side of his thigh to ruthlessly wipe the evil spirit’s neck. The evil spirit’s head fell accordingly.
Bo Qiang took advantage of the situation, the evil spirits rolled and the huge body collapsed.
Hathaway ignored the head of the evil spirit that tumbled to the grass, but ran to Beatrice, a round-faced girl next to the magic van, picked up Beatrice, quickly took out a bottle of therapeutic liquid and poured it into her stomach, and pulled out a roll of hemostatic bandage from her belt to wrap Beatrice’s leg wound.
Seeing that Beatrice seems to have signs of life, Bo Qiang also leaned in. Hathaway saw someone coming to help and asked him to flatten Beatrice, a girl with a round face. Beatrice was so weak that she lost too much blood and looked as white as paper. After drinking a bottle of therapeutic drugs, the signs of life were slightly stable.
Bo Qiang helped to wrap Beatrice’s leg smoothly.
At this time, there are two evil spirits around who are after his female swordsman beside the magic caravan.
Those female swordsmen have long been exhausted, and the fierce attack of evil spirits has forced them to retreat. Those female swordsmen are light-footed, but they can’t always hide from evil spirits. When the leather armor of female swordsmen becomes tattered and writes some blood, Beatrice will be stronger. When dressing the wound, a female swordsmen will fall to the ground with an axe of evil spirits.
Bo Qiang hurriedly got up with the dwarf chain shield and wanted to stop the evil spirits.
Hathaway smashed the wooden box of the magic caravan shelf with a sword, and pulled out an iris shield with a golden pattern and a blue background from the inside, and threw it to Boqiang. Boqiang firmly caught it and felt that the shield was much heavier than expected when his arm sank.
Bo Qiang nodded to Hathaway, and Hathaway pulled out a knight sword inlaid with gold from the wooden box and carried the knight sword in his hand with a western rapier to help the female swordsman who was chased by evil spirits.
Finally, someone saw the magic caravan fighting here and was willing to come and help.
However, when the man ran near Boqiang, he found that he was only wearing an ordinary leather armor and holding a Paglio spear in his hand. It felt like holding a grass fork and this soldier with a fat face and a big belly was like a countryman who had never experienced a battle. When he saw evil spirits, his eyes were more prominent and his lips were shaking.
He is obviously not a combatant, but he is wearing the standard leather armor in the expeditionary army. Judging from his clothes, he should be a craftsman. I didn’t expect that a craftsman would want to help him at this time.
On the contrary, none of the real soldiers dared to gather together and fled from this hillside.
Seeing that the craftsman is so strong, he no longer has hope. It is a little admiration for his courage.
Bo Qiang held an iris shield to stop an evil spirit. The evil spirit seemed to know that Bo Qiang could easily scratch their skin with a sword in his hand, and he was holding a serrated axe in his hand while turning around and giving Bo Qiang a hard blow. Even with a blessing shield, Bo Qiang took a step back with a blow from the evil spirit.
Then the evil spirits showed a fierce offensive, and Bo Qiang was not given a breathing space. Every blow made him step back involuntarily. Every time the evil spirits hit Bo Qiang, the silver rune of the iris shield would be dimmer.
At this time, Miss Hathaway is working together with his five female swordsmen against another evil spirit.
In addition, an evil spirit is squatting down next to the magic caravan, and two giant hands are clinging to the top of the magic tent, trying their best to tear the ceiling of the magic caravan out of the inner compartment.
If there are no Tibetans in the magic caravan.
An injured noble knight struggled out of the carriage and saw that his leg was wrapped in a thick bandage. It seemed that his leg was injured seriously. When the evil spirit found the magic van, he couldn’t help but reach down and reach out and lift the noble knight up.
A giant hand pinched the noble knight’s throat, and the knight’s body was suspended and his legs were pedaled, and his face was flushed with bad breathing.